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"Sweetheart do you have your things together?" Guila called out "We don't want to be late."

"Yes Mom."

Guila, a powerful knight serving in the main force of King Arthur. Still as beautiful as ever she had once more grown her hair out to how it was the day she and Cavall met in the Capital of the Dead, long black hair with one long bang down over her face. She was also wearing a similar outfit to shat she was wearing that day, a long-tailed coat along with white shorts and gauntlets. Though this time the flourishes on it were purple as opposed to pink. She also had her hair pulled back with a headband adorned with a flower.

"Alright, let's go!" a girl stumbled out.

"Rear, what are you wearing?" her mother asked.

The girl that came out of the back room was wearing what was a simple black jacket and matching dress pants. Her face was soft and childlike but had oddly serious yet thin eyes like her mother, though hers were open enough to see her purplish irises. Her hair was a blackish red color and stopped just passed her chin framing her face nicely for a girl who was only nine. Her most distinct feature however was that atop her head were two twitching black feline ears, and from her back emerged a long thin cat like tail.

"This is the pinnacle of a serious and professional look." The girl pouted "I'm a serious professional you know!"

"Are you know?" Guila laughed crouching down and fixing her daughter's collar "Well then miss serious professional you might want to consider ironing this outfit next time before you wear it."

"Wrinkles!" Rear pouted.

"What's the holdup girls?" A man asked.

"Oh it's nothing Darling." Guila smiled "Just making sure everything is in order for the big trip."

"Daddy how do I look, like a serious professional right?" Rear smiled.

"Hmm?" Cavall raised an eyebrow and rubbed his chin a bit, the stubbly excuse for facial hair there shifting with him "What's got you so excited lately little lady?"

Cavall, the Hunting Dog, had done little to change his look over the previous decade. Still wearing the same general looser shirt and baggy pants, though this time the shirt was emblazoned with a crest on the one shoulder, the other shoulder had a bandana tied around it.

"This is our big trip back to the place where you and Mommy met." Rear said "I wanna look my best to meet all your friends Daddy."

"Trust me kiddo, I doubt they really care what you're dressed like." He laughed rubbing her head.

"I can't believe you're taking my little kitten away!" Derieri said hugging the smaller catgirl.

"Granny, can't breathe!" the girl groaned.

"Mom we're gonna be gone for a couple days that's it." Cavall said "And I told you if you wanted to come just say so!"

"This is your trip, enjoy it." Monspeet said "Have fun Rear."

"Will do Grandpa, I'll buy you an awesome souvenir!" Rear smiled.

"She's so precious." The man sniffled "Just being apart from you for a few days is unbearable."

"You two are the most overbearing and over doting grandparents I think I've ever seen." Guila sighed.

The demonic couple had maintained most of their appearance from the past, Derieri was still choosing to keep her hair short and wear little except pants and the occasional top, ideally she'd like to just use her darkness but Guila insisted it set a poor example for Rear. Monspeet had changed almost nothing, his mustache was a little longer and his cape was now black rather than white but other than that he looked almost the same.

"Well now, shall I send you off?" Merlin stepped in.

"You sure you don't want to come with us Mistress?" Cavall asked "Captain is gonna be disappointed that you didn't come."

"I'm sure he'll understand, my work here is my priority right now." She smiled patting Rear on the head "Do be a good girl."

"Of course." She smiled flashing a pair of sharp fang like teeth.

"Well then, have a nice trip." Merlin said snapping her fingers "Teleport!"

In a flash the trio was right outside the gate of Liones.

"Whoa that was fun." Rear giggled.

"It certainly cuts back on travel time." Guila smiled "Well, this is the place Rear, Liones. We've got a lot to do while we're home, stop by the castle for the celebration later, stop by and see your Uncle Zeal, pick up a few things and-."

"Whoa so many people!" The young girl cheered.

"REAR!" Guila snapped "Do not just walk away when I'm talking to you, if you get lost it could be dangerous."

"Let her have her fun Guila." Cavall laughed "She's curious."

"Well you know what curiosity did to the cat?" Guila looked over at him "And last I checked our daughter is technically part cat."

"You're too paranoid." Cavall laughed "She's old enough to go around a town and watch out after herself okay. Hey Rear!"

"Hmm?" The catgirl looked back.

"Your Mom and I are headed to the castle." Cavall said "You can go around town on your own today but don't be late for the party understand?"

"Of course, Dad." She nodded "I can't wait to meet everyone!"

Rear's POV

"What a big town." I awed looking around "And all these buildings to climb, HMPH!"

I grabbed one of the downspouts for a rain gutter and clambered up to the roof tops.

"You can't even see that far from up here there are so many buildings in the way." I said "It's nothing like back home where we have all that space."

"I've uncovered an evil plot that will destroy this country?"

I looked down into the street and saw some kid yelling about the end of the world or something but it seemed like the other kids weren't interested.

"You're funny." I giggled jumping over to stand on top of a street sign "I'm Lady Rear, what's your name?"

"Tristan." He said "But I don't have time to play with some Beastman I need to save this country."

"Hmph." I pouted jumping to the street "I'm no Beastman, I'm a Beastkin, I'm way cooler. Beastmen are like half human half beastkin, I'm all Beastkin…well half beastkin half something else my Mom's not really a human but that's not important. So this kingdom is gonna get attacked?"

"Yes!" the boy with white hair told me "The Legendary Traitors the Seven Deadly are gathering at the castle tonight. So as Prince, nay as a Holy Knight I must protect the peace of Liones and capture them."

"Sounds fun I'll help." I laughed.

Cavall's POV

"It's so good to see you all again." Guila said hugging Elizabeth "My goodness you've barely aged a day Elizabeth."

"Oh, please you're too kind." The Queen of Liones smiled "I got your letter recently, how have you been feeling?"

"As good as I can be." Guila smiled back "I've mostly accepted the fact that Rear will be my only child but...it's okay."

"You couldn't drag Merlin out here could you?" Meliodas asked.

"You know how she is, experiments this, watching after his highness that." I sighed rubbing my chin "It's good to see you all again."

"What is that thing on your face?" King asked.

"It seems Cavall is trying out facial hair." Gowther smiled.

"Shut up it's cool!" I huffed "You guys sound like my mother."

"Well most of us made the trip." Ban laughed "I thought you said you were bringing your runt with ya."

"Don't call her that." I growled "she's having her own fun in town."

"It's nice to see everyone again." Diane smiled.

"Tristan there you are." I heard Elizabeth say as someone came in.

"Rear?" Guila said "What a coincidence you're here too. Making friends?"

"Mom!" The girl hugged her "What are you doing here?"

"This is the castle; I did tell you to meet us here." I smiled.

"Ah it's them!" the little boy with white hair yelled "The Seven Deadly Sins."

"We're short a few." I sighed.

"That's just my Daddy and a bunch of his friends, you think those are the guys who are gonna make a mess or something?" Rear asked.

"They're so cute!" Diane rubbed Rear's ears.

"Not as cute as our kid." King smiled.

"Of course not as cute…" I hummed putting my hand's on my daughter's shoulders "REAR'S WAY CUTER THAN ANY OTHER KID! Look at these adorable ears, and this cute tail, and she's way strong too!"

"Daddy, you're doing it again." She sighed.

"High power level potential…as expected." Gowther nodded.

"HMPH!" Tristan jumped back.

Kid's quick on his feet…

"You know today's an important day, where'd you run off to?" Meliodas yelled.

"I found him in the streets yelling about the end of the world or something." Rear explained.

"These guys are Traitors I'm telling you." The boy told her "They were exiled."

"Ara Ara." Guila laughed "Lady Elizabeth have you perhaps not been educating your son about things?"

"It was Meliodas' idea." She frowned.

"I've got Howser and Hendy backing me up." Tristan said "You won't get away with this!"

"Oh you figured it out, well done." Meliodas smiled with a fake sinister tone "But now we can't just let you live."

"I knew it my father is a villain." the boy suddenly seemed so downtrodden.

"You didn't say anything to him?" Diane sighed "Sheesh Captain."

"I thought it'd be more fun like this." He shrugged.

"HAHA!" Ban just started cracking up "Why didn't I think of that?!"

"Am I the only normal parent here?" I sighed.

"I won't hand Liones over to you." Tristan warned "Let's take this outside so we have room to fight fair and square."

"We should head outside." Elizabeth smiled "It's just about time after all."

"Oh it is." Master said "Let's go, come on come on."

"What a weird kid." Rear said when I went over to the door.

"Says the runt with the cat ears." Ban teased.

"HEY!" Rear pouted as her ears twitched "These ears are from my Granny they're super cool and make me super strong you know!"

We headed out onto the balcony where there were lots of fireworks going off to celebrate Tristan's tenth birthday, the reason we were here in the first place.

"Today's your tenth birthday remember." Elizabeth smiled "That's why your father gathered all these people here."

"But Father is the leader of these villains." Tristan said.

"If your old man was really a villain do you think everyone in this country would admire him like that." Ban gestured "He's king for a reason."

"That guy's the King?!" Rear yelled "How?! He's so goofy!"

"Hey my Dad's an awesome king." Tristan said.

"No, King Arthur is way cooler!" Rear fought back "He's much more handsome too!"

"Oh dear, children are such precious things aren't they." Guila laughed.

"Yeah they are." I smiled "You have a fun time today?"

"I got to see my brother again for the first time in forever, he's gotten so big he's a man now." She smiled "Tomorrow we'll have to take Rear to see him. I saw Jericho too, she's doing well."

"It seems like Rear is having fun too." I said watching her arguing the merits of Arthur with Tristan.

"Daddy tell him how awesome a king our king is." Rear pouted.

"That's not important kiddo." I picked her up and sat her on the railing "Rear, do you see those stars?"


"The Stars are immeasurable." I said "Just like your potential. Someday Rear you'll shine as brightly as those stars."

I kissed her cheek and Guila kissed the other.

"We love you sweetheart." Guila smiled.

"I love you guys too." She smiled and hugged us.


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