Two Real Loves Prologue

Caroline Forbes is young beautiful and full of light. She's had everything any young girl in her position could dream of. But her family's money is gone and now she must marry to keep her family's status in society. Problem is she's in love with a poor soldier. Her family will do anything in their power to separate her from her first love and make her marry someone with wealth. Could she learn to love this mysterious wealthy bastard or will she hate him for the rest of their lives? Takes place in the 1800's Regency Era. [Klaus & Caroline] & [Caroline & Tyler] [Klaroline, Forwood, Delena, Stebekah, Kennett, Kalijah, Jeremy&Matt (Best friends) Fin&Sage,] Drama & Romance. All human Rated M for future chapters.

Hi guys! This is my first fanfiction and well I know things between Klaus and Caroline are probably over in the vampire diaries but I'm a believer of Klaroline. I love them together and well I've decided to write a fanfiction where I could control what happens. This is also inspired by my favorite Mexican soap opera. Also some relationships will be a little different than on the show, and some characters will still be alive so please just go with it, thanks. I hope you enjoy reading it and I'd love to read your comments and reviews. Oh I don't own the vampire diaries or any of the characters. Enjoy!



All he could do was wait. Wait for his father to die. His father: a man who was cruel to him, who beat him as a child and sent him away from his brothers and sister when he was fifteen. Niklaus Mikaelson was the bastard of Mikael Mikaelson. He was the consequence of a night of passion and weakness in Mikaels life. But now Mikael was old and sick, ready to die and asked to see Klaus one last time.

Klaus waited outside the Mikaelson estate when he heard his name being called.

"Niklaus! Niklaus!"

He immediately turned seeing his older half brother Elijah calling him, running towards him. He expected to hear that his father was dead and realized that he didn't get the chance to look him in the eye and tell him how much he loathed him. How much he despised him and was happy to see him like this.

"Father is asking for you," Elijah says.

Klaus quickly runs inside the estate and up the staircase to Mikaels chambers. Standing by the door, he sees his old man on his bed; he's pale, weak, sickly and too thin. This should bring Klaus joy, to see him like this. He remembers what Mikael used to yell at him when he beat him, "You're weak, boy. Sometimes I'm surprised you're still alive." But now this man that only brought him pain was about to die. Ten years he'd been away from his family because of him, but for some strange reason seeing him like this made him want to forgive him.

"Niklaus," Mikael croaks, "please, come closer."

Klaus slowly walks towards him and Mikael ushers him to sit next to him. Mikael only stares into Klaus' eyes and Klaus stares into Mikael's.

"I don't expect your forgiveness my boy," Mikael wheezes, "but I do wish for you to know how much I regret the way I treated you." He points to his nightstand, "I wrote you a letter years ago, but I never had the courage to send it to you, I want you to read it after I'm gone."

Klaus grabs the letter and puts it inside his pocket. Mikael smiles and stretches his arm out and Klaus kneels next to his bed and grabs his hand. "I love you son," are Mikael's last words.

Klaus holds on to his father's hands with unshed tears in his eyes, "I forgive you," he says to his father's body. He lets a tear fall but quickly goes back to his regular face. He stands up and heads out to the sitting room only to see his little sister Rebekah hugging their little brother Henrick. Kol has his back to him while he's serving himself a drink. He sees Elijah by the window looking out in the distance while Fin paces around in the room.

"He's gone," says Klaus.

Upon hearing the news you hear a whimper and then sobbing coming from Rebekah and Henrick. Kol gulps down his bourbon and goes for another drink. Elijah turns to look at Klaus and Fin stops pacing. Feeling like a stranger Klaus heads towards the exit leaving the Mikaelson estate. He jumps on his horse and quickly rides away only hearing his name being called in the distance. After riding for hours he sees it's getting dark and decides to stop at a near by village for some needed rest-"Mystic Falls," Klaus whispers to himself. He heads inside an inn and checks in with a very friendly girl. Klaus could tell she was flirting with him but he paid n attention to her advances he was in no mood for women. "Thank you," "Vicky," she finishes his sentence. He politely smiles and heads up to his room. He immediately jumps on the bed tired from his travels. He takes out the letter his father gave him. He takes a deep breath and opens the letter.


I have treated you in a way that no father should ever treat his son, and for that I am truly sorry. I have seen the wrongs in my actions and for that I ask for your forgiveness. I don't expect you to forgive me now or ever for that matter but I do wish to make it up to you. I know that nothing can remedy the hell I have put you through but I wish to try. Please come home, Esther has died and I wish to be reunited with you my son. Although you are In England I have kept tabs on you. My men tell me that you're a very successful doctor and have grown up to be a kind and honest man. I also wish to let you know that you have been added to my will, and I have given you my last name. You, like your brothers and sister, will be taken care of after my death. My son you deserve this and so much more. I love you son.

A remorseful father,


Dated 1858.

Klaus reads the letter thinking of what his life could have been like if Mikael had actually sent the letter. He probably wouldn't have felt as such a stranger with his family. But it was too late for regret. He quickly wrote a letter to his best friends Stefan and Damon Salvatore letting them know of the events taken place this day. Tired after a very long day he closes his eyes and falls into a deep slumber.