Well, I'm stuck on my other VD fic, so here's another one. I hope that this one will be better for those who hate my other Damon/Bonnie fic.

Disclaimer: Characters, places, and the like from the Vampire Diaries are the property of LJ Smith. I'm just borrowing them to create this tale. All other characters that have no ties to any other fics belong to me!

Chapter One

Bonnie sat in her window seat and sighed. She just didn't have the strength or tears to cry anymore. Here it was December 1st and she was given a few weeks left to live – she would be lucky to see the New Year Eve ball drop in New York City via the television instead of meeting the group there to celebrate their first New Year's reunited.

Had it really only been a few months before that she went on and on about how romantic it was that she would be young and beautiful in her coffin at her funeral? Goddess, she had been so stupid back then! No, no, she had been naïve and immature.

Not anymore. She got up and went to her desk. She had letters to write.

It just seemed right at the moment to write out Damon's first.

December 1, 1992

Dear Damon,

          You are the only one of everyone that I have a current address for, so I figured that I should get this over with now.

          I'm not sure if you were going to be joining to be joining in the party in NYC this New Year's, I hope that you will at any rate. I'm writing this so you will know that I probably won't be able to make it.

          I was just informed today that I have a rare and almost certainly terminal leukemia that is growing aggressively. The doctors have only given me a few weeks to live, and doubt that I will live to see New Year's. To be honest, I will be lucky if I make it to Christmas.

          For a last wish, I want everyone to go to NYC without me and do all of the fun things I would've if I had been there. And you personally, I hope you realize how lucky you are to have so much time before you and a brother to look back at the past with. Don't stay at odds with Stefan. I know that you have to at the least care about him – or else you wouldn't have come back to defend him from Klaus.

          Somehow, I know that you will find something to 'live' for. I hope you are at least chuckling at my little pun. But, I hope you find something to make all that you have gone through worthwhile.

          I have other letters I have to write, and I'm already feeling worse. So I'll just say my goodbyes this way so you don't have to waste time or money coming here to see the pathetic second-rate novice witch die.

          I'm glad I got to meet you Damon Salvatore. I'm glad you kissed me, and I am glad for the adventure that you and Stefan brought to me. I wouldn't change but one moment, I would keep Matt away just to see what it felt like to have you feed off of me. Oh well, the past is the past I guess.

          Thank you for being there and for coming back. I know there is a good man within you Damon. Please find him before you loose yourself completely.

          Goodbye my favorite hot Italian vampire.


With all of my thanks, love, and respect,


Bonnie was barely able to get the letter in the envelope, address it, and stamp it before she collapsed into a heap on the floor. Her time was running out.

Mary sent the letter out that very afternoon. Bonnie didn't know it, but her older sister sent it out overnight rush delivery. But would it make it to this mysterious Damon Salvatore in time?

How is this? Shall I continue?