Chapter One: Help a Friend

Today is my first day of my second year of technical college. I am very happy that I only have one year left. I didn't get it done in one year like I originally hoped. I have been concentrating on my school work and so I may even graduate by the end of the semester. After the big blow out with Edward, he is trying to make me forgive him. I have technically forgiven him, I haven't told him that though. I have gotten everything I wanted though. Edward doesn't even leave the house without me anymore. If he is going hunting he leaves me either with my brother for a little bit, or he takes me to the house and I spend some time with his family.

I walked up to the building and my friend Stephanie came up to me. We made friends on our first day of classes and have been close since. I hate that I will have to leave her one day. I looked at her and said, "late morning." She smiled at me and said, "yeah I just couldn't get any sleep with Tally crying all night." I nodded, she is a sweety pie, Stephanie had her daughter Tally a little under a year before she started school. Tally's father was a bum who was living off of Stephanie so she kicked him out. About two weeks later he got shot for trying to steel weed from some dealers.

Stephanie and I walked into our class and the professor wasn't there yet. I looked at her and asked, "so how is my little darling today." Stephanie laughed at me and said, "lonely, I swear she asks for you and Edward all the time. I think she really likes Edward though, because he's all she wants when he is around." I laughed and remembered how much Tally took a liking to Edward, it made me sad that I still don't have a family, but that won't happen until our wedding, that isn't being planned.

Edward asked about it after our big argument and I told him that it would wait until we are in a better place. I feel like we are in the better place, but I won't bring it up. I smiled and said, "maybe we will come over after class. Hopefully Edward doesn't have other plans." Stephanie laughed at me and said, "he always reschedules his plans when you ask." I nodded remembering how he said, I can have anything I wanted. To this day he has upheld his word. I looked at me and said, "you know I don't have money for that." I waved her off and said, "my treat, that is what god mothers are for anyway right." Stephanie rolled her eyes at me. After that the professor came in and started our lecture.

Later on that day, Edward came and picked us up. He looked at me and he already knew what I wanted. Edward said to me, "we can hang out with Stephanie, and if you want to go shopping you can. I'll come if you want." I smiled and went to tell Stephanie. After that we went and picked up Tally from her grandmothers and then went to the mall.

I looked at Tally and asked, "so what do you want." She smiled at me and said, "toys" in her cute little voice. I looked at her and said, "you got to get some clothes first." She frowned and nodded. We decided to stop and get her stuff before we get ours. We went into the big kids store that had everything. We looked at little dresses and onsies and pant outfits. We had about four hundred dollars worth of clothes ready for her when we let her go to the toy section with Edward.

I looked at Edward and gave him a big kiss. I told him, "we will be in giant eagle or somewhere, text me when y'all are done. If we finish I'll come and meet you here." He nodded and then gave me a big kiss. I giggled and then Stephanie and I left to Giant Eagle. Stephanie looked at me when we left the children's store and asked, "how much did you spend on clothes, I know it was a lot." I smiled at her and said, "don't worry about it." She frowned at me and we walked into the store. At first she wasn't shopping but I threw a bunch of clothes into her hand and shuffled her to the dressing room.

By time we were finished shopping We had about five hundred dollars worth of cloths. I walked up to the register with everything and checked out. she yelled at me and said, "are you crazy, that is to much." I ignored her and we went off to the children's store. We walked in and Edward had about fifteen hundred dollars worth of toys being checked out. Stephanie looked and started to cause a scene in the stoor. I covered her mouth and said, "settle down, everything is ok." She mumbled under her breath about us spoiling them, but didn't say anything else.

We walked up to Edward and he gave me a loving kiss. Tally looked at us and said, "look at all of the stuff he got me mommy." Stephanie grabbed Tally out of Edward's arms and asked, "did you say thank you." Tally nodded, and Edward said, "about a million times, or at least once for every toy." I giggled and Edward paid for the toys.

We loaded everything into the car and then drove Stephanie and Tally home. Edward was taking everything up to the house and I went upstairs playing with Tally with Stephanie behind me. Stephanie went to turn on the lights but nothing happened. She cursed under her breath and said, "I forgot they said it went out Today." I looked at Stephanie and asked, "you couldn't pay the bill." She looked at me and said, "don't worry I'll get it." I looked at her and grabbed her bills off her table and grabbed her hand with that hand and lead them back to the house. Edward looked at me and then turned back to the car with the toys.

We put everything back into the car and then drove off. I got to the house and Edward took the bills into the back room with the computer. Stephanie looked at me and said, "you don't have to do that, I get paid in two days, I can do it then." I looked at her and shook my head no. I then looked at Tally and said, "you and mommy are staying with me and Edward for the night, maybe a little bit longer." She smiled this giant smile and said, "yay, will I get to play with my presents." I nodded and said, "yes as soon as Edward finishes what he is doing and brings them in."

After I said that all of Edward brothers came in carrying everything we bought. I looked at them and said, "I didn't know you guys were coming." They smiled and said, "Edward said he needed something, and we saw that you needed all of this stuff carried up." I smiled and gave Emmett a huge hug and said, "thank you" he nodded, and then him and Jasper put all of Tally's toys down, took my clothes into the bedroom and took their clothes to the guest room. They then went to the backroom with Edward.

Stephanie smiled and said, "they are all hot, any single." I giggled and said, "no just keep off." She frowned and nodded. After we opened Tally's toys to play with, I went and cooked. I made shrimp and french fries. I knew Tally loved all of it. When it was finished we all ate and Stephanie asked, "are you going to call the boys to eat." I smiled at her and said, "they are grown men, if they want to eat they will come." She laughed at me and then finished eating.

A couple hours later we put Tally to sleep, the guys were long gone and Edward was picking up all of the toys. When she was asleep Stephanie came to us and said, "thank you for everything, but I can't just keep using you. I will pay." Edward cut her off there and said, "don't worry about it, I have everything taken care of. We have plenty of money to help you with." Stephanie was going to object but I put my finger over her mouth and ushered her to bed.

After that we all went to sleep and got ready for a new day.