This fic is based off the amazing story line of books with questionable canon pairings, Harry Potter. Combined with the comic book series done by DC, Justice League.

This is also inspired by a cross-over of Harry Potter and Young Justice called "The Flash" done by robert32514. In it, he takes two characters of the Young Justice universe (yes, the two are paired characters) and has them be reborn as two main characters of the Harry Potter universe. This concept is the basis of my story as well.

Here is the break down.

When a mission goes awry, it leads to the death of Oliver Queen, the "Green Arrow". Soon after the funeral Dinah Lance, the "Black Canary", takes it the hardest and follows her husband. In two separate parts of England, the abilities and memories appear in two magical 8-year-old's.

Seeing as though I am a straight Harmony shipper when it comes to writing Harry Potter Romance fic's, this will have the pairing of Harry and Hermione. This will also involve everyone of the Dursleys being kind to Harry. Another thing you need to know is that both universe's will take place in the year 2012, whether or not the will be on the same plane is questionable.

Another thing that I am changing is the city that the Granger Residence. Instead of being in Crawley, Sussex, UK. It will be in a city 6 miles out of Surrey called Great Bookham. That way when the two reborn heroes meet, they can be somewhat close by instead of being 35 miles away.

Disclaimer: I don't own the rights of Harry Potter, Justice League, or the main idea of the plot. Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling and the publishing company Bloomsbury. Justice League belongs to DC Comics and its creators Grant Morrison, Brad Meltzer, Gardner Fox, and Mike Sedowsky. The original idea belongs to robert32514.

3rd POV

Another enemy has popped up on the radar on the Justice League. This time, his purpose is simple, eliminate the league one member at a time. The enemy that is one that both the Dark Knight of Gotham and the Emerald Archer of Star City know all to well, a member of the League of Assassins named Merlyn. Batman knew him for the reasons of nearly being skewered by him. The Green Arrow knew him because he was the one who saved Batman from the fate of said impalement from a arrow.

Now Merlyn is on a mission to continue where he left off. After a few hours of searching, they found him. He is being located . . . ironically in Star City. To counter the threat, Batman, Green Arrow, Black Canary and Black Lightning fought on the roof of a build.

After a few hours of fighting, a weakened Black Lighting was able to defeat the Dark Archer and drive him out.

It was another win for the heroes of the Justice League. But unfortunately it came with a price. The price was that of a Emerald Archer in critical condition and having a bleak look of coming back from it.

After a few hour of being in the ER of the Watchtower, the lights of Oliver Queen were dimming and fast. Next to him is the black clad female of his wife Dinah Laurel Queen nee Lance, the Black Canary. The both of them were not holding up to the news at all. As Oliver was fading, Dinah was in both tears and fear. After being married for a second time, she once again was going to be a widow. This time, she feels she wont be coming back from the loss.

"Dinah . . . " She hears her husband whisper softly, "I'm sorry . . ."

"No, no, no, no." She replies hurriedly while grabbing his hand, "You will come through this, and you will come back to me."

In response to this, he gives a weak smile and replies with, "I don't think so hon." As he finished the phrase, he coughed heavily and all the monitors started to be beep quicker, "Just know that I am sorry . . . and that I . . . love you . . ." As he let out one last breath, the heart monitor let out a single tone, signifying that the Green Arrow is dead.

"Oliver?" She yelled out to the still body while shaking the hand that went limp in her own, "Ollie?!" Nothing, "No! Don't leave me! OLLIE!" The more she tried the more it became useless. In the end she, collapsed on the body and cried. She cried in signifying that she is, once again, all alone.

A week later, both relatives and friends were there to pay their last respects for the fallen hero. Felicity Smoak and John Diggle had the feeling of losing a sibling and brother in arms, for Diggle, it was the second time that it has happened, the first was his own brother. Roy Harper, the Red Arrow, lost the only father that he grew up with the most. The one that trumped them all was that of newly widowed Dinah Laurel Lance, she lost her lover, partner, and friend.

In the three weeks that past after the funeral, everyone went back to their business with a little bit of sadness hanging on their head.

Dinah on the other hand never was the same. She felt as if nothing was ever the same after Oliver died, and the piece of him that was merged into her heart was viciously torn out. Regular things like eating and sleeping never were as good as when he was there with her. A week later, she just laid in bed staring in the nothingness of life. Soon all of the main League members were worrying for her health. To try and snap her out of her phase, they bought in her adoptive daughter, Sin.

As she was brought in to the Black Canary quarters, Sin immediately ran to the woman who was a mother to her for most of her life. Unfortunately for Dinah and the League though, She didn't come out of her funk and continued on as she currently is. Sin took the frail canary and held her into her arms, but as the adoptive daughter said soothing words to try and bring her back, the light of Dinah Lance was fading. In a few minutes, the light went out to nothingness, and left a weeping daughter holding the pale and motionless form of the now deceased Dinah Laurel Queen neƩ Lance.

Number 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, England.

In the bedroom of a one 8-year-old Harry Potter, the memories and abilities of the Emerald Archer started to flow into his mind which was causing shots of pain to arc around in his head in which he was able to go through. Everything from the survival of Starfish island, to the wedding of he and his wife Dinah Lance flowed in. While this is happening the piece of the parasite know as Voldemort was driven out of the lightning bolt scar that is carved out below his hairline.

As he woke up in the morning, he noticed that his eye didn't need his glasses. The newly reborn Oliver Queen looked through the current memories of who he is, where he was, and when it was. When he finished, he raced down to the kitchen and waited for his relatives.

Great Bookham, England.

In a house as plain as Number 4 Privet Drive, a young bushy brown haired 8-year-old girl named Hermione Granger started to get the memories and abilities of the Black Canary. Pain shot throughout her mind and forced her to roll with each attack as the memories of being cursed by the Wizard gaining the Canary Cry, adopting Sin, and marring Oliver Queen rushed into her mind.

When she woke up she took in a collection of who she is, where she is, and what time it is. As she finished, she ran down the stairs to meet up with her parents to tell the recent revelation that has come upon her.

Alright, that should be good enough for now. Now for a few stuff to add to.

The info that most of you see that is based on Merlyn, Dinah Laurel Lance and Oliver Queen came from the DC Wiki of each character.

The reason why I choose Green Arrow and Black Canary specifically is the reason of finishing up the 2nd season of my favorite CW TV show on Netflix called Arrow. The reason that I choose the Justice League comics instead of Arrow, is that it fitted more suitably to Oliver and Dinah.

Next chapter is going to involve breaking the news of their past life to their parents/guardians, getting equipped to become Green Arrow and Black Canary, and meeting each other.

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