The man who can't be moved

Scott Summers, often seen as an emotionless cold hearted jerk, decides to leave the mansion after Jean cheats on him with Logan rather than deal with his feelings. He's been doing it his entire life after all.

Warning: this story contains mentions of child abuse and non-consensual sexual abuse.



Life often changes people… it's something that cannot be avoided sometimes. I come to think of these changes as a survival mechanism. Contrary to popular belief, I was a child once and I used to laugh and get in trouble like all kids my age did. It hasn't lasted long though. One day I woke up and I was alone in this world. Not many people know that… They all mistake me for an arrogant rich kid, Logan being the first one. He keeps calling me a Boy Scout. Huh, he doesn't know shit. Ever since I lost my parents, the happy kid I used to be slowly started disappearing. I always had to look after myself, be cautious at all times; it's a vital reason why I'm still alive to this day. So if they think I'm arrogant, they can fuck themselves. I could honestly care less.

That kid inside of me has long been buried, and rightfully so... I have seen the most hideous sides of humanity when I haven't even turned 16 years old! That ought to leave a permanent scar on someone. I sure have plenty of those. The scars I mean. Every time I look at them, I mourn inside for the innocence that was stolen from me far too soon. Everybody thinks that I have a stick up my ass. That I'm cold and I can't feel things. That's not true. I just choose to ignore my feelings. I don't even remember the last time I cried.

I learned from a very young age that people feed on power, even if it was as pathetic as abusing an 8 year old boy. Every time they managed to break me, they felt invincible, so I taught myself to salvage my dignity by distancing myself from my emotions. I was done showing weakness. Soon enough it became a habit for me, actually it became more of a way of living. I haven't even shared my deepest secrets with Jean. I fed her the sugarcoated version of things. Orphan boy gets placed in the system, gets adopted by a loving family, and the only disturbance in my life was when my powers manifested and I was being hunted down. I had to add that because the first time she saw me I was in the infirmary hanging between life and death. The only people who know the skeletons in my closet were Dr. Hank McCoy and the professor, simply because they were the ones who rescued me. The professor didn't like me keeping the truth from Jean, but I just couldn't let her feel sorry for me. The truth was that I was being abused my entire life and no one would take me.

Jean Grey though… I don't know what that woman did to me. She made me trust again; feel again, even if it was with her only, it was still a progress. Better than nothing. It was so difficult allowing myself to be vulnerable again. She knew that, and yet there she is shaking it up with Logan. I feel like she ripped my heart out with her bare hands, chewed it, and then spat it in my face.

Jean was the only light in my dark life. With her I felt like I didn't need anything from this world, like I had everything anyone could ever dream of. And now, she left me… I have no family, my students hate me, and Logan is slowly replacing me as the leader of the X-men. I'm being silently tossed out like trash. The only comfort I somewhat got is the professor's disapproval of what Jean has done. He knows what she was to me: a life line. He knows how deep my wound is, and so, he gave me his blessing to leave. I have no business staying here anymore.