[The Pacific 06:30 ]

As the sun began to rise, a Curtiss P-36 Hawk began to stir.

"uh huh, where am I?"

the P-36 look left and then right.


the P-36 and Nakajima Type-91 screamed.

"who are you?!"

"I'm coal, please don't kill me!"

"where did you come from?" the P-36 said as calm as he could.

"I was just flying over when I saw you." coal said, his engine cooling from relief.

"I saw you on the island and I wondered if you were alive. I saw your fuel tank was empty so, I filled you up with gas. you were the only one out here." coal began to look off in the distance when P-36 said. "Did you look at the green base?"

"yea, well, I saw what's left of it."

"did you see any planes?"

"no, I only saw you, and I did take some gas from the base" Coal said the last part looking down.

the P-36 look puzzled, then realizing how it happened, he forgot to refuel before the battle and in doing so, he had to glided onto a island, while the landing knock him unconscious.

"you all right, I mean I checked you out so..."

"wait, you did a check upon me?"

"Yea, oh I forgot, I was on a team myself, you see they didn't allow me to battle, so I read about every single plane." coal said with a smile. "oh by the way, since I introduced myself..."

"what oh, star, my name is star."

"so ill be off then."

coal started his engine.



"your not leaving without me."


"because, one your are a tier one without a team, secondly we are both easy kills if we get ganged upon."

coal began to smile at his new teammate.