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Salty tears and False Promises

Pan landed on the Capsule Corp. lawn and walked up to the door. She took a second to smooth her baggy shirt and tug on her wild hair, hair that was unsuccessfully trying to be tamed by her orange bandanna, in an attempt to straighten it. It didn't work. She frowned, not really expecting it to work and rung the doorbell. Bulma Briefs came within seconds and flung the door open. She looked angry about something, her face a light shade of red as though she'd been huffing.

"Is this a bad time Bulma?" Pan questioned, frightened slightly.

"Oh, no Pan. I'm sorry. Vegita's being a dick-" She stopped herself as she realized the words that had flowed from her mouth to a fourteen year old child. "Forgive my language."

"It's alright." Bulma moved aside and let her in. "Is Bra in her room?" Pan asked not really waiting for an answer. She was already heading up the stairs when Bulma spoke.

"No." Pan stopped dead in her tracks.

"Oh, is she in the kitchen then?" She heard something drop in the kitchen and turned her head to the entry way, past the living room.

"Vegita! I told you to stay out of the oven. Go get Trunks and ask him if he's already packed."

"Damn it, onna. Why can't you go ask yourself?"

"I told you about talking to me that way! Watch your language, Pan is here." Vegita grunted and Pan knew that was his way of saying hello.

"Hi Veggie-chan." She smiled, knowing the frown that would be on his face. Bulma turned back to face her and Pan moved off the stairs.

"Oh, what did you ask me about Bra, Pan? Never mind," She cut Pan off before she could speak. "Bra isn't here sweetie, she had an after school activity to do with Marron. Remember?"

"Right," Pan began to remember, feeling completely left out. They were trying out for the cheerleading squad. She had been so excited about coming to see Bra that she forgot. Actually that was the reason she wanted to see Bra. She was trying out for the cheerleading squad with Marron. Marron was trying to steal her best friend away. If they both made it Pan would be left in the dark, and she was coming over to persuade Bra so she wouldn't try out. But they were gone. At try-outs. Together. And there was no way either of them wouldn't make the squad. Then Pan would be left all alone with no one to talk to. Just then something registered.

"Bulma, what did you mean when you told Vegita to see if Trunks is packed? Where's he going?" Bulma froze, she had been messing with a few disobedient strands of hair, and looked down on Pan as if she were the most clueless person on Earth.

"Didn't Trunks tell you?" Pan shook her head.

"Tell me what?"

"Well, the new school year just started…" Bulma tried to find a way to phrase this.

"Yeah…" Pan urged her to continue.

"And he's going off to college." Pan let out a breath and visibly relaxed.

"Oh, is that all?" She let out a laugh of relief. "Where's he going?"

"To Princeton….University…" Pan laughed.

"No, Bulma. Really, where's he going."

"Princeton." Bulma repeated.

"He can't go there. That's in the U.S. He'd have to get up hours before class to fly there everyday. That's ridiculous."

"Indeed it is Pan-chan." She heard Trunks call from the stairs. She cringed at the name and clenched her fists. She wasn't four anymore, it wasn't cute. "That's why I'm not going to stay in Japan."

"Wha….what d-do..wh-do you m-mean?" She stammered to get the words out. He laughed as though he couldn't tell he was breaking her heart. Laughed as though she'd said the funniest thing on this planet.

"I'm moving to America!" He put on one of his famous Trunks smile and walked down the stairs. Her heart fell into her knees. Had she heard him right? Was he going to America? Surely he wasn't serious. He wasn't really going to just pack up and leave.

Why not? He was eighteen now. That's what eighteen year olds did. They went away to college. They stayed away, got families, started their own lives. She straightened her back and began to blink rapidly as she felt the moisture in the corner of her eyes. She wasn't going to cry. Not in front of him. Not ever. Especially after he looked so carefree about the fact that he was leaving.

He'd made his way down the stairs and over to Pan. He put his hand on the top of her head and gave her a reassuring smile.

"Cheer up, Panny. You won't even notice I'm gone." She rolled her eyes at him. How could he truly think she wouldn't notice? He was her best friend. Bra even came next in line to him. He was her….everything. She frowned. -If I were at least two years older he'd take me seriously. He wouldn't be so happy about leaving right now.- She let the thought slid away. -I'm not two years older. So it doesn't matter. He is happy to get away, don't let him know you're not happy to see him go.- She exhaled and pushed his hand off her head gently.

"You're probably right." She smiled, but it took a lot of effort. "I'll have Bra…when she gets home, to play with me." She purposefully made herself sound young and immature. If he wanted to treat her that way then that's how she was going to act. "Have a nice life Trunks." Her smiled widened and she tried her hardest to make the words sound genuine. She was disturbed to hear Bulma sniffing softly behind her.

"Oh, Trunks. Don't grow up and leave me." Bulma whined. "I don't want to tell you to 'have a nice life' and let that be our good-bye. Promise me you'll come back home and visit."

"Of course." Trunks walked over to his mother and gave her a hug. "You know I'll come back, mom. But if I don't hurry I'll miss my flight and I've have to carry all the rest of this stuff with me and fly there myself. That's a long flight mom." He patted her, kissed her again and headed for the door. She was sobbing uncontrollably.

"Wait, Trunks." She managed to get out in between her tears. "Vegita would want to say good-bye too, let me get him."

"Mom," Trunks stopped her. "You already told him to come up and ask me if I was packed. He didn't do that and he probably had his reasons."

"You're right. He went to the G.R. This is tearing him apart too." She sniffed. Pan rolled her eyes. Sure it was.

"Well, I hope you weren't as secretive with Bra as you were with me." Pan interrupted. "Or else she'll never forgive you for leaving and not even notifying her."

"I'm sorry Pan-chan. I was busy." He tussled her hair. "Bra knows, I said good-bye to her before she left earlier today. Now I really have to go. Love you mom." He pecked her on the cheek and walked out the door. Both the crying Bulma and the fuming Pan watched as Trunks flew into the air. When he was out of sight Pan felt the reality of it all hit her. Her best friend was gone. He was probably never coming back. He would meet some slut and they would have kids and have a life and there would never be place in there for her again. Bulma's sniffing was phased out as her world came crashing around her. She felt herself get weak in the knees but knew she couldn't break down here. Not here, standing in the doorway with Bulma, looking after a boy she could never have like some love sick puppy. No, she would have to go home…now.

She bolted into the air and waved bye to Bulma. "Tell Bra I stopped by." Pan yelled with all the restraint she had left. Warm, salty tears ran down her face and the wind dried them up. It was like that all the way home.
-------------- 4 years later--------------------

Pan slid into her silver dress and zipped up as much as she could before heading to her mother. "Mom," She called out as her mother came to the hall to meet her. "I need you to zip the rest." She turned around and let her mother slide the rest of the zipper up as Pan felt the dress tighten around her curves.

"Turn around and let me see how it looks." Her mother commanded. Pan obeyed and a slow smile crept up Videl's face as Pan inched her way around. "Oh, you look wonderful Pan!" Her mother exclaimed happily. Pan blushed slightly and baked away from her mother.

"Can you wait while I get the necklace?" Pan questioned her mother hopefully. She knew Videl wasn't dressed yet and needed to hurry. "I can't put in on by myself."

"Of course." Her mother replied without hesitation. "It's just so nice seeing you in a dress. I think I'm going to get the camera." Pan groaned.

"No!" Her mother jumped back, a little shocked by the reaction. "I mean…please don't mother. I just don't want to have to pose. And we'll be late." She pointed to the clock behind her mothers head. Videl waved her hand in a carefree manner and shrugged her daughter off.

"Who cares. We'll be fashionably late." Pan inched into her room and grabbed the necklace, trying to run out before her mother could get hands on a camera. It didn't work. By the time Pan was out of her room white flashes were going off in her face. She frowned.

"Pan, you're not half as attractive when you do that. So stop it." Her mother commanded. Pan stopped frowning. She smiled in one of the pictures and then put her hand over her face.

"That's it. No more paparazzi. And I'm not attractive." Pan wrinkled her nose at her mother and handed her the necklace.

"Oh, dear." Her mother began as she turned Pan around and clasped the necklace. "You just have no idea how wrong you are." Pan's heart jumped for a second. Was she really attractive? Not possible, she never had been before. She walked calmly away from her mother saying 'thank you' and heading to her room. She went over to the full length mirror and gave herself a look over. She hadn't seen her reflection since before she put the dress on and didn't know the effect it had on her. She gasped at what she saw.

Her hair was pinned up and a beautiful bun with curls dangling and falling from all sides. -It actually looks nice that way- She thought. And her dress fit her nicely…no, more than nicely. There were two straps holding it up, each starting from one side and going to the other. The dress showed off quite a bit of her back and some chest, even though it wasn't a v-neck. Her necklace was a nice asset to the look because it had diamonds on it that shown in congruency with the false diamonds scattered on the top of her dress and along the bottom and sides where the splits were. The silver dress hugged all of her curves and on her that was a good thing. She smiled and slid on the matching shoes, grabbed her purse, and headed downstairs.

She waited by the door, nervous about the Christmas party. The Briefs always held a Christmas party somewhere around December 10, and it wasn't the first time she had gone to one, in fact she went almost every year, but this year was different some how. She couldn't help but wonder if Trunks was going to be there. He came every year of his life but hadn't come last year and the year before that she hadn't seen him. She had to miss the official party because her grand father had taken sick and she'd spent the two weeks proceeding, and Christmas and the Satan manor. Trunks had been at that party and she hadn't seen him. So it was pushing three years and she hadn't seen his face. Hadn't heard his voice. If he was coming tonight it would be a nice chance to catch up.

She still remembered seeing him at the first Christmas party after he left the house…that was the last time she'd seen him. She had just turned fifteen then. He had treated her the same as usual, joking and laughing. But she had felt that he was so different. She'd called him after that party, after he went back to America, but he was never home. She wrote him three letters before she realized they wouldn't be returned. Then, heartbroken, she forgot all about him. Now that she remembered this, her pride took over.

She was eighteen now and on her own way to college even though her final semester of high school wasn't over. She had been taking advanced placement courses and was able to graduate early. She could go to any school she wanted and it would be her turn to ignore him. But she didn't have to think of that now. She had until after this summer before she had to return to school. She'd already dissolved in her mind that, if he were to show up at that party, she wasn't going to speak to him. And if he apologized, she wouldn't forgive him. She would finally put him in the past. It had taken her all of her fifteenth year just to get herself to the point where thinking of him wouldn't give her butterflies. She wasn't about to go back to being a little girl again now, not just for some puppy dog eyes. Even if it was Trunks, her used-to-be best friend.

Just then she heard her mother and father coming down the stairs. She looked over to a clock and pulled her head back a little shocked. That was quick. Her mother wasn't even dressed twenty minutes ago. It had taken Pan and hour and a half to get ready. Her mother looked stunning as she walked over to the door. Pan slid her shawl around her shoulders and let out a whistle to her parents. Her mother was wearing a red dress that was a similar fashion to Pans only it didn't show off her back and as much cleavage. Gohan was in nice suite that matched her mothers dress.

"You guys look great." She smiled as her father admired her.

"So do you." He said with pride, a small frown in the corner of his lips. Pan tilted her head.

"What's wrong dad?" She asked him.

"People are going to see you at this party you know."

"You just said I looked great!" She stepped back, offended. She hadn't thought she looked that bad.

"What he means, dear, is boys are going to see you at this party." Videl corrected. "He's just being that overprotective father figure again." Pan laughed. She also hadn't known she'd looked good enough for her father to get upset over men seeing her. That was good. She smiled and linked arms with her parents.

"It'll be okay dad." She reassured him. He returned the smile. "Shall we?" They nodded and headed for the door.

Pan stepped out of the air car after it landed, making sure to watch her feet as she did so. It wasn't often that she wore high heeled shoes and she'd hate to trip and fall in front of all the rich people who'd be at this party. She saw Bra running, well really it was an imitation of a run because her dress was too tight and her shoes were too high, towards her with a smile plastered on her face.

"Oh Pan! You look great." She smiled at the girl and wrapped her arms around her in a loving embrace. "You should wear dresses more often. God, you're prettier than I am and I don't toss that compliment around often." She let Pan go and the girl look flustered.

"Hi to you too, Bra." Pan smiled. "You look great also." She admired the girl's tight black, oriental dress with the white patterns of design on it. Bra twirled around and Pan got to admire the way her dress cut off at her knees at first but then got longer in a diagonal, on the other side, and wrapped down to her ankles. They laughed in excitement and linked elbows walking toward the house.

Marron was the first one to greet them when they were inside. Pan groaned loudly and Bra elbowed her. "You know she's my friend." Bra reprimanded her.

"I know." Pan said apologetically. But that didn't mean she liked Marron one bit. She was so preppy, so happy like the world was in existence for her. Pan frowned as Marron walked their way.

"Hello Panny. Hello Bra." Marron spoke as Pan rolled her eyes. Bra elbowed her again and Pan grunted a hello. "You look great Pan." Marron complimented her.

"So do you." Pan said through clenched teeth. "Real great." Her eyes rolled over Marron's purple dress, it didn't go past her knees. It was cold outside for Dende's sake. Why wouldn't she wear real clothes?

"Thank you." Marron smiled and walked back over to the drink table. Bra followed her and Pan reluctantly followed Bra.

"I need to get new friends." Pan mumbled along the way.

Goten arrived about thirty minutes later and Pan was more than grateful. She finally had someone with sense to talk to and wouldn't have to listen to Marron babble about prom plans and cute dresses with Bra. She headed for Goten and left the two girls to their shopping plans.

"What's up, unk?" She smiled at him as he admired her attire. He was also wearing a suit for the occasion. "Why are you so late? Your mom got here twenty minutes ago."

"Well I'm not that late. I was hungry." Pan laughed at his answer.

"You know, there's food here." She pointed to the long table on the wall as Goten's eyes followed.

"I know, but there was going to be all this hand held food. You know, the kind rich people eat. I wanted something else." She giggled but the laughter was caught in her throat as someone entered the room. It couldn't be who she thought it was. And yet it was. Her stomach jumped into her knees as she saw his hand brush his lavender hair out of his face and smile. She put her hand on her middle and her face paled.

"Panny, are you all right?" Goten put a worried hand on her shoulder. She backed away searching for something to hold as if she might faint if she didn't sit. Her hands were visibly shaking as she turned around quickly, fleeing without answering Goten's question.

His mouth dropped, wondering what could have gotten into her, and then he turned his head in the direction she'd been staring.

"Trunks!" He called out. "Buddy, it's been a long time." Goten smiled broadly as he walked over to his best friend. He forgot about Pan as he and Trunks shook hands and began to talk as if it had only been yesterday since they last saw each other.

"What's wrong?" Bra asked as she walked over to Pan, noticing she was standing in the corner looking like she'd seen a ghost. Pan snapped her head up and looked at Bra.

-Oh dear Dende, what am I going to do?- Pan smiled at her as if the question were ridiculous and tried to clear her throat. She hadn't known seeing Trunks would have this effect on her. She heaved and shrugged her shoulders, realizing Bra was waiting for a response.

"Nothing's wrong with me." Pan managed to answer. "I'm just tired of being here already. I mean I just want to go to sleep, you know?" Pan tried her best to make the excuse sound convincing. Bra raised her eyebrows at her friend, not believing her lie. But she turned her head and saw Goten talking with her brother and let out a shriek. She resolved that if Pan wanted her to know what was wrong she'd say something, and she hadn't. She grabbed Pan's arm and pulled her.

"What's wrong with you?" Pan teased. Bra laughed.

"Trunks is here! Come say hi with me Pan!" She tugged and walked, dragging Pan along. Pan frowned, wrinkling her brow. This was what she was trying to avoid. She hadn't wanted to be close to Trunks, she didn't want him to see her and know he still had the same effect as ever. She regained her composure before she got there, she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction.

"Trunks!" Bra screamed and threw her arms around his neck in a loving embrace. "It's been so long! I never, ever want to let you go."

"Oh, well then you're in luck. You won't have to let me go for about a month." He smiled at her and she shrieked again.

"Are you serious?" She eased out of the embrace and jumped up and down. "Are you really staying for a whole month?" He laughed at her enthusiasm and nodded his head. It was then that he noticed the girl standing behind Bra. Their eyes met and he could have sworn she seemed just as happy that he was staying. But then she looked away. He used the opportunity to scan her body. -Oh, Dende she looks good.- He noted her curves, her height, her hair. He felt like he knew her...no, he wished he knew her. She looked back up at him and blushed. He loved that look of innocence on her face. Who was she?

"Bra, aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?" Trunks asked but nearly kicked himself after he'd spoken the words. The girls face turned from a smile to a scowl before he could blink and her brow wrinkled. And then he knew whose face that was.

Yes, he did know her. "I'm just joking Pan-son." He tried to cover up his folly and put on a smile to add belief to the lie. She studied him for a minute and then seemed satisfied that he was telling the truth. He breathed a sigh of relief and held his arms out. "Aren't you going to give me a hug? I haven't seen you in...years."

"And I'm sure you didn't even notice I wasn't around." She frowned and though her words were meant to be harsh, she said them void of emotion. He laughed that carefree laugh of his and dropped his hands.

"I guess that's a no." He shook his head. "Same old Pan-chan." Even though he said it his brain was screaming that she was not the same girl. His eyes were still traveling over her body every curve enticed him and he could feel himself about to lose control. He stiffened slightly and noticed the uncomfortable warmth growing in the area below his abdomen; he averted his eyes, thinking of the most boring thought he could...baseball. Then football, other men tapping each other on the ass. That was a complete turnoff. He had calmed enough now to notice she had walked away.

"Pan-chan." She mumbled the old nickname with distaste. Who did he think he was talking to? She wasn't Pan-chan anymore. She was just Pan to him. And she sure wasn't the same. And how was she going to deal with him for the rest of the month? Maybe Bra wouldn't want her around; maybe she would spend every waking second with Trunks. That was fine with Pan, the less she saw him the better; she couldn't deal with the way her heart skipped beats when he was around. It still hadn't changed. She felt a hand on her shoulder and knew instinctively who it was. She frowned but cleared her face as she turned around. She didn't want him to detect any kind of emotion from her.

"What do you want Trunks?" Pan asked calmly.

"Geez. You haven't seen me in three maybe four years and this is how I'm treated." He pulled her to him and gave her a hug. He held on a little longer than he should have in her opinion, for she had to hold in her breath to keep her heart from jumping out of her throat, and she was taken aback when he let her go.

"If you missed me you have a funny way of showing it."

"What do you mean?" He asked, completely oblivious to the fact that she was angry with him.

"You said it yourself. Three years. And you didn't even write. It's like you dropped off the planet. And for all I knew you could have. Except for the occasional mention from Bra." She pushed him lovingly on the shoulder.

"Well, Pan-chan, I didn't know you cared so much." He teased. She didn't laugh.

"You know that I-" She cut herself off, not wanting to finish. She was going to say 'had missed you' and 'you were my best friend'. But she couldn't bring herself to utter the words. Marron came running up and wrapped her arms around Trunks from behind him.

"Trunksie! I've missed you. The last time we talked on the phone you didn't tell me you were going to stay for a month! Imagine how I feel having to hear it from Bra." She tightened her grip on him and he frowned.

"I'm sorry Marron." But anyone could tell that he wasn't sincere. Pan rolled her eyes. He hadn't found time to write her back for three measly letters and yet he found time to talk to that airhead on the phone. Marron turned Trunks around and gave him a real hug. By the time Trunks turned back around to continue his conversation with Pan she had already left. He frowned, angry that he hadn't heard what it was that he was supposed to know about her.

Pan put her dress on the hanger and placed it in her closet. She sighed, glad that she had gotten through the night without a farther run in with Trunks. He'd made her so angry when Marron had announced that he'd been talking to her on the phone. Her. Why would he call her and not call Pan? Pan had been his best friend, she was the one he'd spar with and talk with. Marron was still a little girl crying when she got her fingernails dirty. But Pan, Pan wasn't like the other girls. And that's what Trunks had liked about her...she thought that's what he'd liked. But then again, that was more than four years ago. So now he preferred bimbo's to real women. She shivered a bit and realized that she needed to get under the covers, her pajamas weren't enough to keep her warm. She was wearing a white, cotton spaghetti strapped shirt and baby blue cotton pants with clouds decorated on them.

She was pulling the covers back when a knock at the window stopped her. -What the hell?- She walked over to the window and opened it, looking out. Nothing was there. She backed away and was about to close the window when a hand crept up and pulled her down. She screamed but the other hand had already crept around her mouth in anticipation as she fell out of the window. She wiggled and started to flap her arms about before she realized she wasn't going to fall. Whoever it was held her firmly. They adjusted their hand so that they fit firmly around her waist and from the way her stomach jumped at the touch she could tell who it was. She elbowed him in the gut and he chuckled.

"What are you doing here, Trunks?" She spoke angrily.

"We never finished our conversation." He laughed as he let go of her body. She started to fall and then regained her composure flying up to him. Her face was in a scowl and he could tell he was in for it.

"Trunks-kun, how dare you!" She punched him in the face. "Come yank me outta my window and then let me fall and think it's funny." She stated it as though it took great courage to challenge her.

"What are you going to do about it Pan-chan?"

"Dende! Don't call me that. And I'm going to kick your ass."

"Oh yeah?" He teased and put up his hands in fighting stance.

"But not tonight, it's cold." She headed for her window and was about to go in when he grabbed her. "What the hell Trunks, I'm cold!" He flew closer to her and wrapped his arms around hers. Her chest was pressed up against his and he was rubbing his hands up and down her arms softly. She was shivering as Trunks realized he liked the feel of her pressed against his body. She laid her head on his shoulder and her breathing was coming rapidly on his neck.

"There." He breathed on her neck after he'd lowered his head to speak into her ear. She shivered even more. "It will only take a second." He pulled his head back to look at her, putting his puppy dog eyes to work. She looked into them, now remembering why exactly, she could never refuse. His eyes were the most engaging ones she'd ever seen. She could stare at them forever. Her body stiffened as she noticed his hands were moving slower now, more sinuous. She placed her head back on his shoulder, biting her lip and closing her eyes; she was obviously enjoying the massage. Her breathing slowed a bit and she had to resist the temptation to kiss his neck.

"What do you want then?" She asked after regaining herself, seemingly as angry as before. He smiled deviously. It was all he could do to keep his hands from wondering onto her waist and then down farther on her body. He wanted to caress every part of her the way he was her arms, wanted to run his fingers over every inch of her body, never skipping a piece of skin. And laughing was all he could to keep from answering her the way he wanted. To keep from saying, 'right now I want you'.

"You, not to be angry with me." His lips were only a centimeter from hers as she looked at him and they could both feel each others breathing increase.

"What makes you think I'm angry with you?" She challenged.

"Come on, you haven't been nice since you first saw me today." She took in a big gasp of air as his hands left her arms and traveled under them, onto her shirt. Up and down her sides. The caress was stronger now, less playful, sending warm pains through her. His hands felt so good on her body. She shivered again, this time more noticeably. "We can finish this conversation in there if you like?" He pointed to her room, obviously responding to her shivers.

"I'm not that cold." She tried to reassure him. He couldn't find the words to tell her that she had misinterpreted his statement. He hadn't offered because he thought she was cold but because he was hot. Very hot. Her skin was even softer than it looked; and he hadn't intended to talk at all, only to carry out the thoughts he'd had a second ago about caressing her. But it was good that she had misinterpreted him. He couldn't feel this way about her, she was a baby. She was his little Pan-chan. Sure he joked with her, picked on her, and played games with her but there was never any physical attraction. It had always just been a joke. It was going to stay that way if it killed him to stay away from her this month.

"But you are angry with me." He shook himself out of those thoughts. Pan wasn't hot, he told himself. She was Pan.

"I already told you, you didn't call. You didn't write. You just plain dropped off Earth." She tried to move away from him but his arms wrapped around her waist to keep her there. His hands were making circles around her back and the soft motions were sending tingles throughout her body.

"Listen Panny. It was just easier for me, you know? I mean why torture myself writing and calling you when I knew I couldn't see you. You mean you've never tried to push someone out of your mind because you knew if you thought of them you'd miss them too much?" He pouted and put his head on her shoulder. She loved how soft his hair was as it brushed against her neck. She loved the way she felt in his arms. Fireflies were already playing tag inside her stomach and she thought she was going to be sick. A mixture of heat and pleasure ran up her spine and through her body. She had the sudden urge to wrap her arms around him and pull him into her room. She pushed him away from her and moved back until she was sitting on the window.

"You're a liar." She accused him and he had to back away from the shock of it.

"What? What makes you think so." He wasn't smiling now.

"You called Marron all the time."

"Marron called me, and she's annoying. I wasn't wanting to go see her."

"Or me." Pan frowned and Trunks pretended she had hit him.


"It's true. You didn't even know who I was when you saw me."

"And whose fault is that? You blew me off when I came to visit the other year without so much as a Christmas card."

"Oh that's bullshit and you know it." Pan nearly yelled through clenched teeth. "You didn't come last year and the year before grandpa was sick. You knew that. You could have stopped by before you left. And anyway, if you'd really wanted to see me you would have flown. You do have the ability to fly."

"I was busy Pan-chan." He pouted.

"Not too busy to talk to Marron." She didn't want to talk about this anymore.

"Does it matter? I'm here and I don't want you to be mad at me anymore. At least while I'm here Pan-chan."

"Stop calling me that boxer boy!"

"Hey, no need to get angry."

"You could have written me back, just once. I mean, what happens if I forgive you and we're all buddy-buddy. Then you leave again and where am I left? Getting news from Marron and Bra about their friend and their brother. Like I don't matter anymore. So why do you care whether I'm mad at you or not?"

"This is my last year of school, Pan. Then I'm coming home so we can see each other all the time."

"You're moving back to Japan? When?"

"In March." She frowned. March was a long time away. And anyway, she was going away to college...unless...no, she wouldn't allow herself to even think that way. The 'unless' was not a possibility, believing it was would be putting too much confidence in herself. And putting too much false hope and weight on her dreams. No, she wouldn't say 'unless'. She was going away, that was the plan, in August.

"Whatever, Trunks. I'm not mad at you." She put her leg over the widow pane and jumped in.

"Promise?" He asked before she shut the window. She crossed her middle finger over her pointer as if to signify that she was lying, like little kids did when they didn't want to get in trouble after they lied.

"Promise." She laughed deviously and pulled the blinds down. It was a shame too, Trunks was enjoying the view. -No, that's not allowed. Pan's a little girl.- He reminded himself.