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:Page 03: Coffee Date:

"Would you like creamer to go with your coffee, sir?" Kaneki asked politely, notepad and pen in hand as she stood at a table with an older gentleman.

"Yes, please. Thank you so much," The old man smiled and Kaneki bowed her head slightly before going to the back with the order. She had come in around seven this morning after not really being able to sleep. She had jitters all last night over the fact that she would be going on a date today.

She constantly kept looking over at the clock every hour, and Toushi would catch her a few times and ask her what was up-to which she honestly didn't know how to respond.

As she started making the coffee, she felt herself sigh.

"Okay, that's maybe the eighth time you've done that this morning." Toushi came up behind her cleaning a plate with a wet dishrag. "Why are you so out of it? Lack of sleep? ...Hunger?"

Kaneki jumped at the younger boy's sudden appearance and tried to contain how flustered she really was at being caught. "N-No... well, it's something else..."

"And that is?" Toushi leaned his back against the counter and nudged Kaneki in the shoulder. "Not much can make you that out of it, Kaneki. Don't be so shy, whatever it is I'm not going to laugh."

Kaneki looked down, a blush on her cheeks. "Well... I have a date today, and..." she ducked her head further. "It's my first one." She almost whispered. Gosh, she was nervous and embarrassed.

Toushi stopped cleaning and sharply turned his head, incredulous. "You... You have a date?! That's why you're so flustered?" The ghoul sighed and cocked his hip, looking Kaneki dead in the eye. "Just think of it like you're going out with a friend or...or something."

Toushi pursed his lips and scrubbed the plate furiously. "Honestly you're overthinking this."

"You really think so? Say, Toushi-kun, have you ever went on a date before?" Kaneki asked the younger ghoul, who immediately went still.
Toushi was thankful he had his back to Kaneki, or otherwise the half-ghoul would see his red face.

"T-That is for me to know only." Meaning yes. But that was a long time ago. Eager to change the conversation Toushi asked, "Who is it anyway? A human, a ghoul? That friend of yours?"

"N-No! It's not Hideko!" Kaneki hid her blushing face behind her black hair. She didn't even see Hideko like that! "I-It's...It's a ghoul."

Toushi was shocked, he didn't see Kaneki the type to be getting friendly with a ghoul when she was still so scared by their lifestyle... "Oh, who is it?" He tried to remain indifferent about it, hoping for more information...

"Oh, his name is-"

"Kendae-chan!" The manager's voice called out from the front, "Can you come out? Some customers have just come in."

"Be right there!" Kaneki yelled back and finished up the coffee. "Um, talk to you later?" She stopped briefly for Toushi, who waved her off.

When Kaneki went back into the store's front she saw Yoshimura taking care of a customer at the register and saw that a couple had just sat down at a window seat.

"Oh, be right with you!" she told them, and they nodded, looking at the menu as she went to deliver the coffee to the waiting customer.

Once helping the customer, Kaneki quickly returned to the bar for her notepad and put another cup of coffee into the coffeemaker. She hurried over to the human couple and, putting on a bright smile, asked for their orders. The clock was hung ominously over their heads, with the second hand shifting closer and closer to noon - oh gosh was it almost that time already? - and Kaneki kept glancing at it during the entire time her customers were ordering.

Once the orders were made she returned to the back to prepare a cinnamon roll, trying to breathe through her mouth the whole while. Human food just didn't have the same effect anymore... Eventually both plates were prepared and she grabbed two cups of black coffee, put all four items on a serving tray and returned to the front.

The clock was dangerously close to noon...

Toushi returned to the front, helping with wiping table downs and window cleaning.

"Here you are!" Kaneki smiled at the couple as she delivered their food and coffee. "If there's anything else I can get you then please-"

She was interrupted by the sudden chime of the bell as the door opened.

He breathed in the delightful smell of the cafe: the ground coffee beans, the delectable human and ghoul scents twisting in the air, the overwhelming homey feel of the building, and-

Kaneki Kendae.

He breathed in her scent, and sighed with a roll back of his eyes. She was just - so utterly and completely divine. Delicious. There were a few familiar scents in the shop as well, but Tsukiyama was more focused on Kaneki than anything. He arched his back and covered his face with his large hand to take in another, deeper breath and sigh out in near ecstasy. Even from here Kaneki was just...

"Ah, Anteiku never ceases to disappoint with its plethora of delicacies." Tsukiyama rolled his wrist outward, cocking it at a ninety degree angle. "The flavor, the smell, such delicatessen. J'aime cela. C'est magnifique."

Tsukiyama stood back to his normal height and looked around for his meal, spotting her at the other end of the room. Their eyes locked at the same time and Kaneki turned away with a dark flush, making the ghoul smile.

Oh gosh he's here already! Kaneki thought with a blush as she finished talking with the guests. She turned around to start walking back to the front area and could feel Tsukiyama's eyes on her the whole time.

Before she could approach him, however, Toushi abruptly spoke up.

"And who brought garbage like you in?" He muttered in disdain from around the front counter.

"Ah Kirishima-kun, how nice to see you. It has been quite some time since we last met."

"Not long enough," Toushi growled under his breath. Tsukiyama smiled despite the younger ghoul's unfriendly mood and leaned against the counter.
"You wound me. I thought old acquaintances such as ourselves would be on friendlier terms."

Toushi scoffed. "As if. Now, why are you here?" he leveled a stern look with him.

Tsukiyama set his chin in his upraised hand and smiled so smugly Toushi wanted to claw his face. "I, monsieur, am meeting my date here."

The younger man snorted. "A date? Who would want to date someone so-" He gasped as it came to him.

At the same time, Kaneki walked up to them. "Hello, Tsukiyama-san." She nodded a bit to him, clutching the tray in her hands over her skirt.

Tsukiyama turned to Kaneki and gave her a blinding smile. "Bonjour Kaneki-san. I hope I am not too early, I was perhaps a little excited."

Kaneki shook her head, blushing softly. "N-no, it is noon after all..."

Toushi looked between the two, unable to decide who to yell at first. "You both..date..HIM?!"

Kaneki yelped slightly at Toushi's outburst. She was confused... did they know each other perhaps? "U-uh, yes." Was all she could answer.

"Ho-wh-" Toushi couldn't even get anything out. He was shocked. How did a nice girl like Kaneki get involved with this guy?!

"Don't be so incredulous, Kirishima-kun." Tsukiyama said nonchalantly. "It's really not that big of a deal."

"Big of a deal? You're... you're you! You're loud and obnoxious trash. Kaneki is too good for you!"

Tsukiyama sighed and said to a very confused Kaneki, "We did not part on friendly terms."

Kaneki furrowed her eyebrows. Sure she didn't know what the two went through, but she didn't like how Toushi was treating Tsukiyama-who had been nothing but kind and polite to her. "Toushi-kun, you shouldn't say things like that. No one is too good for anyone, especially me." If anything, she would feel inferior to someone like Tsukiyama...

Toushi gaped at his friend and had to open and close his mouth several times before he could speak again. "Trust me Kaneki, this piece of trash isn't someone to get to know on a friendly level."

"Kirishima-kun is especially biting today, goodness." Tsukiyama joked, grinning at her.

He wasn't the least bit offended by Toushi's remarks, in fact he found them quite funny - mostly.

Kaneki pursed her lips as she stared hard at Toushi before staring at Tsukiyama. "I think I'll be the judge of that."

Tsukiyama was smiling the whole while, and Toushi grabbed Kaneki and pulled her to the back with him. "You come back here after your date. Please be careful, Kaneki."

"Okay... Is there something I should know, Toushi-kun?" Kaneki tilted her head to the side and Toushi sighed, glancing at her.

"I'll tell you when you get back." And then the younger ghoul went back to the front as Kaneki stood confused.

When Toushi made it back to the front counter, he glared at Tsukiyama. "If you try anything or hurt Kaneki... I'll know it's you." He threatened with a growl.
Tsukiyama held up his hands. "On my honor monsieur, I do not plan on doing such terrible things like you seem to think I will." It was true, why would he want to hurt such fine cuisine?

Toushi didn't even look the least bit convinced. He returned to cleaning the countertop as Kaneki returned from the kitchen, and he put on a content smile. "Are you ready Kaneki-san?"

"Um, yes!" Kaneki nodded as Yoshimura clocked her out. She had changed into a light blue dress with a grey overcoat and slippers. She held on to the strap of her bag as she walked shyly up to Tsukiyama.

Tsukiyama's smile softened at the sight of her. "Tu es belle (you are beautiful)." The ghoul took Kaneki's hand and kissed her knuckles. "Shall we?"

Kaneki blushed and nodded, though she wasn't entirely sure what Tsukiyama said. She picked up 'belle' which stood for beauty or beautiful or something like that...

She let Tsukiyama gently guide her out and he opened the door for her with a sweeping gesture, making her giggle slightly. She started down Anteiku's steps with the purple-haired man following behind her.

"So what coffee shop did you have in mind, Tsukiyama-san?" she asked when they reached the sidewalk.

"There is a new one a few blocks down I've been to once or twice." Tsukiyama told her, catching up to her easily with his large steps. The ghoul put his hands in his pockets and openly turned to his companion. "Would you like to walk? It is a beautiful day."

"Yes, walking sounds nice." Kaneki breathed in the fresh air and closed her eyes in delight. It was sunny and just the right bit of warm today. It made her mood lift up a bit. "How has your day been?" she asked the older ghoul as they started to walk together.

"My day has gone by slowly, mon amie. I found myself without much to do this morning." Tsukiyama had been anticipating this date perhaps too much...but he did manage to accomplish one thing. "I finished paperwork and processing for Kamii University this morning."

"Oh really? That's great!" She smiled at him. "It will be nice to have someone else I know there... Hideko stays on campus in the dorms but we only share one class together so I hardly get to see her when tests come up."

"How unfortunate." On the bright side, that would mean Tsukiyama would have more time with Kaneki... alone. "Perhaps we will get a few of the same classes then, so you will at least have someone to talk to."

"Yeah! I would... really like that," she smiled shyly at him. The wind picked up then and blew her hair around and she tried to steady it but her scent met Tsukiyama's senses cleanly.

Tsukiyama staggered in his steps as her scent overwhelmed him, took over him, nearly made him fall to his knees. He touched his lips, closing his eyes, as her scent washed through him and stirred up the Gourmet within. "So delectable." Mon Dieu, his kakugan nearly emerged!

"I'm sorry, what was that Tsukiyama-san?" Kaneki had a hard time hearing what he whispered since she had to fight the wind to not turn her hair into a messy disarray-or turn up her dress. She finally got it tamed when the wind died down and turned to look at Tsukiyama, puzzled and a little concerned by his strange look.

"Strong wind." Tsukiyama lied, brushing his bangs from his eyes, and when he saw Kaneki looking at him the ghoul winked. "Your scent is very pleasing, has anyone ever told you that?"

Kaneki's shoulders shot up and she blushed slightly and looked away. "Well kinda... I'm told I have a... 'unique' scent." She told him, feeling a bit uncomfortable. Her nose wasn't as sensitive to things like scent (other than human flesh), but so far the ghouls she's come across have made a remark on how she smells. "I'm sorry if it bothers you..." she muttered apologetically, though she wasn't sure how to cover it up or even if that was a thing or not.

Bothers him? Bothers HIM? Tsukiyama stared at her incredulously. How could her scent bother him, and why would she apologize if it did? Could Kaneki perhaps not see how absolutely delicious she was? Following that, what if she didn't know how beautiful she was?

The Gourmet grabbed Kaneki's hand, forcing them both to a sudden stop. "It doesn't bother me at all!" he exclaimed passionately, holding her hand between both of his own larger ones. "I love the way you smell! It's..it's indescribable, beautiful, donc très tentant (so very tempting)-" Tsukiyama stopped talking and quickly let go of her hand with a stark pink flush burning across his cheekbones. He...he hadn't meant to go that far, no matter how much it was true.

Kaneki blushed after the shock left her and she brought the hand Tsukiyama had been holding so firmly to her chest. "Th-thank you... No one has ever... uh, complimented how I smell before so passionately." She laughed awkwardly. Tsukiyama was definitely a strange character, but as she noticed the slight blush on his cheeks, she realized he was even more interesting. She wanted to know more about him.

"S-So," Tsukiyama kept his eyes firmly ahead, the burn of the blush still prominent on his skin. He still couldn't believe he said that out loud like that! "What are you majoring in?"

"Well I'm still taking basics right now and after that I was planning on majoring in Literature and English... I've always wanted to stay with what I'm comfortable with and what I enjoy - so I wanted to aim at being a school teacher or librarian." Her eyes looked down at the sidewalk as they continued walking. But now I don't know anymore... Could she really be in a room full of humans now that she's like this?

Tsukiyama hmmed and looked at Kaneki from the corner of his eye. "I can see you pursuing that path mon amie, you're passionate for the written word. If you do choose to become a teacher I don't doubt your students will gain the love you have for literature."

Kaneki blinked. That's the first time... anyone ever really said something like that about her chosen profession. Her heart picked up a little bit more. "Thank you!" she told him with a smile.

Tsukiyama smiled warmly at her as they paused at an intersection, waiting for the crosswalk to be safe to cross. "There is no need to thank me Kaneki-san, it's only the truth." The crosswalk light flicked to a pedestrian and the two continued on. After a few shops, Tsukiyama pointed at a Coffee Bean another block down.

"There it is."

Kaneki's eye lit up at the cozy little shop. It had a soft floral pattern to it that made it seem so stylish and sweet. As they went in, they were greeted and took a seat by the window. Kaneki looked around in delight.

"I take it you already like it?" Tsukiyama chuckled, hooding his eyes. He'd been watching Kaneki 'oo' and 'ah' over the cute setting for the past few minutes, finding her awe adorable.

Kaneki turned to him and nodded, smiling. "Yes, I really like the design of the place!"

Tsukiyama smiled easily and was just about to speak when the waiter came up then and interrupted the two.

"Hello, how are you both doing? I'll be your waiter this afternoon, would you like a second or..." The older man's eyes swept over them before settling on the cute girl and he smiled larger, quickly turning to a warming tone. "Are you ready to order now?" The human male inconspicuously looked the girl up and down and kept his gaze on her, who didn't seem to notice.

A fork bent in Tsukiyama's hand.

The Gourmet didn't understand the sudden anger that welled up in him. He wanted to devour the fool inside out slowly, painfully, cook him up in a crème brûlée and feed him to the masses - to EVERYONE. For goodness sake Tsukiyama was the one on a date here, just who was this guy to eye his meal LIKE a meal?
"No." Tsukiyama gave him a strained smile even though the man wasn't paying attention. "We would still like time to decide, but one thing we would love to order now is a new waiter-unless you can keep your eyes to yourself monsieur?" His smile grew predatory when he saw the man stiffen. Yes that's right, you were quite obvious.

At the glint in the purple-haired man's eyes, the man quickly excused himself and Kaneki watched in confusion. Wait, what happened? She turned to Tsukiyama then, who seemed agitated about something... "Tsukiyama-san? What's wrong? Why did you ask for a new waiter?"

He didn't answer for quite some time, taking the moment to compose himself. "I did not find it...appropriate," Tsukiyama murmured finally, looking at Kaneki with dark eyes, "that he was staring at you as though you were an object."

Kaneki felt a shiver go up her spine. "An object? I'm sorry, but I really don't understand..."

"Perhaps that is better, then." Tsukiyama laced his fingers under his chin and looked to the table. "Forgive me, I tend to get... protective, or so Chie tells me. I simply didn't like how he was looking at you mon amie. It was unsettling."

"Oh." She had a feeling what was going on but why would Tsukiyama think the guy... There was no way! Aside from being half-ghoul she really wasn't anything special to look at... "Well, thank you. Hideko is like that too in that sense of being protective."

"I am glad I'm not the only one." Oh, but even the Gourmet knew he was in his own league when it came to "being protective". "Will you be getting anything Kaneki-san?"

"Oh yes, I would like to try their coffee!" Kaneki smiled, glad the mood was becoming carefree once more. "I've been working on perfecting my own coffee-making skills when I can, so I like to try to taste and compare my own blend with others."

"How clever." Tsukiyama was once again impressed by Kaneki's drive. Not many people would try to perfect coffee by tasting other concoctions-actually, most wouldn't bother. Was it wrong Tsukiyama was becoming more and more intrigued by Kaneki the longer he was in her presence? She was fine cuisine after all... "Perhaps one day I may try your blend?"

Kaneki blushed slightly. "I would be glad to make you a cup anytime! Just come by Anteiku when I'm working, though I'm not the best coffee maker compared to everyone else there..." she chided.

Tsukiyama waved away her words. "I'm sure you're perfect. Not every cup is the same mademoiselle, everyone makes coffee differently. Different blends cater to different tastes, and I'm sure yours will work with mine just fine."

A new waiter tentatively came up to the table then. He eyed Tsukiyama a bit nervously and, pulling out his notepad, asked, "What may I get for you two today?"

Tsukiyama smiled at this. Looks like the other waiter was spreading the word. Good.

"I'll just have a small cup of coffee please," Kaneki told him and her eyes saw the pastries in the glass container near the front. She really missed all of the pastries... She could still remember what they tasted like too, which always bothered her since now they just tasted slimy and putrid.

"A medium cup for myself, if you don't mind." Tsukiyama rested his chin in his other hand, staring at the waiter the entire while. The man wrote down their orders and with one last look at Tsukiyama, quickly departed for the coffee bar behind the counter. He saw the assorted food contained behind the glass and murmured wistfully, "I sometimes wonder what it's like to eat human food."

"You do?" Kaneki asked him in wonder. She remembered Toushi saying something about it too, but that had been a hazy and not-so-good time.

"Oui," Tsukiyama looked at the display of pastries with a forlorn longing look. "Humans love them-especially Chie. She's tried to explain to me how they taste but I can never see the... attraction. I suppose it's because I'm a bit biased." He winked at Kaneki then and she blushed in knowing.

"Well..." She looked down, "I know a little bit about it from, from Hideko. Um, but they give a sort of feeling of gluttony I suppose. When you eat a bit too much and feel full and satisfied and it's sweet - at least, that's the best way I can describe them, the cakes I mean."

"They sound delicious." Tsukiyama sighed. "I suppose I envy our human friends for being able to choose from such a wide array of foods, but at the same time the food does not tempt me the same way other things do." He smirked, and waved his wrist around. "It's such a shame. Maybe there is something out there both ghouls and humans can eat - maybe."

Kaneki nodded. "Like with coffee! You're right, Tsukiyama-san - maybe there could be something else humans and ghouls can share in common with each other!" To bridge the gap of understanding, Kaneki felt her hopes rise more as her ideal gained even more light. She couldn't lose hope in this, not when it was something that could better everyone's future.

Tsukiyama perked at the excitement rising in her voice. Even more intriguing-it sounded like Kaneki wished for mutual understanding between the humans and ghouls. What a curious ghoul, indeed. Genuinely interested, he asked, "You wish to bring humans and ghouls together as equals? Even knowing how they view us?"

Kaneki stilled a bit at being caught and looked outside the window. "W-Well, I just... It's just an endless cycle of hatred, you know? It's never going to stop unless someone decides to change it." She looked down at the table then. "I know they see ghouls as monsters but that's only because they see the exterior, they don't know that ghouls are people like them. That's why, I want to prove that." Only I can, since I'm like this. Kaneki thought to herself, brief images from that rainy night with Amon came to her.

Tsukiyama had never before met someone so amazing. To be truthful he didn't see her goal being achieved for quite some time, considering the...state of things between ghouls and humankind, but it was inspiring to even dream of such a thing in the first place. He actually believed Kaneki could see it through, she was simply so passionate about it. "You," he told her as their new waiter returned with their coffee, "are truly an inspiring woman." Oh, what flavor you have! He could barely contain his inner gourmet.

Kaneki blushed and briefly thanked the waiter for the coffee and looked at it. "I don't know what to say..." she murmured after the waiter walked off.

Tsukiyama shook his head with a laugh. "You don't need to say anything." He took a small sip of his coffee and hummed at the taste, then opened his eyes to catch Kaneki's own. The ghoul smiled fully, genuinely, and his heart just continued to melt the longer he stared at her. Perhaps he could wait a while longer before devouring her. "All you have to do is know that you are."

"Right!" Kaneki nodded, smiling at him. She then blew on the coffee and calmly drunk from it. "Oh, it's really good!"

"It is!" Tsukiyama agreed wholeheartedly, wrapping his fingers around the coffee mug in his hands as he eagerly leaned forward. He didn't know why, but he felt relieved when Kaneki announced that, as though he'd been worried she wouldn't like it here. How strange... Tsukiyama used his finger to circle the rim of the mug. "It's one of my favorite places in town."

"It's a really great place, thank you for bringing me here." Kaneki once again smiled at him. And she meant it, she's had such a good time with Tsukiyama today.

"It was my pleasure, mademoiselle." Tsukiyama lifted the mug to his lips.

"So what courses will you be taking?" Kaneki asked him.

"Advanced Japanese Literature, Social Welfare and fashion courses." Tsukiyama's eyes flashed with mirth. Oh if she only knew... "My focus is on Social Welfare, however I minor in Fashion simply to humor my mother. She is a designer, you see. And as for literature... well, that much should be obvious." Tsukiyama scratched his chin with a sheepish smile.

Kaneki's eye lit up. "That's amazing, Tsukiyama-san! I'm actually taking Advanced Japanese Literature, so we'll have the same class together!" Kaneki was immensely happy about this news; it was rather boring in that class since she had no one to talk to...

Tsukiyama brightened at the news. What luck! He didn't even need to tweak his schedule. "Splendid! Looks like we'll be seeing a lot more of each other then, neh?" The ghoul finished with a wink.

Kaneki blushed and nodded, finishing up her cup of coffee.

"Ah, would you like another cup?" Tsukiyama asked after he finished drinking his with a sigh.

"No thank you," Kaneki shook her head.

Tsukiyama smiled pleasantly and left a tip as they went to stand. After Tsukiyama paid for their bill, they were on their way.

"Next time I'll definitely pay." Kaneki found herself talking after she thought about it and Tsukiyama turned to her with an amused expression.

"Next time?"

She wanted a next time? Tsukiyama was both pleasantly surprised and humored by Kaneki's, albeit flustered, nod. "I don't know Kaneki-san, I think I'm starting to like treating you." It was actually true, but Tsukiyama didn't mind it in the slightest. Someone with Kaneki's scent deserved every bit of pampering they could get before being served, and Tsukiyama found himself wanting to be the one to just...take care of her. He wanted Kaneki to see him all the way to the very tasty end.

"St-still! I think it's only fair..." Kaneki looked stubbornly at the ground, wearing a slight pout as her cheeks flushed.

Tsukiyama couldn't resist; he laughed at her cuteness and brushed a flyaway strand of black hair behind her ear. "True Kaneki-san, it would be - but I insist." He put his hands in his pockets as they crossed the intersection, already almost halfway back to Anteiku.

"Um, so... did you, I mean, want to do this again?" Kaneki looked nervously from side-to-side.

"Oui Kaneki-san!" Tsukiyama was scandalized, of course he'd want to do this again! "I would love to! I was actually going to ask you again when we arrived at Anteiku but you..." Tsukiyama started blushing, "beat me to the punch." They were about a block from Anteiku at this point.

"O-oh, uh..." Kaneki laughed awkwardly. "Well I would like to... g-go out with you again also... Um," Kaneki stopped as they reached Anteiku, twirling the end of her hair a bit. "I had a really fun time today with you, Tsukiyama-san." And she smiled a bit.

"And I with you, mademoiselle." Gulping in air to calm his strangely racing heart, Tsukiyama leaned down to gently kiss Kaneki on the cheek-promptly earning a sharp blush from the both of them. Why was his heart acting so oddly?

"Until we meet again." Tsukiyama left Kaneki with one last lingering, meaningful look before walking with a swagger to his car a few rows down the sidewalk.

Kaneki just stood there with a racing heart as she clutched a hand to her cheek where the tingling affect lingered. Her eyes were wide as she stared off to where Tsukiyama disappeared.

Dazed, she walked up the steps and into Anteiku, her face still burning as she tried to come to terms with that. He just-!

"Hey," she heard Toushi call out to her.

Kaneki didn't hear Toushi the first time. She kept a hand to her burning cheek, still feeling the ghostly appendages brushing her skin. He'd kissed-!

"Hey, Kaneki." That Kaneki did hear, and the girl turned to the ghoul standing behind the counter. The shop was empty save for a few ghouls who were regulars so the two didn't have to worry about humans overhearing anything...unsavory. "He didn't try anything on you did he?"

"Uh... No?" Kaneki blinked, still trying to get over her shock.

Instantly Toushi was there, grabbing her by the shoulders. "What. Did. He. Do." He wore such a fierce expression that it made Kaneki clam up even more.

"N-Nothing! He didn't do anything to me Toushi-kun." Kaneki tried to soothe the younger ghoul with soft words but it only seemed to make him more disgruntled than before.

Toushi didn't look the least bit convinced. "He's dangerous."

Kaneki furrowed her eyebrows together. "I really don't understand..."

Toushi narrowed his eyes and cast a look around before he grabbed Kaneki's hand and led her to the back. Once they were safe from prying ears, the blue-haired ghoul turned on her. "Listen to me, that guy is serious bad news. He's known as the Gourmet and a parasite to the 20th Ward. He enjoys finding new people to put on his plate - as in eat them!"

"Wh-what?" Kaneki was in shock. The same guy was... all that?

"That's why I don't think you should get involved with this guy, Kaneki. He's just... an absolute menace."

"B-But..." But he was so nice and sweet! Was this truly the same Tsukiyama who she had just been on a date with, the one who shared her same interests and was such a gentleman to her? Kaneki pulled her lower lip between her teeth, mulling it over.

"I don't think you should see him again, he could be trying to string you along and I don't want to see you hurt or worse."

Kaneki looked down then. "Thank you, Toushi-kun... But I'd rather by my own judge of character."

Toushi was astounded. "Are you serious? You don't know this guy like I do!" He growled a bit, "Just stay away from him!"

Kaneki wore a half-smile. "I don't think I can."

This stopped Toushi.

"I know he's a ghoul but for the first time in a long time I just feel... normal, human even. Experiencing something new like a date, it's... really nice." Kaneki smiled softly to herself and then looked up at the younger boy. "Thank you for looking out for me, I appreciate that, I really do. I'll be more careful from now on, but please..." she bowed then. "Please let me still see him!"

Toushi was taken aback and became a stuttering mess, "What do you need my permission for?! I-It's not like I'm your father or anything, jeez!" He looked away with a blush and Kaneki raised up to look at him curiously. "J-Just be careful, idiot!"

And as the blue-haired ghoul walked off, Kaneki smiled. She could still see Tsukiyama!

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