I was asleep when I heard a big bang. I shot up and out of my bed in my silk night dress. I ran out of my room and the house and saw the sky filled with many soldiers. I looked to my left and saw my mother and father. My father gave my mother a kiss and told her he was leaving. He then turned to me and said, "you and your mother go to the castle. The future wife of the next king has to be safe. Be brave my daughter." I nodded and watched him take off.

I then grabbed my mother's hand and flew off with her. When we landed in front of the castle we saw the couple gaurds that were guarding the castle. When I landed they pulled my mother and I inside. When we got there Queen Tapalupa hugged me and sobbed, "thank god your ok, I was worried to death." I smiled at her and we went to sit down.

I looked at Tapalupa and asked, "what is going on out there?" She frowned at me and said, "Frieza is attacking us, he is afraid that we are going to kill him, all of us." I nodded, I knew he was afraid of all of us, if we all stood together we would be able to do it.

Our planet is split right now. Half of us do not want to serve under Frieza, we want to rebel against him and all of the money we get from takeing over the planets will go to ourselves. We could do as we please with them. The other half is afraid, they just want to be obedient and do as he says.

That is not our nature. Our species is supposed to be strong and stubburn, we are never meant to serve under a freak. One ruler is Vegeta, our present king and our future king, my future husband. Tapalup looked at me and said, "You will be a wonderful queen. You are strong, the strongest I know, and you are not panicking. You are only eighteen and you are so smart and your ready. When it is time you and Vegeta will rule together, just like it is supposed to be."

I am a verry strong woman. In power levels I am the strongest, no other woman has ever beaten me in a battle. Most men can't either. I love to fight, I know I won't ever be a soldier, most woman are not called upon unless our man population goes down. I will never be called in because of my position, as the next queen I will never be in the line of duty. I always wanted to help protect my planet and they tell me I am as bearing the next heir to the throne and protecting the castle and the child I will carry.

After a little bit Tapalupa left to go make us some tea. I heard some explosions, they are verry loud. I am afraid of what will happen in the next number of hours, I can loose anyone close to me, my father, my brother who is bound to be out there, leaving his poor wife alone with an unborn child to care for with such stress. My king and future father-in-law, and most important, my future husband. We are supposed to get married when we are twenty. We will then take over in the next month.

Tapalupa came back to the room with a fresh cup of tea for both of us. I thanked her and then sipped on my tea. We had small talk about little things about how we are going to have a beautiful wedding and how it will be te wedding of the universe and no one will be able to top it.

After a moment I felt a powerful energy level I got up and started to the door. All of the guards rushed out as fast as they could outside. When I got there I saw a huge energy ball being held by Freiza. I flew up as fast as I could I saw King Vegeta powering up an energy ball and so I started to form one with him. I looked to King Vegeta and asked, "where is Vegeta?" He looked at me and yelled, "You must leave, get of this planet and go away look he should be heading to a secluded planet." I was about to take off when Frieza threw his energy ball I concentrated back on him and threw mine with my King.