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A/N: This is going to have a few chapters, but they are going to be more like a collection of one-shots which take place in the 1987 'verse after the show ends. So, for those of you not familiar with the last few seasons of the show, a small recap. Shredder and Krang were banished to Dimension X, the Technodrome was destroyed, and Dregg was defeated. The basic premise is what after you have fulfilled a life goal, where do you go from there? When you have had to live your life as an outcast from society, what purpose do you have? We start with Leonardo.

What now?

The thought had been plaguing Leonardo since the previous afternoon. Seemingly simple words which had woven their way into his psyche, unwanted and difficult to remove like a relentless mold; dangerous and toxic. While Leonardo was no stranger to self-doubt, in the past he had usually been able to shake the thoughts with some rational thinking. This time however, the ambiguous question had held itself over his head, leading him further down a path of uncertainty like a carrot dangling above an unsuspecting horse's nose.

For most of his teenage years, he'd had a purpose, a drive. Train hard. Be your best. Lead your brothers. Keep the world safe. And there was no denying that that was just what Leonardo and his brothers had done. Yesterday, they had saved the world from one of their most menacing foes yet, the terrifying Lord Dregg. Not long before that, they had banished Shredder and Krang to Dimension X.

What now?

They had won. Upon their triumphant return to the lair, Splinter had proudly informed the four brothers that they were his students no longer, but his equals. Leonardo could now call himself a true ninja master. How long had Leonardo longed to hear those words? How many times had he envisioned such a scenario in his head? And yet, he had not pictured the aftermath as this.

It was 5am sharp, and the blue banded ninja was alone in the dojo after waking up at 4:45 am with the buzzing of his alarm clock. Listening to the snores emanating from his brothers' rooms, he had made his way into the dojo by himself. Splinter had apparently not awoken the other three for daily training as had always been their routine.

Leonardo kneeled on a mat...waiting. The clock ticked endlessly from the wall behind him, continuing to count its way forward into the new, unknown future.

He placed his katanas on the ground before himself and stared at them vacantly. The well polished metal glimmered dully in the muted light of the training room. The sight of them blurred as his eyes lost focus while his thoughts wandered.

What now?

For once, the leader didn't know. Leonardo had no plan.

Train hard. Be your best. Lead your brothers. Keep the world safe.

He could feel the memories in this room as if they were etched into the very bricks that lined the walls and lingered in the air which filled his lungs. Air which he now exhaled heavily, morphing it into a weary sigh that was weighted down with the very disquiet he felt.

He reached forward with shaking hands and picked up the twin katana, their familiar weight offering him little comfort. He raised himself to his feet and began the warm up routine that had been ingrained in him since a young child.

What now?

Leonardo did not allow the gnawing thought to show in his fluid, perfectly timed katas. His katana sang through the air with every graceful arc and sweep of his arms; but what had once been part of a chorus along side the weapons of his brothers was now a forlorn solo.

They had not shown up for practice this morning.

He was alone.

What now?

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