Chapter one

After eating dinner, Harry and Severus led their family into the living room where Harry introduced them to the world of muggle computer games. Hermione decided it wasn't to her liking so she ended up talking to Severus about advanced potions.

'So what's your opinion, will she turn up or not?' Charlie asked as he stared at Harry.

'She's angry, so probably, I'm just not sure if it will be tonight or tomorrow.'

'She'll get another shock tomorrow when your article gets released. She'll probably think she has time to have her own side of the story published.'

'Yeah, but thanks to Kingsley finding out that the Potters own a major share of the Daily Prophet and Witch Weekly, they will not publish anything about me now, not without my permission. I wrote that in the letter I sent, that they can't publish anything even if it's from my wife or friend or they'll find themselves sacked, maybe even the paper will close down.'

'Why did they write all that stuff before then?'

'I was underage, they figured they could get away with it. Dumbledore didn't know, all he was able to do was give permission for stuff like healing. You know I didn't want this Charlie, I hate the idea that your family is torn apart right now.'

'They did it, so don't go blaming yourself Potter, you do that all the time.'

Every person's head turned when they heard loud thumping on the door, 'Let me get it Harry,' Ron smirked.

'It's all yours mate,' Harry smiled as Severus moved to sit beside him, 'We're fine babe.'

'I know, but I'm not taking the chance of losing you.'

'Hey Harry, there's a redhead at the door, what do you want me to say to her, get lost, that she's not wanted,' Ron yelled making everyone in the living room laugh.

'Let her in, she'll find she can't do much,' Harry looked at the door as a very angry Ginny glared in then tried to enter the room, 'Magical signature enchantments are wonderful, just like my Sev who cast them.'

'You won't get away with this, soon no one will want anything to do with you,' Ginny screamed then was shoved hard as Ron pushed past her into the living room.

'You'll find I will Ginevra,' Harry clicked a remote and the door slammed shut right in Ginny's angry face, 'First time I've used that.'

'Cool,' Fred and George said together, 'Any chance of a silencing charm or won't that work?'

'Silencing charms are classed as low level magic,' Harry pointed his wand at the door and Ginny's shouting voice was gone, 'I've been researching what is low level so I know which spells could be used and which can't. Like Sev's muffliato spell can't, it would be a medium level spell.'

'How about we take a look, just keep the volume off,' Ron said.

Harry pointed another remote at another television monitor, which split into eight small screens. They could all see Ginny trying to use spells to get into the kitchen; they could see her lips moving so they knew she was shouting something. They watched her storm up the steps and the first room she went to was Harry's room which Ginny would know was Sirius' old bedroom. Again she kept bouncing off the invisible shield, she tried spells again, she even tried to use her fists, but like before nothing worked making everyone in the living room laugh. Finally they saw her able to open the door to her room, the look of disgust on her face made everyone laugh again.

'What did you do to that room Harry?' Bill asked.

'It hasn't been touched in more than twenty years; it's one we never got around to cleaning when we were all here. So there's mould, doxies and I think there's a few dead rats in there, it smells really bad. I was able to cast an air refreshing charm around the outside of the room so the stench didn't spread through the house.'

'Oh you really have a devious mind Harry, we never saw this side of you,' George said.

'I think Severus has been teaching our little Harry how to be a Slytherin, but it's interesting,' Fred said.

'Don't go getting any idea,' Harry glared at the twins before they all saw Ginny storm past the living room and out the front door, 'That was faster than I thought.'

'She'll be back, once she sees the story, she will come back and go back to acting like the innocent sweet Ginny,' Charlie chuckled.

'I wonder how long before she will decide to make you believe she's starving herself?' Ron asked.

'Within the week,' Bill said, 'Anyway, we got to see the show, we might head home. Remember Harry, this is not your fault in anyway, they did this now they have to suffer from the consequences of it.'

'Everyone keeps telling me, maybe if you keep telling me I'll start to believe it,' Harry was hugged by Bill, kissed by Fleur then one by one all the Weasley's hugged Harry before they left, Hermione hugging Harry the longest, she even hugged Severus.

'How about we turn in love, it's been a long day?' Severus held out his hand, Harry smiled then slipped his smaller hand into Severus and they walked hand in hand up the stairs and into the bedroom, 'I want you naked, now.'

Harry groaned loudly, but he knew by Severus voice what he wanted, so Harry kicked off his shoes and pulled his socks off then he turned around and slowly started to undress. Every now and then Severus liked it when Harry did a strip for him especially a slow one with his back to Severus. Harry dropped his shirt then undid his pants, pushing them slowly down and off, then he slipped his fingers into the band of his underwear, paused then inch by inch pushed then down, bending over, he pulled them off. In one quick movement, Severus had Harry bent over the bed, he's leg's apart and kneeling behind him, Severus' tongue was exploring his young lover.


Harry woke to loud banging and shouted, he pointed his wand at the door silencing Ginny Weasley's angry tirade before he put his wand back on the side cupboard then his head back on Severus' chest who had woken but now he was falling back to sleep just like Harry.

It was a couple of hours later that Harry and Severus stepped out of their room and walked slowly down the stairs, passing Ginny, ignoring her completely as if she wasn't there and they went straight into the kitchen where the two men stood side by side preparing breakfast. When Ginny started yelling Harry once again pointed his wand at the door casting a silencing charm before he went back to helping Severus cook breakfast.

Harry and Severus sat down with the plates loaded and hot cups of coffee, 'So what have you got planned for today?'

Harry chuckled, 'Maybe some more exhausting sex.'

'I'm not as young as you and we were going half the night, I think I need a break or you're going to break me.'

'A fun way to go, oh morning paper,' Harry watched his owl swoop down dropping the Daily Prophet in front of Severus, 'Anything interesting?'

'Just you my love,' Severus showed Harry the large picture of Harry on the cover but he made sure as he turned it back he let Ginny see the picture and the headline.

"Harry Potter, how he found out that he was bonded as a baby. Read the full story of how that wife, Miss Ginevra Weasley hoped he would die so she could get her hands on the Potter fortune and how her parents, Molly and Arthur Weasley also hoped the saviour would die to claim his money.

"Harry Potter notified us of his new relationship with Severus Snape, how they are very much in love and now live together, and they are blissfully happy. More on the marriage of Harry Potter on page two, more on the relationship with Severus Snape on page three."

'Let's hope everyone will be satisfied with this bit of news my love so when we are seen it won't cause a riot. I'm sure some of your loyal fans are going to be so disappointed that they never got to shag you.'

Harry laughed, 'I have you, the one and only that will ever shag me babe and why would I want anyone else, with what you do to me, I end up a quivering mess. So are you working on our potion later?'

'Yes, a few more ingredients and another two days then it will be ready.'

'It'll be wonderful, I can't wait.'

'Even though you are only eighteen, I can see how much you want this, my love. Just don't be too disappointed if it doesn't work. We might be powerful but that is no guarantee it will work.'

'I know Sev and I don't expect anything good to happen to me, I'm just happy when it does. Now I will let you get to work while I go do some research.'

'You are becoming a lot like Hermione with all your research.'

'I have time now to find out about our world and I'm finding out I enjoy it,' Harry got up but sat astride Severus, grinding his hips, 'If you think you're up for a bit of play, you know where I'll be,' Harry kissed Severus, pushed his hips into Severus once more before leaving the kitchen pushing past Ginny as if she wasn't there, but the smile never left his face.