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*~*~* Wishing for Answers *~*~*

Another beautiful day thought Marguerite with disgust. For the past 2 and a half weeks, every day on the plateau had been sunny and warm with a delicate breeze. It was perfect, it was paradise, and it was just soooo irritating.

Running a brush through her hair, Marguerite winced as she ran into a tangle. Ever since the day Veronica had found out the truth about her parents, about Avalon, and about herself being the Protector, the days had just gotten more and more beautiful.

What the hell was a Protector anyway! I mean god, could you get anymore fanciful! Parents risking every thing to be together, a father dyeing for his family, a mother giving up her child in order to protect it, and a mystical paradise at the center of it all. It was just like a messed up fairy tale.

With an angry groan she slammed the brush down, that was last thing she needed, to resent Veronica's happiness. She liked Veronica, maybe even loved her - though she'd never admit it. She was glad Veronica had found answers, she was glad that Veronica knew, she just wished that she could find some too.

Picking the brush up again she resumed her task but found she just wasn't up to it today, she tied her hair back and wondered if maybe her answers just weren't here. Sighing, she gently placed the hairbrush down and continued to stare at it, it really was exquisite - molded silver encrusted with flawless emeralds, it had a matching comb and hand-held mirror - truly magnificent just like everything else her father gave her. "Only the best for My Princess" she could hear his booming voice state. Staring at her reflection Marguerite wondered, how can it be? He's my father. But how? Sighing once again she got up, it just didn't seem fair, Veronica had gotten answers why couldn't she.

"I need to know" she said softly. Then headed out to get some breakfast.

Finn was sitting at the table sipping some fruit juice, Veronica was on the balcony painting and Roxton was cleaning his rifle. It was a very typical scene and somehow it just seemed to unrest Marguerite more. This was not what she had come here for, she hadn't come for a homey life, she'd come for answers.

"Well, I'm glad to see you decided to join us" Finn said in a slightly sarcastic tone.

"I over slept" she lied as she went to the kitchen and sliced some fruit. Her sister would have known she was lying - Kayla - there was some one who she hadn't thought of in a while. Her sweet little sister, who would be 22 years old now. Kayla always knew when she was lying and vice versa. Almost nine years separated them but it didn't matter, they were each others best friend. Taking the fruit to the table, she suddenly smiled, what would her companions say if she burst out into a story about her little sister, they'd probably get a cold compress and insist she lay down.

"Something funny Ms. Krux?" Roxton asked as he took a seat opposite her.

"Nothing at all. Where's Challenger this morning."

"Where else, in his lab" answered Finn "he's working on some meta-light refractor thing-a-jig." she continued. "Apparently its suppose to work as a kind of force field or something by taking light and bouncing it around. I think it sounds kinda crazy but then what do I know." She said and went back to her food.

"I want to try it out" Challenger came upstairs with several stones and rods in his hands. "Today is a perfect day, we're all here, none of us have anything to do out in the world, and it looks like no danger is afoot."

Veronica came inside with a smile. "Challenger it always looks like there is no danger afoot."

"Yes my dear I suppose it does but still today is a good day to try this."

Roxton smiled "What exactly is it Challenger?"

"Well," he said as he began placing stones and rods and other things around the room "I don't actually have a name for it yet but if it works, a translucent force field should surround the tree house allowing things to go out but nothing to come in, it would really be quite useful to us."

Roxton nodded then said "But if one of us leaves then the we won't be able to come back in"

Challenger faltered a moment then continued "true but there is no reason why we would want out once we're in. So are there any objections to trying it today?"

Everyone shook there head but Marguerite asked "what exactly are we keeping out, George?"

"I guess today all we keep out is birds" he said with a smile.

She smiled back at him, George was good guy. "Alright then" he said "lets give it a whirl" the others waited as Challenger fiddled with this and that, after he pushed and pulled some levers a noise shook the tree house. The vibrations toppled books and knocked over vases and caused the explorers to fall all over each other. When the vibrations subsided they righted themselves and looked around.

Finn was the first to speak "nothing happened"

Challenger sighed "so it seems, I guess its back to the la."

All of a sudden the tree house began to shake again and wind blew into it, a rushing sound was heard and suddenly an opaque mist enveloped them, it dulled the light of the sun and just as they all thought the tree house was going to collapse, the tremors vanished.

They were silent for a moment. Then Marguerite spoke "Well, that was interesting, almost as interesting as this" she walked over to the force field.

"Careful, Marguerite, if you go out you won't be able to come back in"

She smiled at Roxton "oh don't worry John. I wouldn't dream of leaving without you"

"and if I came with you?"

she smiled up into his eyes "that my lord would a whole different story."

"Well in that cas.."

"Guys!." Finn's nervous voice broke into their moment "what's that." she said as she pointed to several spots of floating color.

"It looks like a scattered presence, of sorts" Challenger stated moving closer to the field.

"Well." Finn added "get rid of it cause your scattered presence is coming together and it looks like.."

A moment passed as they watched the scattered lights come together to form a being. Veronica smiled "It looks like my mom" She came forward as the being came together. "Mother" she said reaching out to her.

"no, darling, don't, I'm not corporal. You can't touch me"

Veronica stopped face to face with the image "I wondered when I'd see you again, I thought it would be sooner"

Ally smiled "There are many things to do, I could not come before now." Veronica nodded understandingly "This field your friend created is very helpful to me today" looking beyond Veronica's shoulder she smiled and Challenger " I thank You" he nodded not really knowing what to say to this woman who Veronica had so long searched for.

Ally once again focused on Veronica "I always long to see you my dear, but today my visit has double purpose" Ally motioned towards Marguerite "come here dear come where I can see you" With a confused expression Marguerite approached the image and stood next to Veronica.

Ally said softly, "this morning you asked for answers darling, this morning you wished you knew. I am here to grant you your wish"

Turning to Veronica she said just as softly and with the exact amount of tenderness " every day you wish you to understand. Today I will grant you your wish."

Pausing she added "The answers you both seek you will find in each other. Let the light draw forth your truths" and with that she vanished.