So, you just read "THE END" and wanted to beat me over the head with some of these questions:

* What happens with that cop? Will he show up again? Will he be a help, or a hindrance? =)

* Do they actually all move to L.A.? How are the Fang and Scooby Gangs going to react to being united?

* What all other powers does Wes have? How's his relationship with Angel going to develop?

* Just *what* is going on with Ethan?

* Speaking of older British guys, what's up with Giles? There's gotta be more to this magic thing than what's come out already.

* Is Anya going to manage to keep this 'justice demon' thing balanced?

* C'mon, what about the characters' love lives?

Heh. *evil grin*

I do intend to write further stories in this 'verse, in a series tentatively titled "Never Look Back" about the gangs' adventures chasing the Hellmouth, but it'll be a couple of months before I get to it. I'd like to do a revision on both "From the Shadows" and "They Also Serve" beforehand, if anyone would like to help me with that ...

(I currently don't have a beta, and I hesitate to beg someone off a list and then lump so many K in their box, as both stories are over 200K even saved in plain text. So, since y'all have already read 'em ... anyone interested in nitpicking my fics?)

Anyway, in the meantime, I'll probably put out a couple more short interludes, and finish off "The New Seer". So stay tuned!

(Keep an eye on my update list at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jedibuttercup_fiction/)

Blessings all, and thanks so very much for reading and reviewing!!!

--Jedi Buttercup