Author's note: Hey guys and gals! First and foremost I deeply appreciate the followers of this story who kept keeping tabs on this story regardless of my irregular updates. With Inquisition almost out for two years, I (and probably many of you) are grasping onto any content while we wait on the next release. With this tiny little epilogue, it will finally conclude this story. If you guys are still liking the idea of the Inquisitor and Leliana, I will no doubt continue writing these two in misadventures, just say the word. Feedback and your opinions are so important, because they do help me fix anything that might vibe with me but not so much with you as the audience. C'mon guys, I can take it.

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Brady once again laid rest in his Skyhold bedroom. The morning sun was bright enough to illuminate the entirety of his suite.

His bones ached for respite, even if it only lasted for the morning. The injuries that plagued his body were once again healed, leaving more white marks on the collection of scars that polluted his skin.

He could see Leliana on the balcony that overlooked the mountains wrapped in his plush purple robe that was entirely too big for her petite frame. He could not deny that she looked a million times better in it than he ever had. Even at her simplest, with her knotted hair falling carelessly against her back, she was breathtaking.

He scoffed playfully, calling out to her from his bed, "Lady Nightingale, is this your idea of seduction?"

Her body turned and she faced him, allowing her robe to slide open for only his eyes to see. She narrowed her eyes. "Why? Is this turning you on, Trevelyan?"

"No, you're just teasing me."

She pursed her lips to the side. "Please, I know all of your tells."

He sat up and leaned against his knees. "Do you now?"

She took long strides towards his bed. "Well, of course." She pushed on his chest and sat on hips. "The cocky grin, the slight squint in your eyes." She leaned forward, levelling her lips just above his and breathed, "I have you right where I want you."

"You'd like to think so." He replied.

"Is that so?" She began to rock against his hips.

"You, Leliana, are a viper." He pressed a quick kiss against her lips. "A very, very, beautiful viper."

She hummed as her lips lingered close to his. Her ocean eyes flickered back to his as she pulled on a grin.

"Poor Cullen is probably waiting on us to make an appearance downstairs."

He leaned against his arm, scratching the scruff on his chin, "Forgive me if I'm not jumping on the opportunity to meet this council."

She pursed her lips to the side. Her hair curtained her shoulder as her head cocked. She ran her fingers through his blonde hair and watched the wrinkles on his forehead disappear.

"What are you thinking about right now?" She asked, her voice hushed.

He pulled on a smirk and shifted his weight, rolling Leliana onto the soft sheets. She let out a soft yelp, erupting a playful chuckle from his chest.

"I'm thinking-," he watched her raise a single eyebrow. "I'm thinking that we should enjoy this moment while we can."

Her smile grew somber as the corners of her mouth were pulled down by unwelcomed thought.

He cocked his head to the side. "What is it?"

"No matter what happens, everything is going to change," She admitted.

"It doesn't have to, Leliana," he argued, "You're right. The inquisition as we know it will not survive the council. I have no disillusions about that, I assure you."

He pulled on a small smile, wiping away a misplaced hair from her face.

"But this… us…," His eyes gleamed, "I'll be right by you for as long as you'll have me."

She chuckled, "How cheesy."

He raised his body away from her and sighed, "Will I ever win with you?"