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Marguerite and Veronica looked at each other, then they stared at each other, both obviously trying to communicate thoughts to the other.

Vivian laughed, a light merry sound that echoed in the tree house, "That's not how it works, girls."

"ok.. then how does it work?"

Abby smiled at her niece "We can't tell you. You have to figure it out on your own."

"Can't or won't" Veronica said suspiciously. The two older women still had amused smiles on their faces.

"A little of both" answered Vivian with a smile. "Like Abby said, having you two communicate silently hasn't always produced the best experiences."

"And it really is best that you figure it out on your own." Abby added

"You really won't tell us?" Veronica looked from one to the other.

They both shook their heads.

"Come on puh-lease.." she said, batting her eye lashes.

The woman remained steadfast.

"Don't beg them for it Veronica. It can't be that hard to figure out how it works. I mean we did it once already, right?"

"Well, yeah.. but.."

"Exactly, we can figure this out. We don't need your help." Marguerite said in her haughty tone.

Abby and Vivian smiled at her. The mood seemed to have lifted. Challenger was smiling his mischievous smile, already thinking of all the experiments he could conduct once Veronica and Marguerite gained control of their gifts.

Finn was grinning from ear to ear, simply happy that her two "big sisters" were okay.

Veronica and Marguerite were sitting side by side whispering quietly to each other the possibilities that this new gift represented.

Vivian and Abby were smiling contentedly at their daughters, both their thoughts running along the same lines, Everything was going to be okay.

It was Roxton's angry voice that broke into the placid mood, he stood angrily glaring at Vivian and Abby, "Wonderful, I'm glad you've all resolved your differences. But if either of you would be kind enough to tell me what the hell I have to do in all of this I'd appreciate it."

His whole stance vibrated hostility, and the woman were all taken aback.

It was Vivian who spoke gently, "Your dealing was with me. It was I who cleared you. And I'd be happy to tell you your part in all of this."

"By all means continue" he said derisively. Marguerite frowned and opened her mouth intent on reproaching him his tone. But Vivian placed a hand on her arms and shook her head a little.

Then she said calmly, "Take a seat."

He did and she took a deep breath, then said softly, "After Abby left, I moved into a small house that had been abandoned. The owner rented it to us. A few years into our residence there, he passed away and the house slid into a sort of limbo of paper work. No one ever came out to it, no one ever sent mail to it, so my daughter and I lived in a sort of neglected secrecy.

I tutored Alana, so she never went to school. I knew that the fewer people who had memories of us the better. We were pretty much recluses, only leaving the house for necessitates.

And the only people who visited us were these boys. William and John. They snuck into the yard one day. The oldest must have about seven or eight, they were taking peaches from one of the trees. When I caught them they were sure I'd call their parents. They begged me not to. Said they'd never do it again.

I laughed and helped them pick as many as they wanted, I couldn't stand them and Alana was allergic. While we were doing that Lee came out and it was love at first sight. The boys were enamored with her and she looked at them with eyes full of worship. For the next five years those boys were fixtures in my house. They were over nearly every day, had dinner with us at least twice a week and became to me like sons.

Alana adored them and was adored in return, Willy was the leader and Johnny and Lee his faithful soldiers.

They were inseparable, all of them but Johnny and Lee more so. Because after the first couple of years Will went away to school and they were left on there own. He came back nearly every weekend but still Lee and Johnny established a bond that... that couldn't, wouldn't even be broken with magic. Every conceivable game, every conceivable argument, every conceivable situation they did."

She paused here and smiled softly

"I should've seen it then but I wasn't thinking in those terms. When he went away to school she was inconsolable. Begged me to let her go too. I couldn't, I knew that although it seemed like that was our home, it wasn't. I knew that although Lee seemed like all the other kids she wasn't. So I said no."

"In a few weeks they'd established a new routine. She'd come up with something for them to do while they were away and the first thing they'd do when reaching Avebury was come to my house. I'd feed them, they'd hang out for a little while and then the boys would go home."

She sighed, her eyes intent on something of the past. "They'd play for hours and hours. Sometimes Willy would go home early but Jonnie..." she shook her head softly, "Jonnie would stay forever if I let him."

Taking a deep breath Vivian turned and met Roxton's gaze, "William and John..." she said firmly. "William and John Roxton. Sons' of Richard and Elizabeth Roxton."

Roxton stood again, shaking his head. "I would remember this. I would remember some thing like this."

Vivian smiled and stood also bringing Marguerite with her she went to John.

"You do remember darling. you always have."

"No..." he said agitatedly, "that house... that little cottage, yeah my brother and I used to play there but it was empty there was no one there. It was falling apart.

Vivian laughed lightly, "When you met my daughter what did you feel?"

"What?" Roxton croaked in a hoarse whisper, obviously surprised and a bit uncomfortable.

The others in the room smiled.

"What did you feel when you met Marguerite?" Vivian repeated.

He shrugged, his brow furrowed, "How the hell am I suppose to know? What does that have to do with any thing?"

"Its a simple enough question, John." Marguerite added a smile on her face.

"No it isn't..." he said turning away from them, then back as if he was trying to get away but knew it to be useless. "Like met how, like the first time I saw her or the first time I spoke to her or what... I mean..."

"Like the first time you saw her smile." Vivian interrupted. "What did you feel?"

Roxton thought on that then smiled, then the smile slowly turned to a frown, "that's funny." He said softly.

Vivian however was still smiling, Marguerite was looking little unsure. "What is darling?" Vivian asked him.

"I can remember exactly what I thought..."

"yes..." Vivian asked.

"oh bloody hell John what was it?" Marguerite exploded when he was silent for another minute.

"I've missed that. That's what I thought, ok and yeah I know how could possibly miss something that I didn't know, that's what I asked myself then and that's what I'm asking myself now. Can you tell me, Lady, can you tell why I can't remember something that I obviously know."

Vivian nodded, he smile mischievous and the others wondered what it was she found so humorous.

"You can remember my dear, just as Marguerite has recaptured some of her old memories, you can do so too. The only thing is I am not the one who can return them to you."

Placing her hand on the small of Marguerite's back Vivian gave her a slight push forward so that she bumped in Roxton, "...she is."