Chapter 44 – Choir Room Hero

It had been a year since the original five gleeks were hit by a mysterious blue light in the Choir Room. Many things had changed since then but some things were still the same.

Kurt and Mercedes still took frequent trips to the Mall together. Tina was still a Goth and Artie was still in a wheelchair and still her best friend. Rachel still wore short skirts and still idolised Barbara Streisand. Finn, Puck and Mike were still on the Football team. Brittany and Santana were still Cheerio's. Through everything that had happened that past year, Quinn was still Quinn and she was finally back on the Cheerleading Squad.

As for Matt, the quiet boy had transferred to a new school in order to be closer to his daughter who he was given permission to spend time with by the adoptive parents. Quinn had turned down the offer of seeing her baby and had made no effort to keep in contact with Matt when he left Lima.

She hadn't been in contact with her parents since they kicked her out and had no current plans to try and make peace with them. She was still living with the Berry's and Rachel was her best friend. They studied together, applied one another's make-up, worked on Glee assignments together as well as practice Cheerio routines.

Rachel and Artie were still dating and had become the most popular couple at McKinley High School.

Mike still loved to dance and Tina loved to watch him, especially when the boy was shirtless. He was always eager to please her and made Tina feel strong, beautiful and powerful when he'd drop to his knees for her any time they were alone.

Everybody knew that Brittany and Santana were more than just best friends. The girls had never verbally declared themselves to be lesbians or bisexuals or even stated that they were dating. But they certainly weren't denying such things either. They would walk hand-in-hand, gaze into one another's eyes fondly from across the room and even steal little kisses here and there.

Finn had stopped kicking chairs over when he got angry and was slowly getting his friendship with Puck back on track. He'd also made peace with Quinn and was strongly considering giving their relationship another go. He was still trying to work up the courage to ask her on a date but he knew he'd be ready soon.

As for Kurt and Puck, they were still very much in love. For the most part, people at school were used to their relationship and barely paid attention when they would turn up late for class obviously having fucked one another. There were still a few unpleasant names tossed their way and the odd locker shove but the bullying had mostly stopped. Even Karofsky seemed to have decided to leave Kurt alone. In fact, Karofsky was slowly but surely turning into one of the nicest boys in the entire school and tended to be the one to put a stop to acts of bullying rather than be the instigator.


"And I said to myself sit down," Artie sang wheeling himself about in the Choir Room. "Sit down, we're rocking the boat."

"Sit down we're rocking the boat," Mercedes, Rachel, Kurt and Tina sang along through their laughter as they attempted to recreate the routine from their very first Glee rehearsal.

"I don't know how we managed it," Rachel laughed. "But somehow I think our performance of that number got worse."

"I'm not sure that's possible," Mercedes laughed as she wrapped her arms around Kurt's middle.

"Oh, it's possible," Tina claimed. "That was by far the most ridiculous we have ever looked and I'm pretty sure Artie went off key just a little and I know I was sharp."

"Maybe it's just a terrible song," Kurt suggested.

"Damn," Mercedes sighed as she unwrapped herself from Kurt and sat down on one of the Choir Room chairs. "Things have really changed since that first Glee rehearsal, huh?"

"I guess they have," Rachel agreed. "Back then everybody hated me and I'd throw a tantrum and quit if I didn't get the solos. We were all getting slushied and people were making fun of us and calling us names. If you told me last year that I'd be a Cheerio I'd think you were sniffing all the glue in the Art room. But somehow I became a cheerleader and shocking as it may be I actually enjoy it. Plus I'm dating the devastatingly handsome Artie Abrams and I'm best friends with Quinn Fabray. I can say with full honesty that I never saw that coming."

"Well neither did we," Mercedes laughed. "I figured you and me would be fighting over every solo and I'd never get the chance to get my diva on."

"I thought you might be hanging out in the bushes of Finn Hudson's garden with a pair of binoculars and spying on him," Kurt said and Rachel grimaced.

"I'm not even sure why I had a crush on Finn," Rachel admitted. "I mean, Finn's nice but come on. It would never have worked out between us. I guess I just thought being with him would somehow make me popular."

"But it turns out all you had to do to become popular was simply be yourself," Kurt told her with a smile.

"The Cheerio outfit helps," Rachel claimed doing a twirl before sitting in Artie's lap and sharing a kiss with her boyfriend. She looked up at the lights overhead, recalling how the mysterious blue light had struck them all and left them with unexplainable powers. "Do you think any of this stuff would have happened without that weird blue light?"

"Maybe," Artie and Mercedes shrugged at the same time Kurt and Tina let out a snort of 'no'.

"Hey, Rachel and I could have still gotten together," Artie said.

"You really think so?" Rachel asked. "I was selfish, annoying and arrogant. Could you have really seen past those flaws and liked me?"

"I see past everybody's flaws, yo," Artie answered. "It might have taken longer," he conceded. "But I totally think we'd have still happened one way or another. We could have gotten paired up for a duet assignment and fallen for each other that way."

"I couldn't agree more," Rachel decided. "Artie and Rachel forever," she declared.

"What about you Queen T?" Mercedes asked. "Do you think you'd have ditched the fake stutter and started dating Mike Chang without the whole crazy power thing?"

"I think I'd have ditched the fake stutter eventually," Tina mused. "If the Glee Club still worked out and became like a family that is. But I don't think anything would have happened with Mike. Not without the confidence the powers gave me. I was so shy before that. Hell, before the Choir Room incident I couldn't even look Mike in the eye let alone order him to do all the nasty things we get up to in the bedroom."

"Tina," Kurt laughed covering his ears.

"Damn girl, we don't wanna know," Mercedes said.

"Seriously though," Rachel spoke up. "You'd have found your confidence eventually Tina."

"I guess," Tina nodded thoughtfully. "Probably not until Senior year though, or even college."

"How do you think the powers impacted your life 'Cedes?" Kurt asked.

"To be honest, I don't think they really did," Mercedes shrugged. "The powers were fun I guess, and scary, but I never felt like they made me into a new person. I was still me and I was still happy with who I was. And being able to play with the weather had nothing to do with me meeting Sam. Even without the Choir Room thing I'd have still met him and we'd still be dating. I never needed the powers. I just needed you guys," she pinched Kurt's cheek playfully.

"What about you Kurt?" Artie asked. "Would you be dating Puck if weird things hadn't gone down in this Choir Room?"

"No way," Kurt answered honestly. "I mean, I love Noah, more than anything but we'd have never happened without this crazy situation. It literally took me turning invisible for Noah to see me. And I guess I needed to be invisible to see and appreciate him."

"Those electric blue sparks sure changed things around here," Tina concluded.

"It could have been so different," Kurt wondered aloud.

"But I'm glad that it's not," Rachel said. "I'm glad all of this happened and that we're all here as we are now."

"Me too, Rach," Artie kissed her while the other three murmured their agreement.


"Hey Britt, what are you looking at?" Santana asked as she stepped in to the Choir Room to find Brittany staring up at the ceiling.

"I was just thinking," Brittany replied keeping her gaze on the ceiling as she reached for Santana's hand.

"About what?" Santana asked curiously as Puck and Finn entered discussing Football tactics while Quinn and Mike followed behind debating over what the secret ingredient in the school's cafeteria coleslaw might be.

"That day the others got hit by that weird blue light," Brittany said.

"Hey, don't think about that," Santana told her. "It's all over now and everyone's ok."

"I know," Brittany nodded. "I just wonder what might have happened if it had been different. Like, what if it had been us in the Choir Room instead of them? What if we'd all been hit by that blue light instead?"

"Huh, I never really thought about it," Puck said having overheard Brittany's words.

"I had," Finn admitted.

"Me too," Quinn sat beside Finn offering him a small smile.

"What do you think would have happened?" Mike asked them all. "Would we have got the same powers?"

"Maybe," Finn shrugged. "Or maybe we'd have had our own."

"Being able to fly would be awesome," Mike said.

"Well maybe that would have been your power, man," Finn told him.

"I wonder what my power could have been," Quinn mused.

"I reckon you'd have had the power to like repair things and heal people," Puck suggested. "Like maternal instincts you know, because of the pregnancy thing."

Quinn rubbed her hand along her stomach absentmindedly thinking that Puck's theory made sense but deciding not to comment on it.

"Britt's would have the power to light up any room and sunshine and rainbows would follow her everywhere," Santana declared and the blonde smiled.

"Nah, I think Brittany would have a power similar to Rachel's," Puck said. "Without the pain of course," he added quickly when Santana fixed a glare upon him. "I reckon Britt would be able to hear the thoughts of baby's and be able to communicate with them."

"Ok, and what would my special power be?" Santana asked.

"Honesty," Puck answered.

"Urgh, what kind of lame ass power is that?" Santana sneered.

"I think it would suit you," Puck insisted. "You'd be able to sniff out when somebody tells a lie and with a single look you could get them to confess the truth."

"Ok, now that sounds appropriately awesome," Santana decided.

"I don't know, a power like that could be more trouble than its worth," Mike said. "Honesty isn't always a good thing. Sometimes the truth hurts."

"Whatever," Santana rolled her eyes.

"What would your power be Finn?" Brittany asked.

"I don't know," Finn shrugged. "I guess I'd just be strong and powerful like Tina."

"Nobody's like Tina," Mike told him. "What about your special power, Puck?"

"That's easy, sex," Puck grinned. "Just ask Kurt."

"Oh I do," Brittany replied. "Kurt tells me everything about your sex life. It's really hot," she stage whispered to the others.

"Sex can't be a special power, think of something else," Santana demanded.

"Just being a badass I guess," Puck shrugged.

"I think your power would be to turn your body into something else," Brittany said. "Like a large rock or a suit of armour."

"Yeah," Quinn agreed. "Something indestructible so you can protect the people around you."

"Especially the people you love," Brittany added.

"Do you guys wish we would have had the powers?" Santana asked them all as she sat atop the piano.

"No way," Finn shook his head. "That's too much responsibility. I mean for a minute there I thought about it and wondered what it would be like. For a while I think I even wished I had been in this Choir Room when it happened. That way I could have a super power and I could be, you know, special."

"You are special, Finn," Quinn told him and the boy flushed slightly as he thanked her.

"I could have totally rocked having a super power," Santana claimed. "But I guess when it comes down to it I'm glad I'm just me because I am so freaking awesome and I know you all agree."

"Haha, rhymes," Puck chuckled in amusement.

"On some of Rachel's rougher nights I wish I could take the power away from her," Quinn said. "She was suffering so much. I honestly think it would have killed her if it didn't stop."

They were all silent for a while, occasionally sneaking glances up to the ceiling where the others had said the blue sparks had first appeared. They each wondered what might have happened and how things may have turned out if they had been the ones in the Choir Room when the blue light struck.

"I guess I'm glad it wasn't us," Santana said breaking the silence.

"It was never supposed to be us," Brittany reasoned. "The powers were always meant for them even if it was only temporary. I think it was all to help bring us closer together."

"I guess we'll never know how or why," Mike said.

"Guess not," Puck replied.

The door opened and the rest of the New Directions filed in.

"And… raise your hand if you're about to kiss your boyfriend so good he creams his pants," Puck called out raising his hand in the air before pulling Kurt in for a kiss.

"Yikes, I think he's really going to do it," Santana watched the pair's public display of affection. "He is," she insisted. "Puckerman's totally going for it. He's going to make Lady Hummel cream his pants right in front of us."

"Kinky," Tina commented with a smirk.

"Is it weird that we're all just watching?" Finn asked as Puck and Kurt continued to make-out and grind against one another as they all simply watched.

"Definitely weird," Quinn answered. "But I can't seem to look away."

"Me either," Finn responded. "But it's nice they're so in love isn't it?"

"Yeah, I think they really bring out the best in each other," Quinn said. "Perhaps this," she gestured to the two boyfriends, "isn't the best example of that fact but I think they're a really strong couple. They're good for each other."

"Did, um, did we bring out the best in each other?" Finn asked.

"I think so," Quinn replied quietly. "At least we did before I messed it up. Then I think we probably brought out the worst in each other."

"Oh," Finn shifted in his seat awkwardly.

"I really am sorry that I hurt you that way," Quinn said finally pulling her eyes away from Kurt and Puck who were now being cheered on by Brittany and Santana who were improvising a cheer routine for them. "You know that, right?"

"I know," Finn assured. "And you know I forgive you right?"

"You do?" Quinn asked, surprised.

"Of course," Finn answered and Quinn just smiled fondly at him as Puck succeeded in making Kurt cum in his pants.


A few weeks later, Puck took Kurt to have a picnic with him under the school bleachers.

"Did you hear that Finn and Quinn are back together?" Puck asked through a mouth full of sandwich.

"It was all Rachel and Mercedes were talking about last period," Kurt answered.

"Think they'll last this time?" Puck wondered.

"I hope so," Kurt replied. "It would be horrible if Quinn cheated on Finn again. And after Quinn's worked so hard to put her life back together it would be awful for Finn to cheat on her. Besides, I'm a hopeless romantic at heart. I like the idea of happily ever afters for everyone who deserves them. And I think they're good for each other."

"But we're the hotter couple," Puck stated arrogantly.

"Absolutely," Kurt agreed.

"Come here, babe," Puck indicated for his boyfriend to crawl onto his lap and Kurt happily obliged, meeting him for a kiss. "Have I told you you're beautiful today?"

"Three times this morning," Kurt answered. "But I certainly won't object to hearing it again."

"You're beautiful," Puck smiled grabbing a squeeze of Kurt's pert ass.

"So are you, Noah," Kurt grabbed another sandwich to feed it to his boyfriend. "Tell me what you're thinking," he requested once Puck had finished the sandwich.

"That sandwich was nice," Puck answered.

"What else?" Kurt asked.

"I can't wait until you kiss me again," Puck told him and Kurt smiled as he captured his lips.

"What else?" Kurt repeated.

"I love having my cock buried in your tight little ass," Puck smirked.

"I know you do," Kurt laughed. "What else are you thinking?"

"I wanna move to New York with you when we graduate," Puck said. "I mean, if I graduate. I hope I do. I've been getting help from Artie and my grades are picking up so I should do it. But sometimes I'm afraid of failing I guess."

"You won't fail, Noah," Kurt told him. "You're smarter than you realise. You just need to have confidence in yourself."

"I'm confident," Puck pouted.

"Of course you are, Sweet Kitten," Kurt placated. "Now, tell me what else you're thinking in that pretty little head of yours."

"I don't know," Puck shrugged. "I guess I'm really glad the Choir Room gave you those freaky powers. All that crazy stuff with you being a superhero really made me fall in love with you."

"And here I was thinking you loved me for my fabulous sense of fashion and winning personality," Kurt teased.

"I love you for everything you are and you know it," Puck laughed. "But it took what went down in the Choir Room to help me realise it."

"Well, Noah, I may have gotten the super powers for a while," Kurt said. "But you were the real hero. My Choir Room Hero," he smiled adoringly. "I really do love you, Noah."

"I love you more," Puck replied holding his boy close as they kissed.

It felt like they were floating, up in the clouds with their kisses creating the sunlight. It always felt that way when Kurt and Puck kissed. Like they were in heaven, dancing on air and free of worry and pain. Perhaps it was something to do with the mystery blue light from the Choir Room that made their kisses so passionate and intense. Or perhaps Kurt was simply that good a kisser. Or maybe that's just how kisses felt with your one true love, with your Choir Room Hero.


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