The white cat looked up in alarm at a sudden movement nearby but upon realising it was merely one of the castle ghosts, resumed his languid position on the bed. He didn't mind these apparitions, in fact along with the tomb guards they were his only friends in this place, but the gust of frigid air when they came too close made his fur stand on end, and that irritated him slightly. He resumed that careful grooming that he had, of course, just *finished*, ignoring the flicker of amusement from the ghost at the cat's dour expression.

"Hello kitty," greeted the ghost, which of course only served to make the feline more grumpy. He wasn't someone's house pet, and disliked being greeted as such. "We, er, that is, I - we need your assistance" said the ghost, obviously unsure of how to strike up a conversation with a cat.

The cat continued his ministrations with no sign he could hear the ghost.

"You understand me, do you not?"

The cat continued licking and tugging at his pale fur, with no indication that he could, in fact, understand.

The ghost frowned, and tugged at his green uniform.

"Look, Karigan's in danger, and if we don't do something - I can't warn her, and -"

The cat raised himself and with a gusty sigh, flopped off the bed and stalked out of the room, tail held high.

The ghost faded out muttering something about stubborn animals and a good dousing with cold water.