This is a sequel to my fanfiction Prehistoric Park: Extinction World. I'll keep it spoiler free and Chiyo will be more like she is in the book that I'm writing, (fairly close to what I'm like in real life). Thanks for taking your time to read it.


The plane rocked through turbulence. Jordan Matthews woke from his sleep caused by the plane's turbulence. A man in a deep blue suit was still snoring next to him oblivious of the high altitude winds rocking the aircraft. It was boiling. He could see beads of sweat trickling down the snoring man's red forehead and slowly trickle down to his busy moustache. Each bead leaving a little dark trail as it rolled down his head. Bored Jordan looked at the circular window to his right to see mist lazily rolling over the Costa Rican Cerro de la Muerte mountain. Over ten hours of flying, excluding the six hour stay in Grenada, he was finally going to reach his dream job.

"Jordan dinosaurs are extinct," he remembered his father saying when he was but a child "You can't look after them in zoos. Crocodiles though they're like dinosaurs though."

The television embedded in the plane's roof was still flashing bright colours even after so many hours had passed. At least it had stopped playing Disney movies in five different languages. He cringed remembering how he was supposed to learn at least ten different languages by that moment; well he could learn when he was on the island and he still knew quite a lot of Spanish. Lazily Jordan reached into his shirt pocket for his complementary headphones and plugged it into the slot in his arm rest for headphones. He cringed when he realized that the channel was an American celebrity news programme. If he had wanted to know about Miley Cyrus he would have stayed in Leeds with his sister. Well it was either Miley Cyrus or the rhythmic snoring of the man next to him. He chose Miley Cyrus. The woman on the screen was chosen purely for her looks and definitely not her rapport with her having a very irritating sing-song voice that was trying to mimic a Californian accent.

"Manager of Prehistoric Park Nigel Marven has made loads of people on Twitter and Facebook peed off yesterday. Nigel said 'No Selfie Sticks' when someone in the aviary had their stick stolen by a Rhamp…Ramphor…Whatever that thing says…"

In big white letters below the presenter were letters saying Rhamphorhynchus. He sat back and reminisced. It was two months to the day when he met Nigel Marven…

Two Months Ago

He stood outside the grand Victorian building. The great arches which made up the entrance screamed that something great was inside. Below the glass windows were small terracotta carvings of birds, fish, reptiles and mammals indicating the architect wanted to put across the image that the building was meant to promote the natural sciences. Between the two towers was a smaller triangular shaped façade with the British flag flying from the top. It had been years since he had last visited the Natural History Museum of London and it sent a wave of memories of him running eagerly to the dinosaur fossils and the giant blue whale model in the Hall of Mammals.

Jordan was glad that his home of Leeds was connected to the capital by railroads. The congestion of multi-coloured vehicles behind him did not make him envious of those choosing to drive, especially with the tax the capital had on congestion. It was strange though that Nigel Marven had decided to do the job interview in the Museum. He was perfectly happy doing the interview over Skype until he found out his interest in palaeontology. Four years of studying Animal Biology at the University of Newcastle followed by five years of working with the birds of prey at London Zoo, (him quitting at the start of the year after a very bad break up with his fiancé), had not diminished his love for dinosaurs and other extinct animals. His fossil collection had grown since it started age seven and now at age twenty seven his centrepiece of the collection was a Dimetrodon skull with it only missing the lower jaw.

"Enough delay," he said to himself "You're gonna get this job and have a new life. Come on."

He walked up the steps and entered the museum. A friendly security guard smiled at him and he smiled back. Immediately he set his eyes on the Diplodocus Carnegii skeleton pride of place in the Entrance Hall. Although a replica it was still impressive. Children looked up in awe at the giant dinosaur skeleton, their bright little eyes staring in amazement at the gentle giant standing in front of them. A tap on his shoulder brought him round. The person who tapped him was middle aged with a friendly slightly red face, brown spiked hair and a sun tan from months of life in Costa Rica. Even in the cold of England he wore shorts with his characteristic working jacket and boots.

"So you must be Jordan," he said warmly shaking his hand.

"Pleased to meet you Mr Marven," he replied in shock. He did not expect his interview to start with his prospective boss waking him up from a trance inspired by a Diplodocus!

"Call me Nigel. We have a very informal work style on Isla Nublar and Los Cinco Muertes. I must say your C.V. was amazing and humble to match. Your former employer at London Zoo gave me a stunning report and I wanted to hire you there and then but…Well let's walk and talk."

Nigel ushered him to the left. On the Victorian stone was a sign reading Dinosaurs. It was public knowledge how much of a dino nut Nigel Marven and John Hammond were. Nigel stood looking up at a sauropod fossil.

"Now Jordan can you tell me what dinosaur that one is?" he asked gesturing at the sauropod.

It was an odd question for a job interview but he decided to play along. He noticed the hollow head that the sauropod had. "Camarasaurus."

Nigel beamed. He then pulled Jordan to another nearby fossil. On the wall was a giant brown stone slab with black skeletons imprinted on the stone; immortalised forever in their final acts. He noticed how they were a collection of therapods but looking carefully at the stomach area you could see the dinosaur's last meal, including young members of the species.

"Same question again," Nigel said excitedly like a small child.

"Coelophysis. From Triassic New Mexico."

Nigel beamed again. He decided to continue the game of guess the dinosaur and only decided to stop after Jordan had correctly identified an Allosaurus, Iguanodon, the jaw of a Megalosaurus, Gallimimus and the arms of a Deinocheirus. When he thought that Nigel had tired of guessing fossils it started again but with him correctly guessing a wide range of extinct animals across the entire museum ranging from Megatherium to Mosasaurus to Smilodon. It seemed to stop when Nigel leant next to a pure marble statue of Charles Darwin sitting in contemplation at the top of the stairs leading to a balcony looking down on the famous Diplodocus.

"I'm impressed," Nigel said with a smile "You've got the job."

He couldn't believe it! His interview had simply been to name correctly fossils. No questions on why he should have the job over someone else, why he wants to work there, what he is prepared to do for the job. Albeit his old boss had probably answered most of those questions already but surely Nigel couldn't have employed him just because he was another dinosaur nut to talk to? It's good to have rapport with your boss but how does identifying an Arsinotherium have to do with raising emu chicks? Or knowing the difference between Opthalmosaurus and Ichtyosaurus have to do with caring for jaguars?

"Jordan you have to listen carefully now. We have to get serious," Nigel suddenly said "We are opening up the park and we're doing a special announcement on the news at 5 o'clock on this day next month. You have to have all your stuff packed by then as the day after removal men will move your stuff to the island where the staff and I live. Will you have someone to live with if you sell your car and house?"

Jordan nodded. His twenty nine year old sister Amy would eagerly have him live with her.

"Good. A month after we open, so two months today, you'll be on a flight to your new home. InGen will pay for tickets and other costs. Don't worry though, I'll see if we can be neighbours."


The voice of the pilot came through the intercom stating that they would be arriving at Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport in ten minutes. The businessman next to him woke up suddenly and started muttering something in Portuguese. Within ten minutes the plane had landed as promised. When the smiling flight attendant finally let him off the plane he had to shield his eyes from the bright sunlight which stabbed him immediately as he set off. It was like being mugged by the sun. Nigel had promised that an InGen helicopter with air conditioning would await him but he had to get past baggage. He entered the airport and smiled with happiness as a wave of cool air wafted towards him, relieving him of the heat as quickly as the heat had swept over him when he stepped from the plane. Before he could get his bag though he had to show his boarding pass and passport to through the stern immigration guards. The one particular one he went to had wire rimmed glasses, a bald head and wrinkles making him look like a tortoise. He took one look at his passport and then his work visa. He then smiled.

"Parque Prehistórico," he smiled as he said this "My…granddaughter, sí that's the right word, went there for her birthday. Tell Senor Hammond thank you for putting Costa Ricans first in getting places there."

He smiled and waved him through. He vividly remembered when the truth about Prehistoric Park was announced.

One Month Ago

He rubbed his weary eyes. Gently he blew the hot steam pouring from his coffee like an erupting volcano to ensure his tongue wouldn't be singed off by the hot liquid. Although he loved his sister he couldn't stand her coffee making skills; he only drank it out of politeness. Amy was sat slumped in her polka-dot pyjamas with her head lazily bobbing up and down as she tried to remain conscious. Her normally neat and pristine brown hair was now pointing at every angle imaginable.

"When's your new boss revealing this place?" she yawned.

The news had been distributed everywhere over the last week. Eccentric millionaire and CEO if InGen John Hammond was going to reveal what was on his secret biological preserve live at four o'clock local time. Unfortunately for him to actually personally witness what he would be looking after in his new job he would have to endure the eight hour time difference and hours of Amy going 'What does Hammond have?' 'What does Hammond have?'. He had been wondering that himself. Rumours had been flying around about what was on the island. Some speculated that he had used InGen to genetically modify animals to create mythical creatures like unicorns and dragons. After Stephen Hawking had released his paper On Oppenheimer and Paradoxes where he theorised that Albert Einstein's and Robert Oppenheimer's blueprints could successfully create a time portal enabling people to bring back extinct creatures and ancient artefacts was possible, (albeit changing time itself was impossible), there had been theories that he had a preserve for dinosaurs.

"So what's Hammond got on those islands?" Amy yawned again.

"How many times I don't bloody know?" he snapped. It was the tenth time she had asked is as many minutes.

"Don't be so touchy bro. Did you see that big ass rock thing surrounding the place? Looks like you'll be looking after King Kong!"

He shook his head. Although she was right about the volcanic rock formation surrounding the six islands, (he meant to research why Isla Nublar wasn't counted as one of Los Cinco Muertes), made it look like some primeval scene. Whatever Hammond had on those islands were definitely well hidden.

"Look look! It's starting!" Amy practically cried with happiness.

On the television screen there was a fairly large crowd of journalists from the BBC to Al Jazeera. Each wanted to get a good image of what Hammond planned to reveal. The camera was focused on a crudely set up rigging with a red curtain stretching across the rusted metal. It was obviously a quick job just for the opening because he could faintly hear the noise of an elephants trumpet behind the curtain. It must have been the light reflecting off of the metal railing or shining into the camera at a weird angle but he thought he could see snow poking out from under the curtain where the fence started. Hammond then came into view. He looked very eccentric with his short stature, wire rimmed glasses, wispy white hairs on his head and big white bushy beard which made him look like Father Christmas. He even wore a long purple dressing gown to go alongside his walking stick with the iconic amber piece at the head. The ever cheerful Nigel Marven held his arm as he stepped up to a podium.

"Can everyone hear me?" he asked through the microphone in a feeble voice "Good, good. I've spared no expense on today. We even managed to get translations for those in the non-English speaking areas. I digress though. In the late 1940s I had a dream which my good friends Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer made possible with their time portal. All of what you see here today without them and of course my dear friend Nigel here. There is something missing from our world. The amazing animals that time has left behind. But what if we could bring them back? What if extinction didn't have to be forever? We went back in time on a safari with a difference, when wild life adventurer Nigel Marven plunged into pre-history to rescue creatures on the brink of extinction. His plan was to bring them back to the safety of the present and give them a second chance. Welcome to the ultimate wildlife sanctuary. Welcome to Prehistoric Park!"

Jordan and Amy gasped in unison as the curtain was pulled back with a screech. Behind Hammond was a great field with huge pockets of ice scattered throughout. In this field though was a herd of elephants but they looked very different from the giants of the African grasslands or Indian forests. They were covered in a coat of brown-black, shaggy fur from trunk to toe. A male with massive curly white tusks lifted up his trunk and snorted in an almost trumpet salute to Hammond.

"I see our male Torn is greeting you," Hammond laughed "Here we have our resident Woolly Mammoth herd and if you look you can see some smaller woolly elephants. They are American Mastodon. Ooh I'm glad he's here he normally stays at the opposite end of this exhibit. The deer with the giant antlers is one of our male Megaloceros called Prancer."

Jordan stared avidly at the deer. His antlers must have been the length of a human each! He couldn't believe it. He was going to be working with mammoths! Holy shit he had a job looking after mammoths! If Hammond and Nigel had woolly mammoths and mastodon at, (he couldn't believe it), Prehistoric Park what else was there?

"Yes you there?" Hammond asked cheerfully to one reporter.

"Does Prehistoric Park house any dinosaurs?" the reporter asked excitedly. Obviously they had just learnt about the park's true nature.

"Christ! Jord you've got a job with dinosaurs!" Amy cried and with a second wind of energy ran up and hugged him.

"Indeed we do. Our first resident was an Ankylosaurus magniventris. Prehistoric Park houses many different dinosaur species ranging from Dryosaurus to Tyrannosaurus!"

"Wait did you just say that you have a T Rex?" someone asked in the audience.

"Yes. We have a T Rex," came the elated reply.

The siblings looked at each other. In less than a year Jordan had gone from a bitter relationship breakup that cost him his home in London and even his job to going to work on a tropical island that has the first Tyrannosaurus Rex to stalk the planet in 65 million years. On the screen he heard Nigel Marven say how they were working with different governments to release some recently extinct animals back into the wild. Faintly he heard Nigel start to say something about Mauritius and something beginning with d when his young niece Dani and Amy's irate fiancé Shaun walk in the room rubbing their eyes.

"What the bloody hell is going on?" he asked. Jordan had a feeling that Shaun's language would have been much more obscene if Dani hadn't been in the room.

Amy quickly scooped up her daughter and sat her directly in front of the TV. In an almost as fast pace motion she pulled Shaun forward and gestured at the screen. It was still zoomed in on Nigel so he couldn't see the woolly mammoths.

"Isn't that your new job Jord?" he asked "Bit extravagant for a couple a' pandas."

"Just watch!" Amy cried again in joy.

The camera zoomed in on Hammond: "We're going to show a short trailer. I must admit I took excerpts from my speech from this trailer. I'm an old man you have to forgive!"

The screen went black before a shot of a T Rex skeleton was shown.

"There is something missing from our world. The amazing animals that time has left behind."

The T Rex faded from view to be replaced by the snarling skeleton of a Smilodon.

"But what if we could bring them back. What if extinction doesn't have to be forever?"

The Smilodon was replaced by a black screen with golden latters reading: What if Extinction Doesn't Have to be Forever? There words soon faded and were replaced by some more reading: Welcome to Prehistoric Park. Slowly the screen erupted in a sea of light and a fanfare of trumpets. The narrator continued talking but he didn't take notice of the words; he was like a small child as he looked at a large plain full of horsetails with a giant grazing. It was only on screen for a few seconds but those few seconds were enough to leave him in childlike wonder. Those few seconds showed a nine meter long scaly creature which stood like a rhino but far larger. At the end of its tail were four spikes which stood up at all angles like foreboding stalactites while the back was covered by two rows of red, diamond shape plates. It was a real…

"Mummy! Daddy! Look a Stegosaurus!" Dani shouted in wonder jumping off the chair to look more closely.

What flashed next was a myriad of different exotic and formerly extinct animals. He briefly saw what he recognised as an Opthalmosaurus from the Natural History Museum. That must explain why Nigel chose his strange interviewing method. He was seeing if Jordan knew the animals already in the park. The letters appeared once more as the music died down: The King Has Returned. There was a shot of some ferns and a giant three toed foot which looked like an overgrown and far deadlier ostrich smash down. What followed was an ear-splitting roar, as if the earth itself was roaring. It faded to black as a new image replaced it. It was the black skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus with the words Prehistoric Park forming a logo. Extinction doesn't have to be forever.

"Jordan when can we get tickets?" Shaun asked in shock.


His suitcase carrying what remained of his possessions weighed him down. In one arm he carried his passport while in the other he held the metallic handle of the suitcase and slung across his back was his laptop. If it wasn't on wheels he doubt he would have been able to carry it. As he exited the airport complex to go onto the runway he had to pause to put on his sunglasses to stop the light from mugging him again. It didn't take long for him to see his helicopter; a dark blue with InGen written on the door in big black letters. Nigel Marven saw him and waved.

"Jordan how was the flight?" he ran up to him and shook his hand "Here give me some of that!"

Before he could protest Nigel had grabbed the suitcase and was effortlessly lugging it towards the helicopter. It seemed that running away from the likes of Smilodon and Velociraptor must have made Nigel far stronger than he initially appeared. Painfully he looked at his hand to see a red imprint from the weight of the luggage. The pilot waved at Nigel indicating that it was safe to get in. Within minutes the rotors were spinning so fast that they were just a blur of black streaks. Curiously instead of the normal deafening roar of the rotor blades he heard only a little whir.

"It's an electric helicopter with a silencer or whatever it's called," Nigel laughed "Keeps it quiet so the animals don't get spooked and electricity makes the park ever so more eco-friendly. With geothermal energy and so much biogas we've can run the entire park without burning a single piece of coal."

The helicopter was swiftly darting over the dark blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. The sun reflected off of the surface in a way which made it look like the great ocean had a pulse every time the waves moved. It was bliss. Faintly he could see a large white cruise ship dwarfed by the blue expanse.

"What did you think of our little reveal?" Nigel asked "See anything that you want to work with first?"

"Is everything an acceptable answer?" Jordan replied smiling. This seemed to tickle Nigel who burst into laughter. It didn't seem forced at all.

"Good answer. Although one or two residents you might want to avoid. Cronus being one."

When Nigel noticed Jordan's puzzled expression he started to explain: "Cronus is a male sub-adult Tyrannosaurus at the park. We have seven: Cronus, a female sun-adult called Jane, three what you would call toddlers Sue, Atlas and Meier, and the parents Terrance and Matilda. Cronus has been a bit of a handful. He was actually the second creature me and Chiyo brought back. He almost ate us as well…"

"Who is Chiyo?"

"Sorry I keep forgetting you haven't started yet!" Nigel cried in embarrassment "Her full name is Megan Chiyo Ishado but we all call her Chiyo. She comes from Doncaster about half an hour from where you live. She's my second in command, aged twenty and will do anything to help anyone. Heart of gold. Loves history; you can ask her what happened in any year and she can tell you. A proper history buff. Loves comic books as well and video games. She has a few problems but...Heck so does everyone!"

It seemed that Nigel quickly wanted to change the subject. Regardless they talked for the remainder of the helicopter journey regaling stories. Nigel was fascinated to hear about Jordan's life and past experiences. He didn't know whether to laugh or not when Jordan told him the story of his first day at London Zoo and had earned himself two broken ribs from an unexpected kick from a cassowary. In the end he laughed when he noticed Jordan smiling. Jordan too found Nigel's interesting such as how he had been caught in a turf war between a Spinosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus in the Cretaceous period; a battle between two of the largest carnivores to walk the earth.

"…then he says 'but how can that be a bird?'" Jordan finished his story making Nigel slap his leg in laughter. He hadn't stepped foot on the islands and already he knew he would enjoy his job.

Then he saw it. A giant volcanic rock formation stretching far into the sky was now were turning a fiery orange. All the craggy rocks had been created from the Fuego de la Muerte volcano on the outside over a period of many years. Thanks to Hammond the islands in the centre of the giant rocky formation were a cradle of life. The helicopter edged through the gap in the middle of the formation which acted as a de facto entrance to the island chain. Isla Nublar instantly caught his eye with the thick fog drifting from the giant craggy mountain down the golden beaches. On that island was a huge range of creatures ranging from Triceratops to Hylonomus. He then saw where he would be living: Isla Pena. Half was a wide untamed land for the Neanderthal and other extinct hominid tribes to live in peace although he heard they regularly left to mingle with the Homo sapiens. His stomach jolted as the helicopter settled down. The door slid open allowing a wave of hot air to sweep in. Nigel stepped out and took a deep breath in. A Neanderthal waved at him which Nigel happily acknowledged.

"Come on Jordan I'll show you your new home!" Nigel waved picking up Jordan's luggage again.

It was hardly a five minute walk when they arrived at a bungalow. It had small quaint glass windows, sandy coloured brick walls and a roof covered a what seemed to be black sticks but he could faintly see proper tiling poking out of the sticks. Whoever designed it had tried to make the bungalows resemble a safari style lodge. Nigel shook hands and passed him a set of keys.

"Well welcome to your new home," Nigel said "We give you a week to settle in and I'll see you tomorrow to give you a tour of Isla Pena before you start officially."

When Nigel left he started up the path to his new home. His new life. Trees were placed either side of the path forming a foliage archway ushering him to the door. He placed the key in the lock and turned.