Chapter 3-Fun At The Beach

(Next day, Sakaki Residence)

The next I woke up early, since I didn't sleep much due to the excitement of not only being home after all this time but also because Yuya today doesn't have school, meaning that this was the perfect chance to catch up for the lost time. Maybe we should go to an amusement park or something along those lines.

'I should take a shower first before I go down to the kitchen to see what mum has prepared for breakfast.' I thought to myself.

(5 minutes later)

After my refreshing shower, I went downstairs for breakfast but as soon as I entered the kitchen, I found someone that I didn't expect to see so early in the morning. The little Sora.

"Hey Sora, good morning. What are doing here so early? And where is my mom?" I asked the petite boy, before I sit down next to him, who was eating my mum's pancakes. Now fair, I want too to eat those yummy pancakes with syrup.

"Oh, hi Siora. Well your mom is upstairs. She said that has some laundry to do. As for me I came here because I wanted to ask you a favor."

"Sure what do you want me to do?" I asked him.

"I want to challenge you to a duel." He exclaimed.

"I would like to duel you Sora, but today I wanted to go out with Yuya in order to catch up for the lost time, since I was away for several years." I told the child.

"Ahh, and I wanted to have fun with you in a duel." Pouted Sora, while crossing his arms.

"I have a better idea that will benefit both of us. What if we go first to the beach with Yuya and everyone else, and after we relax a little I will duel you? How does that sound?" I suggested.

"That's a great idea. Hopefully they'll have ice cream." Sora beamed.

"Alright then it's decided! Let me inform Yuya, then after the breakfast we can go to the beach to have some fun."

Little did I know that a cloaked figure was watching us from outside of the kitchen's window, hiding in the shadows, before disappearing with an evil grim on its face.

(30 minutes later, At The Beach)

After I informed Yuya about my plan he agreed with me and we decided to invite Yuzu, Ally, Futoshi and Tatsuya too, since I wasn't be able to talk much with them yesterday because of the duels with the LDS representatives.

'It's been a while since I came to the beach with Yuya. Wish dad was here with us.' I reminisced.

I decided to stop these depressing thoughts because dad would never want Yuya or me to cry. He taught us that we can't do anything while we are frozen in fear. I remember once when he told me and Yuya, that we must step forward and have courage if we wanted to win and to push forward, spreading smiles to everyone.

"I'm gonna build a huge sandcastle!" Futoshi declared.

"We'll help you too!" Ayu and Tatsuya proclaimed.

"Hey, why's the tide so far out?" Sora complained with a cute pout on his face. "I wanted to swim..."

"Hey Siora!" Yuya waved me over as he and Yuzu were wielding wooden bats, standing near a watermelon. "Want to play with us?"

"Sure, why not? Besides I don't want to swim yet." I said as I picked up a bat and blindfolded myself.

Turns out, I am not very good at this game, since I only managed to hit the sand around the watermelon, and somehow I avoided hitting the others, before I stumbled back into the ocean. Luckily, I already had changed into my green swimming trunks so it was okay. After that, both Sora and me decided to go to the beach bar to get ice cream for just the 2 of us, since the others decided to swim first. As soon as we ate them, we walked to a more open are of the beach, in order to duel him as I promised.

"So, Siora are you ready for our duel?" Sora asked me.

"You bet I am. But you better come at me with everything you have, because I won't hold back."

"Same here. With that done it's time to…"

"DUEL" We both yelled signaling the beginning of the duel.

Turn 1

Sora LP: 4000

Cards in hand: 5

Siora LP: 4000

Cards in hand: 5

"Here I go Siora, my turn. First I activate the Continuous Spell known as Toy Vendor."

"Toy…Vendor? What does it do?" I asked.

"It's very simple. Once per turn, this card allows me discard a card in order to draw a new one and reveal it." Sora discards "Edge Imp Sabres". As he does so, a gold coin appears and inserts itself into "Toy Vendor".

"Now if the card I draw is a Fluffal monster, I can Special Summon 1 monster from my hand. Otherwise, I will discard the card I drew."

As soon as Sora draws his card, he smirked which obviously meant bad news for me.

"Seems I am lucky today. The card I drew is my Level 1 Fluffal Mouse."

Fluffal Mouse (Level 1/Fairy/Earth/ATK: 100/DEF: 100/Effect)

"Next I am activating it's effect which allows me to Special Summon 2 more Fluffal Mouse from my Deck."

Fluffal Mouse (Level 1/Fairy/Earth/ATK: 100/DEF: 100/Effect)

Fluffal Mouse (Level 1/Fairy/Earth/ATK: 100/DEF: 100/Effect)

"But there's more, because the effect of Edge Imp Sabres in my Graveyard activates. Now by placing 1 card from my hand to the top of my deck, I can Special Summon it in Defense Position."

Edge Imp Sabres (Level 3/Fiend/Dark/ATK: 1200/DEF: 800/Effect)

"Now Siora, it's time to show you what happens when I am serious. I activate the Spell card, Polymerization and i fuse my Edge Imp Sabres with my 3 Fluffal Mouse!"

'A Fusion Summon from his first turn? Hm, well done Sora, let's see what you've got in store for me.' I thought.

"Claws of the demon! Sharp fangs of the beasts! Become one and create a new power! Fusion Summon! Appear, horrifying beast that howls in the darkness! Level 6! Frightfur Wolf!"

Frightfur Wolf (Level 6/Fiend/Dark/ATK: 2000/DEF: 1500/Effect)

"Next I play 1 card face-down and end my turn."

"Then it's guess it's my turn. I DRAW!"

Turn 2

Sora LP: 4000

Cards in hand: 0

Siora LP: 4000

Cards in hand: 6

"I have to admit Sora, that you are a very impressive duelist. Fusion Summoning from the very first turn is difficult. And I am certain that you have more surprises in store for me, especially that Frightfur Wolf of yours, I am right?"

"Ha ha, well thank you for the compliments Siora. You are also very strong too, judging from your previous duel with the 3 LDS representatives. That is why I wanted to duel you so soon because I wanted to see your strength first hand. And you are correct about my Frightfur Wolf, since the number of times he can attack is equal to the number of it's Fusion Materials." He said while smiling innocently and I instantly became pale as a ghost.

'W-w-wait a minute here. He used 4 monsters to Fusion Summon Frightfur Wolf and with 2000 ATK points that's total of, oh no…8000 POINTS OF DAMAGE!" I mentally screamed in my head because unless I find a solution this turn to protect my Life Points Sora will defeat me with an OTK.

"It seems I am in a tight spot here. To think that I will be cornered again on my very first turn. Well done Sora." I said while trying to hide my panic, because no matter how good someone is, 8000 total points of damage isn't a joking matter. Still despite my panic, this situation awakens a strange feeling inside me. Something that I haven't experienced since my last duel with them. I wonder if I will ever be able to meet them again.

"OI, come on Siora. It's your move so stop daydreaming." Shouted Sora. Well he is right on that. I better concentrate back to the duel. It is time to show him what happens when I am on the brink of defeat.

"He he, sorry for that. Anyways I think I will start by summoning my dear friend known as Hope Force-Fairy of the Divine Melody in Attack mode."

Hope Force-Fairy of the Divine Melody (Level 4/Fairy/LIGHT/Tuner/Effect/ATK: 2000/DEF: 0)

Sora's POV

'That fairy again. The last time he used her during his duel against the LDS, to perform this newfound Contact Fusion. But, no matter how many times I try, I still cannot figure out how he was able to create such an extraordinary summoning method as that. Yuya with his Pendulum Summon, and now you Siora with your Contact Fusion. Looks like my mission has become even more interesting than I originally thought.'

"I remember your fairy from your duel before Siora. Although as you can see both our monsters are equal in terms of ATK, so unless you have some trick in your sleeve both of us won't suffer any damage at all."

'Besides, with my face-down Frightfur Backup I can protect my monster and make it even stronger. But even if he doesn't attack my Frightfur Wolf, I will be able to finish him during my next turn no matter what cards he plays to defend him. Too bad Siora. It seems your luck has run out.'

Siora's POV

"You are right for that Sora. My monster has the same ATK with your monster, but as you said, I have one trick on my sleeve. And guess what, I will give you another riddle to help you figure out what I plan. Are you up for the challenge?"

"Sure why not? Besides, the last time you used a riddle you performed this amazing Contact Fusion of yours. I can't wait now to see what you are up to."

"Alright Sora here is a riddle for you." I said while raising the 2 cards from my hand that will take this duel to the next level. "Left and right, left and right, always going left and right, tell me my friend who am i?" Everyone was trying to solve this simple riddle, for me anyway, and if this was an anime you would see smoke to come out of their heads in a cwithout

"Always going left and right, tell me my friend who am i? Hmm, I wonder what it means." Sora pondered.

"Hmm, Even though this riddle sounds simple I can't find its solution." Exclaimed Yuzu.

'You are right Yuzu, this riddle is very simple, for me anyway, well if only they just look at the pendant that hangs around Yuya's neck they will understand what I am about to do.' Although I was more focused on Yuzu because with that white two-piece swimsuit she looks so..soo…No,non,no!Bad Siora you can't think like that about Yuzu in a middle of a duel, especially M-Rated things, no matter how much you love her.

"Since you guys won't be able to solve the riddle soon, do you want me to answer it?" I asked my friend, because if this were an anime steam would have surely started to come out of their heads.

"Yes!"Was their collective answer.

"Alright my friends. Then with the Scale 1 Odd-Eyes Persona Dragon and the Scale 8 Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon…"

"No way/Impossible!" Exclaimed everyone in shock.

"I am setting the Pendulum Scale!"