King of Dragons

Chapter 1

Rating: PG-13-R

Author: Moonchild DJ



Disclaimer: Yugioh and its characters aren't mine, never will be. The general plot for this story also isn't mine, considering it stems from the movie "The Scorpion King", but the storyline and original ideas ARE mine, so please don't take, ne?

Author's Notes: Kon'wa, minna-chan! Moonchild DJ back with yet another if I don't have enough..^^;; This one, however, is a bit different..I was watching the movie, "The Scorpion King" over the Thanksgiving holiday, and was inspired to write this when I realized how well this would fit my favorite pairing, Seto and Jou. Some of the plot comes from the movie, but I've also taken some liberties, so I think it's pretty original. I hope you all like, I've been having fun writing this one. And yes, I'm working on my other fics, they too are going to be updated ASAP, so please be patient. Oh, and another don't NEED to know of "The Scorpion King" to enjoy this fic, but you'll recognize a few parts if you have..^_~ That said, enjoy!


Blue eyes, caught in firelight, glittered in the darkness as he glared at the Pharaoh. "I thought you said he would be safe while I've been gone these past few years fighting your battles, Yaami!" he snarled.

The young Pharaoh knotted his fingers absently, a sign of worry. Red eyes gazed up at furious blue. "I had no warning. I didn't know until I came back from scouting to home, and my guards told me." He reached a comforting hand to the seething brunette's shoulder, but he jerked away, growling. "Mokuba was not the only one stolen! My seer was taken away as well, Seth!"

Seth blinked in confusion. "Seer? Since when did you have a seer?!"

"Since you've been gone away."

"Then why could they not have predicted it, if they're so powerful?"

"Because Katsu's powers are limited--one can see only so far into the future.."

Seth snorted. Katsu sounded wonder, his brother's welfare was under a woman. "I'm going after Mokuba."

"And Katsu, as well?"

Seth stalked to the weapons room of the palace with Yaami at his heels, grabbing up a slim, ornate serrated blade, several sais, and a few more daggers to go along with his knives, bow and arrows and decorated sword- lance. "I don't know..I just might kill 'em." he intoned coldly as he stashed the weapons on his person. Yaami gasped, red eyes going wide.

"What?! Seth, no, you can't--!"

"My brother was kidnapped by our common foe. That's proof enough for me that this Katsu person didn't do their business."

"But..the power that Katsu wields..! Pega'asus could be unbeatable!"

"All the more reason to kill the seer. Pega'asus won't stop me from rescuing my little brother."


"End of discussion." Seth turned, flipping his cloak to conceal his weapons and pulling its hood over his head to cover the jewelry of nobility and status from prying eyes and stalking back to where he left his horse.

"Then..if I cannot change your mind..then may Ra shine his good fortune upon you."

Seth turned his head for a moment, smiling at him. "And you as well, Yaami, my Pharaoh, my friend. See you soon."

The tri-colored-haired Pharaoh nodded, smiling back faintly. "Return home safe, old friend."

Seth clambered back up on his horse, even though he'd just arrived, and made sure he had his equipment before heading back out again, heading on into the night for Pega'asus' territory. He just hoped his little brother was fine, him having been gone for at least a fortnight.

"Pega'asus will pay..and so will the seer. I swear it." he vowed to himself as the cool desert wind picked up.


"Have you seen the visions?"


Amber eyes slid to honey-brown. "And what do you forsee?"

The blond head dipped to glance at the smooth rune stones he hovered his hand over, then tipped back, brown eyes closing as the amber jewel hanging on his forehead between his eyes flashed, expanding vision.

"A great battle. Death and blood. Your enemy defeated." His soft low voice sighed in defeat, opening his eyes.

"Excellent, just as I hoped. Finally, the Pharaoh will fall to the dirt like he deserves, and bow to my superior might."

"You suffer from delusions of grandeur if you think that. Yaami will never let you win."

"My dear, beautiful boy. You've just seen their demise. Do you really think anyone can stop me? Pharaoh's kingdom will be mine."

"You're insane, Pega'asus."

"And you're coming along for the ride, beautiful seer." Silver hair fell into insane amber eyes as the older, taller man leaned closer to the younger, shorter young man before him, licking his lips. "Soon I will be Pharaoh..since I am lacking in queens, you'll sit at my side, and be in my bed."

Katsu gasped. He wanted to rail at him, but nothing short of the gods striking him down would he listen to anyone. So instead, he placated with a coy sort of sneering smile, leaning his body away from him.

"You know that if I'm taken, I'll lose my gifts. And then you'll have lost your only weapon." He crossed his arms over his chest, certain that he had him.

Pega'asus only smiled, then grasped his arm, pulling him close. "By then I'll be Pharaoh. No one would dare challenge such greatness. Therefore, when that comes to pass, you'll be expendable. Your gifts will be useless to me."

"I'll be no one's concubine, Pega'asus! Find your own Ra-bedamned whore!" Katsu spat. His moment of fury was met with a slap across the face, sending him to the floor.

"I don't want to damage that pretty face. Do as you're told, and know that you'll be mine." Pega'asus smirked, leaving Katsu on the floor and leaving the room.

Katsu crawled to his feet, massaging his cheek, then glanced down at his clothing. Various golden necklaces decorated his bare chest, forming a sort of golden chestplate that glittered in the light, followed by a golden and white loincloth that stretched to the floor and held around his slim hips by simple golden chains. He glared at the clothing serving to show off his body, pulling the dark blue cloak around his shoulders close.

"Nothing more than a fancy whore." he growled, flopping down in a divan, curling up. "I'll never get back home. Mokuba, my sister, Yaami...I've failed you all."

He winced, tensing as another vision slammed into his mind, closing his eyes.

"Blue eyes..cold as fire within...dragons.."

Katsu raised his head, raising a hand to his forehead as the honey-brown eyes fluttered open. "Maybe all is not lost yet..."


Seth glared down the cliffside at Pega'asus' troops, fingering his bow quietly. "Time to send a message.." he murmured, picking out his targets. He drew two arrows and nocked them on his bow, tying a small piece of parchment to one. He took careful aim, closing one eye, then let loose, his arrows finding their targets. He smirked at their screams, drawing back into the shadows.

"An ambush?!" One soldier said nervously, glancing around the darkness past the firelight. He drew his sword with a clattering clank, making noise in his fear as he glanced at the two dead soldiers.

"If it was an ambush, you'd be dead." The captain of the guard growled at the rookie, pulling out the arrows from the bodies and examining them. " of them has some parchment." He untied the scroll from the arrow and read it. "It's a warning. 'Release my brother, or more will die.'"

"Brother? That must mean the little brat that Pega'asus had us capture. That means two of our men have been killed by the Dragon King, the High Priest Seth. But he's been gone for years." another soldier whispered in awe.

"Dragon King or no, the brat remains here until Pega'asus tells us otherwise."

"But sir! He's rumored to have Dragon blood in his veins! We'll be slaughtered!"

"Cowards, all of you! Afraid of stories made up to scare people away from attacking him. Did Pega'asus recruit cowering dogs as his soldiers?"

The camp erupted in sudden pandemonium when a figure jumped boldly from atop a tent to the ground, slashing viciously at men with his sword. The figure grinned, the firelight dancing off the feral smile and ice-blue eyes.


Seth smirked as most of the men scattered. "They really ARE cowering dogs, captain. I'm glad my reputation precedes me."

"I'm not afraid of you!" One soldier bellowed, attacking him. In a swift graceful move, Seth had him disarmed and arms twisted behind his back.

"You should be." he intoned coolly to him before throwing him at the captain. He took advantage of the situation to sneak into the main tent and take out the ones guarding his little brother.

The black haired child raised his head, frightened green eyes locking to blue. "Seth! You came home!" he cried gladly as his older brother let the last man drop to the ground.

A rare smile graced the brunette's face as he set to working his brother free from his restraints. "Did you honestly think I wouldn't?"

"But you've been gone so long..if it wasn't for Katsu, I'd have gone mad.."

Seth growled softly. The was her fault Mokuba was placed in this position. Her time would come. "Come on, little brother, let's get out of here."

"Are you going to save Katsu, too?"

Seth smirked slightly. "Sure, I'll save Katsu.." --To die at my hand.-- He finished silently as he picked up Mokuba and slipped back into the shadows with none the wiser.

The captain stomped into the tent furiously a moment later, growling at the emptiness. "Osiris take him!" he snarled, stalking back out. "The boy's gone! Pega'asus is going to have our heads!"


Seth held Mokuba tightly before him as the boy directed the way to Pega'asus' home as they cantered into town come midday.

"I hope Katsu's okay, big brother. I was so worried..Pega'asus and all that.."

"I'm sure Katsu's fine, Mokuba. Don't worry." He hopped off the horse at the outskirts, letting Mokuba ride. "Just point the way."

"Easy, Seth..there.." Mokuba pointed to the large palace that loomed over the city with its shadow. Seth snorted in annoyance.

"Of course..why am I not surprised? Pega'asus sure thinks highly of himself." He smirked dryly as he led the horse through the town, past the markets.

They passed taverns, animals and food and trinkets for sale. He blocked Mokuba's eyes as they passed a concubines' tent, flushing as the women remarked over his beauty and offered their services to him, to which he shook his head kindly. He let Mokuba watch the horse as he travelled on alone, coming upon several street urchins, one who looked remarkably like Yaami, who offered to be tour guides for the right coin.

"You, boy..what's your name?"

"Me, sir?" The Yaami-lookalike asked, violet eyes widening. "Yuugi, sir."

"Yuugi. For the right price, can you take me into the palace without being seen?" Seth asked softly, jangling a bag of coins and jewels in his hand.


"Or we can steal it from you!" One of the other urchins replied, grabbing the bag from Seth's hand and running off with the others and the reluctant Yuugi. "Split!" he hollered, passing the bag to another as the boys paired off, passing the bag around.

"Hey!" Seth protested, running after them, then watching them and the bag carefully. He grabbed up one child he thought had the bag, picking him off the ground.

"I don't have it!!" the boy yelped, squirming in his grip.

Seth set him back down and glanced into the mob of people. He saw Yuugi dart into an alleyway, certain that he had the bag, and followed after him.

He narrowed his eyes once in the alleyway, for the only thing there was two groups of clay pots, one on each side of the wall. He looked at one, then the other, then drew his sword, walking to one side. He then clanked the flat end of the sword against the pots, guaging the sound for being empty or not. He smirked at one's odd sound, and lifted the lid, glancing down to a sheepishly-grinning Yuugi with the bag against his chest.

Seth picked up the boy out of the pot and set him on the rim. Quirking a brow, he held out his hand, palm up, for the bag. Yuugi sighed and handed him the bag, crossing his arms. Seth grinned and felt the bag, pursing his lips. He glanced at Yuugi, then held his hand out again, against Yuugi's mouth.

Yuugi blushed and spat out the hidden ruby between his teeth into Seth's hand. "Oops."

"Oops is right."

Yuugi chuckled weakly. "Is that offer to be a guide still on?"


~End Chapter 1~


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