To catch a heart

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Buffy woke up with a tingling sensation on the back of her neck, one she never thought she'd feel again. She kept her eyes closed, reveling in the feeling and postponing the dreaded talk she was sure would follow. Spike probably knew she was already awake, but made no sound. Last night she had walked into her room and fallen onto the bed, crying. As the exhaustion of the tears wore her down and she began to drift off to sleep, she could feel the familiar presence unconsciously soothing her.

She had no idea of what to say to him. Just before he died, she had finally admitted her feelings, but he mistook the words for pity. Right then and there, she realized there was no time to convince him of her love for him and it was all her fault. He had wished to die and nothing she did would've proven that what she felt was more than friendship or pity. Her time for happiness had been up and she had no one else to blame but herself for wasting it.

When she finally opened her eyes, she saw Spike sitting on the floor in the corner of the bedroom, his back seemingly supported by the wall behind him. He kept his gaze down, staring at the carpet.

When he looked up, those intense blue eyes wreaked havoc with her heart. His face serious, his eyes held just the slightest glint of innocence. Like a boy who was lost, unable to understand how his ground kept disappearing from beneath his feet. A wave of guilt washed over her: she felt deeply hurt, but based on what exactly? Their non-existing relationship? Her unknown love for him? Truth was, she had no right to act wounded and blame him for it.

"Hey." she said, still lying down.


"I'm sorry..."

Her apology took him a little by surprise as he had meant to say the same to her. Her strong reaction to his return had confused the hell out of him, but he should've predicted she would miss him as a friend. He stayed with her through all of her crying the night before, endured every tear and every sob from behind her door, as punishment for his stupidity. Only as her breathing steadied and slumber spared her tired eyes, he allowed himself to get inside. In the morning light, her face still bore the signs of her distress: she looked tired and her eyes remained a bit swollen. She still looked like an angel.

"No, Buffy, I am sorry. Had I known… had I thought for a second that you would be sad, I would've called." He said, serious. Then a smirk began to form on his face. "Or rather deliberately annoyed the hell out of someone to call you for me… I believe the Poofter told you about my 'predicament'."

She missed that smirk… She used to take it for granted and roll her eyes at him whenever his smugness or infuriating amusement reflected on his face.

She still rolled her eyes at him. "Yeah, walking through walls, huh? Pretty convenient ability for a pervert like you." she teased.

"You wound me, Slayer, I'm a perfect gentleman" he feigned a hurt expression, joining the game. "Are you naked under there?" the easiness between them led him to add, in a husky and seductive voice that wasn't meant to be so.

A flick of heat darkened his eyes before his words and tone fully registered in his mind. Before he could regret it, Buffy challenged him. "If I am, what are you gonna do about it?"

She hadn't meant for their conversation to go to such a dangerous place. But his question reminded her of one of the many opportunities she missed before and she just couldn't resist replying this time.

Spike could've sworn he'd seen desire reflected in her green eyes as she teased him defiantly. Then again, when it came to her he had a way to fool himself into believing what his heart wanted to believe.

There was, however, something different about her. Certain boldness, a little bit of a devil-may-care attitude that balanced her more gentle, fragile side. It made him wonder what else she had lost while he wasn't around. Before getting too engrossed in such grim thoughts, he decided to lighten things up. "Kicking me in the gut ain't fair, pet. I'm only a ghost, you know?"

She bit her lip in frustration. She shouldn't have dared him… It only made her want him, his touch, even more. Besides, she had to find a way to prove him that she loved him, not that she was horny. "My bad, I forgot… So, you're going through people and furniture?"

"Yeah, gotta be damn glad that the floor holds me."

"So, your whole back-against-the-wall posture is just a fake?"

"Well, yeah. Couldn't have you freaking out when half of my body disappeared into the other room, now, could I?"

So he had been in that uncomfortable position for how long now? An hour, two?

She suddenly sat down on the bed and pulled her covering sheet from beneath the comforter. She wasn't naked, of course, having cried herself to sleep still fully dressed, except for her boots. She got off the bed, taking the sheet along with her and moving in his direction. He lifted a questioning brow while watching her sit just a few inches across from him, pull the sheet over her exposed shoulder and lie down on her side, her head resting against her arm.

She motioned, waiting for him to do the same. When he didn't, she spoke. "Come on, Spike, lie down."

He finally complied, his body positioned just a few inches apart from hers. They both stared intently into each other's eyes as if nothing else in the world mattered, or existed even. The indirect light that penetrated from the window made his blue eyes so very bright that she felt she could stay like that forever, losing herself in him. All the hurt and the anger she felt the day before seemed to fade. A single tear escaped her eyes – one that tried to express all the feelings inside. "I've missed you."

"Shh, don't cry, luv. I've missed you too." he wanted to run a hand through her hair, tuck the strand that rested against her cheek behind her ear and bring her head over his chest. "Rest a little, pet, I'll stay here with you."

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