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Chapter 50

Her eyes widened in comprehension. "A meaningless fling?" He couldn't tell if her voice was angry or just shocked. "How could you think that?"

He answered her quickly, hoping to quell the anger in her before it became unmanageable, "Because I was being defensive. If this really did mean nothing to you...Do you have any idea what that would do to me?"

Her eyes dropped in understanding. He stepped back, giving her space to breathe and letting his skin slip away from hers. She was no longer pinned against the wall, she could run if she wanted to but they both knew she wouldn't. There was a short, tension-filled silence as both Jack and Irina wondered what was to happen next. In only a few minutes everything in their lives that they held true and good had slid away, out of control and then, just as easily, back into place.

Irina was the first to speak, her voice soft and accented, "We have to stop arguing."

Jack smirked at her, accepting the peace offering with a light-hearted quip, "I dunno, it has its perks." His hands rose, first to the slightly purple mark on her collarbone and then back down to her hips where he let his thumbs slip under the material to glide affectionately over the smooth skin. Irina smiled at him, her teeth glinting between her lips as her eyes shone.

"Come here," she whispered, almost inaudibly and in an instant Jack was up against her, pressing his lips tenderly to hers in a kiss of promise and future.

He leaned back, determined to say what he had to say, "When we get back to the US..." he trailed off and was mildly surprised when she pulled him to her and kissed him again, forcing whatever words he wanted to speak back into his throat.

"Later we'll talk...on the plane," she told him, and quickly went back to exploring his mouth.

It was only a few minutes after that the sound of two familiar voices drifted over to them and they slowly detached, moving to stand beside each other, breathing heavily while they fixed each other's hair and Irina tried to wipe the glow from her husband's face, all the while knowing that she had the same amber tint. Together they listened to the conversation that was going on in the near deserted waiting lounge which sat just beyond the dense plastic garden that had hidden their activities so well from the prying eyes of the few passers by.

It was Sydney that spoke, "They've got to be here somewhere."

Vaughn was wandering along beside her, their hands clasped together, looking perfectly happy as the epitome of young love. "They might be anywhere...doing anything," he said. Irina and Jack exchanged smirks while their daughter tried her best to look scandalized. "We should just wait in the lounge for them to find us. That would be best."

Sydney grinned back at him, clearly playing at his fear of being caught, "Yes, but they might find us anywhere, doing anything."

Vaughn pulled a face that basically told her he didn't plan on being caught doing any such thing by her parents any time soon followed by a sentence whispered in her ear that saw Sydney's face tint red for a few seconds and the conversation stopped.

After several minutes, in which her face regained its natural color, she continued to look around, her hand slipping from Vaughn's and placed on her hip and she stated, a little louder than necessary, "Well obviously we're not going to find them." When nothing happened, apparently she expected them to appear out of nowhere, she continued, "Care to join me in a dark corner Michael?"

It was now Vaughn's turn to look scandalized as he realized that Sydney was baiting her father out of hiding and quickly turned around looking for any emerging threats and the nearest exits simultaneously.

Irina could only roll her eyes to Sydney as she was led out from behind the garden by a hasty Jack who was managing to look startlingly violent even with his arm immobilized. Vaughn managed to put Sydney between himself and the approaching couple, apparently ready to sacrifice the love of his life to avoid the wrath of Jack. This, Irina could understand but chose to save the poor agent from certain death with a quick pinch to Jack's arm and a glare that spoke volumes.

Jack, realizing very quickly what would happen if he said anything wrong forced a smile and said a curt, "Hello."

Irina rolled her eyes again, grinning from ear to ear as Sydney surveyed her father's bandaged arm. She looked supremely worried as she ooed and ared over it, eventually asking him, "How bad is it?"

He smiled, looking away from Vaughn for the first time, "I'll live." In actual fact it was the first time he'd remembered the arm in a half-hour, Irina certainly provided an adequate distraction.

Vaughn, desperate to get moving, looked to his watch and then back to Irina, "So, what exactly is the plan here?"

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