AN: Later chapters contain some consensual BDSM elements.

Synopsis: Following the Aesir-Vanir War, brother and sister, Nerthus and Njord are given to Asgard by the Vanir, to advise the Aesir and help ensure peace. Instead Odin gives them to his sons as a spoil of war, to do as they please with. Bitter about not being allowed to choose, Loki is saddled with Nerthus, and takes his frustrations out on her.

Mira works for the diplomatic service on Earth but every night, her dreams are plagued by Loki. When he invades New York, she realises that he isn't just a figment of her imagination, but how can a human find a Norse God?

Spanning all 4 movies, The Warling is a story of love, loss and redemption.

Chapter One

When she joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Mira had some idea of helping. She had joined straight out of university and been fast tracked, stationed abroad within a few years and well on her way to a position where she could do some real good.

Until she was stationed in Estonia and her career ground to a shuddering halt, thanks to her boss here. A shallow, vain and misogynistic man, once she had refused his sexual advances, she had been relegated to little more than filing clerk.

She could have reported him but she was still low on the totem pole and he had been a diplomat for nearly 30 years. She could have left and sued for discrimination but she knew if she did that, her career in the diplomatic service would be over. In truth, either option would effectively end her career; no one wanted a whistle blower.

So she stayed where she was, played nice and hoped that when she was moved on, her boss wouldn't speak too ill of her.

Everyone else here seemed to view her as a leper, as if by being her friend they would have sided with her, and might receive the same treatment as she had.

This was just a temporary setback, she tried to tell herself, although she would be lying if she said that her current situation had not affected her mood.

She was depressed, she didn't mind admitting it, and the only bright spot in her day was the night, for every night, her dreams took her on mythical adventures to magical lands. In her dreams she was a sorcerer, able to do all sorts of magic. In her dreams she was a warrior, fighting epic battles. In her dreams, she was respected, having the ear of the rulers.

And in her dreams only, she was loved. She had a twin brother she was raised with and the bond between them was as strong as any she had read about before. Just recently too, she had met someone new in her dreams, a dark, and wounded soul and she knew, before even her dreams had shown her, she knew that she loved him.

Her dark prince. Her God of Mischief. Her Loki.

If only he were more than a dream.


Nerthus and Njord stood before Odin's throne, his court and many people of Asgard in attendance at the ceremony, to hear the official announcement of the end of the Aesir Vanir war.

Nerthus looked to her brother, feeling nervous for reasons she couldn't explain. As the God and Goddess of Peace, they had been given to Odin as part of the peace treaty between their peoples, just as two of Asgard's wisest men had been given to Vanaheim, in the hopes that their presence could help bring to peace to all of the nine realms.

Nerthus knew something was wrong though and from the look he gave her, she thought that her brother felt the same.

Suddenly Odin stood up and banged Gungnir on the dais and the room fell silent.

"Citizens of Asgard, it is with great pleasure that I declare the war against Vanaheim over. We have won!"

The crowd clapped and cheered and Odin allowed it for a moment, until he banged the scepter again.

"To cement the peace between us, the Vanir have gifted us their gods of peace, Nerthus and Njord and as the future leaders of the nine realms, and a reward to my sons for their valiant effort in their first great battle, I offer them the Vanir's generous gift. It is my hope that they may learn from our foes and become the better for it."

The crowd clapped and Nerthus looked at her brother. This was not what was supposed to happen. Right now, the Asgardian emissaries were being made chiefs, given responsibility and respect, not given away as playthings to two rather juvenile warriors.

"Thor," Odin didn't bother to silence the crowd this time. "Step forward and choose your servant."

The cheers increased as Thor descended the steps from Odin's throne, his arms raised high in victory, and the cheering grew louder.

Thor looked her over first and she bristled under his possessive gaze.

She and her brother were polar opposites, much like the Odinsons. Her brother was black haired and olive skinned, while she had silver white hair and a pale complexion.

"Too skinny," Thor eventually declared, placing a hand on her brother's shoulder, making him stagger despite his muscular build. "You will be my servant," Thor yelled, and the crowd cheered with him.

The other son, Loki, was glaring at his brother, looking rather as if he was sucking on a lemon. Thor slung an arm around her brother shoulder then to her surprise, grabbed her arm and dragged her up the steps with them.

"Here, Loki, she is pretty is she not?" Thor asked.

Loki barely spared her a glance but Thor literally dragged her and Njord into place, behind them and one step below on the stairs.

Nerthus caught Frigga's eye and the Queen, who was also from the Vanir race, gave her a sympathetic look. Centuries ago, Frigga had been given to Odin with the intention of assuring peace between their people but obviously, it hadn't lasted.

Odin banged Gungnir again and silence felon the chamber.

"I declare a three day feast in honour of our victory." The crowd cheered again,

'Don't they know any other reactions?' Nerthus thought, and Odin left the dais, his wife and sons following after him.

She shared a sad look with Njord and after taking each other's hands, reluctantly, they followed after their new 'masters'.

All three parties split off in separate directions and Nerthus held Njord's hand until the last second, their arms outstretched long after their fingers had lost contact.

Nerthus followed Loki into his chambers, where his belongings, those he took to the war, had been stacked by the door.

"Run me a bath," he ordered.

She didn't know if she should. Yes, she had been given to the Aesir but she too was a God, not a servant, and this was not why she was given to Odin.

"Did you hear me?" Loki turned to her and truly looked at her for the first time.

"I'm not a servant."

"You were given to me, a spoil of war, so you will do whatever I say you do. I say you are my servant, so run me a bath!"

She could see that he was full of anger, not directed at her, she was just the easiest target. Really, what would it cost her to run him a bath? She was the goddess of peace, after all, surely she should try and make peace with her new… master.

"As you wish."

She easily found the bathroom and filled the tub with hot water, using her magic.

"It is ready," she said, returning to the main room.

"So quickly?"

She gestured for him to see for himself, and he stormed past her.

"You have magic!" he hissed.


He turned back to her, glaring. Did he think he was the only magician in the nine realms? She held her sharp retorts back however.

"Undress me," he ordered.

She considered telling him that she wasn't his valet but he was probably waiting for her to protest, so with a wave of her hand, his clothes disappeared with a magical shimmer.

"How did you do that?"


Now he was looking positively murderous. What was his problem? So much anger and resentment must be eating at his soul.

"You're wounded," she said, noticing some deep cuts and a possible stab wound. "Would you like me to clean and heal them for you?"

With a magical shimmer, he healed his own cuts, and she wondered why he hadn't done so earlier, before the ceremony.

He had a nice body, she noted, not overly muscular but lean and well proportioned, with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. He would be quite a handsome man, if he did not scowl so much.

He stepped into the warm water and sighed as he sank back.

Sensing that he might try further humiliating her, she offered before he could ask. "Would you like me to bathe you?"



"You will address me as Master."

"As you wish, Master."

He gave her an appraising look. "I don't need help bathing, start unpacking my belongings instead."

"Yes… Master." She almost choked on the word, then she nodded and left him there.

She had no idea where his belongings should go but she assumed she would get used to it. She wondered who usually took care of this sort of thing, and why he was insisting she do it. It wasn't as if she chose to be given to him.

She continued working, opening closets, cupboards and drawers, until she had an idea of where some things went, at least. She also discovered her room, which led off Loki's, and was very well appointed. She knew it was hers because the few possessions she had brought had been put in there.

Loki emerged half an hour later, as naked as the day he was born, and strolled to the bed, slipping under the covers.

"Wake me in three hours," he ordered. "And don't make too much noise."

She didn't answer for fear that she might snap at him, so she simply used her magic to ensure that her actions were silent.

She could feel him watching her for a while until eventually he drifted off to sleep.

She too could use a bath and a rest, but she doubted she would be getting that any time soon. She could only hope that her brother was being treated better than she was.


"Loki, it's time to get up," she said, gently shaking his shoulder.

He roused quickly and she could tell from the outline in his sheets, he was hard. She was exhausted and irritated and finally lost her cool with him. "I told you to call me master!" he yelled.

"But you are not my master, you are my equal."

His eyes turned flinty and he slipped from under the covers. She backed up a step but no more.

"I own you, slave," he said, his voice ice cold.

"No, you do not."

"You are a spoil of war."

"I am a goddess, and no matter what labels you put on me, you will never own me."

He reached out and grabbed her by the back of her neck then pulled her towards the bed.

"You need a damn good spanking, then fucking until you remember your new status!"

Nerthus hadn't expected him to use violence but she wasn't as weak as she may seem. She quickly twisted out of his grip and they began exchanging blows. Loki's magic didn't work on her, nor hers on him since they could both block it, so that left them with only hand to hand combat to decide the winner, both using improvised weapons from around his room.

"Where did you learn to fight like this?" he demanded.

"Did you expect the goddess of peace to be defenceless?" she asked with glee. "I bring peace through any means necessary, including battle. Might is right, isn't that what you Asgardians say?"

"Enough!" Loki suddenly cried, throwing down the broken shelf he had been using to fight her. "Fine, you do not have to call me master, but you will serve me, girl, or I will have Odin send you and your brother back to Vanaheim in disgrace, do you understand me?"

Girl? She was hardly five decades younger than him, she would bet good money on that.

She dropped the shards of broken vase that she had been using as knives and nodded her understanding.

"Now clean this mess up!" he said, stalking towards his closet.

It took a lot of her magic to repair the damage they had caused and given that she had not rested at all since the battle finally ended this morning, she was growing weary. She had just managed to wash and change into a clean robe, but that was the extent of her respite.

She needed food, drink and a good sleep, but she doubted she would be getting them any time soon.

She also needed to fuck, that always helped her energy levels, but she was damned if she would let someone as arrogant as Loki fuck her, no matter how handsome he may be.

Loki emerged ten minutes later, looking resplendent in his casual clothes. She was glad he didn't have the horns as she found herself liking his ink black hair.

She quashed that thought quickly, telling herself it was probably just that his hair reminded her of her brother, although he was a good deal darker skinned that Loki was.

"We're going to tonight's banquet now," he told her, fiddling with his cuff. "You will serve me, and only me, all evening and you will do so willingly and if anyone asks, you will tell that than you want to serve me. You will not leave my side other than to fulfil my orders, do you understand?"

"What about the rest of the repairs?"

"They will wait until later. Do you understand my orders?"

"Yes," she replied, although she bristled at his haughty tone. Arrogant little bastard!

"Come." He swept towards the doors and she didn't even bother to ask about changing into a more formal gown, she was obviously attending as a servant, so Loki would only refuse her request. She hurried to catch him up.


The banquet hall was already alive with music and merriment when they arrived, and Loki's attention was captured by Thor.

"Loki! Over here!"

They joined his brother, her brother, Thor's warrior friends and a woman named Sif. Thor made the introductions for her and she sat next to Loki.

There was quite a crowd around them, basking in Thor's glory and eating up his every word.

"How are you settling in?" Thor asked her.

"Very well," she lied.

"Well if Loki gives you any trouble, just come and see me."

His friends laughed but Nerthus didn't like the comment.

Did he think she needed his protection? Did he not realise she had been on the battle field earlier today? And how disrespectful to say such a thing in front of his brother.

She bowed her head slightly in reply and Loki picked up a goblet and gestured for her to fill it from the jug on the table. She did so, earning an odd look from her brother. She shook her head, indicating for him to leave it alone, at least for now. She filled Loki's goblet then he got a second one for her, but pulled it away when it was only half full.

His quiet way to tell her that she was here to serve, not enjoy.

Luckily Thor seemed to be trying to befriend Njord but as the conversation turned to the battle, she could see that her brother was having trouble keeping his mouth shut. What to Thor was a glorious victory, to them was the death or defeat of their countrymen, sometimes even a good friend.

Nerthus shook her head in warning as Njord became more enraged, especially when Thor began altering stories, so his own acts seemed more heroic. He had not at any point, fought off a hoard of fifty single handily. Five perhaps, with help.

"The jug is empty," Loki said, as the blonde warrior, Fandral, finished it.

"Allow me," Nerthus said, taking the jug from the blonde warrior. "A servant will replenish it soon," The fat one said.

"I don't mind," she assured him, getting up before anyone could argue any further.

She had no idea where to get more wine but she wasn't an idiot. She asked a few people who seemed like servants, even if they too were enjoying the festivities, and soon was directed to table where barrels of ale and casks of wine were being dispensed. The servants here seemed the most merry of all, probably partaking of the refreshments they dispensed.

The noise levels were getting so loud that the music was almost drowned out now, and Nerthus could feel a headache coming on as she rejoined their table. She always got one when she hadn't had a chance to replenish her energy, especially after using so much magic, and this atmosphere wasn't helping.

Njord usually suffered the same ailments but he seemed fine, so clearly he had been given a chance to eat and rest.

"Aah, the food is here!" Thor's fat friend exclaimed getting up and making his way over to the whole boar that was being carried into the room.

"Hungry?" the blonde one asked everyone.

"Let's wait until the rush dies down," Thor suggested.

Loki shot Nerthus a pointed look. She considered refusing but she had agreed to serve him and her word was her bond.

"Shall I get us some?"

"That would be lovely," Loki told her, sounding most solicitous. If only this wasn't an act, she might be starting to quite like him by now, his manners were a thousand times better than anyone else in this hall.

It was getting harder to fight her way through the crowd now but she managed, although her head was starting to pound.

She fought her way back to the table with two plates piled high with meat, bread and potatoes, and empty plates stacked below the heaped ones. Loki did not look pleased by her thoughtfulness for his friends, but he didn't say anything until everyone was tucking in to the food and distracted.

"I said you were to serve only me tonight!" he hissed softly, leaning towards her.

"I didn't see the harm in being nice."

He scoffed and turned away.

"Cheer up, Loki," Thor said. "It's not as if you had no glory today! Why, you only needed a little help from me to defeat that hellion!"

Nerthus had actually seen that, and Loki had needed no help from Thor. In fact, Thor had only got in the way of Loki's magic blasts and Loki had to shove him away to fell the warrior.

She began to listen then as more tales of heroics were told and noticed that consistently, Thor left his brother out or played down his role in events that she knew Loki had won, or helped to win.

Was this his life here, being over shadowed by Thor's lies and bragging? First earlier Thor was chosen to have first choice of her and Njord, now Loki was being written out of events.

She was starting to understand the reasons for Loki's anger. Although she was on the opposing side, she was skilled enough to recognise that Loki had fought valiantly today, at least as well as Thor, from what's she had seen, and had saved the lives of many Asgardian warriors.

"He was a beast!" the fat one was saying. "If Thor had not come along them, I would have been killed for certain!"

Nerthus had heard enough. "I could have sworn I saw Loki saving you from Bear," she said innocently. "He sent daggers flying at him, which infuriated Bear, who turned to attack Loki, giving Thor the chance to pull you away."

"Yes well," Thor grinned, "Some do battle, others just do tricks."

Everyone erupted into laughter and Nerthus felt awful. "Truth is still truth," she said defiantly to Thor. "And Loki still defeated him, even with a spear in his side."

The crowd around the table didn't seem to know how to react.

"Yes, well, you fought well today, Brother," Thor said. "Just not as well as me."

The crowd cheered for Thor, and Nerthus wondered why they didn't cheer for Loki.

She had seen enough of the false celebrations though, and picked up the wine jug. "Nearly gone, I'll get a refill."

No one tried to stop her this time.

She was about half way across the great hall when someone grabbed her arm.

"Why did you say that?" Loki hissed, seemingly angry at her.

"Because it was true," she argued, yanking her arm out of his grip. He must have let her go because she knew she was not longer strong enough to fight him off. "I have been on that battlefield for the past two weeks and seen many of the events Thor spoke of. He wouldn't know the truth if it bit in him the behind!"

When Loki didn't reply, she turned away and continued towards the table where the casks of wine were being dispensed, but she had to rest against a wall as the pounding behind her eyes threatened to blind her.

The next thing she knew, someone had pressed her up against that wall and was grinding his penis against her arse. She fought back but she was weak and her headache made it difficult to be coordinated. His hands had managed to sneak around to the front of her gown and he was gropping her breasts, attempting to loosen her dress, when suddenly she was pulled back by the force of him being yanked off her.

She turned to see Loki standing over a drunk reveller.

"She is mine!" he hissed. "Do you hear me? She is the only thing in this entire castle that is mine and

mine alone, and I will not let anyone, especially filthy little vermin like you, mistreat her! Understood?"

The man, whoever he was, nodded passionately. With a wave of Loki's hand, his clothes turned into snakes, and her attacker ran screaming, and naked, from the hall.

When Loki stood up, he looked her over, then bent to retrieve the jug she must have dropped.

"Why didn't you fight him off?"

"I've been fighting for two weeks, I'm tired."

"You could have used magic?"

"I've used far more magic than usual recently, especially today, and I haven't eaten since early this morning." She raised her hand to her forehead and pressed, hoping to ease some of the pounding. "You're in pain?"

"Headache. Always happens when I get weak. The noise in here isn't helping."

Loki surprised her then, stepping forward and placing his hands either side of her head. She felt an ice cold stabbing in her forehead for a split second but when that pain vanished, so did her headache.

She looked at him, evidently shocked. "Thank you."

Loki didn't acknowledge her words but handed the jug off to a passing server, then conjured a full one.

She wondered why he hadn't simply done that before, then realised that since he was teased for doing magic, he probably didn't do it often around Thor and his friends.

"Come." He put an arm around her shoulders and the crowd seemed to part before them, not out of deference, but from some kind of magical shield that was Loki was using to push people out of the way.

Once back at the table, Loki sat down, then pulled Nerthus onto his lap. She considered trying to move but he had been nice to her and besides, everyone at the table, even her brother, had a woman on one knee. The blonde warrior had two, one on each.

"You haven't eaten anything," Loki said, conjuring a plate of food, and she smiled as she wondered which poor reveller had been tucking into this plate, only for it to disappear as he went to take more. "Here," he handed her the plate, then topped up her goblet for the first time since they arrived. He held it to her lips since she had a slice of wild boar in one hand and the plate in the other.

She drank deeply and when she had finished the glass, Loki topped it up again while she ate.

Almost instantly she could feel her energy start to return and within four hours, she knew she would be back to full strength.

She began offering Loki some of her food, hand feeding him, and he accepted, without question or comment. His expression was much softer now, but still not exactly tender.

Once her food was finished she sat there, his hands looped around her waist, holding her against him as he listened to more of Thor's lies and mistruths.

Suddenly she wondered if she might not have got the better brother. Thor might not have tried to attack her, but she seriously doubted that he would have noticed her distress, he was too self involved for that.

Then again, she wouldn't have been distressed if she had been treated as well as her brother evidently had been.

The weeks ahead were probably going to be difficult for her adjusting to her new life on Asgard, but she was quickly getting a picture of these people, which would help her assimilate.

Her brother was still giving her odd looks, even more so now that she was in Loki's lap, but her eyes told him to hold his tongue until they were alone.

Perhaps by then, she might even understand what was happening.


They had left the gathering as soon as it was acceptable to do so and Loki had sent her straight to her bed, but despite her lethargy, she was unable to sleep.

Loki seemed to have invaded her thoughts, and was refusing to leave.

Part of what made her a good peacemaker, was her ability to see and understand grievances. She now understood why Loki was so angry, and she could guess the role that his parents had played in making the present situation acceptable.

Then there was Loki's words to the man who had pawed at her. 'She is mine!' 'I will not let anyone mistreat her!' 'She is mine!' 'She is the only thing in this entire castle that is mine and mine alone'

'She is mine!'

'She is mine!'

'She is mine!'

He had no one, she realised. His friends were, first and foremost, Thor's friends, his parents clearly favoured Thor, or at least did nothing to stop his behaviour, and even the common people would laugh along to a lie to get into Thor's good graces.

Sibling rivalry.

It was a tale as old as time, but in 700 years, she had never seen an example quite this bad.

Finally she fell into an exhausted sleep and in her dreams, the solution came to her.