Fate/stay Night: Across Time


10 years ago

The 4th Holy Grail War had ended and Fuyuki city was slowly recovering from the destruction caused by the inferno 2 months ago.

The Holy Grail was destroyed at the end of the 4th Holy Grail War. The Einzbern Master, a Magus named Emiya Kiritsugu, won the war and obtained the Grail. However, he had for some reason chosen to destroy it. The result was the huge inferno that destroyed a large area of Fuyuki city. The master went missing in the aftermath and the Association and the church rushed in to cover up any loose ends. That is when they discovered the anomalies.

In a small alley near Mount Miyama, the shopping district, stood two men observing something what seemed to be a black fog with silver streaks running through it.

"That is the fifth one in two months. This is starting to get on my nerves! These things just keep appearing." The first man grumbled.

"Just be quiet or do you want to attract unwanted attention? Help me set up the boundary field before someone sees it instead of complaining." The other replied calmly.

These two men were not ordinary humans, but magi from the Magus Association. Not long after the destruction of the Grail, these strange anomalies started to appear throughout the city. Fortunately, because the Magus Association and the Holy Church were present during the immediate aftermath of the catastrophe, they were able to discover these fogs early on and keep them hidden from normal humans.

They soon started an investigation to discover what they were and although they had no proof for it, both parties knew that the destruction of the Holy Grail was somehow the cause of the appearance of these anomalies. It was the only possible explanation but as to why this was happening was currently a total mystery.

The two magi started their work on the boundary field. This field's purpose is to both conceal the anomaly and to prevent normal people from coming into contact with them. Any person approaching it will automatically go around it, or find another route entirely.

"Do we know what these things are, yet?" Asked the first Magus.

All they knew for now was that these things appear at random throughout the city and it's surrounding area. That there were no more then three at a time and that they exist from any where between three to eight days.

"Not yet. There is a separate team currently conducting an in depth investigation. Our task is to keep these things hidden."

"These things are luckily not difficult to find if we are close enough, but it's tiring to keep patrolling the city. They are all so goddamn random. Do you remember that one fog in the sewers? That was truly a revolting experience!" He shuddered at the mere thought of it.

"Apparently not all of them are random. They found a fourth one underneath Mount Enzou. This one appears to have 'latched' on to the leyline, or something like that, and is bit more stable."

Underneath Mount Enzou, in Ten no Sakazuki, the investigation team, consisting of both members of the Holy Church and the Magus Association, were feverishly studying the strange anomaly which wasn't easy, considering the relation between the Church and the association.

"Do you think this will yield any results?" Asked a magus called Eagle-eye, a muscular, middle aged man. This Magus had a love for eagles and uses them often as familiars. He loves to watch the world from above through their eyes, hence the self-appointed nickname. His favorite eagle, named Himmler, was resting on his shoulder.

"It has to if we are ever to discover what they are," said one of his colleagues.

"I want to go back outside. Himmler is getting agitated and those priests aren't fun talking to." complained Eagle-eye. "Charles, is your golem ready yet?"

"Aarg! Yes! This time he is ready." The Magus, named Charles Greywood, was exceptionally skilled in creating golems. He had suggested to send one of his creations in to the fog to examine it closeup. The idea was unanimously accepted and Charles had just finished preparing a child-sized, copper golem to send into the fog.

"I am sending it into the fog right now." The group looked on tensely as the golem approached the fog. When the golem came into contact with the fog, they witnessed it being drawn inside the fog, but it returned almost instantaneous much to everyone's surprise. The golem was flung towards them, forcing several members of the group to jump aside.

"What happened? Did the fog do anything to it?"

"No, I don't think it did but look." Charles pointed at something the golem was holding. The golem stood up and walked up to Charles. It handed him something what seemed to be an oak branch. The golem provided Charles with the knowledge that it was safe to pass through.

Upon this discovery, they decided to send in a small team to investigate the other side: Eagle-eye, Charles' golem and one priest. The priest was in his mid-twenties and rather tall, sporting brown hair and eyes.

The team stepped into the fog. At that moment they were violently sucked inside. When they reached the other side, they were literately thrown out of the fog.

"That was rather rough." The priest said as he brushed of dirt from his coat. When they examined their surroundings, they found themselves standing in a small clearing within a huge forest. "Where do you think we are?"

"I don't know. But I can feel that this forest is ancient. Places such as these are rare in the present day. I'll use Himmler to scout around which should help us to determine where we are." The priest nodded in agreement.

Eagle-eye released Himmler. Looking through Himmler's eyes, Eagle-eye saw how huge the forest was. Except for trees, hills, rivers and a few dirt roads, there was pretty much nobody around for miles until he spotted a small village.

Back underneath Mount Enzo the others just witnessed the team being sucked inside the fog but before they could even start to wonder if the team made it safely through, Eagle-eye, the priest and the golem returned. Less than five seconds had passed.

"Back already!?" Charles and the others were stunned by their fast return.

"What do you mean with 'Already'? We spent nearly half a day on the other side!"

"Half a day!? But you returned two, maybe three seconds later.!" Said one of the priests in bewilderment. The others nodding in confirmation.

"A couple of seconds?" The priest and Eagle-eye looked at each other in bewilderment.

"Whatever! We will figure that one out later. Now tell us! What did you find?"

"You are not gonna believe what we saw!" Replied Eagle-eye with a broad grin.

As the investigation continued, they discovered that the anomalies where portals to the past. Using familiars to observe the locals and layout of the land, they were able to discern that this was England during the 5th or 6th century.

Meddling with the past is dangerous. Even if you were to change something, hoping that it would benefit you in the present, there was no guarantee that it would bring about the desired outcome. Even worse, it could cause the exact opposite of what you wanted to achieve. That was one reason why they sought to close these portals as soon as possible. That and the fact that it only led to that one time and place, severely limiting its potential. So it was agreed upon, by both the Church and the Association, to erect a boundary field to conceal the other side and to ward of anything that could otherwise wander through unintentionally. Two supervisors, one from the church and one from the Association, would be appointed to keep watch over this side of the portal.

Both sides agreed to use the next Holy Grail War to close these portals. Luckily, the Holy Grail was almost completed at the end of the War and they predicted that the next War will take place within 10 years from now. The winner of the next war will probably be forced to give up his or her wish, so they would need to offer an appropriate compensation in return.

The next day, Eagle-eye and the priest were standing in the clearing. They were in charge of overseeing the making of the boundary field and providing security.

"Do we know who will become the supervisor?" Asked Eagle-eye.

"They are still undecided but they will soon reach a decision. By the way where is your eagle?" Replied the priest.

"I'm using him to view more of the land. It is quite beautiful. The grassy plains shine golden in the midday sun. Simply beautiful."

Another priest came through the portal and walked up to them.

"Kotomine Kirei, would you follow me, please. There is something we want to discuss with you."

"Looks like my presence is required elsewhere. I'll leave things here in your care then." Eagle-eye simply nodded and continued to view the landscape through Himmler's eyes.

As he was flying over the grass-planes he spotted a procession. Judging from their appearance they were knights along with their entourage.

Among the procession were an old knight with his son and squire. The time had come for a new king to be chosen and they were heading towards the king's selection. The squire was wondering who would become the new king. Deep in thought the blond haired squire looked up in the sky. It was a beautiful day with clear, blue skies.

Suddenly the squire noticed the bird flying overhead. Was it a hawk. No, it is too big to be a hawk. An eagle? Watching the bird, the squire slowed his horse's pace.

"What are you looking at? Come on! We don't want to be late for the king's selection." The old knight called out to the squire.

"I am sorry, sir Ector. I was just admiring that eagle." The squire replied, pointing toward the eagle.

"Yes. A magnificent bird indeed." He said in admiration. "But there is no time to dawdle. They will not wait for us, so pick up the pace, Altria."

"Ay, sir."