Welcome to NHS

By Swifty Li, as told to Keza: Queen of Procrastination

AN: A harmless, humor based, present day fic where everyone is stereotyped because, hey! It's high school, man. Wanna be in? Grand! Send an e-mail over to fyrepower42@hotmail.com . Just, um, tell me you wanna be in! Then I'll send over a profile and things will be just DANDY! This first chapter is short because I don't have very many original characters to stick in yet. And not very interesting because the only Newsies mentioned are Swifty and Pie-eater, and those are the only two 'normal' ones of the entire group. The rest are exaggerated immensely. (Oh, and of course Itey is a metalhead. With a MULLET! -cackles-)


"Ohhh Monday, Monday…"

The intercom flared to life, blasting a few words of the infamous song much too cheerfully. Several sleepy heads twitched and tilted up, their morning dozes interrupted by the noise. I paused in my doodling and cocked my head to hear the morning's announcements. To my left, Pie-eater's head banged to his desk as he fell right back asleep. The only other person besides me who was even halfway awake was Crutchy, the bastard. Nothing pissed us off more than his early morning cheeriness. Except for his early afternoon cheeriness. Come to think of it, his late afternoon cheeriness wasn't too great either. Luckily, at the moment he was out running an errand for the teacher, Ms. Larkson.

"Molly! Put that away, you're going to get poisoned!" Ms. Larkson's shrill voice cut through the sleepy silence. The accused girl looked up, then rolled her eyes and capped the black pen she had been using to draw designs on her arm. She tapped the pen idly, probably just to torment Ms. Larkson, who couldn't tolerate repetitive sounds like that. Unfortunately, neither could I.

"Uhm. Ruin. Could you…" Ruin, or Molly, looked over.

"Yes, Swifty?" she asked innocently. The tapping increased.

"Forget it," I grumbled, and continued shading in my latest homeroom masterpiece.

See, in our school, nicknames were a natural thing. The freshmen were named by the seniors every year - strange, but we accepted the tradition readily. The teachers didn't care much for the practice, but as long as it did no harm, they didn't intervene. But of course they called us by our real names. Teachers are like that. Not to brag, but my name was well deserved. After all, I am the fastest sprinter on the eas-

"Alright! Enough of this laziness! First period. Now." Ms. Larkson almost seemed sad to see us go, eh? I shook Pie-eater awake and we filed out with the rest of the class.

And thus begins a new week.