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Clary P.O.V.

"Buy this art, you little mundies!" Izzy screeched, effectively scaring away all possible customers. Maia playfully punched her in the shoulder.

"You're gonna scare them away, you dweeb!"

"Don't even worry about it," I said laughing. I was, almost constantly, laughing, when I hung out with my friends. They made me forget my problems, they kept me from crashing. Maia and Simon had been my best friends since I moved here, half-way through first grade.

Izzy had just moved to Idris, a month ago, with her parents. Her older brother, who I was supposed to meet today, was already in the state attending college at the University of Georgia. Izzy really hadn't been here for long, but we were already really close. She had two classes with me, and one with all of us – Maia, Simon, and I.

It was the first day of Spring Break and the day of the annual Springtime Idris Festival. It was the same as every other year. Idris was my personal hell – a small town, in the Bible Belt, full of bible thumpers and country bullshit. Everything was about football – high school and college football– and the majority of people here wouldn't know good music if it hit them in their faces. I mean, I tolerate all music, and I like most music, but there is more to the world than country and Christian music. Most of these people didn't even know what Indie was and thought rock was a form of Satan's evil corruption.

The place was crawling with shallow mundanes – as Izzy had dubbed them. It was apparently her and her brother's thing, but we had all picked up on it over the past two months. I absolutely hated it here. There were only five hundred people in the entire high school. There were two emo kids, one hipster, fifteen kids in band, and seven people in art that actually cared about – and were decent at – art. It was truly pathetic. May 21, 2015 couldn't come fast enough. I would finally graduate and get the hell out of here. There were a select few who were not classified as mundies: Maia, myself, Izzy, Simon, his band geek friends, and my fellow art freaks.

We did not regularly socialize with the mundies or go to shit like this, but my dearest mother needed help at setting up her booth and Izzy's brother and Maia's boyfriend are playing today. Izzy's brother, Alec, is a junior at UGA, and he met Maia's boyfriend, Jordan – a freshman, in a music class at the beginning of the year. They're now in a band called Tannerite, which they are very proud of - because it's the name of an explosive compound.

"Where the hell are your brother and Jordan? They're on in forty-five minutes," Maia asked Izzy, furiously typing away on her phone. The current band was a bunch of old guys with banjos, singing old country music. I could respect it, but the last five bands and singers had all been country, and I was ready to pull out some earplugs.

"Clary, hun," my mom said, holding out two twenties, "could you and Simon go break these into ones and fives for me? The Pizza Palace will do it."

"Fine," I sighed, grabbing the money.

"Did you take your pills this morning?" she asked, as I turned to leave. I took a deep breath, trying to stay in control.

"Yes, mother," I said, a little coldly, waving Simon to follow.

The Pizza Place was behind us, one store down. We walked down the sidewalk, until we reached the door. Simon opened it for me and I stepped in. It was relatively small, and everyone looked up when someone walked in, so I was immediately self-conscious. I was wearing a black knitted top with a blue undershirt, a bunch of mostly black bracelets – some of which had spikes, high waist jean shorts – which faded from light to dark blue, see-through black tights, and studded black combat boots. I was not normal for here, and I got a lot of stares, when I had my hair like this. It was in a side, French braid, showing my bar cartilage piercing, which was a golden arrow with a silver skull in the middle. In normal places it wasn't a big deal, but it was like treason here.

I handed the money to Simon and waited, standing behind him. I felt like I was being watched, so I turned around. At that point, I almost shat myself. Sitting, up on the platform of the window table, was a boy who looked just like Jamie Campbell – freaking – Bower! He had long olden-blonde hair with soft wavy curls. He looked so much like him. His eyebrows were a bit more defined, he had a slightly stronger jaw, he was more muscular, and he had golden eyes. Gold! I mean… what?! At this point I realized that, not only was I openly staring, but he was looking at me. At the same moment I realized this, he smirked at me. He smirked at me! I, of course, ran from the building as if someone had set my ass on fire.

I ran back to my mom's booth, and told Izzy and Maia, jumping up and down - like the crazy fangirl I was - the entire time.

"Smirked, you say?" Izzy asked. I nodded. "Was he wearing red beats around his neck?" I had to think about it, but remembered he was. I squealed in excitement.

"You know him!" She nodded. I proceeded to jump up and down, clapping my hands together.

"That's Jace, Alec's best friend. He's basically like my brother. He will crush your innocent little heart." I didn't even care. I was beyond blissed out. I had basically just almost met Jamie Campbell Bower!

"What the hell, Fray?" Simon's irritated voice came from behind me. I turned to see his white 'Eat. Sleep. Game.' shirt was covered in pizza sauce and grease. Oops. Did I do that?

"Um…. sorry?" He just glared, before sighing and shoving the box of pizza at me.

"Clary," my mom said, "you guys can go now. I'm all good here." It took Iz all of three seconds to grab her stuff - and me – and take off for the purse and jewelry booths. Simon and Maia showed up, a few minutes later, with two funnel cakes and drinks to go with the pizza. This is why I love these people.

"Come on, babe," Simon said to Izzy, as if he were talking to a small child, "the jewelry will be here later." Iz sulked, but followed. We walked down the sidewalk to an old stone picnic table and sat down. We ate all the food, two funnel cakes and an entire medium pizza, Izzy going on and on about the "mundie fashion crisis" the entire time. The music started up again, but it was different. Rock?! In Idris?!

"Hey! Ho! Let's go! Hey! Ho! Let's go!"

"Oh, shit," Maia shot out of her seat, "They're on already!" We all jumped up and ran, following Maia, to where the temporary stage was set up. For the second time that day, I almost shat myself. He was up there, drumming, looking sexy as fuck. Iz did not mention this. His golden eyes met mine, once again, and he winked at me. I had the urge to throw my panties at the stage. Shit, Fray! Get your shit together. I was not some thirsty hoe. I was a virgin, and I planned on staying that way until I found a guy I was really in love with, but hot damn… this boy…

Jace P.O.V.

"I hate this freaking place, man. It suuuucks!" Jordan whined, "If Maia didn't still live here I never would've come back. I could've gone my entire li-." Holy shit, this was like the fifth fucking time.

"Dude! Shut the fuck up!" I said, throwing a slice of crappy pizza at him, "We heard you the first eighty times, man. We understand, this place sucks ass. The food sucks ass. The roads suck ass. The music sucks ass. The little mundane fuckers suck ass. Everything sucks ass. I honestly don't understand how you didn't kill yourself before you graduated, but we're only here for a few hours and then were off to spring break, in Florida, in the morning. With your girlfriend I might add." I waggled my eyebrows at him. He threw packets of parmesan at my head.

"Whatever dickhead," he grumbled, stuffing the shitty pizza in his mouth.

"It's not so bad," Magnus said cheerfully, "they just need more glitter!" Ugh, Magnus. He and Alec started bantering about glitter and I zoned out, trying to force down this nasty, greasy pizza.

The bell, over the door, rang. In walked a girl, with fiery red hair in a side braid. She was the first girl I'd seen here that didn't look like a mundie. She had a sort of bad-ass vibe, which would probably scare most people around here away, but she was tiny. I looked around and saw some people giving her weird looks, and a weird sense of protectiveness came over me. Then, I realized how much I was really liking this girl, without even speaking to her once. I looked back to her and saw her standing with – what seemed to be – some little gamer nerd, and continued checking her out. She had a petite frame and small, but very noticeable, curves. She had a really nice ass. I liked the shorts. They were very short shorts, but she had on thin black tights, so she didn't look slutty – unlike virtually all of my ex-girlfriends and, uhem, special friends (fuck-buddies). She turned around and her big, bright green eyes met my gold ones. Her eyes had this innocent light to them, and were the most interesting eyes I'd ever seen. I felt like I could stare at them for hours. She was absolutely the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. She was staring at me, as if she'd seen a ghost, with wide eyes, her mouth hanging open. I gave her my signature smirk and she snapped out of it, blushing in the cutest way. Cute? What?! She ran from the building, bumping into the nerd-boy on her way out. I watched her, through the window, as she ran down the sidewalk. I looked back at the nerd. He has a rat face. I shall call him Rat-Face, and he shall be my enemy. He was peeling pepperonis off of his, grease covered, shirt. Ha! Stupid bastard. He closed the pizza box and went after the little redhead. I watched him walk down the sidewalk, stopping at the same booth she did.

"Guys," I said, interrupting their bantering, "I'm going to go check out some of the booths. See what exciting things Idris has to offer"

"No," Alec said with finality.


"Absolutely not. You're just going to follow that chick, and we don't have time for you to go get another booty-call. We're on in thirty minutes and we still have to get our shit out of the van." The guys nodded in agreement.

"Fine," I sighed. Picking up my plate to throw away. The guys followed and we went to go set up.

This was total bullshit. Why the hell did we agree to do this? Jordan and Alec and Izzy and Jordan's damn girlfriend. It's all their fault. Ugh. I hate them all. There were probably fifty people out of the whole crowd that were actually listening. Although, a lot of people were giving us weird looks and glares. We were playing 'Hey! Ho! Let's go!' by the Ramones. Its classic rock, damn it. What is wrong with these people? Mundanes! All of you! Jordan had just finished the first verse, when a flash of red caught my eye. Standing off to the side, behind the small crowd, - of mostly band geeks and thirsty hoes – was the little redhead from the pizza place. I noticed her eyes were focused on me and gave her a wink. Her cheeks immediately turned scarlet, and she looked down to avoid my gaze. We finished the song and the few people listening clapped. It was pathetic, nothing like the hundreds of fans at music festivals I was used to. The sound board had apparently malfunctioned, so we had a little break. I pulled off my headphones and got up, keeping my eyes on the little redhead.

"Hi," said on annoying high-pitched voice. I turned to see a died-blonde girl with a splotchy fake tan, too much make-up, and very tight clothing. Standing beside her was a part oriental looking girl with long black hair and an equal amount of make-up. "Can we get an autograph?"

"Sure sweetheart," Jordan said, taking the pen and paper from the girl. He was all about the fans, but these were just thirsty bitches.

"You like rock?" I asked her, as I signed the paper.

"Who doesn't?" she said, leaning down slightly to show even more cleavage. I passed the paper on to Alec.

"What's your favorite song?" I asked her.

"Um… the one you just sang, actually." Yeah. Okay.

"So, you like Journey then?" She nodded.

"That song was by the Ramones," I said, taking the paper from Alec and shoving it back at her. I jumped off the stage, without another glance at her. Alec and Jordan followed behind. Magnus was yelling at the sound guy to the side of the stage.

"Dude, you can't be such a dick all the time," Jordan said, punching me in the shoulder.

"We need to find Izzy," Alec said from behind me, searching the crowd. "Oh! There she is. I looked in the direction Alec was pointing and saw Izzy running at us. She slammed into Alec and he swung her around in a hug.

"I missed you guys so much! This place is hell! Why did you assholes want to go to college in this damn state?" I laughed as she left Alec and wrapped her arms around my neck, giving me a tight hug. I'd really missed Izzy. She was like my little sister, and Alec and I had only seen her three times since last summer. We'd both transferred to UGA, because Alec wanted to be close to Magnus, after they started dating during the summer break. I just came because Alec asked me to, and I knew there could be opportunities to get signed in Atlanta. Back then, it was just Alec and I. I can sing and play drums, guitar, and piano. Alec plays the base and guitar. Our first day at UGA, we met Jordan and immediately clicked. Now, all we were missing was a bassist.

"So," Izzy said, releasing me from her hug, "I heard you met my friend. Well, sort of." She pointed towards Jordan. He and – I presume – his girlfriend were sucking face. Standing next to them was Rat-boy and the little redhead. "Si, Clary, come here!" Izzy yelled. They walked over to us, little red blushing profusely. "This is my brother Alec, and this is my um… brother-ish object, Jace." Alec said hi, while I winked at little red. Her cheeks turned an even brighter shade of red. Rat-face fisted his hands. Are they dating? Just the thought made me unexplainably pissed. "This is my boyfriend, Simon, and my new best friend Clary. They're coming with us to Tampa for Spring break." Well, that could be fun.

"Sorry about the mundanes, they don't know what good music is. Also, your glittery manager probably scares them," she laughed lightly. She had such a cute laugh and a beautiful smile, and those lips… I could put those to good use.

"Wait. Did you say mundanes?" She nodded.

"That's what we call the 'normal people' here."

"You must've picked it up from Iz," I said, laughing. She smiled brightly, nodding.

"So you guys are coming to Florida with us?" she asked, giving Izzy a meaningful glare. Izzy smiled innocently.

"Well, I didn't want you to have to lie to your mom, but she wouldn't have said yes if she knew about the boys. So, I just left out some little details." Clary just glared.

"Alright! Let's go guys!" Magnus called.

"We've gotta go. We'll be done in about an hour. You should stay around," I said, specifically to Clary, with a wink, before getting back on stage.

Clary P.O.V.

Should I stay or not? I should definitely stay…. But I really shouldn't….. But he's so hot….. But he's probably a jerk…. Ugh! He wouldn't want me if he knew me anyway. I was really glad that no one could hear my internal monologue at that point.

"No way in hell, Fray," Simon said, arms crossed.

"What?" I asked, defensively.

"You're actually thinking about staying, aren't you?" I remained silent. "Clary! Stop being so naïve! That asshole just wants to get in your pants, and then we'll pick up the pieces!" Several people turned around, the older ones giving us disapproving looks.

"Shut up, you ass!" I whisper-yelled, punching his shoulder.

"I don't know," Izzy interrupted, "he rejected Kaelie and Aline without a thought. Maybe, he's tired of fucking with the mundie bimbos. Plus, he's still staring at you. He's a good guy, and he would understand." I looked back up at the stage, Jace adjusted his microphone and looked back at me, before sitting down and picking up his drum sticks. He leaned into the microphone, keeping his eyes on me.

"I asked my band buddies – if you will – to play this song for my new little red-headed friend. Clary Fray, this is for you," he said. My cheeks heated up, beyond blushing. I felt so many eyes on me, but my own remained, glaring, on Jace. He smirked, and they started. Oh, shit. Why?! Jordan began singing.

"Baby, when I think about you, Ithink about love. Darling, I don't live without you and your love. If I had those golden dreams of my yesterday, I'd wrap you in the heaven, but they lay dying on the way." I was getting some serious glares from Kaelie and Aline, and a hell of a lot of disapproving looks. This only got worse, when Jace joined in, singing.

"Feel like makin'… Feel like makin' love. Feel like makin' love. Feel like makin' love to you." I stared in absolute horror and embarrassment, as he winked. So many glares. I left – ran actually – towards the direction of my mom's booth. She didn't look very happy.

"What was that?" she asked in a too-calm tone.

"Nothing, mom," I answered, shortly, grabbing my keys and bag from behind the booth, "I'm leaving."

"Now hold on a minute!" my mom said, grabbing my arm. "I want to know who this boy is. I'm trusting you to go off to Florida, for Spring Break, now that you're eighteen, but you usually tell me everything. What's going on? Are you dating? Have you told him?" She looked really concerned. I sighed, dropping my bag on the counter.

"The band playing right now is Maia's boyfriend, Izzy's brother, and his best friend, Jace. I literally just met Jace and he asked me to hang around, but then he pulled that crap, and now I'm going home," I said, in a rush. I just needed to be alone.

"Okay," she said, seemingly calm. "Luke's home, so the door should be unlocked. I love you." She gave me a quick hug and a peck on the cheek.

"Love you too, Mom," I said as I turned around. I noticed the music had ended, as I made my way to my car. I was opening the door, when I heard someone call my name.

"Clary! Wait!" Jace. I got in my car and tried to close the door, but Jace's arm shot out and he grabbed the door.

"I suggest you move that, if you like your fingers the way they are," I said in a cool tone.

"Clary, I'm sorry. I didn't mean upset you or anything. I thought you would like it. Plus, I think you're adorable, when you blush." He smirked, I felt my cheeks heat up.

"Well I didn't! That was embarrassing as hell, and I'm already - pretty much – completely disapproved of, just because I have a cartilage piercing and hang out with the people I do. I really didn't need that. I still have a month, until I graduate, that I have to deal with these people."

"Okay, I'm sorry. I didn't know. Most girls love attention, especially when it's from someone as sexy as myself." I couldn't believe this prick. To think that I'd found him attractive.

"Well, I'm not most girls and I don't think you're sexy." He raised an eyebrow, as if to say, 'Really?' which pissed me off even more. Why can't I do that? "I may have thought you were attractive before, but then you opened your mouth. Now, I think you are a pompous ass! Now, move your fucking hand!" I slammed the door shut - he pulled his hand away just in time – and started the car. His mouth hung open, in shock, as I pulled out of the parking lot, flipping him off on my way out.

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