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Chapter 2-A Smile From The Past

"Since it's still my turn I summon Gen-Knight Alexandrite in Attack mode." Masumi declared by placing her monster on the duel disk.

|Gem-Knight Alexandrite, Level 4, Rock, Earth, Effect, ATK: 1800, DEF: 1200|

"But he won't stay on the field for long, because I activate his special ability. By sacrificing Gem-Knight Alexandrite I can Special summon 1 Gem-Knight Normal monster from my deck. And the monster I choose is Gem-Knight Crystal, also in Attack mode."

|Gem-Knight Crystal, Level 7, Rock, Earth, ATK: 2450, DEF: 1950|

"Finally I place 2 cards face-down and with that I end my turn. It's your turn Siora so make it count."

'Phew, luckily the Spell card she played before prevented her from attacking so I am safe, for now. Still she wasn't kidding before when she said that she will go all-out. Well it's my fault since I underestimated her.'

"Alright then, I draw! I summon again my lovely Hope Force-Fairy of the Divine Melody to the field in Attack Mode."

|Hope Force-Fairy of the Divine Melody, Level 4, Fairy, Tuner, Light, Effect, ATK: 1900 DEF: 1000|

"As the gentleman I am, I believe that I should offer a flower to my fairy, so now I will summon my Hope Force-Moonlight Rose to the field, also in Attack Mode."

|Hope Force-Moonlight Rose, Level 3, Fairy, Light, Effect, ATK: 800 DEF: 200|

'Those monsters again, he can't be planning to summon his dragon since we both have 4000 Life Points so…..' I decided to interrupt her thoughts because she wouldn't be able to figure out my plan in time.

"If you're trying to figure out my next move Masumi, just like before, all you have to do is to accept my challenge and solve another one of my riddles. I believe for someone as smart as you it will be a piece of cake."

"Another one of your riddles? Fine I accept your challenge and I thank you for your compliment, although it won't help you at all in this duel."

"Since you are so sure, try to solve this: When one soul tune with another, one can reach a lofty goal and cleanse this world with the swords of justice."

"Wait a minute. Did you just say tune? Are you trying to say that you don't know only how to Fusion Summon but also….." Masumi tried to finish, but I interrupted her once again.

"Your guess is right Masumi. Alright everyone it's time for the main act. I now tune my Level 4 Hope Force-Fairy of the Divine Melody with my Level 3 Hope Force-Moonlight Rose!" The 2 monsters then jumped high.

"Can it be?" Yuya and Gongezaka gasped.

"Synchro Summon" Confirmed Sora.

Fairy of the Divine Melody started glowing brighter until she turned into 4 green energy rings, which went around Moonlight Rose that had already transformed into 3 orbs of light.

"Holy warrior of justice, you who protects the innocents, show your absolute power and restore order to this world!" I chanted. "Synchro Summon! Level 7, Enforcer of Justice Zilan!"

Once I placed the card upon my Duel Disk a shining portal appeared up to the sky, from which emerged a knight dressed in a long white robe, which was tied around his waist with a golden rope, a hood concealing his face, leaving visible only his 2 bright green eyes. One his right hand was a broadsword made of pure light, while on his other hand was a golden-silver plated pistol.

|Enforcer of Justice Zilan, Level 7, Warrior, Light, Effect, ATK: 2600, DEF: 1300|

As soon as monster appeared everyone was astonished that I could Synchro Summon too. Judging by the looks on their faces they didn't expect it.

"Even Synchro Summon, that's amazing." Muttered Yuya.

"Now Zilan, attack her Gem-Knight Crystal! Bright Strike!" I yelled and at the same time, my monster jumped forward and impaled her knight with his sword, destroying him instantly.

|Masumi-LP: 4000 -3850|

"I set 1 card face-down and with that I end my turn." I stated before I placed my card.

"Alright then, I draw!" And once Masumi looked at the card she drew, a smirk appeared on her face which meant bad news for me.

"I believe it's time to show you the brilliance of my monsters, and to do that I will activate one of my face-downs. Trap Card open! Pyroxene Fusion! This card allows me to Fusion Summon a Gem-knight monster by sending the appropriate material from my hand or my field to the Graveyard. So now, I fuse from my hand my Gem-Knight Garnet with my Gem-Knight Tourmaline! Gem of the burning soul! Gem tinged with lighting. In a whirlpool of light, combine to bring forth a new dazzling radiance! FUSION SUMMON! The knight with the crimson armor! Level 6, Gem-Knight Ruby."

|Gem-Knight Ruby, Level 6, Pyro, Earth, Effect, and ATK: 2500, DEF: 1300|

"Impressive monster Masumi, although I believe you are not done yet. Am I right?" I asked her knowing that she has another surprise for me in her sleeve.

"You have a sharp eye Siora, and yes I still have one more card to play before I complete my strategy. I am activating my other face-down card, Fragment Fusion! Just like Pyroxene Fusion it allows me to Fusion Summon a Gem-Knight monster, but I instead banish the Fusion Materials from my Graveyard. So now, I fuse my Gem-Knight Crystal, Gem-Knight Garnet and my Gem-Knight Tourmaline! "

"Crystal knight of justice! Gem of the burning soul! Gem tinged with lighting! In a whirlpool of light, combine to bring forth a new dazzling radiance! Fusion Summon! One who illuminates everything with its supreme radiance! Level 9, Gem-Knight Master Diamond!" Masumi chanted before the massive knight appeared behind her.

|Gem-Knight Master Diamond, Level 9, Rock, Fusion, Effect, ATK: 2900, DEF: 2500|

'Ok I am in serious trouble now.' I thought while gulping a little. But Masumi must see me a serious threat since she decided to summon her ace monster so quickly. He, this will be fun.'

"Now I activate Gem-Knight Ruby's special ability. Once per turn I can Tribute one Gem- monster I control in and then he gains ATK equal to the ATK of the tribute monster. So I tribute my Master Diamond, in order to boost the strength of my Ruby by 2900 points."

Gem-Knight Ruby ATK: 2500-5400

"5400 Attack points!" Yuzu gasped in shock by witnessing the Gem-Knight's ATK going up.

"Gem-Knight Ruby attack Enforcer of Justice Zilan with ruby scythe slash!"

Before our monsters make contact with each other, Zilan with a swing of his sword created a gust of wind, which resulted in an Action Card to land near my feet. And judging by the nod he gave me he wanted me to use it now.

"I am afraid I can't let you destroy my precious monster. I activate the Action Card Miracle which prevents the destruction of my monster and halves the damage I will take."

Our monsters clashed with their weapons and although Zilan wouldn't be destroyed by battle thanks to the Action Card, the shockwave from the attack not only reduced my Life Points, but also resulted in me getting blown back and rolling around like a rag doll.

|Siora- LP: 4000-2600|

'Ouch, that will leave a nasty bruise.'

"Ha ha ha, I must admit Masumi I never had that much fun before, you are truly a very skilled duelist and have my respect for that."

"You too Siora, and I must admit that none has ever managed to challenge me like that in my previous duels. Of course, that doesn't mean that I will let you win. And since there is nothing else I can do I end my turn. Also Gem-Knight Ruby's attack returns to normal"

Gem-Knight Ruby ATK: 5400-2500

"I would never want my opponent to show mercy to me in a duel Masumi, because then I wouldn't be able to enjoy it. Maybe I should show you what happens when I get serious. I draw!"

"Before I summon my monster I will activate my face-down card Holly Resurrection. This card allows me to Special Summon 1 Light monster from my Graveyard in Attack Position and it increases its ATK by 300 points. Of course, the monster I choose is my Hope Force-Fairy of the Divine Melody. Welcome back my friend."

|Hope Force-Fairy of the Divine Melody, Level 4, Fairy, Tuner, Light, Effect, ATK: 1900-2200 DEF: 1000|

"Now I summon, Hope Force-Wolf Spirit!" I exclaimed.

The spirit of a pale blue wolf appeared, with several pieces of gold armor on him.

|Hope Force-Wolf Spirit Level 4, Fairy, Light, ATK: 1500, DEF: 400|

"I am not done yet!" I shouted before I grab a nearby Action card.

"Once again I will activate the Action card High Dive and I am using it to make my Melody even stronger than your Gem-Knight." I shouted as the aura around my fairy intensified, due to her power-ups.

|Hope Force-Fairy of the Divine Melody, Level 4, Fairy, Tuner, Light, Effect, ATK: 2200-3200 DEF: 1000|

"Not bad Siora", Masumi stated, "Not bad at all."

"Thanks Masumi, now my beloved fairy, attack her Gem-Knight Ruby!" I ordered; the elegant monster complied and used her harp to send a powerful sound wave at the Gem-Knight, destroying him instantly. The force of the blow knocked Masumi back a little bit.

|Masumi LP: 3850 - 3150|

"I place one card facedown and end my turn!" I exclaim.

"Alright then Siora, I draw!" Masumi plucked the top card off her deck, "I play the Spell card Blessed Gem, which allows as to draw until we have 6 cards!"

Masumi examined her new cards and smiled a bit.

"It has been a fun duel but it will end", Masumi stated with a soft smirk on her face, "I play the Action card Wonder Bomb, which allows me to destroy monsters on your side of the field until you control the same number of monsters as me!"


"Yes! Now say goodbye to your monsters!" Masumi exclaimed as a multicolored bomb with yellow stars appeared, setting itself off, destroying my monsters.

"Now that your field is clear of monsters time to finish you off", Masumi exclaimed, "I play Monster Reborn to resurrect Gem-Knight Master Diamond!"

The massive knight reappeared, ready for combat.

|Gem-Knight Master Diamond, Level 9, Rock, Fusion, Effect, ATK: 2900, DEF: 2500|

"Time for the dazzling finale", Masumi exclaimed, "I activate Shining Gemstone!"

Gem-Knight Master Diamond shined brightly with a brilliant blue light and seemed to grow larger as well.

"This card allows me to give up 2000 life points to add 2000 attack points to master diamond!" Masumi exclaimed.

|Masumi LP: 3150 -1150|

|Gem-Knight Master Diamond ATK: 2900 - 4900|

"4900 attack points!" the children in the audience exclaimed.

"I enjoyed our duel, it was the most fun I've had in a while, but this ends here", Masumi told me, "Go Gem-Knight Master Diamond finish this duel!"

"Heh, heh", I chuckled, "This duel will end but in your defeat!"


"I activate the trap card Light Blast!" I exclaim, "For every Light monster in my hand, you take 300 points of damage, thanks to your Blessed Gem I have 4, so you take 1200 points of damage!"

A flash of light blinded Gem-Knight Master Diamond and a blast of lightning went towards Masumi, zapping away the remainder of her life points; and knocking her to the ground in the process.

|Masumi LP: 750 - 0|

We both jumped of as the Action Field faded away, signaling the end of the duel. "Thank you." I whispered to my deck, and i swear that i heard the cheers of happiness of my monsters for a moment.

"Siora!" Yuya ran over to me, the others following behind him.

"You were amazing! I didn't know you could Fusion Summon without Polymerization or even Synchro Summon nii-sama!"

"It gave me the shivers!" Futoshi added.

"You're certainly an interesting person Siora. Even i was amazed by your cards, especially the Contact Fusion monster" Sora said, before taking a bite from his chocolate.

"And you managed to defeat 3 opponents in a single duel!" Yuzu added.

"To tell you guys the truth, i was worried for a bit, but luckily i can always trust my deck to help me emerge victorious." I admitted with a smile.

"You were really awesome, Siora onii-chan!" Ayu added while hugging my leg, since i am taller than her.

"Thanks Ayu. The words of support from you and everyone gave me the courage to win."

"Siora!" I turned to see Masumi approaching me. "It appears we lost this duel...however, the next time we meet i definitely won't lose!"

I smiled and nodded. "I am looking forward for that Masumi. Besides you and your friends were strong opponents and it will be my honor to face you again in a duel." And so we shook our hands like good friends.

[Unknown Location]

"Eternal dragon of the bright soul! Blessed fairy of the melody! Merge together with the blossom of the moon and create a new hope! CONTACT FUSION!. Descend now, Level 7, Guardian Angel Joan-Purity Of The Paradise."

"Holy warrior of justice, descend now to this world and guide as to the land of eternal peace!" I chanted. "SYNCHRO SUMMON! Level 7, Enforcer of Justice Zilan!"

"Interesting..." A bald man leaned back in his seat, watching the recorded video from the duel.

"Sir, should i inform our reservoir soldier in Standard. I believe he is perfect for the task of learning more about this mysterious duelist." Another person in the room asked, probably a scientist, judging by his white lab coat.

"Do you want him to be investigated, Sir?" The assistant asked.

"Yes, inform him to move immediately, and gather immediately information on the target and if possible to test him on order to evaluate his dueling skills."

"At once Sir." The figure said, before running out of the room.

The mysterious man continued to watch the video of the silver haired duelist. "So Siora, it is time to find out what secrets do you hold."

[30 minutes later, Outside of the LDS]

After my duel with Masumi and her friends, I decided to accompany them back to the LDS. We also had a pleasant talk, mostly about dueling, our opinion for new cards or even suggesting strategies to each other. They also asked me if I would like to train with them sometimes, in order to grow stronger as duelists. And of course I said yes, because if there is one thing that I like more than mom's cooking it's dueling.

As soon as we got inside the main lobby, I saw a very familiar face. It is short boy with pale skin, purplish light grey hair, blue eyes and he holds a small patchwork teddy bear. That boy is Reira Akaba, Reiji's younger brother and someone who I see as my own family. Poor boy is so timid, that he only feels comfortable with Reiji or me.

However, as soon as he saw me his timid expression was replaced with a small smile.

"Siora, you are back." Reira exclaimed happily.

"Glad to see you too Reira. How have you been?"

"I am fine now that you are here. E-ehm, can I talk to you about something?"

"Of course Reira, just let me say goodbye to my friends first."

I said my goodbyes to Masumi, Yaiba and Hokuto and then I went with Reira somewhere less crowded to talk.

"So Reira, what did you want to talk about?"

"First I want to ask you about the day when you first witnessed an Action Duel. Because if I remember correctly, due to your amnesia you couldn't remember what an Action Duel was."

"Ah yes, I remember that day like it was yesterday. You see after my release from the hospital I decided to visit Yuya at the You Show Duel School to show me a very interesting kind of duel so

[Flashback, You Show Duel School]

"Action Duels?" Siora asked. "Is that what you guys practice here?"

Yuzu nodded. "Yeah. Haven't you heard of them? They're really popular right now."

Siora shook his head. "I haven't been thinking about Duels for a while now."

Yuya was more than a little surprise, if his jaw hanging agape said much of anything. "But Dueling is super important," he argued, waving his hands in the air. "And Action Duels only make them more fun!"

Siora lacked the ability to argue. What little he heard of Actions Duels certainly seemed fun. Shame he never had the time to properly understand them.

"So, how do you perform an Action Duel?" he asked. No time better than the present to learn, he figured.

Yuya's face brightened up in an instant. "We'll show you!" he exclaimed. "Let's go, Yuzu!"

"Right!" Yuzu responded, following after her friend.

Siora watched them race into a square room. There was a window that allowed him to watch, so he sat down and waited for whatever metaphorical fireworks ignited in front of him.

Three little kids sat beside him. A little girl with red hair, a small boy with light blue hair, and a slightly obese boy with a goofy grin. They didn't speak up or say hello. They just wanted to watch, just like he did.

So Siora didn't speak. Instead, he looked through the window and watched.

Lights flickered to life. The magic began to paint the empty room.

Instantly, the room changed into a candy wonderland. Both Yuya and Yuzu walked over to their places and activated their duel disks.

Then they started their duel.

The hippo was the first thing to appear on the field.

Siora blinked.

Entermate Hip Hippo.

His father used that one too.

However, he certainly never...rode it?

Siora was obviously surprised. It was written all over his face. Duel monsters were holograms, right?

So how was his little brother, if by adoption only, riding a pink baby hippo? It made no sense.

"How is that possible?" he asked aloud.

The red-haired girl looked up to Siora. "Haven't you ever seen an Action Duel?" she asked.


"The monsters come to life in Action Duels!" the girl exclaimed happily.

"It's cool," the blue-haired boy said.

"Yeah," added the obese boy with a nod.

Siora then looked back to the Duel.

Action Duels. The monsters coming to life.

He smiled.

Sounded like a lot of fun at that.

[End flashback]

"You are right. Action Duels are really fun."

"Reira you also have something else to say to me, what it is?" I asked him since it was obviously that something was bothering him.

"…I-it's about something that I saw in my sleep."

"You mean a nightmare?"

"… Yes", he nodded quietly.

"Alright. You can tell me what happened, but only if you want. I won't force you if it makes me you uncomfortable, okay Reira?"

"Okay. My nightmare was…."

[Reira's dream]

People everywhere, watching his every move.

The precious duelist of the LDS.

He must be a talented duelist like his brother, Akaba Reiji.

Reira, you have to work harder if you want to be as successful as your brother Reiji.

Then it was his mother, Himika Akaba, that always told him to improve if he wants to be like his big brother who admires so much.

He felt suffocated.

Despite his good grades or his excellent dueling skills, he always felt suffocated because his mother was always pushing him harder and harder in order to achieve perfection.

[End Of Dream]

"And then I awoke up gasping and shuddering. Luckily big brother was there to comfort me."

"Well of course he would be there Reira. Reiji is serious most of the time, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't care about you. Now, how about we go to the cafeteria to get something to eat, and leave all of this depressing staff aside?"

"…Okay, Siora." Reira said with a barely visible smile on his face.

'Don't worry Reira, now that I am here I swear on my life that nothing will happen to you. As long as I draw breath I will make sure that you will be happy forever.'

"Excuse me, can I talk to you for a second?"

When I looked at the direction of the voice, I saw a young girl with curly blond hair, green eyes and she was wearing a light blue blouse with a small yellow shirt. And she must someone important because she was throwing me a look that was saying 'I am superior than you'. Great, another person with big ego.

And of course I was right. The girl is named Alexandra Shizoru and she was informed about my victory against the Masumi, Yaiba and Hokuto. It really bothered me that not only she accused me as a cheater, but she also insulted me by calling my father a coward for not appearing in his duel at the championship. There was an heated argument for a while but eventually, we decided to settle things through a duel.

[5 minutes later, LDS duel field]

"Alright Alexandra, it's time to show you how wrong you are about me."

"We will see that, cheater." She replied.

"That's it! Let's duel!" I shouted before we activated our duel disks.


"Ladies first." She declared. " From my hand I activate the Spell Card Double Summon, which allows me to summon 1 additional time this turn. So come out Genex Controller and Genex Undine."

|Genex Controller, Level 3, Machine, Dark, Tuner, ATK: 1400, DEF: 1200|

|Genex Undine, Level 3, Aqua, Water, Effect, ATK: 1200, DEF: 600|

'A tuner monster? Here it comes.' I gasped.

" And now I tune my Level 3 Genex Controller with my Level 3 Genex Undine to Synchro Summon my Hydro Genex in ATK mode."

|Hydro Genex, Level 6, Machine, Water, Effect, ATK: 2300, DEF: 1800|

"But you are lucky that I feel generous today so I will play the Spell Card Genex Call."

"And what does this card do?" I asked her.

"I am glad you asked. With this card, I can send 1 Genex monster from my hand to the Graveyard, and then we can both summon 2 Level 4 or lower monsters from our decks, but their Levels become equal to that of the discarded monster. And the monster I discard is my Level 5 Genex Furnace."

"Alright Alexandra, then I choose my 2 Level 3 Hope Force-Moonlight Roses ATK mode."

|Hope Force-Moonlight Rose, Level 3-Level 5, Fairy, Light, Effect, ATK: 800 DEF: 200|

|Hope Force-Moonlight Rose, Level 3-Level 5, Fairy, Light, Effect, ATK: 800 DEF: 200|

"Fine, then I will summon my 2 Genex Searchers in ATK mode too."

|Genex Searcher, Level 4-Level 5, Machine, Earth, Effect, ATK: 1600, DEF: 400|

|Genex Searcher, Level 4-Level 5, Machine, Earth, Effect, ATK: 1600, DEF: 400|

"And with that I end my turn. Now let's see what you've got."

"It's my move then. I DRAW."

'Perfect, now all the actors for the Grand Finale are here. It's time to teach her a lesson for insulting me and my cards.'

"You know, I can forgive a lot of things but I will never forgive those who insult my cards or my family."

"Hmph, big talk from someone with weak monsters."

"Alright, you asked for it. First I will summon my Hope Force-Wolf Spirit in ATK mode." I said before slamming the card on my duel disk.

|Hope Force-Wolf Spirit Level 4, Fairy, Light, ATK: 1500, DEF: 400|

"And now I will activate one of my most powerful cards. Behold the Field Spell, Paradise Of The Pure Souls."

As soon as I played the card, the field started to change. In a few moments, there was a huge garden with whites roses and a big tree with gold colored leaves, a marble fountain in the middle of it. Lastly, on both sides of the garden, there were tombstones that are protected by multiple spirit soldiers, whose apparent duty is to not allow anyone to disrupt the slumber of those who have fallen.

"I have to admit that it is a very nice card, but it won't help you to win the duel." Alexandra stated.

"You are correct on that one Alexandra. My garden won't do anything, except by being the stage for the Grand Finale of this duel."


"Allow me to explain since you are confused Alexandra. Tell me first what do you see on my field?"

"3 monsters, which are weaker than my own." She replied with an arrogant smile on her face.

"That's true, but what if these monsters combine to form an even more powerful one?"

"You mean, t-t-that…"

"You got it Alexandra. My Contact Fusion monster is real. It's time to witness her power first hand."

"Wild fangs of the forest! Become one with the blossoms of the moon and create a new hope! CONTACT FUSION!. Descend now, Level 7, Guardian Angel Joan-Purity Of The Paradise."

|Guardian Angel Joan-Purity of the Paradise, Level 7, Fairy, Light, Effect, ATK: 2700, DEF: 1400|

The familiar female knight appeared, with a small smirk on her face, obviously amused by the shocked expression of my opponent.

"And thanks to her effect, by removing my Spirit Wolf from my Graveyard my knight can attack all the monsters you currently control once each. But that's not all. When Guardian Angel Joan destroys a monster, it's controller looses Life Points equal to the Level of the destroyed monster x 200."

"But wait. Then i…"

"Then you will receive a total of 5800 as damage. Now go my Joan. End this duel now. Shining Cross Strike!"

"No this can't be. I never loooose…"

Alexandra LP: 4000-0

As soon as the holograms faded, I made my exit from the duel field whistling, while everyone else was left shocked and amazed due to the result of the duel. I believe that no one else will insult my family or my cards ever again.

"So Reira," I said walking towards the young boy "how about we go for an ice cream to celebrate my victory?"

"Okay." He replied with a small smile.