Castles Made of Glass
Written by Colonel Karl L Schubaltz

Author's Notes: After I finish this fic and 'Paint It Black', I'm taking a smoke break from writing Zoids fics to hone in on other anime serieses... like a totally original fic perhaps?

'Castles Made of Glass' is a quote said by Schuldig in the dubbed version of WeiƟ Kreuz. The fiction is told from O'Connell's POV.

"The real folk blues
Honto no yorokobi ga shiritai dake
Hikaru mono no subete ga ougen to wa kagiranai"

--Cowboy Bebop "The Real Folk Blues"

Whoever told you war was hell, was absolutely right. I entered the Republican military at the wrong time, and tired, endless nights and stagnant air is my price. If I didn't willingly enter, the drafts will peel my ass out of my family's apple orchard and place me in a Pteras faster than I can say 'Ouch'. In either way, I'd rather be here, than there. Gods, I hate Red Coats.

I really don't have time for myself during these pressing times, I am still under Hermann's orders. He's a spoiled brat but at least he gets shit done. You got to admire a man that likes to cram logic down everyone else's throat but his own. Ya kinda gotta admire his spirit as well, he wants all the dirty Red Coats to bite the dust. One he particularelly wants to make him eat his own teeth is Foxboy... er, that's Hermann's name for that pretty boy Imperial Major, Schubaltz. That guy is always a class act, smiling like a fox, slyly and a little devious. He's also foxy in his appearance, but there is one thing you can't help but to notice and this is where it urks Hermann to no end-- A CODE OF HONOR. Well, kettle pot black, Hermann.

Eh? Why do we call them Red Coats when their uniforms are grey, padawan? The Guylos Empire's favored color for their zoids are always red and black or red and silver. Plus getting anything red on your uniform is like a high honor to them. Guylos is weird like that, but we're in no real position to talk. The bastards call us 'Blue Coats', well, to each his own, I guess. Lemme tell you about this punk riding around in a Shield Liger. His name is Van Fleiheight, cocky sonovabitch... Yeah, he's Dan Fleiheight's kid if you can see where that comes into play. Dan had a sense of purpose and duty, his brat needs to be spanked.... HARD. Him and his little trucker girl with the Gustav. He's got no respect for anyone but himself or that girl with him. That mercernary Irvine, I can tolerate... at least he's honest about what he does and is mature to boot.

Raven? That arrogant little cocksucking prick... who DOESN'T want to give him a good thrashing?? Hermann was the smear him into the ground for the deaths he's caused and Schubaltz wants to give the kid a spanking and send him to bed without his dinner... finally!! Something they can agree on! Give the men a cupee doll!!! Anyway, back to Raven. I want to kick his black-haired ass myself. Me reasons for being too personal to tell you over the letter. Speaking of Blondie...

I want to tell you about our opposition, Major Karl Schubaltz. Every great war general has their archnemesis. Rommell had Eisnhower, Grant had Lee... and now Hermann's got Schubaltz. Hermann will punch your lights out if you tell him that he and Blondie make an interesting duo. But one thing that can be said about Schubaltz is that he's not totally our enemy. You know the great Republican warlord, Krueger? Well, apparently Kreuger and Schubaltz DO get along rather well because they agree on the notion of the Empire and the Republic finding peace and forming an alliance. Anyone who can talk to that old cuss and tolerate his lecturing can't be all that bad, eh? But however, him and Hermann... put them in the same room and there will be a firefight... or a slugfest. Hermann just wants to smear the pretty offa Schubaltz's face. You remember when we were kids, passing that fenced in Rotweiller? Poking at it with sticks and twigs and throwing rocks at it, then finally it brok from its' chain and lunges at us? Think of that Rotweiller as Hermann, and Schubaltz as the one with the sticks. Well, no lover lost, I guess, if you can call it that. You know what they say 'Nothing says loving like being in the crosshairs of a Gojulas'.

Hermann's a spoiled brat, Schubaltz is a spoiled prince and it's getting late. Until later. I'd love to hear from you again. Write back.

--Forever Yours
Jake O'Connell