A cordrazine overdose isn't the only thing that can drive a man into the Guardian of Forever. Alternate ending to "City On The Edge Of Forever."

Kirk and Spock leapt through the foggy arch, McCoy following seconds after them. Kirk turned to them., shaking his head. "Note to self; never, never go back through that thing again."

Uhura started, jumping back. "So soon, sir?" she asked, her eyes wide. The two security officers who'd accompanied them down to the planet were staring at their shoes, trying not to look up at the captain. "You were only gone for a minute." She cast her eyes downward as well.

"What?" Kirk asked, turning to McCoy and Spock, who shrugged (Bones) and raised an eyebrow (both). He scrunched his eyebrows together, tapping his lower lip. Then, his eyes popped open. "We brought 6 people down here. Where's Scotty?" He looked in all directions.

Uhura bit her lip and clasped her hands behind her back. "While you were away, sir, the gateway was still showing images of Earth." She paused. "When he saw Scotland, sir, well…he couldn't help himself."

"Oh, no. No." Kirk held his head in his hands, groaning, eyes closed. "No. Not again…"