So...this is a pretty odd idea I feel. But at the same time, the two works make a decent pair. Just some notes on continuity, this takes in January 2014, which I think is some place in season 5 but before the any rate, Rachel has begun Funny Girl and hasn't become bored, Kurt and Blaine are still engaged, and the Glee club has been disbanded at this point.

"It's supposed to happen this year," Kurt says as he absently taps on the piano keys in the loft. "Every 90 years, and the last one was in 1922, so they figure the next one will be starting up pretty soon."

Rachel walked out of the bathroom, still drying her hair. "And what's it called? The Reverence?"

"The Recurrence," Kurt corrected. He shifted so that he could be facing her. "I mean, it's a pretty on-the-nose name, if you ask me, but I guess the so-called 'gods' are the ones who named it." Rachel nodded, but Kurt could tell she wasn't really paying attention. "You think it's a load of bull."

Rachel shook her head, but not very hard. "No, of course not, but...come on Kurt. Ancient gods reincarnating as teenagers?"

"And young adults."

"Close enough. It sounds like some urban legend that people keep latching on to." She tossed the towel back into the bathroom. "I mean, there's no way they could verify that. Did they just call themselves gods to better make a name for themselves?"

Kurt sighed. "There is evidence, though, and while it is circumstantial the fact that it always happens every 90 years on the dot is a pretty clear pattern."

Rachel returned to the bathroom to start doing her makeup. "It sounds pretty weak to me."

Kurt dropped his elbow onto the keys, making a loud *bonk* noise as Blaine walked through the door. "Hey gang," he called, holding up a cardboard box. "I brought cronuts to share! Please. I don't want to eat an entire box again."

Kurt got up and took the box from his fiancé and gave him a quick kiss. "Thanks, babe." he plucked a treat out and put it on a plate. "Hey, you've heard of the Recurrence thing, right?"

Blaine raised an eyebrow. "Oh yeah, sure, sure...refresh my memory?"

"It's this thing that a bunch of anthropologists have been talking about loud enough to get the media interested." said Kurt between bites. "Basically it's this thing were every 90 years, a group of twelve teenagers or young adults are turned into gods from old myths, spread their word through song, become famous, and then die after two years."

Rachel burst out of the bathroom. "That's the other thing! Who would take that deal? It's so not worth it. I want my fame to last." She disappeared back into the room.

Blaine nodded slowly. "Oh yeah...I stopped paying attention to that because it sounded kind of silly. Like, Mayan-doomsday silly."

Kurt rolled his eyes and groaned. "It's not that silly! I've been looking at the literature about it and there are a lot of interesting ideas and theories going around! Besides, I think it'd be cool if there were mythical figures walking among us."

Rachel walked out again, fully prepared for the night out. "Oh yeah, that sounds great. Just imagine being Zeus and being able to just bang every woman you see."

Blaine laughed. "Yeah! Or be Loki and experience firsthand what it's like to give birth to a horse."

Kurt grabbed his coat. "I know the two of you are mocking me, but trust me. Soon we're going to be hearing about some incredible new rockstar and you'll be eating your words."

Rachel shook her head. "Let's just drop it, okay? I'm really not keen on talking about teenagers dying for their art these days." She turned to her other roommate. "Blaine, me and Kurt are headed to Callbacks tonight. Do you wanna join us?"

He shrugged. "Sure. I've got nothing else planned tonight."

The three of them descended the stairs, and Kurt shifted the conversation to something else per Rachel's request. He was totally enamoured with the idea of the Recurrence, of course, but he should have known earlier that the topic would hit a sore spot for her. So they discussed new musicals hitting Broadway that season, and Kurt and Blaine's teachers, and Rachel's nights in Funny Girl. It wasn't until they reached the bottom of the stairs that Kurt patted his pockets.

"Oh shoot, I forgot my phone." He sighed. "Alright, you guys go on without me."

"You sure?" Blaine asked with a frown.

"Yeah, it's fine. I'll catch up to you two in a bit." He spun around and ran up the stairs, Rachel and Blaine continuing the short walk behind him.

How had he forgotten his cell? Most days it was permanently attached to his hand. It was important to stay connected, to stay informed. What had caused him to leave it behind?

Kurt slid the door to the apartment open and let out a small yelp of surprise when he saw a black cloaked figure standing in the centre of the apartment. The stood facing the window, not seeming to notice or care when he walked inside.

"Um...who are you? What are you doing here?" he asked cautiously. They didn't seem dangerous, but they had obviously broken and entered so who knew what they were capable of.

The figure turned slowly, and Kurt saw it was a woman - an old woman - with a lacey veil over her eyes. But they still glowed from beneath it. Glowed. How did they..? They were a deep violet, so powerful that he couldn't help but get lost within them. He took a step closer -

- and was falling, burning, being torn apart. "You are of the Pantheon," he heard the woman say. He knew it had to be her, she was all he could see. "You will be loved. You will be hated. You will be brilliant. Within two years, you will be dead." Kurt - was he still Kurt? - felt himself being rebuilt now, into something more. "You are the first maker of poetry. God of bards. Of speech. Of wisdom."

There was a singed circle on the floor of the apartment where he sat. Rachel would be mad about it, but he didn't much care. His hair had gained ginger streaks in it. His old clothes were gone, but he didn't mind much. A white button up shirt under a black leather vest, emblazoned with musical notes on the front and a beautiful harp on the back, and combat boots to finish it off. He was still Kurt, but he was also so much more.

"We meet again, Bragi," said Ananke. "I've missed you."