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Summary: When Harry faces the newly reborn Voldemort in the graveyard, something goes wrong the instant that their spells connect and both man and boy are transported to another world where witches and wizards don't exist. It is a world filled with advanced technology and sciences; a world where super heroes had been created through science, technology, accidents, and human evolution.

Warnings: Mild to Moderate Violence, Language, vague references to Adult Context, Alternate Universe (i.e.: kiss canon goodbye), and who knows what else.

AN: This story is self-beta'd; so there may be occasional grammatical or spelling errors that crop up every now and then and for those I apologize in advance.

Prologue: Magic Unleashed

Saturday, June 10, 1995
Little Hangleton Graveyard, Little Hangleton

As a fourteen year old Harry Potter ducked down behind a large headstone, his thoughts flashed through the memories of his life as the knowledge that he was going to die hit him hard.

His childhood had been less of an actual childhood and more along the lines of indentured servitude to his relatives; his aunt and uncle had put him to work cooking, cleaning, and gardening around the house from the moment he could walk and follow directions. On top of that, there was the verbal and emotional abuse, the emotional and physical neglect, and the endless bullying he'd suffered at their hands. And he couldn't count the number of lies they'd spread about him to the rest of the town; turning him into some sort of juvenile delinquent in the eyes of the entire neighborhood.

He'd thought all of that would change on his eleventh birthday when he'd learned the truth about what he was and how his parents had really died.

He had been filled with wonder and hope when he'd first discovered that he was a wizard and then he'd learned that he was famous because Lord Voldemort had failed to kill him the night the madman murdered his parents. He also quickly learned that the wizarding society was far more prejudiced than the non-magical world. From the moment he'd stepped foot in the castle he'd been scrutinized by the other children, worshipped for something he had had no control over, and reviled by the entire school at the drop of a hat for things usually out of his control.

Part of him was unsure how he'd managed to make two friends during all of the madness.

If only said madness hadn't slowly been chipping away at his sanity at the same time; undead dark lords, possessed professors, dangerous creatures, soul sucking demons, escaped criminals, deadly tournaments, ugly scandals, malicious rumors, and his life on the line dozens of times over were just some of things he'd face through the years.

All he'd ever wanted was a place to call home and he'd thought he'd found it at Hogwarts but after this past year, which was by far the worst year in his mind, he feared that he'd been wrong. The moment that his name had been spat out of the Goblet of Fire, the life he'd built for himself had crumbled around him like a sand castle in the tide. His best friend branded him a liar, the entire school called him a cheater, the wizarding society ate up the cruel lies that Rita Skeeter had written about him, and the school's staff had once again done nothing. Unless he counted the fact that Snape had reveled in his misery and encouraged the rampant bullying.

The Tournament hadn't been a picnic either what with fire breathing dragons, under water mishaps, and a maze full of vicious creatures and spell traps. Then the culmination of an entire year of disasters; the Tournament Trophy turned portkey that had brought him and Cedric Diggory to the graveyard and ultimately into the hands of Peter Pettigrew and the Dark Lord. Harry's heart ached as he saw again Cedric's instantaneous death as the older teen was washed in the green light of the Killing Curse. Worse yet was watching Pettigrew perform the ritual that had given Voldemort a new body. That was on top of being an unwilling participant in said ritual.

And now, here he was, cowering behind a crumbling headstone as the Dark Lord hunted him like a snake hunts a mouse through the long grass. Unshed tears burned the back of Harry's eyes as the knowledge that he was going to die seared itself more firmly into his mind. Did he want to die? Hell no, but Voldemort had fifty years experience and twenty-nine sycophants on hand while he was only fourteen years old and he was alone. No, he was going to die; it was just a matter of time now.

The knowledge that Voldemort would find his hiding place any second now filled Harry with both dread and resignation. Resolve rushed through Harry an instant later as he decided that he would bravely face his death head on and on his feet instead of cowering like a sniveling coward. He tightened his grip on his faithful holly wand and sent a silent prayer to the gods of old for strength (surely one of them would hear his plea, right?) before he stood up and nearly fell right back to the ground when his injured leg started to buckle on him. He quickly shifted his weight to his right leg as he turned to face Voldemort for the first time since the Dark Lord had started their farce of a duel.

"Avada Kedavra," Voldemort cried out in his high, cold voice as he lifted his wand once more and at the same exact instant, Harry brought his wand up to bear as he desperately screamed, "Expelliarmus."

The acid green light of the Killing Curse slammed into the red light of the Disarming Charm a heartbeat later and Harry felt a powerful current of electricity shoot up through his arm and straight to his heart. It felt worse than every single one of the Cruciatus Curses that Voldemort had hit him with since the newly reborn Dark Lord had risen out of the cauldron.

The fourteen year old flinched back and closed his eyes as the pain coursed through his entire body until it reached his forehead where it seemed to gather beneath his scar. A heartbeat later, his scar ripped open to bleed black sludge down his face while more of the foul substance spread out underneath his skin like a bruise. Harry would have screamed in pain if not for the electrical current of magic still coursing through him locking his jaw shut.

Despite the continued pain, Harry stubbornly pried his eyes open to find the spell from his wand still connected to the spell from Voldemort's wand; the magic pouring forth from both of their wands now gold in color instead of the red and green of their original spells. Harry panted through clenched teeth as he stared at glowing thread of magic connecting him to the Dark Lord and he tried not to panic as he felt his feet lift off of the ground.

Across from him, Harry could just make out Voldemort's face twisting in alarm as the Dark Lord was pulled from the ground along with him. They were roughly twenty feet up off the ground when the golden beam locking their wands together split apart to form a golden cage of beams around them as the air was filled with the song of a phoenix.

"Don't just stand there you imbeciles! Kill him! Kill him now!" Voldemort ordered angrily after he'd attempted and failed to break the connection that bound their wands and magic together.

Eleven acid green Killing Curses, ten burnt orange Cutting Curses, and eight searing red Blasting Curses converged on Harry the moment the Dark Lord finished giving his order and the teen had to force himself to keep his eyes open in the face of certain death. All twenty-nine spells slammed into the golden dome at the same instant and the electricity still coursing through his body turned to liquid fire a split second later as the world outside of the golden cage exploded in a flash of colors.

A scream tore its way free from Harry's throat as his wand caught fire in his hand. An answering scream rose from the Dark Lord at the same time and Harry could just barely make out the flames that were consuming Voldemort's wand. The flames from both wands then rushed along the golden thread of magic that connected the two wizards and when they reached the center, another explosion rocked the night as the connection snapped. Harry soared backwards through the air until he hit the ground hard and rolled several times before he slammed into a large oak tree he didn't recall seeing in the graveyard earlier.

As he pushed himself up off the ground and sat back against the tree, Harry felt sure that something inside of him had been broken because of how much it hurt to breathe. It didn't help that his nerves were still on fire from whatever it was that had happened between his wand and Voldemort's wand and all of the injuries he'd garnered over the course of the evening since he'd first entered the maze throbbed with agony. Despite the pain he was in and the amount of blood he knew he was losing, Harry was far more concerned with the fact that his wand had been turned to ash by whatever it was that had just happened.

"It is time to end this," a bruised and bloodied Voldemort rasped as he staggered up to where Harry was still propped up against the tree. "That fancy trick of yours may have robbed me of my wand but that will not stop me from killing you. I am Lord Voldemort; the most powerful wizard in the entire world…"

"Puny wizard," a gravely voice growled out as a huge green fist slammed down onto the Dark Lord; crushing the newly reborn Voldemort instantly.

Harry watched a dark cloud rise out of the remains of Voldemort's constructed body and found himself remembering a similar cloud rising out of the smoking remains of Quirrell's body at the end of his first year; though he couldn't quite grasp the significance of that cloud at the moment. He then turned his eyes up to stare at his savior. His first impression was green and Harry closed his eyes for a moment thinking that maybe he was just seeing things. When he reopened his eyes once more, his second impression was green and huge. Harry let out a choked laugh that was more than half sob at that point as his brain put together both impressions to form the image of a large mountain troll on steroids.

A large green hand reached out to lift Harry off the ground at that point and Harry felt his body explode with pain once more despite the somewhat contradictory gentleness the giant troll used to collect his battered body. The last thing he saw just before he passed out was a pair of large green eyes watching him with open concern and curiosity that barely concealed the rage that lurked in their green depths.

Saturday, March 21, 2015
French Alps, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

Brown eyes slowly cracked open to peer up at the green canopy of ice laden evergreen boughs that framed the morning sunrise. A soft groan echoed through the near empty forest two minutes later as Dr. Bruce Banner sat up to cradle his aching head in his hands while he did his best to ignore the frigid air. Bruce then let out a sigh that was half frustration and half weary resignation as his eyes caught sight of his near nakedness and immediately realized that the Other Guy had made another appearance. He spent a moment trying to think back to what had set him off before he gave up trying to think because of the headache that was trying to split his head in half.

He spent several minutes meditating in order to ease the pounding in his head before he lifted his head once more to figure out where he'd ended up this time. He'd barely turned his head to the left before he froze as his eyes landed on a small form that was haphazardly sprawled out on a patch of old snow not more than five feet away from him. Bruce closed his eyes for a brief moment and silently ran through a litany of verbal curses before he reopened his eyes and gingerly crawled over to the only other person he could see in the area. As soon as he was close enough to properly make out the form, Bruce discovered two things that chilled his soul; one, the form was that of a child and two, the child had been critically injured.

Swallowing his self disgust, Bruce carefully sought out the child's wrist and checked for a pulse. He felt his anxiety drop marginally the moment he felt a weak heartbeat pulsing against his fingers; the Other Guy hadn't killed the kid. Bruce took a deep breath before he began checking the kid's body for injuries. His eyes catalogued the boy's current condition with practiced ease; noting the boy's ruined clothes (the clothes burnt and torn with the right sleeve of the trench coat the kid was wearing missing completely), the fresh and dried blood on the boy's clothes and the snow beneath him, and the barely seen rise and fall of the boy's chest.

Bruce pressed his lips together as he quickly determined that the kid needed urgent medical care that he was not going to be able to provide him out in the middle of no where.

Grim determination filled the scientist as he reached into the special pocket that had been sewn into the tacky purple stretchy pants that Tony Stark had created for him to wear (to protect his modesty after a change) to grab the vibranium alloy case that Tony had made for him to store his emergency supplies in. The bulky case was fourteen inches long, three inches wide, and two inches deep and rather awkward to carry but it was well worth the discomfort to have the supplies it held on-hand when he inevitably woke up in the middle of nowhere half naked.

Opening the case, Bruce pulled out the spare shirt and spare set of glasses he kept in the small case and left the rest of the items in place as he slipped on the glasses. He then began ripping the shirt into bandages so that he could stop the kid's bleeding. Once he had the bandages ready, Bruce picked up the discarded emergency case and lifted out the back up Stark Phone that Tony have given him, turned the device on, and activated the emergency beacon built into the phone. He then set the phone to one side with the automatic answer function on and turned his attention to the kid that was potentially dying because of him while he waited for Tony to contact him.

The first two injuries that Bruce cleaned (as best he could using a bit of dirt-free snow) and bandaged were a gash on the side of the kid's head where it looked like the kid had hit his head on a sharp rock and another one on his forehead that was surrounded by a dark, near black bruise that had spread across a good two-thirds of the kid's face. As he secured the fabric around the kid's skull, Bruce hoped that the kid didn't have a serious concussion on top of the head injuries. Next, he bandaged another nasty gash on the kid's right arm in the crook of his elbow that almost looked like a knife wound.

The kid's right hand also had a rather severe third-degree burn covering the entire underside of the hand and Bruce pressed his lips together as he realized there was nothing he could do to treat the burn out here in the wilderness aside from lightly wrapping it to keep the dirt out of it. After that, he pulled up the kid's shirt to find his chest bruised bad enough that Bruce suspected the kid had several cracked ribs in addition to the bleeding gashes that ran along the lower edge of the rib cage on the left side and across his abdomen. Bruce carefully cleaned and bandaged the two gashes before he used the remains of the kid's ruined shirt to snugly wrap the kid's entire torso to brace his ribs.

"Bruce, what are you doing vacationing out in the mountains of South Eastern France when you are supposed to be attending a symposium in London, England," Tony Stark's voice suddenly demanded at that point.

"Now is not the time, Tony," Bruce retorted irritably as he ripped the left leg from the kid's pants in order to deal with the badly swollen and potentially broken left knee; his eyes narrowing in confusion when he noted the puncture marks on either side of the swollen joint. "I need an urgent lift to the nearest hospital; the Other Guy did a number on a kid and he needs medical attention now or he will die."

"I already have a jet en route; J.A.R.V.I.S. sent it off in your direction the moment you activated the emergency beacon on your phone," Tony replied as he dropped his normally playful attitude. "Give me a stat report on the kid and I'll find the nearest facility that is capable of treating him."

"Severe head wound, potential concussion, blunt trauma to the face with extensive bruising, severe burn on the right hand, multiple gashes (on his right arm, lower left rib cage, and across his abdomen), deep bruising of the chest region and a high probability of multiple cracked ribs, and his left knee is swollen (potentially broken patella or torn ligaments and tendons) with puncture marks that are oozing a clear substance alongside of the blood. He's lost a considerable amount of blood and his injuries were still bleeding when I woke up just a few minutes earlier. The child is currently unconscious, suffering from exposure to the elements, and both his breathing and his heartbeat are very weak."

"Those injuries are not consistent with the Hulk's MO of 'smash all things puny' and according to the eyewitness accounts I've just skimmed through, the green guy was seen carrying something across the channel late last night," Tony stated in reply and Bruce could just picture the man narrowing his eyes in thought. "I'm going to meet you there with an emergency field kit and we'll load him up on the jet together when it arrives; we'll have to bring him back here and find out why the Hulk felt the need to take the kid on a tour of the European continent."

"Great, just great," Bruce muttered. "Not only am I a mindless killing machine with anger management issues, I'm now a kidnapper. I knew I shouldn't have let you talk me into lecturing at the symposium."

"Or you just might be a hero. Can you remember anything at all that happened after the green guy went for a stroll last night?"

"No, I had a splitting headache when I woke up and since then I have been far more concerned with saving the life of the kid I found beside me and ignoring the fact that I'm sitting half naked in the mountains at the tail end of winter. How soon are you going to be here?"

"Ten minutes max; I'm already in the air and flying over the Atlantic."

"Thank you, Tony."

"Anything for a friend, Bruce."

Bruce laughed softly as he thought back to everything Tony had done for him over the last year. He then winced as he glanced back down at the child he'd kidnapped while he'd been 'Hulked' out. A quick check of the time told him he only had another eight minutes to wait and he pulled out the heart monitor slash watch combo that was part of his emergency stores and slipped it onto his wrist. He then checked the boy's pulse and pupils before he started to look for any injuries he might have missed and to check for signs of frostbite on the child's extremities.

Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit dropped down out of the sky with a heavy thud several minutes later and Bruce glanced up at his fellow Avenger as the man angled his face towards the child on the ground as he dropped a large, heavy brief case down on the ground beside Bruce. After a long minute, Tony lifted up his face place and stated, "He's running a temperature of one hundred four point three degrees Fahrenheit, has two broken and six cracked ribs, internal bleeding in the abdominal cavity, and his knee is pretty messed up. Good news is that he doesn't appear to have a concussion, his lungs are unharmed, shows no signs of suffering from hypothermia, and he has not suffered any spinal injuries despite the deep bruising on his back."

"How soon until the jet arrives?"

"Less than eleven minutes; let's get him on the stretcher and strapped in before we hook him up to an IV and the oxygen supply," Tony suggested as the suit he was wearing peeled itself away from his body so that it wouldn't be in the way.

Working together, it took the two men ten minutes to strap the kid onto the stretcher, insert a sterilized needle attached to the IV tubing to the kid's arm and start him on a bag of saline solution, slip an oxygen mask over the kid's face, and connect the transport harness onto the stretcher so that they could lift him off the ground. J.A.R.V.I.S. (Tony's highly advanced A.I. system) engaged the jet's wench system and lowered the cables the moment the jet dropped down to hover three hundred feet above the trio.

Tony then put his Iron Man suit back on in order to guide the stretcher up to the jet to ensure that the injured child made it safely up to the waiting jet. While Tony was taking care of that, Bruce packed up the emergency field kit and any scrap of evidence that he or the child had been in the area. That included burying the patch of blood soaked snow that the kid had been laying on with the shovel he'd pulled from the emergency field kit.

"Okay, your lost waif has been secured and J.A.R.V.I.S. is performing a more in depth diagnostic scan and monitoring his vital signs," Tony announced several minutes after he disappeared into the jet and Bruce let out a sigh of relief. "Go ahead and finish packing up the extra supplies and anything we need to take with us; I'll be down to grab you in two shakes of a dog's tail."

"Already done," Bruce countered as he deactivated the locator beacon, shut off the phone, and tucked it back into his emergency case so that it wouldn't get lost.

The gold and red metal-suited billionaire dropped back down to the forest floor a couple of minutes later and collected the nuclear physicist slash geneticist. Bruce concentrated on regulating his pulse as he was flown up to the waiting jet; he had no wish to have the Other Guy show up again so soon. It only took a few minutes for the two of them to reach the jet and Bruce made a beeline for the child he'd kidnapped the second his feet hit the floor while ignoring his still aching head.

"Sir, the child's blood toxicity levels are through the roof," J.A.R.V.I.S. stated the moment the hatch slid closed as the jet headed up higher into the atmosphere and turned to point its nose back towards New York.

"Toxic how? Poison? Drugs?" Tony demanded as he once again exited his suit.

"An abnormally large amount of spider venom, sir."

"Define 'abnormally large amount' and tell me what kind of spider venom we're looking at here," Tony demanded as he began reading through the data that J.A.R.V.I.S. had been collecting since he'd hooked the child up to the jet's internal systems.

"We're looking at a minimum of one pint of venom, sir; and the venom is a combination cytotoxin and anti-coagulant from an unknown species of spider."

"Where is the injection site and how much damage has the venom caused?" Bruce demanded as he eyed the rather diminutive boy.

"Traces of the venom have circulated throughout the child's entire body while the largest concentration of venom can be found in the child's left leg. There is no clear indication that he was bitten by an actual spider but based upon the venom concentration levels in and around his left knee, the venom was crudely administered through the puncture wounds that were found on either side of the child's knee. The damage done by the venom has been minimal due to the presence of a powerful antivenin already within the child's bloodstream counteracting all but the anti-coagulant aspect of the spider's venom."

"What type of antivenin?" Tony inquired as he continued to scan the analysis of the child's condition. "And start a search for any known thefts of large quantities of experimental spiders or spider venoms over the past decade."

"Snake venom antivenin; created naturally within his body. It is far more potent than expected and does not match the spectrum readings of any known snake antivenin currently on record, sir."

"Okay, so we've got an unrecognizable spider venom that is being held at bay by an unrecognizable snake venom based antivenin on top of multiple knife wounds, more than a few burns, broken and cracked bones, some serious bruising, and extensive and unexplainable nerve damage throughout the kid's entire body. Someone has seriously worked this kid over and I am absolutely certain that it wasn't our friend the jolly green giant. J.A.R.V.I.S., do we have a name to go with the boy's face yet?"

"No, sir; no match has been found as of yet. There have also been no police reports of any large scale thefts of spider venom or snake antivenin from any laboratory within the last twenty years."

"How long until we reach New York?"

"Two minutes, seventeen seconds, sir; and a bed has already been prepared for the child in the Infirmary."

"Good work, J.A.R.V.I.S.," Tony replied as he closed out the medical analysis that had been generated. "Do me a favor and transfer all of the boy's files to my private server; I don't want S.H.I.E.L.D. to even get a whiff of this kid until we know who he is, what happened to him, who is responsible for his current condition, and where his parents are."

Bruce said nothing as he stared out the window at the horizon; his thoughts miles away as he worried over the fate of the child that the Hulk had kidnapped.


A.I. – Artificial Intelligence
Anti-coagulant – prevents the blood from clotting
Cytotoxins – venom that attacks the cells
J.A.R.V.I.S. – Just A Rather Very Intelligent System
Neurotoxin – venom that attacks the nervous system
S.H.I.E.L.D. – Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcements and Logistics Division

AN: And there you have the first chapter of my first foray into the wonderful world of Marvel's Avenger universe. I have long been a fan of HP/Avenger crossovers and have been toying with this story for well over a year. The plot calls for a trilogy but I may end up putting them all under one title instead; I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

In the mean time, I'm not as familiar with the Marvel Verse and most of what I know is from decades earlier. I have, for the sake of authenticity, done research through various Marvel and fan sites as well as watched some of the movies that have come out but I have by no means seen all of them. So, there are bound to be canon mistakes aplenty but I'm not worried about it because this story is labeled as AU. There's also a bit of stuff I've thrown out or altered as I saw fit in the course of writing this story.

The other thing you will need to note, is that the Avenger's timeline will probably be shuffled and juggled to make it fit with my story due to the headache I got when trying to decipher the official timeline. Relevant dates will be marked at the top of each section as demonstrated in both sections of the chapter above. Explanations of what is happening and how Harry ended up where he did will, of course, be explained through the story. ~ Jenn

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