Stage One: Rise of the Shadows

It's a calm day at the Diaz Household; Star is anxiously waiting in the living room while Marco makes something at the kitchen. Star believes that he's simply making some of his delicious super awesome nachos.

That's when the boy comes out of the kitchen, hiding something behind his back.

"Ready for this Star?" Marco asks as he pulls his hands out from behind his back, and reveals the sundae he had made for Star.

The sundae is practically the dream come true of anyone who likes sweets: it had chocolate syrup decorated with rainbow sprinkles, a few heart-shaped gums around the ice cream and cherry "lollipops" with the sticks replaced with small cones. Made out of chocolate and vanilla swirl. It was truly diabetes in a cup.

Star's eyes light up as she yells, "Marco's Epic Ice Cream Sundae!" And takes the glass plate from his hands.

Marco calmly says, "Calm down Star. Don't eat it all at once. You'll get brain freeze." As he hands the excited girl a metal spoon to eat with.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll be fine. It's not like I'm gonna..." Star replies as she takes a bite of the ice cream sundae, "...Eat it all at..." Her eyes light up at the sweet taste of the cold treat, before she devours the whole thing in a few bites, "...Once Marco!"

Marco just laughs as he takes the glass dish from her and throws it in the sink to be washed later, though he swears he could here the dish break as it lands.

"Haha, so what do ya wanna do now Star?" Marco asks as he goes to the couch and sits next to Star. "It's not like a lot's been happening lately."

"Don't jinx it Marco! I'd like to go one week without having some crazy inter-dimensional problem to deal with!" Star throws her hands up in annoyance and frustration, "After all, don't we have to enough to deal with at school?"

Marco lazily answers, "Yeah, I guess you're right." He calmly throws his head back and closes his eyes, "But it would be nice to have something cool to do, or at least have some dangerous thing to deal with. Like mowing the lawn, or something dangerous in a safe way."

Star sighs in agreement and sits back in her chair, "Yeah, I guess so. It's only been a week and we're already bored! I wish there was something to do!"

At that moment, Star's wand began to flash light blue, and a voice says in a high-pitched tone, "You've got dimensional mail!"

Marco sits up in his chair as he says, "Dimensional mail? That's new."

"Not really Marco," She calmly takes her wand out of her star-shaped purse and says, "This is just the first time someone's used this feature of the wand. After all, I have a mirror on the wall for a phone. It's not like I've really needed to use it."

"Oh, ok." Marco chuckles as he gets up and walks over to Star, "So what does it say?"

"Let's see..." Star calmly responds as she taps the top end of the wand.

Then the flashing stops, and the wand fires a small beam of light blue up, projecting an image of King Butterfly.

"Dad?" Star yells as she rubs her eyes to make sure what she's seeing is real.

The hologram of the king nods and says, "Yes." in a calm tone.

Marco and Star wave their hands through the transmission like children touching something new, causing the light to scatter.

The king starts looking more and more angry before he shouts, "Would you stop doing that?!" Out of annoyance, causing the teenagers to stop what they were doing and actually jump in their seats.

"Why'd you call dad?" Star excitedly yells as she brings the wand closer to her face, "Is there a special occasion coming up?"

King Butterfly responds with downcast eyes, and says, "Star, I need you to come to Mewni immediately. This is an emergency." Then something breaches the room the king is in and the reception gets worse and worse, "A big emergency!" being the only thing the king can say before a shadowy creature appears, reaches for the screen and the transmission cuts off.

Star quickly turns to Marco with a serious look on her face. Marco just nods, and runs into his room. Star raises her wand and says, "Combat clothes swap!" The wand glows light blue and pink, before engulfing Star in its light.

When it dies down, Star is wearing royal attire and has a set of dimensional scissors in her left hand. Seconds later, Marco runs in wearing his Karate Gi.

"Ready Marco?" Star asks, and Marco nods in reply.

Then, Star uses the pair of dimensional scissors and cuts open a light-red portal to Mewni. And the two teens jump through not knowing what to expect on the other side.

Just as they leave, Mrs. Diaz and Mr. Diaz walk downstairs looking around for the duo. Once they get down and start looking for them, they hear the doorbell and go open the door.

"Yes?" The Diaz's greet in unison... with their eyes closed.

When they open their eyes, they can only scream as whoever or whatever is outside attacks them.

The beautiful kingdom of Mewni usually glowed in the warm light of their nearest Star, looking like a pacific kingdom in another dimension. Unfortunately that wasn't the case today.

Today, the glorious city burned in their Star's light. For today, they were under attack by an enemy unlike anything they've seen before.

The light-red portal opens on the outskirts of the burning city and Star and Marco land, ready to fight.

Within seconds they notice the burning city and jump into action. They run as fast as they can towards the city entrance. There they find weird creatures attacking the citizens, looking exactly like the shadowy creature from before.

"The heck?" Marco says as he attempts to punch a jet black, dragon-shaped one with short strings that the disappear about a foot from the circle on the creature's limbs; "What the heck are these things?"

"Pegasus Star Blast Attack!" Star's wand fires a powerful beam of light-blue light, destroying a few of them upon impact, "I don't know Marco, but whatever they are, they're probably the reason my dad called. We have to defeat them somehow!"

Marco tries to punch another one, as he yells, "But how? None of my punches seem to be able to do anything to these things!"

Star grins as she yells, "Fist enchanting brownie storm!" Then, her wand glows bright yellow, and fires a yellow beam of light at Marco's fists and feet, covering them in bright-yellow fiery auras, and brownie chocolate.

The karate fighter wipes the sticky substance off his fists, before turning around and punching one of the dark, horrid creatures, causing it to vanish; "It worked Star!"

The blonde-haired princess responds by yelling, "Come on, we have to get to the castle!"

And so the two run through the burning streets of Mewni to reach the now damaged crystal castle. They fight as many of the shadow beasts as they possibly could, but as they reach the town square about two blocks from the castle, they find themselves surrounded by the shadow beasts.

"Ready Star?" Marco says as he raises his fists, "It looks like the only way to get to your dad is to fight them all off."

Star just yells, "We don't have time for this! Go Lion Gale Force Wall!" in reply, and her wand glows dark green as a tornado of wind and light blows all of the shadow creatures near the two away.

Some are thrown to ponds and rivers, a few others crash into nearby carriages and carts, but they all vanish shortly afterwards.

She continues by running towards the castle and yelling, "Come on Marco! We have to find my dad!"

Marco nods and follows her to the burning castle.

Inside, they find and fight off more shadow beasts as they make their way to the throne room. The two leave a trail of shadowy dust in their wake as they defeated every single shadow beast they come across.

And after about an hour of fighting through winding halls and countless shadow beasts, the duo stood at the entrance to the throne room, a gilded door connected to its posts with duct tape.

Marco glances at the duct tape, before turning to Star with a deadpan look on his face.

"Don't look at me! I didn't do anything to the door!" Star shouts in defense, "This time…"

Marco scoffs and rolls his eyes in response, "Yeah, yeah. It's not like you rode a unicorn through this door!"

The princess blushes in embarrassment before saying, "Anyways, are you ready Marco?" and throwing her back on the wall, as she got ready to knock the door down… again.

Marco nods and Star yells, "Inferno Fire Blast!" Then the wand glows dark red as it fires a massive fireball at the door.

When the smoke clears, the only thing that remains of the door are the burnt remains on the sides and the duct tape attached to the posts. The duo quickly glances at each other, before running inside.

Inside, they find the king and queen on the ground, with fiery dark auras surrounding them. Star, runs towards the two as they get up. Then out of nowhere, a hedgehog-like shadow beast jumps in-between the two, and attaches its strings to the dazed king and queen.

Next the hedgehog engulfs the two in a massive black sphere. And then, silence. After a few seconds of fearful waiting, the duo hears a demonic scream. And then, the dark sphere explodes, knocking Star back.

Marco manages to catch Star as two dark figures emerge from the smoke and darkness.

The king had been turned into a giant knight with red strings connecting to somewhere, fiery wings and red armor, and the queen became a light-blue woman with icy wings and blue dress mixed with icy armor and long purplish-blue strings.

"What happened to your parents?!" Marco asks as Star fires a rainbow-butterfly spell at the queen.

"I don't know, but I do know they're not going down without a fight!" Star yells as she dodges a fireball the red shadow-beast fired. Then she aims her wand at the king's head.

Seeing the wand, the corrupted queen screams and dashes towards Star. Star dodges and fires a blast of rainbows at the queen. The queen grows icy claws in response, and jumps at the princess.

The king summons another fireball, but before he can fire it, Marco rushes up to his face and punches him. The king tries to smack Marco with his free hand, but the boy quickly dodges his attack, and punches him again before sliding down his arm and on to the ground under him.

Seeing the new pest, the queen quickly moves her hand over to Marco and gets ready to… shoot him with her finger, right before Star pushes Marco aside and gets shot instead.

"Star!" Marco shouts as he rushes over to his injured friend.

Then the king fires the fireball at the karate kid, causing the sending the boy flying into a wall with first-degree burns to his face, hands and feet.

Star struggles to get up, and looks at her friend and thinks, "Alright, now I'm mad!"

She raises her wand and continues, "Rainbow pop tart cat blast!" and hundreds of rainbows, pop tarts, cats, and a mixture of the three come flying out of the wand, hitting and knocking the corrupted king and queen over.

Seeing this as the perfect chance, Star raises her wand and as she falls she chants, "liberationem autem corruptionem!"

As she chants, a pair of rings made out of pure light traps the king and queen before electrocuting them, causing the hedgehog along with other shadow beasts to be released from their bodies.

Then the rings disappear and the king and queen fall to the ground, unconscious. Star runs over and helps Marco stand up on his own.

The duo turn around and see the defeated king and queen, Marco smiles while Star is more active at their victory.

"Stage clear!" Star yells as she spins around and raises her wand up triumphantly.

"Why stage clear?" Marco tilts his head curiously.

"I don't know, I thought it would be cool!" Star shrugs.

The king and queen are covered in white light as they turn back into their normal-sized, uncorrupted forms.

When the wake up, they see the duo running towards them and King Butterfly calmly looks at his wife before turning to Star, "Thank you Star, thank goodness you saved us."

"I'm glad too, although I wish I could have come sooner. If I had come earlier, then you wouldn't have turned into whatever those things were." Star comes closer to her father, and embraces him, "Are you ok daddy?"

The king returns the embrace as he replies, "Yes, but we don't have much time." And breaks the embrace.

Star tilts her head in curiosity as she asks, "Time for what? Do you know what these things are?"

The king nods as he pulls a book out of his royal cloak, "Star, an enemy like this only comes once in a thousand years."

Marco asks, "What were these things King Butterfly?" as he comes closer to Star.

The king glares at him as he responds, "These are the shadow dolls. Shaddolls for short."

Star's hair bristles at the revelation, while Marco slightly tilts his head in confusion.

"Shaddolls?" Star looks at her father like he's crazy, before continuing, "Aren't those things only fairytale creatures?"

King Butterfly responds, "None of the stories that you've been told are only fairytales." Then he flips to a random page in the book, "These shadow beasts came from the darkest pits of the multiverse to take over every beacon of light in existence."

"So? We just defeated them all. What do we have to worry about?" Marco cuts in and Star continues, "Yeah? Aren't they all down for the count? Haven't we won?"

The king sighs and replies in a solemn tone, "I wish it were that simple, but sadly you've only temporarily held them back. The shadow dolls can reform even if the only thing left of their bodies is a single particle. They'll soon return and keep coming until they've taken over the multiverse"

"So how do we defeat them?" Marco asks as he clenches his fists, ready to fight.

He flips to another page, before showing them the book and saying, "The only way to truly seal them away is to use the color orbs."

"Color orbs?" Star and Marco ask in unison.

"There are ten orbs that are the remainders of the dark, lifeless world that the shadow creatures inhabited, before they were sealed away." King Butterfly explains. "All you need to know for now is that if you want to seal the creatures for another 1000 years, you need the orbs."

"So where are they? In some random and crazy dimensions protected by magical angels from space?" Star chuckles as she continues, "Or are they buried somewhere where the sun doesn't shine?"

The king sighs again and replies, "They're hidden in places where a normal person wouldn't find them. To retrieve them you'll need this." Before handing Star a piece of light-yellow parchment, "This is the Constellar Star Chart. With it you'll be able to find the ten orbs, as well as which orb you'll get, and who currently has it."

Star equips the Constellar Star Chart and she sees the 5 dimensions she and Marco have to cross in order to get the color orbs.

"Good luck you two." The king says as Star opens a gate to the first dimension on the chart.

Then, the two of them jump in, not knowing what to expect on the other side.

20-8-5 19-20-1-18 1-14-4 20-8-5 23-1-18-18-9-15-18 20-8-9-14-11 20-8-5-25 3-1-14 19-20-15-16 21-19, 2-21-20 23-5-'18-5 23-1-20-3-8-9-14-7 20-8-5-13, 1-14-4 23-5 16-21-12-12 20-8-5 19-20-18-9-14-7-19!

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