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Cavall's POV- 14 years before Elizabeth meets Meliodas.

It all started back then…

I woke up like any other day, scratched behind my ears and stretched. I walked out of the little shack I lived in and sniffed the air. I had always lived here; I built this ramshackle shack near the cave I called home.

"Rabbit…and…a person."

I quickly looked around.

They're back again, those damn villagers…to kill me.

I felt something whiz through the air towards me and I caught a rock.

"Oh Crap!"


I sprinted forward and grabbed the guy.

"You know better than to come here human." I growled at the man.

"It's…It's the Werewolf!"

I'll gash him lightly to send a warning…remind them to leave me be.

I pulled my claw out and swiped his chest, slicing it open.

"Get lost." I said standing up.

Hissing in pain the guy ran off, leaving me in peace. He had called me a werewolf but that wasn't entirely right.

Well I am a werewolf, but right now I look very human. I can become a wolf if I want to but it's a pretty nasty change. Unfortunate my human form is imperfect; I can't make the ears or tail go away, I get to have human ears, but the dog ones stay too. There are benefits from being a wolf. My sense of smell is incredibly heightened, as are my speed and strength.

I ripped the leg off this poor rabbit eating it raw.

For as long as I could remember I was alone. I grew up alone. No town want's a freak like me in it, so I keep to myself in the woods, killing rabbits and other small game to get by. My clothes are old tattered pelts and such, my hair is black, dirty and knotted. I don't know how I got here just that I woke up one day a few years ago as a child and have stayed here ever since…I feel like I'm supposed to be waiting for someone here.

Sometimes hunters come by looking to kill me but they always get scared off. I'm not stupid, it's only a matter of time before someone strong comes and kills me…finally reliving me of the lonely suffering.


"More humans…no that's wrong…a giant and fairy, a few humans…and something that smells rotten…"

I felt my tail wag faster.

This is a whole little army…

They all walked through the brush and I saw them. Seven people clad in armor.

"Are you the werewolf?" a short one asked.

He took off his helmet; he looked like a little kid.

I looked at him and smiled, showing my fangs "You bet…but little kids should know better than to come here." *Growl* "Are you looking to get eaten."

"He's getting agitated Captain. He's got a look in his eye." The one who was floating said.

This one reeks of sweat and…leaves.

In the instant they watched me, I memorized all their smells.

"As much as I wish to die to end this feeling on loneliness." I said "I will not go down without a fight."

"Oh~" one with white hair smirked "Someone's a big talker."

He smells like booze…and charcoal?


If this is my end I'll go all out from the start.

I felt my body contort and fur cover me. My face grew long and my teeth sharp, I gained more to fit the growing mouth.

"Leave now!" I growled "Before you make me really angry!"

"Make me." The guy smirked.

I was next to him in a second.

"RAHHHH!" I ripped his arm right off.

"Someone sure is quick." He smiled "Give that back mutt."

I kicked him and he slid across the floor.

"DIE!" I roared.

I pounced on top of him and clawed through his armor. I chewed and scratched until he was a bloody mess.


Then I was punched in the face.

"You got spunk mutt."

He was totally fine, like none of my attacks had any effect.

How? He was a pile of organs a second ago?

"Down boy!" he kicked me between the legs.

"That's enough Ban." The short one said.

He's clearly the leader…the rest will scatter if I kill him.

I charged forward and clawed at him. I blasted him back but he just took it.

"Calm down." He told me.


I ran forward and bit his arm…I was about to rip his head off when it happened, I saw the face of hell.


My ears lowered and my tail fell…for the first time in years, I was whimpering like a puppy.

I felt something chop me on the back of the neck, and I passed out.

No One's POV

"What do we do with him?" Diane asked?

"Now that he's human again he looks harmless." King said "We're supposed to kill him, now would be a good time to finish him off."

"I'll take care of it." Ban smirked.



A look crossed Meliodas face.

"I think we need a pet."

Cavall's POV

"Where am I?" I looked around; I was strapped down to a bed.


It was that short kid from the forest. I looked around; the room looked like some kind of library or lab.

"You got a name?" the kid said "I'm Meliodas."

"I don't remember." I told him "I haven't seriously talked with a person in years…I don't think I ever had a name."

"How about Cavall." A woman said walking in.

She was tall, slender and had short hair.

"Cavall…I like it." I said "You can call me Cavall."

"You're a little less angry now." Meliodas said.

"I recognize scents of you and that woman. But you don't smell angry…you didn't in the forest either. Perhaps I attacked you too soon."

"Well I have a proposition for you." The blonde kid said "How'd you like to be my team's mascot?"

"Huh?" I raised an eyebrow.

He explained he was the leader of a small group of knights, The Seven Deadly Sins, and he wanted me to be their team pet.

"I am no pet." I told him.

"We'll you'd be a member of the team." He said "Pet would just be a title."

Why is he being so nice…extending an offer to a beast like me, especially after I attacked him.

"I don't belong with you." I said "I'm a monster, a dog that should be put down."

"Every stray wants a home." The woman said "but not all go with the ones who open the door."

"I don't fit in with humans." I said.

"Who said you have to be human." She shrugged.

"But my ears and tail." I said.

"Cover em' up." Meliodas said "You can wear a hat for the ears and a tuck the tail in."

He knows nothing about me…but he keeps countering me at every turn.

I sighed "No isn't a valid answer is it?"

He shook his head.

"Very well." I smiled "Then Meliodas, I shall work for you, but I have one condition."


"I am not your pet; I wish to be called your Hunting Dog."

The straps holding me down released.

"Alright…welcome, The Seven Deadly Sins' Hunting Dog, Cavall."

That was how I met them, the Seven Deadly Sins, my masters.


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Cavall was the name of King Arthur's Favorite hunting dog.

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