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The girl took her glass and placed it on her lips, relishing in the few moments of silence. She looked down on her twins, venom in her eyes, wondering why Dende had cursed her with two at once. Wondering why they had to be colic right now always crying, but thankful that at least they were quiet at the moment.

She reclined on her leather couch and picked up the Tokyo Journal, scowling at the front page. Why hadn't she kept him? Narissa wondered, looking down at the lavender haired god. Why had she been so stupid? Now where was she? Living in a big house, sure. But on an island she swore she'd never live on. Japan had finally gotten the best of her, damn them for having all of those companies. All of those rich men, men she couldn't resist. And she was rich, maybe, but only on account of her husband who'd been smarter than Trunks; he made her sign that prenuptial when Trunks wouldn't have. And where was he? Sleeping with his secretary no doubt. Fortunate that she didn't really love him, otherwise she'd be torn to pieces right now.

But she was alone. With two little babies that were sick. Alone and unhappy. Misery without company. Trunks had rarely left her alone, no matter how busy he was. Trunks had made sure she was happy. No matter how wrong she was to him. He'd forgiven her, made things right again. So, you never missed your water 'till your well ran dry. Whoever came up with that one was a genius.

And where was Trunks? The best day that ever occurred in his life was the worst day that ever occurred in hers. The day he sent her packing. He didn't know it then but that was the greatest thing he'd ever done.

She began to re-read the article in front of her. It was written by Leslie Jolsen and it was the conclusion of an article that was written three years ago. Narissa remembered that article all too well. The girl next door; Present day Cinderella story (contin.). She sighed and let her eyes scan over the article,

Trunks Briefs, president of Capsule Corporations, richest man in the world, jumped the broom last week. In a quiet chapel in Florence to the one and only, Pan Son. Talented fashion designer and owner of the most successful clothing shop in Japan, 'Pan-Chan's'. I predicted this outcome, and though they waited a whole three years from the first article to this day, they did finally make it down the isle. After at least a year of proclaiming they were nothing more than 'close friends'. But I wasn't fooled. When interviewing the happy couple their mother barged into the office, first day back, and informed them that the first wedding was 'not legitimate'. She informed the man, and his new wife, that they had to remarry, reportedly upset because she'd missed the first one. The couple simply smiled as Mr. Briefs said, "Oh well, looks like we'll have to take a second honey-moon." To this, his new wife turned a crimson color of pleasure and let out a slight laugh, nodding her head happily. As previously reported, I've never seen two people more in love.

Narissa scoffed and threw the paper aside, trying for a few seconds, to imagine what her life would be like had Trunks not made her leave. Maybe she would have made things right. Maybe she would have found out how to love him. Maybe they would have been more in love. She wanted to cry but the pride that had rubbed off on her from her ex-fiancé wouldn't allow her the embarrassing moment.

Maybe she'd just have to take what she had. Grab her life with both hands and make the best out of it. She'd never done that before. Always living trying to get what she didn't have. Never appreciating what was right under her nose. She had two children, nesciences yes, but beautiful all the same. She loved them, even if her husband was reason enough to take her life. Maybe she'd learn to be happy. If one could learn those things…

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