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So, I'm trying to write something a little different to my usual here. Basically, a group of teenagers get some mysterious powers. You could argue that it's a bit 'Power Rangers', or a bit 'Heroes', or 'Misfits', or 'X-men' and probably loads of other things, even a few 'Buffy' similarities if you're a big enough fan to spot them, so I'll just state now that anything that might seem familiar to something else is either purely coincidental or it was inspired by something else and the original idea did not come from me, I own nothing, blah, blah, blah, you know the drill.

Also, this will have a Kurt Hummel / Noah Puckerman romance, if that bothers you then don't waste your time here as this isn't the place for you. However, if you love a bit of PucKurt then welcome and I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1 – Sit Down We're Rocking the Boat

The piano was covered in Rachel Berry's sheet music, gold star stickers shining on the top right corner of every page. A pair of purple platform boots had been kicked away under the piano. The shoes belonged to Mercedes Jones and upon entering the Choir Room the girl had loudly complained how they were absolutely murdering her feet. One quick strum of the guitar was enough for Artie Abram's to realise it was out of tune. After pushing his glasses further up his nose, he set to work on tuning the guitar correctly. Phone in hand, Kurt Hummel used the reflection of the screen to smooth out his hair and adjust the royal purple fashion scarf around his throat. Quietly hovering in the background was the painfully shy and stuttering Tina Cohen-Chang, dressed head to toe in black like a creature of the night.

"La, la, la, la, la… me, me, me, me, me…" Rachel exercised her vocal chords, her eyes shut tight in concentration as she pushed herself to achieve a higher register (the likes of which Kurt Hummel could do in his sleep).

Feeling her competitive streak kick in, Mercedes practised her vocal runs, deliberately singing over Rachel much to the shorter girl's chagrin.

"Looks like we got some competition, Yo," Artie commented, his guitar finally tuned appropriately.

"I would hardly consider Mercedes' style of singing to be on a competitive level with me," Rachel said. "No genre of music can compete with the art and sophistication of Broadway. Just like Whitney and Beyonce could never compete with the time honoured greats such as Barbra Streisand, Bernadette Peters, and myself of course."

"Oh hell to the no," Mercedes retaliated snapping her fingers with full-on attitude as Tina, Kurt and Artie looked on. "You might be good, hot mama," she told Rachel. "But even your best show tune isn't any match for my chocolate thunder."

Hand over her heart, Rachel gasped looking deeply scandalised.

"I am the star of this Glee Club," Rachel insisted arrogantly. "And I'm going to prove it right here, right now. Sing-off!" she demanded dramatically with her hands on her hips.

"Oooh, vocal cat-fight," Artie announced, clearly amused by the turn of events.

"Tina, Kurt, feel free to sway in the background behind me and gaze at me with wonder," Rachel told them.

"I refuse to look at that hideous animal sweater directly," Kurt commented as he busied himself with his phone. "You're also annoying and I don't like you."

"You're just threatened by my superior talent," Rachel retorted and Kurt rolled his eyes. "Tina, come sway behind me."

"I d-d-don't think so," Tina replied. "I'm t-team Mer-Mercedes."

"Fine," Rachel huffed while Mercedes smiled smugly. "You can all be on team Mercedes. I hope you're not sore losers because there is only one possible outcome of this sing-off and that will be me graciously accepting my most deserved victory."

"Just get ready to sing, white girl," Mercedes stated. "Artie, do I even have to tell you what song?"

"Hell no, I got your tune, girl," Artie replied as he started strumming on his guitar.

The vocal battle began; Mercedes' vocal acrobatics as wild and manic as Rachel's facial expressions. Looking to one another, Kurt and Tina shared an eye-roll.

"You know if R-Rachel isn't de-declared w-w-winner she'll q-quit again," Tina stuttered out.

"True," Kurt acknowledged. "Then she'll be back demanding the spotlight again before another person has a chance to sing so much as two lines of a solo."

"I think they're b-both really good," Tina said fairly. "B-but I'm k-kind of getting a headache."

"Me too," Kurt sighed. "Let's get out of here and go to the mall. I could use your assistance in picking out some artful Gothic accessory pieces to match my new bondage pants."

The pair were preparing to exit the Choir Room when the air suddenly went unnaturally cold. The change was so sudden that Rachel and Mercedes abandoned their sing-off and Artie ceased strumming on his guitar.

"It's cold," Rachel stated unnecessarily.

Without warning, the door to the Choir Room slammed shut, making the five occupants of the room shriek in shock. Moving forward, Kurt twisted the handle and pushed determinedly against the wood but to no avail.

"I can't open it," Kurt gritted out.

"Argh!" Tina screamed in fright when the lights went out.

"What's going on?" Rachel asked in a panicked voice.

"Everybody just stay calm," Kurt advised.

"Dude, I don't like this," Mercedes said.

"It's probably just guys on the football team playing a prank," Artie reasoned.

"What should we d-do?" Tina asked.

"Someone help me with the door," Kurt requested and Mercedes and Tina both joined him in trying to force the door open.

"Why won't it open?" Tina asked helplessly.

"It must be barricaded on the other side," Kurt decided wiping his brow and giving up on trying to open the door. "I'll try the window."

"Be careful," Rachel told him as she watched his silhouette cross the room.

"Any luck?" Artie asked after several seconds.

"No," Kurt replied in a defeated tone.

"Oh, we're trapped!" Rachel exclaimed collapsing to her knees.

"Get a grip," Kurt huffed. "This is no time for your cringe-worthy dramatics."

"Guys," Tina said timidly. "I don't… I d-don't really l-l-like the dar-dark," she admitted.

"Don't worry," Mercedes soothed wrapping a comforting arm around her shoulders. "We're all gonna be ok. I promise."

"Damn it," Kurt complained.

"Kurt?" Artie asked.

"I can't get a signal," Kurt informed them as he moved about the room with his phone. "This doesn't make sense. My phone was fully receptive a minute ago."

"I don't like this," Tina said quietly.

"Me either," Artie agreed.

"I only wanted to sing," Rachel sighed.

"What do we do?" Mercedes asked.

"I guess we just have to wait it out," Kurt answered taking careful steps towards the centre of the room. He could make out Rachel kneeling on the floor, Artie very close to her in his wheelchair. With a sigh, he sat down between them, Mercedes and Tina joining them soon after to form a circle. "We shouldn't be here too much longer," Kurt said when he heard a small sniffle, possibly from Tina. "Mr. Schue will be along any minute, I'm sure."

"If not him then definitely Finn or one of the others," Artie added.

"Yeah, any minute now," Kurt said trying to sound reassuring.

"What if this isn't just happening in the Choir Room?" Rachel asked. "What if it's all over the school? What if we're trapped here forever?"

"Rachel, please, calm down," Kurt snapped at her. "Your hysteria is not helping."

"But…" she tried to argue.

"Be quiet, Rachel," the other four huffed together and the girl fell silent.

The group of five sat silently in their circle, shivering in the cold temperature of the room.

"D-do you hear that?" Tina asked in a whisper.

"Hear what?" Artie asked.

"A… a kind of crackling n-noise," Tina answered.

"I don't hear anything," Artie said.

"Wait, I hear it too," Rachel spoke up. "It sounds like its coming from above."

As one, the original five members of the New Directions looked up to the ceiling. In the blink of an eye, a spark of light burst into life before fading, so fast that only Rachel and Mercedes caught sight of it.

"I thought I just saw…" Mercedes began but she never finished her sentence.

A louder crackling noise sounded in the room and frazzles of blue light forked above their heads. Before either student could comment on the odd happenings, five flashes of electric blue light struck out at each individual, the force of the hit lifting them a few meters in the air before they crashed into an unconscious heap on the floor.

So… worth continuing?

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