All That Is Meant To Be

Author: Reflection of a Broken Dream

Pairing: Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho) x Kagome (Inuyasha)

A Quick Note:

- Yu Yu Hakusho is Canon. Inuyasha is also Canon, but I changed large details.

- Mt. Hiei is mentioned in this chapter and it will be more so in later chapters. No, I have never been there before- though I really want to but probably never will be able to go- and I don't know the specific layout of the land. I know that the mountain is surrounded by forest, where my imaginary resort will be located, and there is a thousand-year temple somewhere on the mountain where many great monks in the history of Japan have come from. I am going to do research, but even then it won't be perfect dipicitons of the area. I apologize in advance for that, but I'm going to do my best.

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All That Is Meant To Be

Chapter 1 - Fond Memories and Fate's Hand

A ten-year-old Shuuichi Minnamoto sighed to himself as he sat in the shade of a large tree at a park located near his home. His uneasy green gaze drifted over to his content mother who was happily chatting with some of the other parents sitting on the benches on the far side of the park. 'I wonder if she's happy?' he mused to himself anxiously as he looked away and up into the boughs of the tree that towered over him. The leaves were a mix of red, orange, and brown, the few that were left shifting in the cooling fall breeze.

'She seems to be, kit,' a husky masculine voice answered him within the confines of their shared mind.

'I'm glad,' Shuuichi sighed in return, somewhat more at ease than he had been in coming to the park. He wasn't a child, not really. Not in his mind, at least. He'd never had the chance to be with Youko Kurama always with him. 'I want mother to be happy. We owe it to her for everything we've done...and not done...over the past ten years.'

'I agree,' Youko replied simply, a tinge of guilt in his voice. Shuuichi fully understood his guilt, having shared in the pain they'd dealt their mother. He was just as guilty as Youko was. 'Cherryblossoms and bellflowers?' The sudden random voiced thought made Shuuichi blink. 'This is the wrong time of the year for those to...oh...a girl-child?' Shuuichi blinked again as he looked to the right. His immediate sight was that of a pair of white stocking-clad legs and feet adorned in little black shoes. Looking up, he found a small girl attached to the legs in question. She was standing there smiling at him as she tugged on her long-sleeve sakura pink dress with white blossoms dancing over the folds of the heavy fabric. Mid-back length black locks tumbled over her shoulders as her cheerful azure eyes captivated him.

"Can I sit with you?" she asked, blinking her large blue doe eyes at him curiously.

"...Sure...I guess...," Shuuichi answered, recieving a beaming smile in return that had him staring at the small girl beside him.

"Thanks," she replied, chipper, before she sat close at his side.

'I was right...she is the one that smells of cherryblossoms and bellflowers,' Youko surprised Shuuichi as he took a deep inhale, getting a nose full of her gentle yet strong scent.

"My name is Higurashi Kagome," the girl surprised him again. "What's yours?"

"...Minamoto Shuuichi," he introduced himself. "How old are you?"

"This many!" she proudly held up her hand, all five fingers wiggling playfully at him. "How old are you?"

"This many," Shuuichi returned her playfulness by holding up both of his hands, all ten fingers showing. "Do you know how many this is?"

"Uh-huh," Kagome nodded cheerfully, pointing to his fingers one-by-one. "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! You're ten!" She giggled gleefully, making a small smile begin to curl at his lips. Even Youko exuded a sense of amusement at her antics. "And you're smiling, yay!" This time Shuuichi couldn't help the slight tilting of his head, his crimson locks cascading over his shoulder.

"You're happy because I smiled?" he asked, genuinely confused.

"Yeah," she chirped, confusing him all the more. "You and the man with the silver hair looked sad, so I wanted to cheer you up." Kagome beamed as Shuuichi's breath stopped and his eyes widened.

'She can see me?' Youko asked, astonished.

"Yep," Kagome surprised them again. "You're kind of beside Shu-kun...but not."

'You can hear me, too?' Youko questioned, his golden eyes fixated on the enigma that was Kagome.

"I can," she nodded. "You're a...a ghost. Or something. Mommy says I'm special because I can see ghosts and stuff that normal people can't see." Shuuichi was still staring at the girl with owlishly wide eyes, the boy in shock. Even those that knew of demons and such couldn't see or hear Youko. This girl was something else... "Anyway, I'm glad to see you're both not looking so sad anymore." Kagome smiled cheerily at them again. Youko smiled back, glad that someone other than Shuuichi could speak with him, as his tail swished cheerfully to and fro. (Yes, he was a terror to behold when faced with enemies, but he had a small soft spot for long as they weren't trying to kill him.) "Um...did I break him...?" Kagome turned her eyes back to Shuuichi, gently poking his cheek with a tiny digit. Youko couldn't help but laugh at Shuuichi, making the boy's cheeks turn a heated pink as he finally blinked and looked at Kagome with calculating curious eyes.

'I think he's just shocked,' Youko waved off to Kagome, the girl smiling warmly up at the kitsune. 'No one else has been able to see me before, let alone speak with me. I'm bound to Shu-kun's body, you see. I can't leave him. We're stuck together and we've only had one another to talk to since he was a babe.'

"Wow," Kagome leaned forwards with widened eyes. "You can't talk to anyone else?"

'No one before you,' Youko admitted with an incline of his head.

"You must have been kind of lonely...," Kagome surprised them again. "I mean, not that talking to Shu-kun would be bad or anything, but...if you're only able to talk with Shu-kun and you're stuck together, don't you two get tired of each other?"

"You have no idea," Youko and Shuuichi both spoke at once, a scowl on Youko's face and a grimance on Shuuichi's. Both blinked and Kagome laughed, the gentle sound like the tinkling of bells. Both couldn't help but smile a bit at the sound of her laugh, their ire forgotten. It took Kagome a moment to come down from her giggles, but once she did, she turned her amused azure orbs back on both of them. Her gaze made them feel oddly warm inside.

"Okay, so you're tired of each other," Kagome grinned. "Let's talk."

For the next hour and a half, the three beings spoke to one another, all three getting along quite well. They talked about everything from the changing of the seasons to their daily lives to the things and people that Kagome had seen. Shuuichi and Youko even revealed a bit about themselves, that Youko was a fox spirit that had sought a human host after he'd died. When she asked why, he simply told her that he hadn't been ready to die yet, that he had some unfinished business that soul reapers couldn't help him with. She understood that, to their surprise. It was soon after, and on a more lighthearted topic, that their mothers had approached to get them ready to go home.

"But mooom," Kagome groaned, her pleading eyes turning from Shuuichi to her mother. "I was having fun with Shu-kun!"

"We've seen," Hikari chuckled at her daughter's pouting, the woman gently rubbing her protruding baby bump.

"And he lives a long way away," Kagome continued to protest.

"Could we visit Kagome-chan and her family sometime?" Shuuichi pleasantly surprised his own mother. "Please?" The mothers shared a smile as they turned their eyes on one another.

"I think it would be a swell idea for them to get together again, Shiori-san," Hikari encouraged as Kagome's gaze turned hopeful, the girl quickly gazing from one to the other. Shuuichi kept his eyes on his mother, a twinkle in his eye. They would be seeing one another soon, indeed. "What do you think?"

"I think so, too," Shiori agreed with a bright smile. "How about a playdate next saturday at four? You can come to our house and you're welcome to stay for dinner."

"That sounds lovely," Hikari nodded.

"YAAAAAAAY!" Kagome cheered, unable to contain her excitement. "Shu-kuuuun!" She launched forwards with an excited giggle, her arms wrapping themselves around his torso. Had Shuuichi not been ready for the assault, they would have hit the ground. Instead, he grunted and was knocked back a step or two as he chuckled and put his arms around the child.

"I'll be seeing you soon, then, Kagome-chan," Shuuichi smiled down at the girl in his arms as she beamed brightly back up at him. Never had he felt another person's presence. Only Youko, and he had the same feelings about Kagome.

"Soon," Kagome repeated cheerfully with a quick nod. She gave him another squeeze but then released him at her mother's gentle prodding for them to leave. "Bye, Shu-kun!"

"Goodbye, Kagome-chan," Shuuichi bid farewell.

'See you soon little one,' Youko spoke as he waved, Kagome grinning as she continued to wave a moment so that Youko knew she was waving at him, too.

"Are you ready to go home, then, Shuuichi?" Shiori asked her son with a smile, offering her hand to him.

"Yes, mother," Shuuichi agreed without qualm, taking her outstretched hand. She practically beamed as she gently tightened her hold on his hand and began to walk him home.

A gasp emitted from parted lips as emerald eyes fluttered open. A large hand ran through crimson locks as the man began to come into awakeness, slowly sitting up on his large bed.

'Been a while since we've thought of our little bird,' Youko noted softly as Kurama yawned wearily.

"Yes...," he answered aloud, his voice slightly husky from sleep. "...but, surely, you remember the reason I've tried so hard to banish the very thought of her from our minds..." A sinking feeling ached in his chest at the thought, at the memory that kept him away from Kagome...

'Hm...,' Youko replied softly, idly reminding him of their koorime friend. 'I don't know if I should be offended by that or not...'

"Oh, come now, I thought it in the kindest way," Kurama teased lightly, earning a snort from the kitsune. "Hiei is respectable, as you are. The sound you made just reminded me of him, that's all..."

'You miss the bugger,' Youko pointed out.

"I do," Kurama sighed softly.

'...Me, too,' Youko admitted, not surprising him. 'Back on topic. Kagome. The reason you kept us away was that you thought us a danger to never accepted my arguement of being able to protect her, instead.'

"We protected her in secret for years," Kurama reminded him, sliding to the edge of the bed as he sighed. "It was just too risky to talk to her anymore...after that demon caught us talking with her so casually. He assumed that she was precious to us, and she was- is-, but that made him target her. We managed to lure him away, but the casualty..."

'Her father,' Youko grimanced. 'I never would have imagined that he would have been so late that night and that he would have taken that road home. It was dark and relatively deserted that winter didn't take much effort on that demon's part to push the car off of the icy road and into the sea...'

"We killed the demon and saved Kagome...but at what cost?" Kurama asked softly, his voice filled with pain. "She grieved for months...her mother gave birth early, almost lost the boy...and they had to move farther away, to her grandfather's shrine. ...And her father's life was forfeit because of us." He felt a pang of hurt from Youko, though he quickly covered it up. "It was only right that we stop seeing her, so that neither she nor the rest of her family would die prematurely... It was the only way to protect her."

'That and sneaking around to kill demons who dared to try and step foot on the shrine,' Youko added in softly.

"And that," Kurama nodded, standing from his bed. He was shirtless, showing his lean and muscular body to the world- he kept his fifth-story window cracked at all times and without blinds because Hiei would break them and the window, if it was latched or shut, when he snuck in- and his emerald sleep pants rode low on his hips, showing a thin line of crimson hair that started at his navel and travelled down to his pants line before dissappearing beneath. "There were more of those than I'd thought there'd be... Come to think of it..." Kurama paused mid-stretch. "...when was the last time we checked in on the shrine?"

'Uhh...,' Youko hesitated, as unsure as Kurama was. 'It was just before the heist we pulled with Hiei to get the Forlorn Hope... After that, things got a little...busy.'

"That was...eight years ago," Kurama groaned aloud.

'Has that much time passed already?' Youko asked, seemingly a bit out of sorts. He was still getting used to how quickly humans grew up... 'She should be a woman now...eighteen, if I'm not mistaken...'

"You're not," Kurama sighed as he peered out of the bedroom window of his apartment. "I'm twenty-three, she's five years younger than I am. She would be eighteen now."

'Legal,' Youko grinned wryly within their mind, earning himself a frown from Kurama. 'I know, I know, I'm just kidding. I'd rather just have just her friendship, if nothing else...though she might not remember us after so long...'

"She probably wouldn't remember us," Kurama agreed with another sigh. The subject weighed on him, though he tried not to show it... "We only spoke with her for a few months before the incident where her father died...a little after her birthday. We haven't had direct contact with her for about twelve years."

'Twelve years!' Youko groaned his lament loudly, giving Kurama the distinct feeling that he was dramatically throwing his hands up in the air. Kurama's lips curved at the familiar theatrics. 'I don't know about you, but...I think it's about time we checked in on her.'

"I'll...think about it," Kurama answered, neither agreeing nor disagreeing with Youko. If he were to be honest with himself, Kurama wanted to see how Kagome was, as well...but at the same time...he didn't want her to get hurt because of them. It had already happened once and it was bound to happen again now that all the demons in the world knew that Youko Kurama was back...

'Come on, red!' Youko attempted to sway him. 'You know you want to!'

"It is not a matter of's a matter of keeping our visit secret so that no one takes interest in Kagome and her family," Kurama replied simply, turning to walk into the bathroom as Youko reluctantly gave him that one. Before he could step into the threshhold, the phone began to ring. "Who could that be...?" Walking the short distance to his desk, Kurama picked up the phone he'd had installed in his room. "Minnamoto Shuuichi speaking."

"Good morning, Shuuichi," his mother's warm voice came onto the line and Youko immediately stilled and quieted so that they could speak with their mother.

"Mother," Kurama spoke just as warmly into the reciever. "Good morning. Are you well?"

"Oh, yes, I'm fine, dear," Shiori chuckled over the phone, his step-father's voice murmering in the background. "Are you doing well?"

"As well as ever," Kurama found himself smilling fondly and gazing at a picture of his mother on his desk.

"I'm so glad to hear that!" she replied enthusiastically, making Kurama's red brow raise a little in amusement and curiosity. "I umm...I wanted to ask a favor of you, Shuuichi."

"Anything," Kurama immediately spoke, hoping it would coax his mother into talking freely. It wasn't often she asked favors of him.

"The high school I used to go to is sponsoring a Christmas and New Years trip for the twenty-fifth anniversary of our graduation," Shiori surprised him with her explination. "But...Kazuya can't come with me- he has a major deal he has to land with the company. I was hoping that you could come in his stead."

"I would definitely like to come with you, mother," Kurama spoke, trying hard to keep the hesitation from his voice. "But that would be up to father, since he is my boss. When does this trip start and end?"

'It's December the fifteenth,' Youko silently grunted. 'Will there be enough time to take the vacation?'

"It begins the twenty-second of this month and ends January the fifth," Shiori surprised him again at the short notice. "I already talked to him about it- Kazuya says if you fill out the paperwork today it will be enough notice before taking off."

"Alright," Kurama inclined his head with a small smile, though she couldn't see it. "I will get the paperwork in today and come with you on your trip."

"Oh! Thank you, Shuuichi!" his mother's excited voice cried with excitement. "This is going to be so much fun! We'll be lodged with the others out about Mt. Hiei, out of civilization and into the serene forest!" Kurama felt a quirk at his lips as Youko outright laughed in their shared mind.

'Wonder what Hiei would say when he finds out we're lodging about a mountain that shares his name?' Youko grinned in the confines of their mind. 'Not that this sounds bad. A mountain resort in the middle of nowhere? Less smog and sounds great to me!'

'Agreed,' Kurama spoke silently, his mother going on about some of the features of the resort.

"...But it wouldn't be smart to hike at this time of year...a snow storm could blow us off the side of the mountain or we could get lost in a snow storm...," Shiori worried aloud, causing Kurama's lips to further tilt in amusement. "Oh! I forgot! Well...I know this was a long time were ten then. Do you remember the little girl you used to play with? I believe her name was Kagome." Kurama's smile instantly faltered and he stiffened in place.

"I...that name sounds vaugely familiar," he lied through his teeth, even Youko listening in intently now.

"You said you had a falling out and didn't want to upset her by going back," Shiori added on, Kurama's guilt rising. "But I'm sure she doesn't still remember all of that. It's been...well...a long time since then. Her mother, Hikari, was one of the people I graduated with and she's coming on the trip as well as Kagome. Isn't that great? You can reconcile with her! It's your second chance." His mother's voice was suggestive and he couldn't help but let out a soft laugh. She was still trying to set him up with girls...

'This was meant to be,' Youko spoke in the sudden quiet of their mind, his voice excited. 'We were meant to see her again, red!'

"That sounds...nice," Kurama somewhat cheerfully answered his mother aloud, though he swallowed thickly. What if she did remember him? He just...suddenly stopped visiting. There was no fight. He just didn't want her to get hurt.

"Isn't it?" she agreed with a chuckle.

"Leave the boy alone," Kazuya's voice was heard from somewhere near his mother, causing her to giggle softly. Then there was the sound of a kiss over the phone.

'I'm glad we don't live with them anymore,' Youko huffed. 'Not that living with them was bad or anything...but...hearing and smelling their affairs in the middle of the night are not among the things I wanted to bear witness to...'

'I can say the same,' Kurama answered, hearing another kiss and another. He grimanced. 'Not over the phone, mother, please!'

"I can see that you're busy, mother, and I'm off today, but I've got to get dressed so I can go fill out and turn in the paperwork for my vacation," Kurama spoke aloud again.

"Oh!" She gasped and he hoped it was from his sudden declaration and not something his step-father had done. Kurama involuntarily shivered. "Alright, dear. I'll call you later to work out more of the details..."

"Alright, mother, goodbye," Kurama rushed his farewell.

"Bye, dear," she replied, giggling at something Kazuya said, the two at it again as the phone clicked off.

"Ugh...," Kurama shivered again as he set his phone back where it went. "I can understand she needs time with him, I can understand the want for sexual relations with a partner...but I still find it repulsive when Kazuya does things to my mother."

'It's just one of those things, kit,' Youko answered wisely, though still a bit shaken, himself. 'You never get over the terror of seeing, hearing, or smelling your parents having at it.'

'That's good to know,' Kurama thought sourly. 'And Kagome...' His voice had constricted completely.

'Yes...that was interesting,' Youko silently grinned. 'Looks like you're not thinking about it anymore, red...we're going to see her again.'

'Yes...,' he agreed silently, softly. 'And if she remembers us?'

'Doubtful, but if she does and remembers about demons...we explain about demons possibly targetting her because of us,' Youko spoke simply. 'We left to keep her safe. If she no longer remembers about demons and such, go with the arguement. Say there was an arguement and you didn't want to upset her anymore.'

'And say nothing of her father?' Kurama asked, guilt gnawing at him from the inside out.

'Maybe if we can befriend her again and know for sure she won't run away when we tell her...,' Youko answered slowly, guilt in his own voice. 'I don't want to lose her again, kit. I like her.'

'I do, as well...,' Kurama admitted, running a hand through his long locks. 'We'll discuss this later. First thing's first. I need to get ready and go fill out those forms. We can worry about this later.'

'Right,' Youko agreed whole-heartedly as Kurama stepped into the bathroom and shut the door behind him.

"Are you sure that you can come with me, Kagome?" Hikari asked her daughter warily, knowing of her duties in the past.

"I'm sure, mom," Kagome grinned up at her mother from the table as she ate her cold cut sandwich for lunch. "We defeated Naraku a year ago, so the race for the shards is off. Sango and Miroku have settled down together and need some time alone...and so do Inuyasha and Kikyo." Though she was still among the undead, Kikyo was more like she used to be now and currently with Inuyasha. Kagome didn't mind giving him over to her incarnation- what little love Kagome and Inuyasha had shared was long over, only a familial love remaining. Besides...they deserved to be together, what with their first romance destroyed as well as Kikyo's life... So Kagome had stood back and happily watched them reconnect. It had hurt a little there at first, sure...but she was over it now and moving on. "We can't find any leads on shards...haven't had any in a while...but I think a break is what we all need. Besides...if there's anyone out there with a shard, this is their chance to mess up and leave a trail. We just need time...and this is the perfect oppertunity to get some of that time."

"Mmm," Hikari hummed and slowly nodded, understanding her daughter's strategy and accepting it. They both knew the hunt was almost over- she only had three more to find. "What about that Kouga fellow? Didn't you say he'd had some shards at one point?"

"He did," Kagome nodded, fingering the almost-completed jewel resting around her neck on a thick reiki-imbued steel chain that insured that no malicious demons or dark miko could get their hands on the jewel. "But he gave them back about two years back, just before he took his pack into the northern mountains to escape Naraku. They're still up there, and I hear from Ginta and Hakkaku that Kouga and Ayame had mated and now have their first litter of pups."

"That's nice," Hikari smiled at her daugher, long having gotten used to the terms of demons. "Speaking of mates..." Kagome looked over at her mother warily, a certain glint in her warm brown eyes that caused Kagome to sweat. "...I spoke with an old friend a few days ago- Shiori. She has a son named Shuuichi, who is coming on the trip with you remember him, Kagome?"

"Umm...," Kagome blinked up at her mother in confusion. "Did he go to school with me or something...?"

"No," Hikari shook her head, looking wistful as she set her chin in her hand, her elbow supporting her on the table. "I guess I shouldn't have expected you to have were only five at the time, after all..."

"I was five when I met this guy?" Kagome asked somewhat curiously.

"Yes," Hikari nodded. "You met Minnamoto Shuuichi at the park. You were five and he was ten...but you both got along so well. And you both had secrets that you wouldn't tell us...we got suspicious of what they might be, but neither of you ever told us what they were..."

"Huh...," Kagome mused aloud. "I wonder what kind of secrets we had..."

"Me, too," Hikari smiled at her daughter as she looked up at her mother and gave a small smile of her own. "Maybe you'll get a chance to ask him at the reunion." Kagome nodded, curious now and wanting to know what kind of secrets she had shared with this slightly older guy. "Shiori and I made bets that you had promised to marry him." Hikari's teasing tone made Kagome blush. "We had already dreamt up some of the wedding...but then the two of you had that big fight and it scared Shuuichi off. He didn't want to come over anymore because he didn't want to upset you."

"We had a fight?" Kagome asked curiously, Hikari nodded the affirmative. "What about?"

"I honestly don't know," her mother sighed. "Neither of you ever said, but you asked about him a few times and I tried calling Shiori about it. I told her that you wanted to talk to Shuuichi...but he refused to talk to you or come over. He said he didn't want to hurt you again." Some part of Kagome felt deeply touched at this guy's- Shuuichi's- consideration of her feelings. Another part was confused and slightly upset that he didn't even try to talk to her or anything to make things up with her when she was obviously willing to reconcile. 'Maybe he didn't want to,' the familiar depriciative voice in her head piped up. 'Maybe he got tired of being around an irritating little five year old that wouldn't leave him alone.' Mixed feelings settled in her chest as Kagome sighed heavily. "Maybe you two can start over." Kagome blinked up at her mother's sudden revelation. "You can't remember what happened, and he might not be able to, either. You could start from scratch and try to be friends again. ...If you start liking him as more than that, though, I'd like you to tell me. It's never too early to start planning a wedding!"

"Mom!" Kagome groaned, causing Hikari to chuckle.

"I'll leave you alone about it for now," she placated, both turning back to their sandwiches.

"Thank you!" Kagome sighed more happily, a blush still warming her cheeks as she nibbled on her ham sandwich. 'Maybe this won't be too bad,' Kagome thought to herself as fruitlessly she tried to remember the boy her mom had told her about. 'It's weird that I can't even remember this guy...but maybe we can be friends again. It would be nice to have a friend that isn't a gossip...or a guy who can't take a hint that keeps delivering me free health supplies...' A sweatdrop appeared on Kagome's brow as she took another bite of her sandwich. 'Maybe I'll get really lucky and he'll know about demons.' She paused, then sighed. 'Keep dreaming, Kagome, keep dreaming...'

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