Notes: Yes, I am the worst. This is an experiment in drabbling that hit me on the bus Friday night. Short and sweet is the goal. Each part will be less than 1500 words and I couldn't write anything else this weekend. Eventual Klaroline heavy on the Rebekoline and Kololine broTP's. Title from "Love's A Game" by The Magic Numbers.

Colored You In



The box said 'Louboutin' so Caroline was on guard. When Rebekah had called yesterday and asked Caroline to meet her for drinks Caroline had agreed immediately. Work was hectic, she had fundraiser to oversee tomorrow, so a martini (or three) to wind down sounded like a good idea.

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts, or so the saying went.

"Do you need a kidney, or something? Because I love you, Bex. But I love gin too."

"No, I do not need a kidney. I was just hoping you could do me one small favor. A tiny one. Miniscule, really."

Caroline gave into temptation and opened the box and forced herself not to begin salivating. Gold. Sparkly. So outrageously expensive. Her size.

She forced herself to lean back and regard Rebekah coolly. Rebekah Mikaelson was a shark, something Caroline had known since the first day of her freshman year of college, and you did not bleed in the water if you wanted to keep your limbs.

And those shoes would look terrible on a bloody stump.

"I'm listening."

"Well, now that Stefan's moved in with me, you must be quite lonely."

"Not really," Caroline replied. It wasn't exactly a lie but then Stefan had moved out less than a week ago. She had planned to give it a month and then start looking for a roommate. "I kinda enjoy listening to Taylor Swift and walking around naked."

"But you're an attractive woman, living alone. It's not exactly safe, is it?"

Caroline crossed her arms and regarded Rebekah skeptically. That was a line any one of Rebekah's myriad of brothers would have gotten smacked for using on her. "My mom's a cop, Bekah. I have pepper spray, a bat, and I've taken several self-defense courses. Though I thank you for the compliment."

Rebekah shifted slightly and her lips thinned. Ah, classic annoyed Bekah. They'd get to the point quicker once her temper started to go.

"Yes, well, one of my brother's has gotten into a bit of a bind, you see, and…"

"Which brother?" Caroline asked curiously. She had never met Rebekah's oldest brother who still lived in England. There was the hot-stern-lawyer brother. The hot-grouchy-arty-nerd brother. And the hot-pervy-lech brother. Since the lawyer wore Tom Ford like a second skin and the nerd's comic book was currently being adapted into a TV show that probably left…


"Ugh," Caroline could feel her face twisting into a surely unattractive grimace.

"Yes, he does tend to have that effect on women with above average IQ's."

Caroline had just taken another sip of her martini and narrowly avoided spraying it across the table as a laugh burst out, "Wow, Bex. All these compliments. You must be desperate."

Rebekah heaved a weary sigh, and her shoulders slumped. Caroline felt a tiny bit guilty. Despite the rocky start Rebekah had become one of her very best friends and Caroline did hate to see her friends in distress. Rebekah peeked at Caroline, gauging her reaction, and Caroline told herself to quit being such a softie.

"You want me to let Kol move into my apartment? Kol, who said 'my, aren't you a tasty little thing?' the first time he met me. Kol, who then asked me if blondes really do have more fun? Your brother, Kol, who has tried several more pickup lines on me, each more disgusting than the last? That Kol?"

"How many people named Kol do you even know, Caroline? Of course I mean that Kol."

"Just checking. You seriously want me to share a bathroom with that guy?"

"I know it's not ideal. I know he's an irksome little pervert but he is still my brother."

"You guys are mega-rich, though. Why would your brother need to share my reasonably priced two bedroom?"

Rebekah fiddled with her empty glass and avoided Caroline's gaze, "Well…"

"Spit it out, Bekah."

"Fine," Rebekah tossed her hair back in defiance, "he scammed the executor of our trusts, somehow. Honestly I don't know, nor do I want to know the details. He's spent his portion for this year. And next year. And part of the year after that."

"So he's not even going to pay me rent?" Caroline exclaimed, "No way."

"He'll pay his half of the rent. Stefan's found him a job at the hotel."

Caroline laughed again, "Oh, I see. So I'm number two on the list of bribes to be made."

Rebekah smirked evilly, "Stefan can be bought with sexual favors, darling. I'll enjoy them, too. You're more expensive."

"Gross, Bex!"

Caroline shuddered at the mental image and Rebekah laughed at her, "Why can't he live with you? Or one of your other brothers?"

"My place is too small for a third person," Rebekah ticked the excuses off on her fingers as she spoke, "Elijah doesn't think we should be enabling his behavior. And Nik will murder Kol in his sleep inside a week."

Caroline groaned. She was caving. She could feel it. Rebekah had sacrificed size for location, living in a gorgeous one bedroom in a very expensive building. Elijah would use the tough love approach to teach his youngest brother responsibility. And Klaus had barely ever said a full sentence to her, just watched her with his pretty blue eyes, so she could buy that he had murderous tendencies.

"Please, Caroline?" Rebekah wheedled, puppy dog eyes dialed up to 11. She nudged the box towards Caroline's side of the table, "You know you want them."

Caroline really, really did. They would look so good with the dress she was going to wear tomorrow. Damn her champagne tastes! Caroline narrowed her eyes at Rebekah. A good negotiator never took the first offer. "You pay for a cleaning service. It took me years to train Stefan and you're reaping the benefits. I suspect Kol will be more resistant."


"Fine. Trial period. Three months."

Rebekah smiled brilliantly, "Deal. And thank you, Caroline."

"Yeah, yeah. Quit being so sweet. You're not fooling anyone," Caroline gave into her urges, finally, and grabbed the shoe box. She didn't hug it, but it was a near thing.

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