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Skiing lessons

Chapter One: Departure

Sleepily I tumbled to school. Band practice had gone on too long for my sleepy eyes. And now I was going on a skiing trip with my friends. Tiresome.

Sadly enough I turned up to be first. I slumped down onto the snow-covered floor in front of the school walls and leaned my head on my knees.

"Wake up, sleepy head" I heard a female voice. I groaned ad looked up at the redhead. "Hi, Sora."

"Where is everyone?" I shrugged. "Not here?"

"Funny" she said and threw her bag down next to me. "Yeah, yeah" I mumbled and let my head sink back down.

"Maaatt!!!" I shot up hearing my name being yelled into my left ear. "Tai" I moaned. He scratched his ear and then helped me up.

"Been waiting long?" I shook my head. "Only a few minutes but, hell, I'm tired." He tilted his head.

"Band practise." He nodded.

"Hello? Love birds, come and help me" came a voice. I looked behind Tai and was then thrown back in shook as a pink-haired girl leaned onto his shoulder. "I said come and help me."

"Uh, Mimi. That's my shoulder" Tai said looking slightly annoyed. "I can see that, stupid" Mimi said, grabbed his hand and dragged him after her. "Matt!" Mimi yelled. I smiled and followed then both.

"Jesus, Mimi. Isn't that like… too much for a week?"

"What? Too much?" Mimi looked shocked. Tai looked scared at the pink-haired girl yelling at him. "I'm scared I don't have enough." I looked into the boot of Mimi's father's car. "Ouch" I mumbled.

"Say something, Matt?" I shook my head. "No" I answered quickly and looked at the two huge suitcases. "Tai, you take that one and Matt you take the other."

"Mimi, are you sure, that isn't too much?" Mimi glared at me and I quickly grabbed one of the huge pink suitcases. "Uh" I said as it dropped to the ground.

"Watch it."

"Sorry" I mumbled and dragged the bag after me to where Sora was standing. Sora and Mimi greeted each other heartly. Mimi armed with a small pink bag. Tai came panting after me. "Eh. We're sure not going to die of hunger."

"Why? Did you bring a lot of food?" Tai groaned.

"Matt. Tai" we then heard to voices. There were three younger kids standing there. One a smaller copy of myself, my little brother TK, the second glaring at TK with fierce eyes a smaller copy of Tai, Davis. Next to TK was Tai's little sister, Kari.

"Hi" Tai and I said in unison. "Who are we still missing?"

"Joe isn't coming, exams and Izzy is late." As on call a boy with reddish-brown hair ran up. "Sorry, I'm late guys. I'd forgotten my bag in the house." Tai and me laughed, as did Davis who stopped as Kari looked at him with wonder.

"Well, the put the bags into the bus" Mimi ordered as one arrived. Tai and I sank to the ground.

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