Probably should get "SORRY" tattooed on my forehead for all to see…

To all my readers, hello! I am so sorry for being absent for so long. I have decided to actually take a break from this account. I was very unsatisfied with my works and felt like I needed to start fresh to explore different writing styles.

As a matter of fact, I took a break from fanfic writing in general for the past year and have recently started up another account and uploaded a few fics. After much thought and contemplation, I decided that I will be writing rated stories on that account (sereniditiny) and unrated stories on this account (now pen name celeniditiny). I had initially thought about abandoning this account, but decided that it wasn't fair to my readers on this account.

And so, in all seriousness, I will be going over the past chapters and updating at the same time. I actually have covered most of the things I wanted to cover for Divine Will. Not going to lie, it will take a while to get this fic completed. I have two other stories up on my sereniditiny account that I recently started, so I will be dividing my attention amongst all three stories.

Anyhow, I will certainly not be doing the weekly updates I once did. I am going to update as I please which means that I am going to update when I feel like the chapter I have written is satisfactory. I regret putting myself on such a tight schedule for this story. I feel like it has made the quality of this fic worse than what I can actually offer for readers.

Again, I apologize for my long absence and inability to keep up with Divine Will. I do have plans to re-revamp this story, so please bear with me a bit longer. I will also be updating the story (like actually adding new chapters) for compensation though it may take a while.

Note: I will be deleting this notice as soon as I update this story. Also, please check my profile for further clarifications and if you still have questions, feel free to contact me.

Thank you all for your time and patience! I love you all and hope you can wait just a bit longer!