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To Ddragon21, Harry hardly keeps anything physical when he leaves a universe. Each time he travels to a new universe, he arrives with a fresh start aside from a few tokes that he keeps on him (will be explained later on). He does however pick up many skills along the way that stay with him too. Also, Golden Bearded Dragon wanted to know the real age of Harry. This will be revealed later in the chapter, so yes, you, my dear readers, will know.

"I have discovered some disconcerting information while compiling all records pertaining to the man going by the name of Hadrian James Black," Jarvis said to all of the Avengers in the room.

Everyone's heads perked up at Jarvis' statement, forgetting whatever they were currently doing.

"What is it?" Tony asked.

"It seems that many of Mr. Black's records are falsified. Everything related to the man before approximately five months ago are fake. They are very well done, but fake nevertheless."

"So you're saying that we've got nothing on this guy before he came to work at my company?"

"That is one hell of a coincidence," Clint said.

"Or no coincidence at all," Natasha finished.

"Jarvis, search for who he really is. Go through all of the databases," Tony ordered.

"I've already done that sir."


"There is nothing. He simply did not exist before then."

"That's impossible!"

"He must have some seriously powerful friends behind him for there to be no record at all," Banner said.

"We need to go through everything that we know about him," Tony said moving to the couch.

The rest of the Avengers sat down on it as well. Earlier, he had set up a variety of couches in a circle around each other, so they could all talk together in comfort.

"So what do we know about him that we can rely on?" Tony started.

"Well, his file said that he is twenty-five, but I have a seriously hard time believing that." Clint spoke up.

"I agree," Banner said. "He looks to be in his late teens, but that could be due to a number of other factors than solely age. He's short and clearly underweight. That suggests to malnutrition growing up."

"He's trained in more than just fighting," Natasha said.

"So some sort of child soldier growing up?" Steve said, not entirely convinced.

"It's possible," Natasha confirmed.

"He's American, though," Tony objected.

"His accent is American, but I can detect something else. The way he would say certain words and phrases suggest that he didn't always have an American accent," Natasha said.

"So then what," Steve asked.

"I… I don't know," Natasha said frustrated. "There are so many things that don't make sense about him. He's young, but acts like he has had years of experience. I can tell that he is suspicious and somewhat paranoid, yet he throws caution in the wind."

Everyone stayed silent and let her words sink in.

"Are we sure that this man is a Midgardian," Thor said, breaking the silence.

"What do you mean," Banner asked.

"It could explain some things," Thor continued. "He could be that of a race with a longer life span such as the Asgardians. That would account for his older manners despite his youthful face. If he grew up or spent a prolonged time speaking a language that you all are unfamiliar with, that could be the reasoning behind the underlying accent that you cannot place."

Tony gave the god a dumbfounded stare. "You are smarter than you look, Goldilocks."

Thor looked momentarily confused at Tony, but said that he would take it as a compliment.

"How do we find out if he is human or not?" Steve asked. "I get the feeling that he won't exactly answer, if we outright ask him.

"Easy," Tony said with a mischievous grin on his face. "We take some DNA without him noticing what we are doing. Leave it to me."

"Sir, Mr. Black has arrived," Jarvis said.

"Great! Send him up. Let's get this thing started, shall we."

Harry walked into the Stark Tower with five minutes to spare. It was pretty difficult to get to the building with all of the destruction of the surrounding blocks. Surprisingly cleanup was already underway, making some parts easier to traverse across some parts.

Harry wandered around the lobby a bit. There was no one behind the desk, so he was at a loss on what to do. Luckily, he only had to stand there for a minute before he heard the elevator doors open. He turned around to see the redhead from the other day step out. Natasha was her name, if he remembered correctly.

"Good, you're here. Stark is waiting upstairs for you. I'll take you to him," she said, gesturing back towards the elevator.

Harry hesitated. He never liked elevators and always tried to avoid them. Actually, he wasn't too fond of small spaces in general. After having to spend half of his childhood in a cupboard, he always felt claustrophobic. The feeling never went away, not ever after the vast amount of years that he had lived. He guessed that it just proved that even powerful, immortal beings such as himself still had fears and weaknesses.

Realizing that he hesitated too long, Harry quickly tried to play it off.

"What no stairs?" he asked playfully as he internally cringed at the stupidity of his words. He wanted to smack himself in the face when he saw her eyes narrow a fraction at him.

"Well, with the floor that we are going to, it would be a very long walk hence the elevator," she replied.

Harry nodded casually and forced himself to step into the metal box. He took in a deep breath as the doors slid shut. He felt absolutely silly with this childish fear. He'd gotten better at controlling his claustrophobia over the years, but never managed to completely get rid out if. He supposed that it was just another way that he was broken.

He focused on taking slow, even breaths as they journey upward. He could feel his usual calm façade slowly begin to crumble and wished that he would be out of the elevator before Natasha noticed. She seemed more perceptive than others.

To his relief, the elevator finally stopped and opened. He gladly exited and was greeted with an expansive room that calmed his nerves, but was quickly ambushed by none other than the boss himself. He had barely taken two steps into the room when rolled-up blueprints were shoved into his arms along with a metallic object in his hand.

"I need you to take these and put them on that table over there," Tony said, pointing to the other side of the room.

Harry didn't protest as he crossed the room. Just as he got to the other side, though, he felt a sharp prick in his hand, causing him to drop the object he had been caring along with the blueprints onto the table.

"Your thing just stabbed me," Harry said, glaring at Tony.

"Sorry," he responded, not sounding sorry at all as he picked up the offending gadget. "I guess that I need to keep working on it. Meanwhile, I want you to look over these. Familiarize yourself with the basis of the building. You have until lunch. After that, we'll begin the actual work!"

Tony gave Harry one last grin before disappearing into the elevator. With a huff, Harry sank down into the chair by the table and began reading.

Tony's behavior seemed suspicions, but Harry was unsure if there was any real cause behind it. Although, Harry had barely known the man personally, he knew Stark had a reputation for always been like that.

"Got it," Tony said, walking into the lab. "Jarvis is running his DNA through the scanners as we speak."

"Yeah, that was real smooth what you did, Stark," Natasha said walking in behind him.

"It worked, didn't it?" he huffed.

"Anyway," Steve said, drawing the two's attention to the rest of them in the room. "Regardless of the results, what are we going to do?"

"I see no problem with keeping him here. I mean, we're trying to find Loki, and Loki is trying to find this kid. If we keep the kid here, Loki has to come to us," Tony said.

"And how do you suggest we do that?" Steve asked. "Lock him up?"

"This is my employee we are talking about! We're not locking him up. We'll come up with something," Tony said dismissively. "Until then, Jarvis, do you have the results?"

"Yes, sir. Putting them on the screen now."

"Well, damn," Tony said, scanning over the data, the others looking from behind him to read as well. "He's just human."

Right now, there is a majority who are wanting the Harry/Natasha pairing. I want to clarify that when I say I am willing to make a paring, it won't be a full slash. I have to keep in mind how my characters would realistically act, so there won't be any major romance going on, and it certainly won't be the focus of the story. That being said, if a pairing is still something that is wanted, I can expand the relationship between the two character to be more than friendship in some aspects.

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