AN: Hello everyone, monoceros197 here! I couldn't continue from where I left off, it wouldn't be fair to you guys or to Arden to rush the story. I will have a new chapter out next week, Arden's not done yet, but she is done for the week in McGonagall's Girl. But, in the absence of Present!Arden, Future!Arden came to me and said, "Hey, I got a story for you. Might not be cannon, or is it?" So I came up with OUTTAKES!

Arden looked down at the pocket-watch that her Grandpa Albus had left her so many years ago, its hands still glistening and the planets still moving. She smiled, this was the one thing, other than the massive library, of course, that Grandpa Albus had left her when he passed. The library was fantastic, don't get her wrong, but the books meant little to her compared to the pocket-watch. This was something of extreme personal value to her Grandpa, he took it absolutely everywhere; she couldn't remember one day that the old man didn't have the watch somewhere on his person. When she got the news, she was absolutely devastated. She was so inconsolable that her boyfriend, at the time, suggested that she sleep, but she just couldn't. This elderly man, who meant so much to the Wizarding World, meant more to her than, likely, anyone, other than her godmother, Minerva McGonagall.

When Arden first received the watch, after the Ministry took their time to ensure that it wasn't dangerous (really, anyone who met her Grandpa Albus for maybe ten seconds would know he would never hurt so much as a flea, unless that flea was Voldemort…) she had no idea how to read it, but she eventually got the hang of it. If one didn't know advanced Arithromancy, Transfiguration, and Astrology, then they would not even begin to be able to comprehend how to read the old keepsake.

She made sense of the reading on the watch, seemed pleased, and walked into the lopsided building before her. The first thing that greeted Arden was a shrill yell from one of the smallest members of the household, "GEORGE, GIVE ME BACK MY JUMPER!"


The plump witch sat at the table rubbed her hands over her face in exasperation, "Why did I name two children with the letter G? Merlin, tell me why?"



The woman seemed to have enough, "ENOUGH!" She screamed, catching the attention of her two fighting children, "Ginny, dear, your jumpers have no letters on them! George, go get your brothers and tell them it's time for breakfast! MARCH!"

Her children were placated and all was calm. George, being pleased with the turn of events, made a face at his sister and ran up the stairs. He yelled, "OY, YOU LOT GET DOWN HERE FOR MY BIRTHDAY BREAKFAST!"

A boy, identical to George, ran down the stairs, "Don't you mean my birthday breakfast?"

George smacked his twin behind the head, "No, mine you idiot, I'm older!"

The 'idiot' laughed, "You wish, tell him, mum!"

Their mother seemed to be slightly amused at the antics of her children, even as she said, "Honestly, can't we have one birthday where you two don't fight over who's older?"

They looked at each other for a second before simultaneously exclaiming, "Of course not!"

Arden seemed to go unnoticed throughout all of the hoopla, preferring to stand off in a corner of the increasingly crowded kitchen. By the time all of the red-headed family was seated around the table, nine seats were taken and food was being shoveled into faces faster than one could cast a silent spell.

The breakfast was interrupted as two owls flew into the room and landed in front of the birthday twins. Each was a screech owl, carrying letters addressed to a Mister Fred and Mister George Weasley of the Burrow. The family all cast knowing glances at one another as they watched the twins open the letters. Their faces broke out into identical grins as they exclaimed, "WE'RE GOING TO HOGWARTS!"

Arden smiled, glanced at her watch and gave a sad nod. It was over, her final wish, to see them smile one last time, even if it wasn't at her, was fulfilled. A silent tear dripped down her cheek as she slowly disappeared from reality, moving on into the afterlife.