Prompt: Lying in the grass

Scott squinted at the clouds slowly moving above him. He tried to identify an animal, a flower, a house or even some weird but distinguishable shape. He failed. The game wasn't as easy as his girlfriend made it seem.

"I see…A plastic bottle that's been run over by a car?" He attempted.

Dawn giggled and gently squeezed his hand. The gesture made him feel less ridiculous.

"I actually see a chipmunk." She admitted.

"A chipmunk?!" Scott snapped. "In what parallel universe? That can't possibly look like a chipmunk. I've seen chipmunks, so I should know."

"It's a chipmunk." Dawn calmly repeated. "I think I'll name it Alan."

Scott rolled his eyes. She had always been stubborn. He looked at the cloud that she claimed looked like a chipmunk. He still couldn't see it resemble any animal at all. But if she saw it, then it was enough.

"Why Alan?" He asked.

Dawn shrugged. "I think it fits. We can name your plastic bottle too, if you wish."

Scott laughed. "Only if you name it something poetic, like Romeo or Juliet."


Scott raised his head slightly, seeking her gaze. As if sensing his wish, Dawn turned to him and made eye contact. Her eyes were bluer than the sky, and he knew that he could stare into them for hours without needing to exchange one word. As sceptical as he was about all the supernatural that Dawn believed in, he had to admit that being with her felt magical.

"You wanted a tragedy for your plastic bottle, so I think Ophelia is a suitable name." She said.

Scott looked away for a second, then Dawn felt him lightly squeeze her hand.

"I don't think I ever want a tragedy." He admitted. "Not now. Not when I'm finally happy." He added, looking back at her.

Dawn smiled and leaned to plant a kiss on his lips.

"You make me happy too." She whispered, making Scott smile.