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Chapter Eight

Bonnie and the girls were giggling as they walked up to the boarding house. The sight of a frantic Mrs. Flowers rushing out of the house was one none of them would have dreamt of on that day. Something had to be wrong, but what?

Before any of them could ask, all of the girls were knocked unconscious. When they finally came too, Mrs. Flowers was weeping and Bonnie was gone.

Instantly Elena contacted her husband. ~ Stefan, we're in trouble! We were knocked out and just woke back up and Bonnie is gone! ~

~ We are on our way. Is anyone hurt? ~

~ No, but we're missing Bonnie and I have no idea where she is or who has her! ~ Elena felt as if she was about to break down.

Stefan too was upset. He wasn't looking forward to report to his brother that the bride was kidnapped. But Damon already knew it – he had been listening. ~ Are you sure that Bonnie didn't change her mind, Elena. ~

Deep inside Damon was hoping that was what it was. The idea of his love being held by some unknown enemy was the last thing he wanted to face.

~ She loves you Damon. No way is Bonnie about to change her mind. She's been kidnapped. ~ Elena snapped.

Behind him came a voice Damon thought he would never hear again – his and Stefan's true father. "Don't worry boys, we will know where the blushing bride is shortly."

"Papa. Is it really you? Then Bonnie's idea was right? Mother?" Damon couldn't believe his ears and eyes.

Kinden smiled on his two sons. "Who do you think is going to telling us where your future wife is? Well Stefan, I see Damon has kept his word to us by taking good care of you."

"Damon why do you call him father?" Stefan still loved the man he called father.

"No Stefan, I'll always call him papa. I was forced to call Giuseppe father. He never was." Damon explained. His birth father was there before his eyes. Bonnie had been right!

Stefan was shocked. "You're wrong. Giuseppe di Salvatore is our father."

"No he wasn't little brother. Remember that one day he was hateful towards you?" Damon wanted to get him to remember.

"He called me a bastard child and said I should go live with my true father. But … he begged my forgiveness … he was just angry." Stefan was on shaky ground.

Damon saw that and decided to push just a little more. "What did I tell you?"

Stefan shook his head. He didn't want to remember it. It wasn't true! "That his anger brought out the truth. That our mother went with our real father. That Giuseppe would have let her die."

"Believe me now. This is our real father – Kinden di Salvatore." Damon was on nerve by this time. His bride was missing, and he was wasting time trying to reunite his little brother with their true father.

"No! Kinden was our uncle who died before I was born … before you were born!"

And then it hit him like lightning. That voice he only remembered from his dreams. ~ Stefan Michael di Salvatore! Kinden is you true father! And you will start behaving young man! I told you to mind your big brother while I was away! ~

Damon couldn't help the superior smirk that grew on his face. "Told you so!"

"Mother? I can't believe it! You're our father?" Stefan had his head swimming by now.

Damon smiled genuinely for the first time in so long. Kinden nodded and pulled both of his sons into a hug. "Yes, my boys. Now I think we had better go get my first daughter-in-law, and then go rescue my future daughter-in-law."

~ They are going to be my daughter-in-laws too you know love. I'm proud of you both my baby boy and my little bambino. ~

That cinched it in Stefan's mind. That was what his mother had always called him. That was one of his few memories of his beloved mother. ~ Mother! We're on our way. Where are you? ~

~ A ruined church in town. ~

Damon couldn't wait to get his wife-to-be back and see his mother again. ~ We know where it is. Be there soon mother! ~

She sent her love and pride to both of her babies.

Stefan, Damon, and Kinden all went to the ladies. Stefan smiled as he pulled his wife into his arms. "Elena love, may I introduce my true father – Kinden di Salvatore. Father this is my wife, Elena."

"It's nice to finally meet the little girl who did so much to bring my boys back together. You are certainly beyond Katherine's superior. Now I think it is time for us to save your bride Damon so that you can properly introduce her to your mother and I while Stefan you can introduce this lovely lady to your mother." Kinden hugged Elena who was happy to finally have someone to call dad again. And she was about to say it too.

"I agree with my new dad. Time we show whoever has Bonnie that she is a Salvatore and we stand together." Elena felt so proud to be a part of a family once again.

"Is Bonnie as strong willed and indomitable as Elena?" Kinden joked as they got into Damon's car.

Elena decided to answer for them all. "Sometimes she can be more so. Especially when someone needs her."

The rest of the drive was silent, all focusing on the missing bride.

Giuseppe grinned at the lovely lady he had chained. "Do you know that was where the miserable bastard you almost married was tied down? He didn't stand a chance against Katherine. He isn't even my son."

"I know that. Kinden is his real father."

Giuseppe growled and showed his canines. "I raised him. That should make him mine by default. Now my boy Stefan, he is a boy I can be proud to call mine."

"Stefan isn't your either! Kinden is his father too. I'll bet you can't have kids you sick old coot!" Bonnie was focusing her powers carefully. If she did it right, she'd be free in minutes. The only problem was to keep Giuseppe's mind too busy to notice while not showing him what she was doing.

When he turned to her and smirked, Bonnie wanted to lose her lunch. "Maybe we should find out with you."

"Touch her and I will make sure that you die permanently, Giuseppe." Came a strong female voice.

He just smirked as if he had known all along that she was there – but Bonnie saw that moment of surprise in his eyes. Giuseppe had no idea, and that meant no plan for it. "My dear sweet wife returns to me. It has been a long time Amynta."

"I have never been your wife." She spat back at him.

"Then you don't remember the chapel or our wedding night?" Giuseppe growled.

"Oh you did rape my virginity that night, however you were not the man I married. Do you remember what happened just before the wedding?" Amynta smirked as if she had wanted this confrontation for years.

Giuseppe stiffened slightly. It made Bonnie have to hold her breath just to force back her chuckles. "I was locked in a closet."

Then the older woman's smirk turned superior. "Do you actually remember getting out?"


"Dumb ass! I married Kinden, and he soothed my body after you raped me that first night. Both boys are his sons."

Even Bonnie felt the freedom that statement gave her future mother-in-law. It helped hide the last of her restraints hitting the floor – thanks to three handsome Italians and her soon to be sister-in-law.

Damon pulled his bride into his arms and smiled. "Of that I am thankful."

"As am I." Stefan agreed as he pulled his own wife close to his side.

Bonnie however had yet to have her fun. "Mom, would you mind if I give Giuseppe a taste of what he'd get coming against our family again?"

Amynta smiled at the two young women who held the hearts of her sons. Yes, they were very worthy of her little boy and little bambino. "Not in the least, dearest. I am curious as to what you have in mind."

Bonnie drew into her hands a small amount of the energy that they had used before they got Elena back. With all of her strength she shot it hard at Giuseppe, which flung him hard against the far wall and winded him.

"That is only a small amount of the power we used to remove Klaus. Now unless you want to join him, I suggest that you forget that any of us exists and pray you never anger us again." Bonnie snapped shortly.

Damon was so proud of his love. She was gaining more control of what she had from birth because of her new powers. She would be quite a force when she got it all under her control.

"For that, little slut, you will pay." Giuseppe growled.

Stefan and Damon both shielded Bonnie, but it was the younger brother who spoke up. "Come near my soon to be sister and you will wish whoever turned you had simply drained you dry!"

The brooding Italian was left alone in the crypt the group had destroyed Katherine. Once the group was gone he smirked superiorly in the shadows. He'd get that little witch's cherry, just as he had taken his … sister-in-law's.

An hour later, his supporting lover arrived. "It has been far too long since I have been in this town darling. I thought you'd have the witch here."

"Her soon-to-be husband and troops came and got her. We had better be careful sweet. This witch has power, and Damon turned her." Giuseppe might want revenge, but he was no fool. "And the have the boys' parents helping them."

"I thought that Stefan was your son?"

Giuseppe growled at that embarrassment. "I was wrong. Doesn't matter. He was too weak and lamenting child – even after all these centuries. He doesn't even feed from humans!"

She closed her eyes and tisked the old man before her. "You should have read him closer. He has been feeding from humans as of late. They all have. No matter. Divide and conquer – just like before."

"Fine. But I want the witch's cherry for myself."

She curled in his arms. "Sweet revenge on the pathetic crow? Delicious."

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