Long time no see. I haven't wrote any fanfiction in such a long time. I've been very focused on my personal projects. Almost too focused. I've been burnt out recently, staring at my novel and scratching my head, trying to find more inspiration to continue editing this for the fifth time.

I need a break yet still write. I need something to hopefully inspire my writing again.

That's why I was thinking about rewriting "Love Is Strange"!

I've been looking over my old work recently, seeing how far I've come. Damn, I sucked ass ahaha! But "Love Is Strange" remains as my most reviewed and praised fanfic. When I wrote this story, I didn't plan anything. At all. Whatever ideas I had, I wrote them and didn't edit, just published. I didn't care. I wanted everything raw. Well, even though my writing could've been worse, it still wasn't the best. I want to give people something fun and nice to read. Not just a jumbled mess of non-sense.

I will work out a proper storyline. I just replayed the entire series (LOVING season two by the way) and so the storyline of Max is pretty fresh again.

It will be a separate story, I'm not going to re-edit every single chapter for this story. I wouldn't call it editing. More like rewritten.

So, with all that being said, be on the look out for "Love Is Strange; Rewritten"

Coming VERY soon! Maybe with a new cover too! :)