This is an AU in the sense that seers are 1)present but rare (i.e. Kurt won't be the only seer in the entire fanfic), and 2) Dalton is the setting for the original Glee cast, not McKinley. I am not sure how much of the canon plotlines I'll follow. Regardless of what I do – the characters will retain the same personalities they have on the show.

Not the titles, e.g. this one is "Allergen". They'd have different parts that would make up one 'episode'.

Chapter One – Allergen – Part I

Finn Hudson had been going to Dalton for the past few years. He sort of had been wearing the same uniform for the past few years too, and uh, the thing about that was that he sort of went through a little growth spurt. Just a little one, and now, he was sitting in a closet because his plants sort of split and he just—


He was fucking gigantic. He went from like 5'9" to like...huge in less than three months. And he was less fat he guessed, but still really big and bulky and...

Fuck, fuck, son of a fuck.

His clothes didn't fit him anymore, and he felt real big all of a sudden. He took off his pants and now, he was just staring at his legs. His legs were so long and big, and he was so tall and big. He didn't feel so good being in such a tight space and being so different. He didn't think about it so much from before. He wasn't tall before, but now, he was taller than anyone else he knew.

The door slid open and a brown-haired guy was just standing there, pretty red-faced.

Finn himself had started to blush. The guy was new. He even smelled new, but like welcoming, like coffee (and that sounded so weird in his head but he was glad he was only thinking it himself). The guy shut the door and slid inside. Man, this was such a tight space.

The new guy took in Finn's appearance, and then stared down at the pants that were on the ground.

He probably guessed Finn's problem just by looking at him considering the fact that Finn's sleeves were short, and his blazer was tight. The new guy slowly nodded his head and pulled out a needle from the bag. Finn's immediate response was to move backwards (like he could go anywhere else) before the new guy picked up the pants and stuck the needle into the fabric. He sat down on the ground beside him.

"Did you fail to notice that your clothes did not fit on you at all when you've tried them on?" the new guy called out, raising an eyebrow.

Man, he was smart and Finn could already tell.

Finn just shook his head. "I only wore them this morning. My clothes are normally big so I didn't notice that I sort of grew—even though I should've?"

Man, he sounded dumb and he bet that the new guy could already tell.

The new guy looked amused, as he sewed his pants from where they split. "Lucky for you, I always carry around a sewing kit in case of an emergency such as this. Plus, I couldn't help it when I had a clear and concise vision of you this morning. As a result of said vision, I was excused for many periods, but I decided to take a look around to help."

He then paused, and looked back at the fabric. He seemed to crinkle his nose. "My name is Kurt Hummel."

The tall, black-haired male nodded his head. "Finn Hudson," he peered back at his pants. "So, you're like, uh, one of those seers? That can tell the future and stuff? But like go into a fit before?"

"Yes," he said, sticking the needle in Finn's pants again. "And you aren't?"

"Dude, the only time I can tell the future is when I ask someone out, 'cause they always say no," Finn laughed, and he noticed how the new kid went all red-faced, like Finn did when he said something stupid in front of someone that was really attractive. "I'm sorry. This is so weird and I—"

"It's fine," but the guy was still red in the face.

Kurt offered Finn back his pants, and the stitching job was pretty good—good enough that Finn was sort of raising his eyebrow. He slid on his pants, realising that this was so fucking humiliating having to put on his pants in front of the new kid. He was standing in his underwear for the past few minutes. He probably won't look at the guy's face ever again afterwards.

"Thanks," Finn said. "This is embarrassing."

Kurt shook his head, as if what Finn said was completely and utterly wrong. "I'm sure that this has happened before. You're probably not the only teenager that was had somehow shot up in height or weight throughout the summer holidays," he was staring at Finn's blazer. "Everyone knows that I have, but unfortunately, whatever hormonal systems is controlling my growth have somehow forgotten that to implement a change to my vocal chords."

After a few seconds, the thought clicked into Finn's head. "Oh!" he called out happily. "'Cause you sound like a mouse, right?"

Fuck. That was like...rude, right? Especially after the guy just stitched his pants?

"But you know, mice are like...cute. Plus, they've got chocolate mice now. Those taste good," now, he sounded like he was coming onto the guy. Maybe he should shut up before the new kid spread rumours about him sucking dick or something.

Kurt stared back up at him. Yeah, he definitely liked him or something, because if he didn't, he wouldn't look at Finn like he was marbled out of diamonds or something. "Mice aside, have I made my point clearly about it being absolutely normal for people to go through growth spurts? Of course, normally, you also notice them."

"Yup," Finn nodded his head. He didn't blush again, so he guessed he was sort of okay with Kurt around.

Kurt then rubbed his neck, assessing Finn's height. "You are exceptionally tall though."

"Yeah, I don't like it," he paused. "I think there's one other guy around here that is close to my height though—you know, uh, Sebastian Smythe. He's like maybe an inch or two shorter, but you know, he doesn't look like the Hulk. I mean I guess it's okay to be tall and thin, 'cause you can sort of walk around unnoticed, but there's something about walking around when you're this tall and big. It sucks."

There was a certain silence in the air for a few seconds before Kurt started to talk, "It is nice to be noticed though. It's nice not to be invisible, and I don't know you but I bet that you're an extraordinary individual. Why wouldn't you want to be noticed?"

Finn mulled over that thought for a few seconds, and then his face lit up.

"You know what? Yeah, yeah, you're right! Like why would I wanna be invisible anyway? I'm nice to look at. I'm not smart but hey, I'm on the Dalton football team and uh...I think I can sing okay? So yeah, I've got something going on for me."

Kurt seemed to smile back at him. He paused and was in thought.

Finn pushed past him and continued to stride rather happily throughout the hallway. People were looking at him, and he was staring at them with shining, brown eyes. Damn, today was going to be good!

He paused, as he saw the new kid coming out of his hiding place. He didn't stick out so much either.

"Wait..." Kurt looked like he was in deep thought. "I can't help but feel like I'm forgetting that there is an important and fairly relevant part to my vision..."

Finn wanted to ask him how he could forget seeing the future, but he guessed that when you had a seizure when you saw the future, things got a little fuzzy. He'd been staring at Kurt and moving forward and had accidentally slammed into one of the girls that were visiting from the Crawford Country Day. The crazy one that always was going on about singing and stars or something like that.

He had accidentally allowed a host of purple cupcakes to smear against her blouse, and her face. Bits of cake pieces strewed in her hair.

An immediate surge of laughter came from the Dalton boys.

"You misogynistic pig!" she called out immediately. What was her name? Rachel something? She was really pissed at him, and looked like she was about to cry. Oh man, his mom wasn't going to be happy over the fact that he made a girl cry...

Sebastian Smythe was walking over towards Rachel Berry, and he was holding a tray of perfectly aligned purple cupcakes himself that had EPILEPSY AWARENESS written on the white circles. It took him a moment to realise that instead of the normal white shirt that the Crawford Country Day girls wore along with their skirt, she was wearing a very dark purple shirt and Sebastian was matching up with her.

"I hate men!" she called out in anger, as she walked through the hallways. "Ruining my clothing! Ruining my hair! I look absolutely terrible!"

"Sweetie," Kurt watched her leave. "It was ruined before poor Finn accidentally slammed into you."

The Dalton boys laughed rather instantly after Kurt's comment. She glared over at Kurt.

Oh, that can't be good, Finn realised as he stared over at Kurt, whom was just staring over at Rachel as if he was challenging her or something. Were they gonna have a cat fight? Cause Finn always wanted to see how those worked, even if you know, Kurt was technically a dude and not a chick.

"Are you challenging me?" she said hotly. "Who are you anyway? Wait..."

She noticed the tags on his blazer. All the seers wore tags on their blazer for emergencies sake. The white tag was because he was a seer whereas the green tag said something about his seizures that Finn couldn't remember. He realised that Rachel also had two tags on her purple shirt, a white one and a red one.

"I demand satisfaction of the highest order," she murmured.

The council were just whispering about, looking terrified. Kurt looked at them, confused.

"A mind reading test!" Thaddeus Howard called out immediately.

Sebastian Smythe rolled his eyes, but didn't say a thing.

"No, no, no," Jeff Sterling looked like he was thinking about this. He had access to all the profiles and was forced to memorise every student's name and their abilities. It wasn't hard since he had one of those like photographic memories, but Jeff was pretty...blonde. "A sing off and a mind-reading test!"

The council cheered in agreement. Rachel nodded her head, and shook Kurt's hand – the Dalton's way of sealing an agreement.

Kurt looked terrified. "I...I don't know how to read minds," he said as a whisper to Finn.

Man, Kurt was real screwed. Wasn't Rachel something like the top in that class or something...?

"Dude, it's not the end of the world," Finn tried to weakly comfort Kurt. He sucked at this. "Nobody will like you. Everyone will think you're a fake seer, but hey, that's only the worst that could happen I guess!"

Kurt glared at him coldly.

"Uh..." Finn realised he just made Kurt worry even more instead of less. "Oh."

Rachel Berry was huffing to herself, as she sat by the table.

Sebastian Smythe had been aligning the cupcakes – something he'd been doing for the last half hour. He offered one to Rachel and she practically tore it from his hands and stuffed it into her mouth.

"Yeah, that'll be a dollar," Sebastian snorted, putting his hands out to accept the money.

She looked like she was ready to eat off his hands. "You," she spat out venomously.

"Yup, me. Sebastian Smythe. Sex God. Whatever."

She continued to glare at his face, which lacked all kinds of empathy and was absolutely jovial over nothing. She just shook her head, and stuffed the rest of the cupcake down his mouth, chewing. She tried to contain herself with her thoughts, but she just couldn't.

She huffed darkly. "Why didn't you do anything when that giant made me feel absolutely humiliated?"

He looked like he was deep in thought, but she knew that wasn't true: he barely had thoughts after all – or at least thoughts that weren't related to a particular organ that received far too much of Sebastian Smythe's blood supply, and has been probably ever since said male was born.

"Because it was funny," he hummed. "And I don't like you."

She glared over at him, thrusting out her chest. "I'm not happy...and I don't like the way that you looked at the new kid either."

"Hummel?" Sebastian suddenly called out.

That caught her attention rather immediately. She looked over at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Wait, you know his name?" she stood up from where she sat down. She had washed herself, and wore a spare shirt that she was carrying around.

She noticed a couple of Dalton boys inspecting the cupcakes, and a black-haired tiny guy asking for a couple of them. She had quickly packaged a bunch of them, took the money, offered a smile and then looked back at Sebastian Smythe – this only took her about a minute to do.

Sebastian just shrugged. "Yup. Asked around. Kurt fucking Hummel."

"You can't tell me you like him."

Rachel had actually been replaying the images and shots she had of Kurt in her mind, with his not-too-tall but not-so-short frame, his coiffed hair, his judgmental eyes, and his look of complete lack of amusement. He didn't look anything like Sebastian's usual – horny, muscled and didn't mind paying for Sebastian's alcohol when it came to it.

She didn't really know Sebastian Smythe all that well and she didn't like him, but with them both being leaders of various clubs that both Crawford Country Day and Dalton had offered, she was thereby forced to work with him...especially on this epilepsy project that the Volunteering For Health and Wellbeing Club had insisted on them doing.

She thought it was appalling that most seers didn't think that their seizures were dangerous. She found it even more appalling that parents of seers were not alarmed when their child was having a convulsion because in this society, it was deemed as normal. Well, it bloody well wasn't!

She grabbed another cupcake from the tray. Sebastian pulled out his hand.

She glared at him and then fumbled for loose change to offer him the money. What an asshole!

"I do like him," he suddenly said. "Yeah, I like him a lot. He's hot as hell, and I'm... fuck. I can't even damn well look at him or anything. Just feel my heart fucking pounding or whatever."

He liked Kurt. As in liked him in that sort of way.

"Typical," she said, staring over at the display to see how much money they tallied up so far (which wasn't much at all, but it was still better than nothing). Some asshole somehow was able to write an insult on the board, which was strictly prohibited at Dalton and she will report it. "You fall in love with the guy that thinks he's better than me."

Sebastian rolled his eyes. "And what? You wanted to fuck me?" he raised an eyebrow. "Come on, you think I'm a walking STD just waiting to happen or something like that. You don't even like me and I wouldn't touch you if you were the last person on Earth. I'd rather have my dick cut off and I'm a sex addict."

She grabbed a cupcake from the tray and threw it over at his direction.

It smeared all over his face and she looked satisfied. He pulled it out of his shirt, and licked the frosting. Rachel felt like squealing. God, that was so unsanitary and disgusting.

He looked over at her. "You're paying for that, Berry."

Kurt Hummel was lying on his bed, with all of his books sprayed out across him.

He felt absolutely sick at the thought that he might have to do this. He had read the first introduction into mind reading and he didn't even know half the terms, or anything.

The only thing he knew was that if it was someone close, like a blood relation or a soul mate, it came naturally.

Otherwise, it was painful. It was horrifying, and it was grotesque procedure that required Kurt to purge out his mind and an invitational process that might not work in his favour. There were methods of doing so that made Kurt's head spin...

"Dude, it's not the end of the world," Finn seemed to call out nonchalantly. "Nobody will like you. Everyone will think you're a fake seer, but hey, that's only the worst that could happen I guess!"

He kicked his shiny loafers on, and pulled the duvet over his head in his attempt to drown out the thoughts of self-hatred, and a somewhat apathy.

Sebastian Smythe realised very quickly on: Kurt Hummel did not like him, like not at all. Like he'd rather suck a llama's cock than even look at him.

"You are the most obnoxious individual I have ever had the displeasure of meeting," was what he called him after Sebastian had introduced himself.

Okay, he was a bit cockier when he was around people that he actually liked. It was his reflex mechanism in his attempt to impress someone. Usually, it worked, but in terms of Hummel, all he did was swat his hand away and act like he was an untamed dog. Woof, woof.

"So, that's no to the date?" Sebastian asked smoothly.

Hummel just glared over at him. "I wouldn't date you if we were the last human beings on Earth. I'd rather date Rachel first."

Ouch. He smiled anyway. "Come on, Hummel. You're not mad at me. You're mad at her. Take it out on her. Have sex with me."

Hummel continued to glare icily over at him, and then stared back at his food. Sebastian had cornered the guy when he was eating. He was eating some kind of lettuce thing with a burger patty. It was supposed to be a low-carb burger or whatever, and Sebastian would've said that that was okay, until he caught sight of the burger. It looked small and shrivelled, like a sample of a burger or something.

"How about I help?" Sebastian called out smoothly.

Hummel raised an eyebrow. "And how – pray tell – can you help me?"

Sebastian looked like he was in thought for a few seconds. "You do know how these work, right? We go into a room, and you pick a name out of a hat and you're supposed to read their minds or whatever because the guy that does the hats owes me a favour after, uh, well I have him a blowjob."

At this point, Hummel looked absolutely appalled and like he wanted to leave right then. Yeah, people normally did that. Sebastian had no idea why.

Sebastian continued on with his offer. "So, you get me during the draw. Whatever I think about is usually sex, food or both, so if you guess either one, they'll just pass you by... but you go out on a date with me."

Hummel paused for a few moments. "Okay, I'll agree to this ploy, but I won't go on a date with you." He paused. "I'm worried where you've been."

People also said that to him a lot.

"However," Hummel looked directly over at Sebastian as he said this. "I will give you an object of mine as a source of everlasting gratitude."

Sebastian's eyes lit up.

Then Hummel said the words that shattered Sebastian's soul. "And that does not include my underwear!"

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