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Full Summary: In an Alternate Universe where Lily Evans was born a Seer, her only son's life will be drastically different from those of his Alternate Selves; including the identity of his biological father. One man's Greater Good will fall to pieces when his greatest pawn is whisked away as part of the plans his mother had set into the motion the moment she'd learned of the dangers her son would face upon her death. Pairings TBD. Starts Pre-Hogwarts/Pre-Uchiha Massacre. Shinobi!Harry, Smart!Naruto/Harry, Prankster!Naruto/Harry, Father!Tenzou/Yamato, NotLazy!Kakashi, & Mentor!Kakashi

Warnings: Mild to moderate violence, character death, some mild to moderate character bashing where unavoidable (mostly Dumbledore & Danzou with some Sakura & potentially lots of Sasuke), alternate universe (i.e. kiss canon goodbye), OCC behaviors and personalities, a number of original characters and obscure canon characters to flesh out family trees, random chosen last names to give a number of characters surnames, and who knows what else.

AN1: Partial credit for the Story Prompt/Challenge used to create this story goes to the Guru of Challenges; Challenge King. The original plunny that birthed this story came from several back and forth discussions through PMs and basically boiled down to me saying:

You know all of those crossovers where Kakashi goes to England & rescues Harry for one reason
or another? Or he is somehow Harry's father because of a mission or what not? Well I shouldered
Kakashi out and Tenzou/Yamato is now going in his place. He's going to hook up with Lily (of
course) and Harry will be his son but he won't find out until he's sent back for another mission
four years later. So this will be my third Mokuton Harry story...

Yeah, so that's how this story came about and I've had quite a bit of fun with it since it's the first story where I actually have Naruto & Harry at roughly the same age instead of there being a large enough gap for one of them to adopt or take care of the other. The title of this story was also supposed to be just Twice Blessed until I recalled that there was another challenge out there from another author for an HP/PJO under that title and so added Shinobi to the title to make it stand out as different.

AN2: This story is self-beta'd; so there may be occasional grammatical or spelling errors that crop up every now and then and for those I apologize in advance.

Twice Blessed Shinobi
Chapter One: Startling Revelations

Monday, August 08, 1983, 03:57 AM
Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey

Unseen by the sleeping residents of Privet Drive in Little Whinging of Surrey, England, a silent shadow traveled across the rooftops of the darkened houses beneath the shadowed face of the new moon. The dark form soon came to a rest in the shadows that bathed the roof of Number Five Privet Drive. As it hunkered down on the darkened rooftop, out of sight, it began to swell up and bulge outwards before the new growth split away from the form and promptly took on the exact likeness of the original as soon as it finished solidifying.

Once the new copy was fully formed, it quickly and silently made its way across the street to Number Four Privet Drive where it promptly slipped over the fence into the back yard and merged with the knarled oak tree that sat in the far left corner of the yard. Back on the roof of Number Five, the original shadow dropped down onto its belly as it crept forward until it had a clear view of Number Four's front yard. In less time than it takes an average human heart to beat twice, the dark form disappeared from view entirely the moment it was in place.

Soon to be twenty year old Tenzou (aka Mokuton no Tenzou and ANBU Guard Kuma) dispassionately watched the house where his target was visiting family for the next three hours. After the first two hours, the occupants of the house he was watching began stirring and Tenzou renewed the camouflage cloak he was hiding under to ensure that he would not be seen. At the end of the third hour, Tenzou received a report from the Moku Bunshin that he'd sent to monitor the back yard of the residence; a small child had just been ejected from the house.

Tenzou assumed the child to be the nephew of his target until his target's brother left for work and he saw the man's wife and son sending him off at the front door. A frown pulled at Tenzou's mouth beneath the porcelain mask he wore; there had been no indication in his mission briefing that there were two children living with the target's family. There had also been no mention of his target having a child of her own. That meant that the child was an unknown factor and Tenzou disliked unknown factors on general principle because they had a tendency of getting in the way of a mission's objective.

And while most people would discount the child as insignificant, Tenzou was a shinobi and he knew better than to ignore any discrepancies in his mission debriefing.

Still, the child's presence wasn't enough for him to abandon his mission and Tenzou silently instructed his clone to keep an eye on the child. Tenzou then returned his attention to the front of the house as he waited for some indication that his target was up and moving so he could observe her behavior in order to determine the best way to eliminate her. Another hour and a half passed before the hidden shinobi saw what he believed was his target moving about. Tenzou pulled out a pair of field binoculars and maneuvered them into position so he could get a good look at the woman to confirm that she was his target; Marjorie Dursley.

He had just started cataloging Miss Dursley's eating habits (making note of what foods she liked and disliked) when his clone relayed an urgent and completely unexpected message to him through the mental connection he shared with his Moku Bunshin, 'We've got a problem, boss; the unidentified child carries what appears to be a bastardized version of the Mokuton.'

Tenzou froze in shock as he tried to process what his clone had just told him and his brain blanked out for a full minute before he shook off his confusion and mentally ordered, 'Explain!'

'Precisely three minutes and seventeen seconds ago, the unknown child retreated to the neglected kitchen garden that sits in the back yard of Number Four. Once seated amidst the dead and dying plants, the child dug his hands into the dirt and released an undirected burst of chakra that renewed the life of a dying strawberry plant and facilitated the growth of the plant until it produced several large, ripe strawberries. The child is currently eating said strawberries.'

'Describe the child to me,' Tenzou instructed as he tried to rationalize what it was his clone had just reported.

'The child is somewhere between two and three years of age, has messy dark brown hair, pale skin, vivid green eyes, and a jagged scar on his forehead.'

All thoughts of his mission fled from Tenzou's mind the moment his clone had mentioned the child had green eyes and without conscious thought, he abandoned his post on the roof of Number Five. He had just enough presence of mind to avoid dropping the camouflage jutsu that was hiding his presence as he crossed the street and leapt onto the plank fence that separated the Dursley's yard from their neighbor's yard. Tenzou crouched down on his precarious perch as his eyes swept the yard until they landed on the child in question and it felt as if a kunai pierced his heart when the little boy immediately met his gaze with vibrant emerald orbs.

It is said that a man never forgets his first lover; that he carries her memory forever in his heart for so long as he draws breath. Tenzou was no exception and as he stared into the verdant eyes of the child in front of him, his thoughts were transported back in time to the day when he'd encountered another set of vibrant green eyes.

It had been almost four year earlier; he'd been sent to England on an infiltration mission to gather information on a smuggling ring that had been importing illegal drugs, technological weapons, and stolen children into the Elemental Nations. Tenzou had just finished gathering the evidence that he'd been sent to find and was just waiting for his transport home to be arranged. In an effort to pass the time and throw off any suspicion his targets might have directed his way, Tenzou had spent his time mingling with the tourist crowds.

He'd ended up meeting a vivacious young redhead by the name of Lily Evans. She had been only three years older than the then sixteen year old Tenzou. Tenzou had thought her beautiful and after spending less than an hour in her company, he'd fallen in love with the older woman. The two of them had bonded over a shared love of architecture and gardening. They had spent all afternoon and all evening together before either of them had realized it and when Tenzou had reluctantly said his goodbyes, Lily had boldly invited herself back to his hotel room.

To this day, Tenzou didn't know why Lily had chosen him that day. All he knew was that she had been his first and he in turn had been her first. She'd disappeared before morning and there were some days when Tenzou wondered if she had been a ghost because her memory haunted him to this day.

He could still taste her kiss; her mouth tasting of the candied walnuts and roasted chestnuts they'd shared during their afternoon wanderings. He could still feel her callused hands ghosting across his chest. He could still smell the slightly musty scent of old parchment and rich loam that had clung to her skin. He could still hear the melodious sound of her laughter echoing all around him. And he could still see her emerald eyes alight with passion.

The spell that held Tenzou in place snapped when the little boy turned to face the backdoor of Number Four as a bad tempered bulldog was unceremoniously shoved outside. Tenzou was left reeling from the brief encounter, his memories all jumbled up and in disarray. Common sense reasserted itself just two seconds later as the shinobi recalled that he was currently in the middle of a mission and that he'd stupidly left his post like some green Genin. Cursing silently to himself, Tenzou ordered his clone to keep watch on both his target and the boy before he retreated from the area entirely.

He had some research to do.

Thursday, August 11, 1983, 10:34 PM
Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey

There is no such thing as a coincidence, Tenzou thought to himself as he ghosted through the shadows towards Number Four Privet Drive for the second time in four days.

He'd spent half a day researching the Dursley family and he'd learned far more than he'd anticipated learning. He had been shocked to learn that Petunia Dursley (née Evans) was Lily Evans's older sister. He had not been aware that Lily had had an older sister; then again, it wasn't like he'd really known Lily all that well to begin with when one considers the fact that he'd spent less than twenty-four hours with her.

He'd then spent another two days researching one Lily Evans. It was at that point that he'd learned that Lily had married a man by the name of James Charlus Potter roughly two months after Tenzou had slept with her. Their son, one Haruo 'Harry' James Potter had been born seven months later; meaning the child had either been born prematurely or Lily had been pregnant before she'd married Potter. Tenzou suspected the latter. He also suspected that he was the child's father (not Lily's husband) due to the timing of the child's birth, the child's given name, and the child's ability to grow plants.

If it had been the timing alone, Tenzou would have dismissed the possibility; he had used protection during the night he'd spent with Lily. However, the fact that she'd named the child 'Haruo' was suspicious since Haruo had been the alias that Tenzou had used during his mission four years ago. Despite those two clues, it was the child's ability to bring new life to dying plants and speed up their growth process that made Tenzou suspect he was the child's father. That ability carried far too many similarities to the Mokuton for him to ignore.

Once he'd accepted the fact that he'd slipped up all those years ago, Tenzou had done further digging to find out why the child had been at the Dursley residence on the day he'd shown up to carry out his mission. The part of his heart that he'd given to Lily four years earlier had ached fiercely when he'd learned of Lily's death in a gas explosion nearly two years earlier. He had loved Lily despite the fact that he'd only known her for a single day. She'd had a presence about her that had called to his soul and he'd given her the only thing he could at the time; a small, untainted corner of his heart.

The news that her husband had perished at the same time didn't stir any feelings in the shinobi; the man had been both unknown and unimportant. Tenzou also refused to acknowledge the brief flare of jealousy he'd felt when he'd first learned that Potter had managed to woo and capture Lily's heart; something that he, himself, had been unable to do. Tenzou realistically knew that a relationship between himself and Lily Evens never would have worked out in the long run due who and what he was. That didn't stop him from wishing that he could have seen her one more time; if only to ask her why she'd not stayed long enough to say goodbye.

Tenzou had been unsurprised when he learned that Haruo had survived where his mother and stepfather had not; he'd already seen the child, after all. What was surprising was the fact that the then one and a half year old child had survived an explosion that had killed both of his parents. There were two distinct possibilities; one, the child had been far enough away from the explosion that he'd escaped the blast or two, the child's Kekkei Genkai had awakened and helped him to survive. Or possibly a combination of both.

The fact that the child had enough control over his Kekkei Genkai that he could use it to grow himself a snack indicated a strong likelihood that it had been a forced activation of the Mokuton he'd obviously inherited from Tenzou. And there was no doubt in Tenzou's mind that the child's ability was a mutated version of the Mokuton; he knew of no other Kekkei Genkai that could manipulate living plants. He also suspected that the mutation could be a result of the procedure that had granted him the Shodai's Mokuton in the first place.

Tenzou pushed his musings to the back of his mind as he slipped into the Dursleys' back yard and approached the oak tree where his clone had spent the past few days monitoring his target. And his son. The Moku Bunshin slipped free of the tree without a word before it headed around to the front of the house to merge with an ash tree in number six's front yard where it would be able to watch the front door and driveway. Tenzou then merged with the oak tree so that he could spend a couple of days watching his son with his own eyes while he waited for his target to leave the house.

He would not assassinate the woman in the same house where his son lived; he had no wish to traumatize his son on the off chance the child saw him kill the woman. He was not as worried about the Dursley boy; that child slept like a rock whereas his clone had reported that his unplanned progeny often woke up several times during the night.

That would also give him time to determine if his son actually lived with the Dursleys or if his target had somehow kidnapped the child in a ploy to protect herself from the man who'd hired Konoha to assassinate her. It wouldn't be the first time a spy had leaked sensitive information about a mission and there were only a handful of ANBU Operatives that were qualified to take missions in the Outer Countries. Tenzou was one such operative. Hatake Kakashi was another. Kakashi only handled those missions that came out of the Americas though while Tenzou mostly took care of those in Western Europe. There were another three or four individuals that handled the rest of the Outer Countries.

That wasn't even taking into account the shinobi that had been sent into the Outer Countries from the other hidden villages that were scattered throughout the Elemental Nations. So it wouldn't have been impossible for a spy to have determined exactly who would be assigned to handle the Dursley Assassination. Tenzou also didn't discount the possibility that his client had set him up in the first place. He'd have a chat with Mr. R. J. Lupin once he'd finished the mission in order to determine the truth. Until then, he'd observe his son and keep a close watch on his target.

Later that morning, Tenzou would witness his son grow a dwarf peach tree from a peach pit; further confirmation that the child wielded the Mokuton. He would also witness the uncalled for scolding that Petunia Dursley gave the young child when she saw the new tree in the backyard. He was less than pleased when Petunia's husband, Vernon, took an axe to the tree and cut it down right in front of the child all the while dressing the child down and driving him to tears.

Tuesday, August 16, 1983, 05:17 AM
Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey

Tenzou scowled beneath his ANBU mask as he returned to Number Four Privet Drive for what he hoped would be the last time. He knew he was breaking at least a dozen rules and more than a few laws at the moment but he didn't care; there was no way in hell that he was going to leave his son in the care of two incompetent fools. Those two idiots would completely cripple and ruin his son due to their prejudice and fear. If not for the presence of the Dursleys' young son, the twenty year old would have just killed them both to rid the world of their idiocy.

Had the two adults actually abused his son outright, he'd have killed them despite their son's presence.

Shoving his irritation over the treatment his son had received at the hands of Vernon and Petunia Dursley to the back of his mind, Tenzou focused on the present as he merged into the oak tree in the Dursleys' back yard for the last time. As he settled down to wait for his son to be sent outside by his aunt, Tenzou let his thoughts wander back to the final contact he'd had with his client.

Or more specifically, his missed chance to interrogate the civilian.

He'd followed Marjorie Dursley back to her house on the fourteenth and staged an accident; making it look like she'd slipped on a bit of dog urine and broke her neck falling down the stairs. The woman's obesity would make it fairly easy for the local police to accept her death as the accident it appeared to be rather than the assassination it was. Even if an investigation was launched, there was no evidence that would refute the apparent accident; Tenzou had taken extra care to cover his tracks this time around due to the discovery of his son.

In fact, the only evidence of criminal activity that the authorities could potentially find was the evidence that Tenzou had planted regarding the illegal dog fighting club that the woman ran in her backyard using the vicious dogs that she raised.

The moment he'd exited the woman's house, an owl had dropped down to present him with a letter addressed to his code name. The moment he'd collected the letter, the owl had disappeared. The concept of using messenger birds wasn't all that strange and Tenzou had taken the bird's appearance in stride; though he had been slightly surprised to learn that messenger birds were still used by civilians in the Outer Countries when he knew that their advanced technology was far more efficient. The letter itself had merely contained directions to an old shack in the middle of nowhere.

Tenzou had gone to that shack hoping to speak with his client. Instead, he'd found another letter thanking him for his efficiency and a briefcase holding the promised payment for the mission. The most disturbing part had been the fact that the client had known the moment he'd finished the job. That made him wonder why Mr. Lupin hadn't dealt with the woman himself; since the man was obviously skilled enough to keep tabs on an ANBU Operative without giving himself away – how else would he have known when to send the owl with the first message?

The twenty year old couldn't help but wonder why the man had hired Konoha to perform the assassination. His thoughts then turned to his previously unknown son and he couldn't quite shake the feeling that Marjorie Dursley's assassination and his son's presence were somehow linked. It seemed very unlikely that Mr. Lupin wouldn't have known about the presence of a second child within the Dursley household. That made the glaring omission of any mention of said child in the mission debriefing suspect.

To what purpose though? What benefit was gained out of leaving out any mention of the child?

To force me to research the boy in the hopes that I would learn about his relationship to me? Tenzou wondered as he shifted within the confines of the oak so he could get a clearer view of Number Four's kitchen when he noted the slight lightening of the sky; indicating that dawn was close at hand. To what end though? Why would a client care about the child of a stranger? How would the client have even known the child was my son in the first place? Unless… was Mr. Lupin a friend of Lily's? If that was the case; why bother with all of the misdirection?

There was something he was missing; some vital piece of information that would allow him to piece together the entire puzzle so that he could see the complete picture. More than ever, Tenzou wished he'd been able to interrogate his client in order to gather the information he needed to figure out exactly what was going on. The sneaky man hadn't even given Tenzou a way to track him down and he didn't have enough information on the man to hunt him down the hard way. At least not without risking the Hokage and Kasai labeling him as a missing nin because he missed his transport home.

Shoving that matter out of his mind for now, Tenzou redirected his mental energies towards a far more pressing concern as he caught sight of a little brunette stumbling into the kitchen for a drink of water and asked himself, How in the hell am I supposed to convince my son to come with me without just kidnapping him outright?

In the end, Tenzou didn't even have to try to convince the child to come with him; the child was unhappy enough that he willingly agreed to go a perfect stranger. Of course, said perfect stranger was his father but the child didn't know that.

Tenzou had still been in the process of making and rejecting possible plans when Petunia had kicked little Haruo out of the house with an order not to touch any of the plants. Tenzou had to stifle the urge to slit the woman's throat for her callus treatment of his son. He then turned his attention to the tiny waif he'd sired in order to ignore the woman. Tenzou felt his heart ache the moment he saw the tears in Haruo's green eyes; his son was utterly dejected and depressed due to Petunia's restrictions on the use of his Kekkei Genkai.

Tenzou used his ANBU Root training to block out his emotions lest he do something stupid and focused his attention on his son's subdued form as the child made his way to the garden shed and stuffed himself between the shed and the wooden fence in order to hide from his aunt. The shinobi couldn't have asked for a better opportunity to speak to the child since he'd been wondering how he was going to approach the boy without revealing himself to Petunia. Shifting his body downwards, Tenzou transferred himself into the dirt and silently burrowed his way to his son's current location.

When Tenzou popped his head out of the ground just three minutes later, he found himself caught in his son's green eyed gaze once more after the boy turned to look in his direction at the same time as he broke through the surface. Tenzou smiled beneath the mask he wore; his son was apparently a chakra sensor like him – further proof that the boy was his child since that was one ability that Tenzou had been born with (unlike the Mokuton). Haruo then tipped his head to one side in confusion as he reached out to touch Tenzou's ANBU mask with one hand.

"Kitty…?" Haruo asked as his little fingers danced over the porcelain mask with utmost care.

"No, not a kitty; it's just a mask," Tenzou replied around a laugh. He then grew serious as he asked, "Why do you cry, little one?"

"Aunt Petunia is mean. She won't let me grow the plants," Haruo petulantly replied as an adorable scowl curled his lips into a pout. "Aunt Petunia says it's not right. She said only freaks make plants grow all at once."

"Do you want to grow the plants?"


"Would you like me to take you to a place where you can grow as many plants as you like?"

"Can I grow trees too?"


"And I can eat the fruit?"


"Will I be a freak there too?"

"No, you are not the only one that can make trees grow," Tenzou replied as he used a small burst of chakra to grow a tiny sapling right beside the fence. "I can grow trees too. If you come with me, I can teach you how to grow other things out of wood; like houses, walls, and clones."

"What's a clone?"

Tenzou pushed himself out of the ground to free his hands so he could grow a miniature clone in Haruo's likeness; the clone intended to play decoy so that Haruo's absence wouldn't be noticed until long after they had left England. The green eyed boy gasped in surprise as the wooden clone waved to him and Tenzou chuckled to himself as he watched the kid poke his wooden twin a couple of times.

"You can teach me how to grow clones too?"

"Once you are old enough, yes; but there is much you would need to learn before you are ready to learn how to grow clones," Tenzou agreed as he offered his hand to his son. "Will you come with me?"

Haruo stared at him with fathomless green eyes for a long minute (the child almost appearing to weigh and measure his soul) before he shyly nodded and grabbed hold of Tenzou's outstretched hand. Tenzou smiled beneath his mask; that had been much easier than he had thought it would be. He also felt as if a weight had been lifted from his back as he had half feared the boy would reject his offer; which would have made things far more difficult for Tenzou since there was no way he was going to leave his son behind now that he had been made aware of his existence.

He didn't have to worry about that now though; his son wished to leave and that was all that mattered.

The moment Haruo's hand took hold of his hand, Tenzou gently pulled the boy to him and tucked him against his chest with one hand while he silently gave his clone its walking orders. He then sank back into the ground with his son and began making his way out of Surrey so he could catch his ride home. Tenzou would make only two detours on his way back to London; the first to purchase two sets of clean clothes for his son and the second to purchase the two of them something to eat.

Traveling through beneath the dirt the way he was, Tenzou never noticed the amber tinted blue eyes that had watched the entire scene play out from the roof of the house that sat directly behind Number Four Privet Drive. Of course, even if the shinobi had left the area on foot, he never would have seen the man. Invisibility cloaks were near impossible to see through unless you were smart enough to charm a pair of glasses or a glass eye to see through them.

A smile graced the lips of the unseen man; his final promise to Lily had been kept. Her son was safely in the custody of his father and Dumbledore had been removed from the equation.

Now he just had to work on fulfilling his final promise to James and find a way to get a certain mutt out of the slammer.

Translations: English to Japanese

Haruo – Japanese boy's name meaning man of spring
Kuma – bear

04-15-17: More minor edits made to chapter to fix spelling/grammar mistakes.