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Alois was a man now. And as a man he was obligated to take responsibility for his life, to act as an adult is expected to. In all honestly, the male had never imagined himself as a grown up. And being alone to take care of his younger brother while still being in college was something he didn't consider himself fit for.

Ciel had told him that admitting your own shortcomings is a part of being a responsible adult. After a few weeks of pondering on the matter, Alois had agreed, realizing that choosing the best path for Luka was the right thing to do, even if that meant they wouldn't be living together.

Luka was now staying with a loving family not more than ten minutes from campus, and they still saw each other on a regular basis. It couldn't have turned out better than it did.

Ciel's old nemesis - the menacing male known as Claude - had received a taste of his own medicine after the incident with Alois' father. Not only had the blonde completely destroyed his ex's brand new car in a fit of rage, but he had also called Claude's mother, telling her all about what he had done. She had not gone easy on him, cutting him off completely from her monthly financial assistance and leaving him with no other choice than to move to a shabby apartment which he had to share with three other people.

Even if Ciel usually did his best to keep Alois away from behavior like that, he had been too pleased watching Claude suffer to do anything to stop his boyfriend. The result had been better than he could've ever imagined. Claude hadn't spoken to either of them in almost a year.

It had been a calm year. Ciel and Alois had spent their time bonding over the events that almost ripped them away from each other. Everything they had been through had brought them closer together, and imagining life before they met had become close to impossible. They were like two peas in a pod; they were practically joint by the hip.

But even though they were so close, even though their feelings for each other were stronger than ever, Alois would've never expected what happened next.

Thick strands of blonde whisked over a delicate neck as Alois whipped his head in the direction of the door. The knock had startled him a bit, ripping his eyes away from his English notes. He wasn't expecting anyone, and Timber was gone for the weekend, which made him wonder who could be disturbing him at 9 PM without an invitation.

"Come in!" he called, sighing once he realized the person on the other side wasn't going to let themselves in. Alois hopped down from the bed with a low thud, moving his tired feet in the direction of the door.

The purple fabric of his oversized sweatshirt almost covered his entire bum; only the hem of his small black shorts was visible beneath the large sweater. He didn't wear any stockings today, or socks of any kind for that matter; he didn't think he had anyone to dress up for.

As he opened the door, pale lips separated to voice his annoyance. However, he was met with nothing but an empty hallway. Grabbing the doorframe, Alois stuck his head out and scoured his surroundings.

"Hello? Who the fuck knocked on my door?" After not receiving an answer, the blonde groaned loudly and took a step back. "Real mature!"

Slender fingers curled around the handle to slam the door shut, but just as he was about to do it he noticed a tiny black box on the floor.

"What the-" Alois bent down and picked it up, looking it over in his palm. It was a little bigger than an ordinary ring box, and coated in thin velvet.

Alois could hear his own heartbeat in his ears, his shivering hands failing several times to open the box in his excitement. After a deep breath he finally managed to crack the lid open, frowning as its content was revealed.

Inside the box was a single key resting atop a small folded note. He pinned the paper between his fingertips, lifting it as pearly teeth began chewing on his bottom lip. As he unfolded the note a muted whimper fled his throat because what it said took him completely by surprise.

Will you move in with me?

Blue eyes widened, soon brimming with sparkling tears as the blonde stared at the note in near paralyzation.

"Well, will you?" came a voice from the end of the hallway.

Startled, Alois gasped and nearly dropped the box. But the sight of his boyfriend's smiling face had his heart swelling in his chest.

"But... how-"

Ciel slowly walked towards the blonde, fiddling with the left sleeve of his black button-up. "I signed a lease to an apartment yesterday. I want you to live there with me."

Big pearls rolled down the blonde's cheeks as he clutched the box with a trembling fist. With eyes fixed on Ciel he let out a muffled sob. This might have been a small thing for some, but for Alois, who was used to being treated like something that could easily be thrown away, it was the most amazing thing he could imagine. It was the biggest commitment anyone had ever offered him.

Two delicate hands lifted, thumbs brushing away some of the tears as Ciel gave his boyfriend a soft smile. "Alois, I know you like it here, but I want to let you know that if I could, I would never be apart from you. That's why I'm giving this to you. Will you consider it?"

With one last glance at the key, the blonde closed the box and lifted blue orbs to gaze at Ciel. Nothing else mattered but the two of them and the offer hanging in the air. Alois was at a loss for words, probably for the first time in his life, but watching his boyfriend's adoring expression forced a whisper from his lips.

"Babe... I love you."


"No, no buts! I want to—I want it!"

"You sure?" Ciel's brows came together in a frown as he lowered his arms to rest his hands on Alois' hips.

The blonde blinked to prevent any more tears from forming before he swallowed hard and looked straight into his boyfriend's eyes. "I've never been more sure about anything in my life."

It was a big step for both of them, and Ciel was nervous. But he wouldn't allow Alois to notice as he lifted his chin to brush his lips over his. "I'll let you decorate the place," he whispered, both sets of lips curving into smiles at his words.

"Obviously. If it'd look anything like your dorm it would-"

"Shut up." Ciel breathed out a soft laugh against the blonde's lips and gently squeezed his waist. "But no pink."

Alois pouted. "Aaw... Not even Mr. Snuggly Puff?" he asked with a quick glance at the stuffed bear on his bed.

"Snuggly Puff can come. And those pink shorts of yours. But that's it."

"I knew you liked them." Alois smirked as he folded his arms around Ciel's neck.

Ciel only smiled, and gazed into his boyfriend's adoring eyes as he leaned in for a kiss. But before their lips touched he whispered a set of words that made two more tears roll down the blonde's rosy cheeks.

"I can't wait to wake up to your face every morning."


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