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Everyone. Everyone was there, looking at his bones, and not seeming to register they where his.

'Leave me alone...' Bilbo whispered, causing Bofur to squeak and spin around.

"Just leave me alone. I haven't done anything to YOU!" The ghost picked up a rock and threw it at the wall. The other Dwarves turned around at that.

"BILBO!" Kili smiled, "What are you doing here? We thought you had gone home?!" He smiled.

"Kili..." Dwalin whispered to the prince.

"We where wondering how you were doin'. But... why are you here?"

"Kili!" Dwalin tried again. Kili was either blind, stupid or in denial at what was before them.

"Don't lie to me..." Bilbo bit, clenching his hands.

"Bilbo?" Kili questioned, tears falling from his brown eyes. Denial then.

"Din't lie. Just leave. Please, just leave..."

Balin looked to Ori, who in turn nodded. The old dwarf raised a hammer above Bilbo's bones and made to crush them but was stopped by the ghost himself.

"Please lad! We're tryin' to help ya'!"

Bilbo pushed his old friend away and started laughing.

"Help me? HELP ME!" He giggled, only to fall to his knees and calm. The ghost looked up at his companions and made a sound that was reminiscent of everything cold. Blood began to poor from his slightly open mouth and his throat. Limbs snapped and cracked, opening up and showing off their bones.

"...If you wanted to help, you would have stopped him. Why did you leave me alone? You just turned your backs... . You abandoned me, and then erased me from your thoughts. I thought I was your friend?"

The prices took steps forward only to stop when Gloin placed his hands on their shoulders.

"We never abando-"


The Dwarves looked to their king with wide eyes. Bilbo was mumbling and crying now, brining tears to the company's eyes. They didn't know. How could they have? And though it was true that they had never asked about their Hobbit, They never expected him to have died.

Thorin fell to his knees as a pain flared in his chest. Blood began to soak his tunic as he struggled for breath.

"You weren't worth it. Not even for the game" Bilbo whispered, and like a gust of wind, the dwarves found themselves in a medical room, Thorin on the floor bleeding. They didn't have time to question, Thorin needed help.


His king was dying. His uncle, and guardian was bleeding out and Kili couldn't do anything, at lest not himself. Heisen looked down and mumbled a small sentence before nodding. The child grabbed the Princes hand and began to walk into the tunnel.

"Mr Ghost!"

He only needed to yell once, for only a second went by before Bilbo appeared, now in a more healed and in tact form. The ghost looked at Kili before making to leave.

"WAIT! Please! Mr Boggins" Bilbo stopped and looked back.


"What?" Kili gasped, he hadn't expected a reply, hoped but not expected.

"Its Baggins" Bilbo repeated.

Kili smiled slightly before frowning.

"I want you to save uncle."

"No" Bilbo deadpanned.


"No" He repeated.

Kili looked down and Heisen pleadingly. The boy walked forwards and grabbed Bilbo's leg.

"Mr ghost. You saved me, remember," Bilbo nodded. "You saved me and took me back to my Muma. Your a good person! Not a bad one, so don't act bad!"

Bilbo growled slightly at this but remained still otherwise.

"He's right! You not a bad person! You never where. The Bilbo I knew would never Kill ANYONE out of revenge" Kili was desperate. He began hyperventilating and speaking quickly. He couldn't lose his Uncle.

"Please. I know he wronged you! He took away your future, I know. And I understand that even considering saving his life is hard, but Please. He's family! He's been a father to me and Fili! I'll do anything! Just please!"

Bilbo took a step forward and clapped his hands. Heisen vanished in a cloud of noise, leaving Kili alone with his old friend- If they where even friends anymore.

"Anything? Are you sure?" Bilbo smirked.

Kili didn't hesitate. "Anything at all! Wouldn't you do anything to save YOUR Father if he was in danger?!"

Bilbo's face blanked and Kili worried he had said the wrong thing.

"Yes, I would have. Anything at all..." Bilbo touched Kili's shoulder and smiled. Not a mad or cold smile, but a safe smile. A smile you gave a child to make all the monsters go away, and like that Bilbo also vanished, leaving Kili in the dark. Luckily, he was close enough to the exit to find his way out.


Thorin was tired. Oin had called for Thranduil, despite his pride, and despite his hatred of all things Dwarf, the elf came. Oin refused when the elf had intended to send an ordinary healer. No, it had to be another King. That way, if Thorin was harmed purposefully, Thranduil couldn't say he had no control over the incident. Of course, the two had started arguing the second they came face to face, but Thorin didn't have the energy to care, he was too focused on his thoughts of Bilbo. He didn't really remember killing the Hobbit, Though that didn't mean he wasn't hurt by his death. He had hoped that his nightmares where only that, nightmares. That Bilbo had really made it home and was forgetting about the harshness of the world away from his books and chairs. He had really hoped, but somewhere in his stomach knew it wasn't true. That's why he never looked. Never asked. Never...

"Thorin" Came a soft whisper.

"Bilbo?" The king mumbled. Thranduil and Oin spun around and starred at their new arrival.

"Bilbo, Leave. Your not welcome here." Oin spat. Dwalin barged into the room, having only been by the door. He didn't waist any time before charging. Bilbo may have been a friend once, but now he was putting the King in danger. He didn't get very far however. Dark shadows wrapped around his frame and held him tight, that didn't mean he didn't struggle. The elf and Dwarf healer where grabbed around their feet and held to the floor.

Bilbo knelt down to Thorin level and placed a hand on the others chest. Thorin reached up and wept tearlessly.

"Im sorry. I am so sorry. I know I will never be forgiving but -" Thorin was interrupted by a finger to his mouth, effectively shushing hum.

"I may never forgive you, but I also may. It will take time, but you'll have to stay alive to know." Thorins chest burned. This was it. He was going to die.

"Never let gold rule you again. Never allow greed or lust, or pain or fear, stubbornness or pride to rule your actions. Ever. I mean it." Bilbo smiled. Thorin felt confusion. The ghost of a once good Hobbit knelt forward, Kissed his kings brow and vanished. Thorin sat up and took in a massive gulp of air. The binds on Dwalin, Oin and Thranduil vanished and the three ran to Thorins side.


The company, plus some, spent months looking for Bilbo when they finally called a in priest. Bilbo was gone, they had said. Moved on or vanished they didn't know, but he was no longer in their realm. The hobbits body was collected and buried in a garden made just for it. The Dwarves had tried to take the remains back to the shire but every time they did, weird things stopped them, so they figured Bilbo didn't want to go, even if he wasn't there anymore anyway. Thorin never forgot his friend and he ruled with fairness and truth, just as he was told, but blood was forever on his hands, blood that he never managed to wipe away until he died at a ripe age of 263, surrounded by his family. His sister, cousins, nephews and their children. He never had children of his own. Never found anyone he loved like that, but he was happy. When Thorin closed his eyes for the final time he was greeted by darkness. The king was not afraid, just calm and lonely.

"Thorin. Are you ready to go?" Came a soft voice.




The two birds looked up at their mother and squeaked. The mother trilled in reply and lay down, covering her chicks with a large wing. The large black chick pecked at the smaller brown one who in turn kicked his brother. They where content, though they knew not why, but that didn't matter. They where safe and warm, and at that moment, that't all that mattered.

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