(A week prior)

Panic had not been an adequate term to describe the feeling that overcame Cole as the Breach closed and he couldn't find Lyn. The stablegirl was nowhere to be found and the more he looked the more he felt the dread in his stomach settle. Heavier and heavier, how had he overlooked her? Maybe it was because he was tired. His more human body tired much easier than it used to, he felt everything much differently.

Which then prompted the spirit-turned-human to follow Solas around like a lost puppy. Solas, who had taken off and abandoned the Inquisition. The mage had his own plans. Cole wouldn't abandon his friends, no. He just needed to find Lyn and Solas could help.

He knew the elf could get back to Earth. He knew of a way. Apparently he hadn't anticipated the breaking of the Orb taken from Corypheus. After the Breach had snapped shut, the thing had literally cracked in half in Lavellan's hands.

The completely heartbroken and almost lost look on Solas' face told Cole enough. He didn't need his spirit abilities to detect the pain and despondence that seemed to fall off of the elf at the sight of the ancient artifact as it fell to the ground. Lifeless.

Which brought them to the present, as they stood in a temple that was overgrown with vines and underbrush. The evening sun filtered through the canopy created over the caved in wall as they walked along the cracked tiles. The place was withered, worn, weary from the ages. The assassin could still feel the whispers in the tiles, the flickering remnants of ancient magic flowing and floating in the air languidly.

It spoke to him, much like the pendant around his neck was pulling him forward. To it's other half. Home.

"I'm sorry about your Orb, Solas." Cole spoke for the hundredth time, hoping to at least ease the hopelessness that had overtaken one of his dearest friends. Though during their time looking for this place, said feeling had slowly begun to ebb away. His slouched posture and saddened eyes slowly being replaced with his usual demeanor.

"It's fine, Cole. There are undoubtedly many other alternatives to complete the task I had in mind." The mage spoke in a regal tone as he walked up to an ornate archway, the vines flowing from the top and hitting the ground in a waterfall of greenery. He pushed the makeshift curtain aside and entered the debilitated room, the only thing intact being the lone mirror on the far side. It was dark and dusty, drained of any life for years and years.

"Is that why you're going to Earth?" He inquired with a tilt of his head, bangs shifting ever so slightly and allowing him to see the elf.

"Yes." Solas extended his arm and his thin fingers caressed the darkened mirror delicately, almost lovingly as he gazed at it with a blank expression adorn his face. "It is a place that I had never anticipated visiting again."


It was then that Cole fully turned and looked at the man, his eyes searching as he listened to him. Listened to more than just the words that fell from his mouth. There was much pain inside of him connected to Earth, he knew. It wasn't clear, hidden beneath knots and gnarls, twisting and twining within his very being.

Solas carried a heavy burden atop his shoulders, the rogue knew. And if he had twisted intentions, he would have realized and tried to stop him. But he did not. Not that Cole could detect, anyway. That's when the spirit latched onto something.

"You aren't alone, Solas." He informed lightly, "You have us, you have me."

Sometimes he still said the wrong things, the words bounced off the edges. His thoughts sometimes just couldn't translate well into words but he was getting better at it. Solas' lips quirked minutely, though it almost seemed as though the sadness inside of him got heavier. This troubled Cole and the elf caught on, shaking his head almost sadly in response.

"Be at ease, friend." He turned his head back toward the mirror. Then, with solemn finality, his words holding the weight of worlds. "All will be well..."

At that moment, everything he'd been seeing inside of Solas vanished. He always concealed himself at such times, though Cole always thought it to be for his benefit more than the elf's.

"But you have made other friends, too. Friends make things easier. Inquisitor Lavellan, Varric, The Iron Bull, Eren and Angel." The spirit listed in no specific order, his blue gaze looking down at Solas almost cautiously. His voice soft and hesitant, "Even Lyn."

He let out a breathy chuckle, "Yes, Cole. Even Lyn."

The mirror lit up.

When the duo arrived through the Eluvian, the contrast from the temperate weather on Thedas and the frosty weather on Earth was obvious. Solas waved his hand and a flame floated and flickered in front of them, setting the cavernous room awash with color. The wind resounded and howled into the hollow room, a harrowing sound.

"I can feel her." Cole's voice bounced off of the cave walls, despite how quietly he'd spoken. He sounded amazed, knowing she was nearby a comforting thought. "She's nearby."

His fingers brushed against the wooden surface of the pendant that dangled around his neck, the whispers pulling at him. Guiding him. They showed him the way.

First Person

Not only did Solas take off, completely flaking out on me and not allowing me to help him like I was supposed to. He'd been able to program the Eluvian on Earth so that Cole and I could make our way back home.

How he had done that, was completely beyond me. I was under the assumption that not only were Eluvians rare and rather dangerous. Most were controlled by someone else, who's name had escaped me at that time.

Apparently that was not true.

My brown gaze was cast skyward as I saw some clouds rolling in, signifying the approach of a blizzard. As if the Frostbacks needed any more snow. The terrain was so white that it was almost blinding. Our boots crunched through the crisp bed of snow as we made our way up the slope toward Skyhold at a comfortable pace.

I fingered the compound bow in my hands, feeling a knot of nervousness gnaw at my insides. My backpack stuffed with a few Earthly goods that I found to be important. Pictures, clothing and small personal things for example.

One step, two steps. Cole had been rather quiet, his expression explanation enough. He seemed to be deep in thought since the day we were to leave Earth. The day Solas had up and left. It worried me, the way the hobo elf had been so dismissive and distant. More so than usual, which said a lot.

I snorted and turned away from the rogue at my side as we ambled across the bridge and into Skyhold.

"You're worried about Solas." A simple statement, Cole's voice soft and almost disbelieving. Which, if I had hackles they would be risen.

"No. He's a grown man, he can take care of his damn self." I let out a 'hmph!' noise and pushed the door to the Herald's Rest open. My senses were immediately bombarded with the familiar smell of alcohol and the usual ripe smell of a tavern. My nose scrunched, "Home sweet home."

"Yer back!" Was the first thing I heard as I walked inside. Sera trotted into view, her round face alight with joy. It was then that I was brought into a one armed hug as she pulled me up against her side.

"Oh... heh. Yeah. I suppose I am, aren't I?" Was my response as I tapped down the urge to squirm underneath the sudden attention we were receiving. Krem had gotten up along with Iron Bull as they made their way over toward us.

I knew not what was in store for me now that I found my way. What I did know for certain, however, is that as long as I had them. As long as I had him. No matter the trials or hardships life would throw at me, I wouldn't be alone.

Not anymore.

Short and sweet.

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